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Abdullah Hakim Quick - The Dangers Of Deception

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Channel: Abdullah Hakim Quick

Audio Episodes: 5

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More Abdullah Hakim Quick - The Dangers Of Deception

The Danger of Deception
Posted by : Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick | On : 22-10-2009 | Comments (1)
The Danger of Deception
The 21st century is an age of incredible achievements in mass communication and information manipulation. People can tune in on a breaking news story disseminated simultaneously all around the world. Knowledge can spread at amazing speed and ideas can be shared in all major languages. At the same time, people can be deceived or brainwashed all together by one powerful media apparatus. This is an age of deception and mind control. Dr Quick refers to the works of great classical Islamic scholars to bring to the viewer an in-depth understanding of deception and some of its internal ramifications.

The Dangers Of Deception 1