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Ali Albarghouthi – Sharh Assunnah 1 – Introduction

Explanation of the aqidah book by al-Imam al-Muzani (d. 264 H), the student of Imam al-Shafi’i. In this lecture, we are introduced to the author and the reasons why he wrote this book. We also explore the importance of aqidah in Islam and the best way to study and understand it.

Ali Albarghouthi – Sharh Assunnah 2 – Ascendancy, Destiny, And The Angels

Continuation of the explanation of Sharh Assunnah by al-Imam al-Muzani. The lecture covers the ascendancy of Allah, the sound belief about predestination, and belief in angels.

Ali Albarghouthi – Sharh Assunnah 3 – Creation Of Adam, Iman, And The Quran

How did Allah create Adam? What is the definition of Iman? What does it mean that the Quran is the Word of Allah?

Ali Albarghouthi – Sharh Assunnah 4 – Allah’s Attributes, Resurrection And Day Of Judgment

An explanation of the proper way to understand the attributes of Allah. We then discuss death, the grave, the Day of Judgment, and the questioning on the Day of Judgment.

Ali Albarghouthi – Explanation of Sharh Assunnah 6 – The Companions And Conclusion

Last episode in the series: the virtue of the companions & the final advice from Imam al-Muzani.

Ali Albarghouthi – Sharh Assunnah 5 – Heaven And Takfeer

In this Installment, we talk about Heaven and Hell, seeing Allah in Heaven, and Takfeer of Muslims.