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Tim Humble – Ruqya Course 1 – Introduction

Highly recommended introduction to the topic of Ruqya and related discussions. – Introduction to the teachers/speakers – The purpose of this ruqya course – An overview of the course modules (videos) and what will be discussed – Belief in the unseen – The course content and what is being taught is primarily based on the … Read more

Tim Humble – Ruqya Course 2 – Tawheed is the Only Solution

The importance of belief and Tawheed. How Tawheed is the first and most basic aspect we must set straight to be successful in general terms but also specifically related to shayateen. – All of the Prophets called to Tawheed and Rasul Allah’s (pbuh) first call was to tawheed. He spent the first 13 years correcting … Read more

Tim Humble – Ruqya Course 4 – Magic and the Magician

What is Magic? How does it work? Is it permissible? Is there good Magic? These and many other questions are addressed as part of this eye-opening discourse on the origins and reality of magic (also known as sihr or jadoo). A series of videos is displayed exposing what the magicians do and the revolting realities … Read more