Sajid Ahmed Umar – Bidding Ramadaan a worthy farewell

Sajid Ahmed Umar
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala carte Amanda v mm in our Pooja Tina Muhammad Abdullah, who Allah Allah he was, he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira, Elijah Medina My bad.

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All praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him we seek his assistance, and we seek His forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from the evil of our souls and the adverse consequences of our deeds. When we serve Allah subhanho wa Taala decrease guidance upon the man can misguide him and serve Allah subhanho wa Taala decrease misguidance upon then men can guide and peace and salutations be upon the final messenger, Muhammad Abdullah Salalah alayhi wa sallam, I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship besides one Allah, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is His Messenger. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. I greet you with the

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greetings of peace on a day of peace, in a month of peace, and in a week of peace salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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Indeed all praises belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the countless blessings that Allah has showered Omar Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with

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from these blessings is this month of Ramadan. a month about which Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say to Chabot Sharma that the best of all month is the month of Ramadan. And from these blessings is this day.

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Juma? The day of tomorrow, about which Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a famous narration narrated by Abu huraira Ravi Allah one and found in Sahih Muslim, a book of Hadith called Sahih Muslim and other books of Hadith of the lumen para la he Shams Yom jamara Fie hola Adam. Was he with Hillel Jana? Was he?

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Well at Abu Musa in less Yomi jamara. He says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the best day upon which the sun rises, is that you have Juma. On this day, Allah subhanho wa Taala created Adam and his Salah. And on this day he entered him into gender. And on this day he removed him from Japan. And the coming of the hour will not happen, except on Friday. On this day of Gomorrah. We have law makers from the people of Ghana. When they come in off the hour arrives. I mean, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, as we witness the final moments of this blessed day, and this blessed month, one thing that surely comes to mind, especially since we spend time counting remains to Ramadan. We

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had the six month countdown, and then the three month countdown, and then the one month countdown and then we broke down that month into periods of 10. And we waited for the month, second after second, minute after minute, day after day, week after week. And then from Yvonne dawned upon us, it dawned upon us. And now we sit just before this guest that arrived. so amazingly, just before it is set, this guest is set to depart. We sit and analyze our our time. During this month we analyze our moments, because indeed we had high aspirations insha Allah with regards to this man, and we sit back and analyze and think how did we fare? at what rate was our efficiency? Did we achieve our

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goals? Did we meet our targets? Will we receive another Ramadan? Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best and it is at these moments that we must share some parting advice advice that we consider parting given that Ramadan is about to depart. I will share these few points in a few points starting with point number one. And point number one My dear brothers and sisters is all about auditing and accountability. That in this month, we had some excellent days. We achieved our targets the Quran, we wanted to recite we recite the Salah, what we wanted to revive, we revived the targets we set for ourselves were achieved. And then we had days that didn't go so well. We didn't meet

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those targets. Our concentration was not where it was supposed to be.

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Our pondering and deliberation over our acts of worship wasn't where it was supposed to be, we might have remembered a lot during some days with the president heart during other other days with a moving tongue. This is a time for us to contemplate for us to audit them. And for us to put in front of us

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the formulas of success that we found in this month, during the good days, we must understand what made those days good. And during the days that were not so good, we must understand what prevented those days from being good. Because yes, with high aspirations and our love for the month, we set ourselves excellent goals. But I don't want this period, this closing period to become a depressing period. Because whilst we should understand and view Ramadan, as a month of excellence, in my humble view, we should also review and understand Ravana to be a training period towards achieving excellence. And when we see it as a training period towards achieving excellence, and not just as a

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month of excellence, then we assist ourselves, especially in this period where we need to take account of our month, because it's a training period we can understand Okay, moving forward, this is what we need to do. Moving forward. This is how we better achieve our targets. Moving forward. This is how we better apply ourselves. Because before I move on, in our discussions, we said that Ramadan is that month that teaches us about ourselves. It tells us who we are, and it tells us who we are not. This is the reality of the matter. There's no excuses. When the month starts, the doors of Ghana, Masha tight, the doors have opened wide, and the hairpin are chained. So there's no room for

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a person to be a victim of sadness, to be a victim of depression, to be a victim of the ills of the past. Why? Because there's no chance for you to fall into jahannam The doors are tightly shut. If you are going to fall anywhere, it has to be paradise because the only gates open and not just open but widely open is Jenna, there's every opportunity for you to become revived for you to renew your spirits. And for you to chase and seek taqwa and seek Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way like never before, you don't have to carry the baggage of the past, Allah has made that easy for us for the light. So it is a month of understanding who we are and who we are not. In this month, we see our

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ability to stay away from that which is normally * and and with that we renew our desire and our we understand our abilities to actually now stay away from that, which is how long this is what Ramadan has taught us as well, because it's much harder to stay away from that which is Halloween, because Halloween needs to genda and rewards and the happiness of Allah. Right, it's much harder to stay away from that which has no obstacles. But that which has obstacles like harem, where you know, you have the questions of the grave, you have your standing in front of Allah, then you have Jen, which has been vividly described in the Quran. And the Sunnah, if I do this act, these are the

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obstacles in front of me is much more difficult for you to fall into her arm with the obstacles Ramadan, you find yourself staying away from that, which is harder for you to leave, which is harder, or at least it should be like that. And if you can, for 30 days, stay away from that, which is halen,

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then indeed, you can stay for the remainder of the year from that, which is how, right so we learn a lot about ourselves. Now, once we discussing this whole concept of learning about ourselves, a common question that comes across is how do we bring about good habits in our lives? How do we stay away from that which we should be staying away from? How do we read our lives of that which Allah has told us to stay away from? And this is a good question. And I've pondered over this question. And to simplify it. I personally think, and let me be just and say, yes, it's it's a personal decision. But this matter has been discussed by those of development long before. I think that for

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good habits to come about in our lives. And for us to rid ourselves of that, which is bad three elements have to exist. And part three has two parts to it. So we can say for number one, we need to have knowledge. Number two, we need to have ability. And number three, we need to have desire, these three elements have to exist before you bring anything great into your life, or read your life from anything which is evil. You need to have knowledge of that which is good and which is bad. You need to have ability and the skill set to bring it about in your life or rid your life of it. But number three is desire. And this is where most of us lack this issue of desire. Do we really want to bring

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this in our life? Or do we really want to read our life of this? Now, I said Part Three is into two parts

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and the reason why I want to break it

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into two parts is because desire normally shorts fall with regards to time.

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You know when you go to the books of management and leadership or good governance, right, and I've been privileged enough to speak to many corporate organizations, NGOs, nonprofit organizations in terms of structure and development and leadership and growth of, of, of team morale. One of the things that is discussed time and time again, is the 40 day rule, the 40 day rule that for you to implement great change in your organization, as a leader, you will have to fight opposition from your team members from your staff for at least 40 days, it will take 40 days for the process to synthesize it will take 40 days for the for the team to rip themselves off the baggage that has come

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with the change you're trying to implement. This is what they say. And once I read this in a book, or two, or three or four, I've tried to ponder over this and say, do we have a shittier precedents for this and going through the sooner of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, I came across the famous hadith of Ibn Massoud

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in which he speaks about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaching us about

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the formation of us in the wombs of our mothers. And he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah gathers us in the womb of our mothers as a liquid for 40 days, and then as a hanging cloth for 40 days, and then as something that resembles a chewed piece of flesh for 40 days. So what's highlighted in this hateth is 40 4040. And this seems to be an incubation period, that establishment takes place as a clot when you exist as it or as it for 14 days. And then the establishment takes place as a chewed piece of flesh or before that a hanging a hanging clot, when you remain like that for 40 days and so on and so forth.

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Right, this is influencing obviously, but this Ramadan,

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as we always do in Ramadan, revise, especially the idea of fasting, right, something dawned upon me and that was inserted to Bukhara in the eye after fasting when a loss of Hannah who is a young America that Allah commands us to fast for the purpose of seeking taco, not telling us that taqwa is the net result of fasting now, because if that was the case with all the people of taco, right, and if you heard my speech before my van, it was titled fasting is easy. Taco is difficult compared to devices, it's online, right? But Allah tells us to seek to coin Ramadan, to seek it. After this command, Allah says, am I to do that? It's a fixed number of days. This is what Allah says, at the

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end of the art of fasting. Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah says, when he took me to Allah visits this concept of the fixed number of days again, that you must complete the day, you must complete the period, the 29 days or the 30 days and Subhanallah I thought about this and said, You know what, I need to revise the study. Yes, while certain matters may have wisdom in terms of the 40 day rule, we understand from this area, in terms of you bringing halaal and that which is beloved to Allah in your life. And you ridding yourself of that which Allah dislikes 29 or 30 days is enough. 29 or 30 days is enough, because Allah could have told us too fast for 40 days, Allah could have told us too

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fast for two months, but Allah cited Ramadan to be the period of one month so that you may attain taqwa, which means a person who applies themselves properly in the month of Ramadan for 29 or 30 days, this is enough to put yourself on a podium and gain for yourself the necessary momentum to seek Allah subhanho wa Taala in obedience for the rest of the year. And Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah knows best. So time is important. And this we should take into consideration when we try to develop desire, then my dear brothers and sisters, you must understand that by default before that's allowed to do have becomes part and parcel of your life. Before you can become automatic. If I can

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say in memorizing the Quran and reviving it and revising it, before you can become normal and natural in terms of removing haram for you, from your lives, you will have to pursue that which you want to change for at least 29 or 30 days. Yes, the first week is going to be hard, don't give up. That's normal. This is what we learn. The second week is going to be hard. Don't give up. That's normal. The third week is going to be hard. Don't give up. That's normal. And the fourth week is going to be hard or maybe easier. Don't give up. That's normal. This is the message each and every one of us mistake from Ramadan. As I said, it's a training period to achieve excellence. Don't be

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bottled in that I didn't apply myself as I should have. There were many ills. rather take from the strengths and use what you have gathered in terms of the strengths to pursue a muscle painter who attended during the course of the year. With this perspective, the perspective that change requires time and a lot is all white

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He put us in the system for 29 or 30 days. My dear brothers and sisters,

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the last parting advice is is the farm. And it's the karma refers to this process and concept of remaining steadfast. And this is what a believer is all about. A believer is not one who worships Allah in Ramadan, on a particular night or in a particular week or on a particular day, or during a particular set of days. A believer is one who worships Allah, throughout the awake waking day and throughout the sleeping night, until your pain reaches them that your pain is the certainty and that certainty is the death of bacteria to kalliopi. This is what Allah commands is messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to worship Allah until death arrives. This is the way of a belief. And when we

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understand this relevance comes to karma and being steadfast. My dear brothers and sisters, you and I are motivated by reward. This is a universal law of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He created us and he knows us better than we know ourselves. And that is why in the Quran time and time again, and in the sooner time and time again Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions Azure, Azure, Azure, the reward of which will be the reward for the one who do who does this will be this, Allah mentions it as reward mentions it as reward, even though the act is not worth it. And the reward is far greater than the act actually done because we are weakened allies

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perfect. Right? And allies kutiman amazing and generous in is rewarding. Allah refers to it as a reward. Because this motivates us. And before we close, we must understand the rewards of karma to motivate us to worship Allah, as we did in Ramadan throughout the course of the year. With regards to this department, my dear brothers and sisters, Allah says in his book in a levena, Pandora buena ma from Mr. Farmer for the whole finale, he

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was heavily jannetty Holly Dena, he had just a and b McCann we imagine. Allah says, indeed those who say Our Lord is Allah, and then they become upright by looking after the dues and staying away from the don'ts throughout the course of the year for them laughing at him. There's nothing for them to fear in terms of where they're going, whatever. And they shouldn't be afraid in terms of the deeds that they used to do. Why? Because they end the agenda. And in terms of their deeds, Allah has accepted it. Allah says Allah ecos hearable Jana, these are the people of Paradise, Holly Dena see her. In it, they will reside forever. Why just a reward for who because of what Allah just a and b

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mecanoo yamalube reward because of that which they used to do. That's the reward. They used to fight a bond and fight their desires and be patient seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala. Be patient seeking Allah, so that they remain worshippers of Allah throughout the course of the year. This is the reward for that which they used to do. We are motivated by reward by Allah ask you what greater reward Can you have than gender in another ayah is rather that we love to hear, we love to recite, we love for the man to recite, Allah says in Malawi, Nepal or a boon Allah. Indeed for those who say Our Lord is Allah who Mr. Farmer, and then they become a bride that is generally human Malaika at

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the time of death, during the most scariest moment in their life, when they are transitioning to the Hereafter, when they start seeing matches of the unseen you know, we know how it is when we get our results in the dunya. Your levels, your a levels, very nerve racking, your future depends on it. Right now your results are coming forward to you, when the Angel of Death is sliding your soul from your body, the soul starts to see things that it couldn't see when it was housed by the body because the body blocks the potential of the soul. It keeps it specific to the physical, which is the realm of this world. And now it's entering entering a metaphysical state. At this scary moment. Allah

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rewards the people of this department how with angels that descend from heaven,

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angels that descend from heaven. Imagine the relief on the dying person when he sees angels from Ghana. And then Allah commands these angels to tell this dying person, I let the half Don't worry where you're going.

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And don't worry about your exam sheet. It's all good. You've passed imagine you about to get your result you nervous, there's people in front of you and someone walks out of the office and says Mashallah, brother. Don't worry, okay. You okay? I've seen your slip. It's all good. What happens? you achieve a sense of elation and come at this scary moment. These angels come with these glad tidings. Don't worry. Don't be afraid. You are okay. Your results depend in order to build Jenna and we give you black titans of Jenna, which Jenna somebody might say Did I get a plus to get a star

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They gotta be how well did I pass up hero Bill jannetty let you continue to I do glad tidings of a paradise, the paradise that was promised to the people of Israel karma. You got the most deserving results La ilaha illa Allah. Now what happens when we go on a journey by ourselves? We normally nervous, it's scary. You get butterflies in your stomach, right? You're always more comfortable traveling in a group. Right now you are traveling to the hereafter. It's nerve racking. The angels give us some more prizes. National Olia affiliated dunia We are your friends. We are your helpers and friends while she lived in the Tonia Warfield era, and we are traveling with you today. We are

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your companions. We were together here and we'll be together the universe Hello.

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I mean, who wouldn't want to die after this? Who's gonna ask Allah to send them back to the dunya after you receive these gifts from Allah, right? And then these angels say, Well, I can see her majesty and forsaken. And in this Jenna, you don't have to ask in this dunya used to ask for things you never used to get it in this genda You don't have to ask all you have to do is desire and Allah will give you when a comfy hammer down. And when you can no longer desire, then don't worry, just ask and allow will give you again.

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The gifts and rewards for the people of st karma. And you know what's best to my dear brothers and sisters. Alice is New Zealand Minerva, for him, you know unusual in the Arabic language refers to the welcoming the welcoming when a guest visits us, we don't take them straight and put them on the dinner table. They come from a journey. You give them some tea, some dates, some coffee, depending on your culture, right you welcome them, you allow them to freshen up, the main meal is still to come. Allah says noozle This is a welcoming all these gifts for the people of is the karma is nothing but a welcoming the main meal is yet to come.

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Now in case you thinking we have to end that you know what? I can die this death. This death is probably for the MBR the Hema salatu salam, this death is for somebody else. I'm much older. I've seen so much in case you thinking like this, then my dear brothers and sisters understand that this death described is a death that you and I can die because Allah didn't say Mazel mean Allah. Allah didn't say noozle minara. Allah didn't say noozle

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Minister Mia, Aileen albizia. Allah didn't say this is a welcoming from your Lord. He This is a welcoming from Allah. This is a welcoming from the old seeing the old hearing. Allah said this is a welcoming from the most forgiving the most mess.

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If you ponder over this, Allah is telling us that these people who died this death, they were people like yourself and myself. But there were people that never lost hope in the mercy of Allah. They sought Allah subhanho wa Taala with the waking of every day and the sleeping of every night and when they slipped, they turned back to Allah and sincerely asked for forgiveness and asked Allah for assistance and they woke up the next day and they pursued seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the message My dear brothers and sisters, I love you all for the sake of Allah. May Allah accept our month, bless our month except our deeds. Bless our mama Bless you all invest these words. I mean,

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Yoruba and Amina sallallahu wasallam Americana Vina Mohammed Rhonda

Sheikh Sajid Umar offers worthy words that will help us face the world after Ramadaan departs. A 20 minute lecture delivered at Masjid alFalaah in Harare Zimbabwe and most definitely worth your time.

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