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Ali Albarghouthi – The Muslim Family 1 – How To Choose Your Spouse

In the first installment of this series, we understand what Islam teaches us about choosing the best spouse and how to go about doing this. The lecture presents 10 points to keep in mind while embarking on this important search.

Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Family 2 – How To Have A Happy Marriage

The second lecture in this series explores the ways we can improve our family life and bring more happiness to us and those around us. The lecture introduces 12 points to help us achieve these goals.

Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Family 3 – How To Solve Marital Disputes

14 tips and strategies on how to improve family life and solve its problems.

Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Family 4 – How To Raise Our Children

What is the Islamic guidance on raising righteous and happy children? How do we instill in them the right values that will stay with them for the rest of their lives? This lecture shares with you practical do’s and don’ts to helps us become better parents. This is the last part of the Muslim Family … Read more