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Marriage Makeover – 01 Self Development

Marriage Makeover – Ep 1/5 – Self Development – Haleh Banani Improving your relationship with others begins with acknowledging and making the commitment to overcome personal shortcomings. In this talk, Sister Haleh Banani explains how critical self-development is to achieving a successful marriage.

Marriage Makeover – 02 The 3 Components

Marriage Makeover – Ep 2/5 – The 3 Components – Haleh Banani Allah gives us the recipe for a happy marriage in Surat ar-Rum and Sister Haleh Banani breaks down the 3 essential components that are required.

Marriage Makeover – 03 The Master Key

Marriage Makeover – Ep 3/5 – The Master Key – Haleh Banani Allah has promised that we will be tested in life but specifically that we will be tested in our marriages. In this talk, Sister Haleh Banani gives us the master key to overcoming difficulties in our relationships.

Marriage Makeover – 04 Like A Garment

Marriage Makeover – Ep 4/5 – Like A Garment – Haleh Banani In the Quran, Allah compares spouses to being garments for one another. How do we put this analogy into practice? Find out in this talk by Sister Haleh Banani.

Marriage Makeover – 05 Forgiveness

Marriage Makeover – Ep 5/5 – Forgiveness – Haleh Banani In this final piece of our “Marriage Makeover” series by Haleh Banani, find out how forgiveness can help you achieve inner peace and happier home.