Sherman Jackson – How Mature Communities Think

Sherman Jackson
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the importance of finding a sense of mission in the Muslim community in America. They emphasize the need to dig deeper into the community and find a sense of mission to support their children in their youthful lives. The speaker also mentions the need to tap into the community's experiences and find a sense of mission to support their children.
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Brothers and sisters, we are not likely

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to see everything that we want to see out of this Muslim community in America in my lifetime

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and perhaps not in your lifetime.

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And the question becomes, what are you willing to do? That goes beyond yourself

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is the fact that it may not be realizable, in your lifetime,

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that zaytuna or any other institution may not be exactly what you want it to be in your lifetime.

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Is that enough of a reason for you not to support it fully, given the promise that it has for posterity.

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This is how mature communities think.

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And this is part of what we must do as a Muslim community. So I asked you tonight

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to join me in celebrating

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this enormously powerful, miraculous achievement on the part of zaytuna. And all of those who have contributed to this institution. And I asked you to do to dig deep down inside yourselves, to tap into that sense of mission, to find a sense of mission.

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And with that sense of mission, to think trans generationally to think about what your children's children's children are going to be enjoying, in terms of institutional support, to do exactly the kinds of things that we as a Muslim community need to do here in this land. That is America.

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