Lets Pray The Prophet S Way Part 1
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Series by Karim Abuzaid

100 Benefits From Surat Yusuf
Abu Bakr As Siddique
Allah Is The Light
Belief In Allah
Enjoin The Good Forbid The Evil
Fiqh Of Business
Fiqh Of Fasting
Know Your Messenger Seerah
Karim Abuzaid - Lets Pray The Prophets Way
Minor Signs
Surah Asr
Suratul Qalam
The Higher Aim
Umar Bin Al Khatab
Uthman Ibn Affan
Why The Companions
Belief in The Messengers
Tafseer Juz Tabarak – Al-Mulk

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About Karim Abuzaid

Imam Karim Abuzaid is the Imam of Colorado Islamic Society. His studies are concentrated in Fundamentals of Islam, Quranic Studies and Hadith Sciences.

Imam Karim is a Hafiz Al-Qur’an, having committed the complete text of the Qur’an to memory. His love and passion of teaching Islam led to his founding of Tafseer Al-Quran Institute(TAQI), a full-time Hifz, Arabic and Islamic Studies Program with branches in Lanham- Maryland, Sharkia-Egypt and Denver-Colorado.

An esteemed Daa’yah, Imam Karim is a fierce advocate of the understanding of the Qur’an and the correct interpretation of authentic hadith. He is a regular presenter on Huda TV (www.huda.tv) and Guideus TV (www.guideus.tv).

He continues his passion of teaching Islam as a professor with the Sharia Academy of America’s Mishkah University currently teaching students the understanding of Islamic Creed ‘Al-Aqeedah Al-Islamiyyah’.

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