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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of thanking people for their actions for the sake of Islam, rather than just rewarding them for their actions. They stress that their devotion and obedience towards Allah is the main concern, rather than their own feelings of annoyance.
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If someone tells us that they don't feel appreciated by us, we should not say to them that they should be doing things for the sake of Allah and if they're doing something for the sake of Allah and they shouldn't need our thinks someone can do something for us, while having the larger intention of seeking Allah's reward doing it for the sake of Allah and really their intention is not our concern that's between them and Allah what is our concern is that the prophets of Allah who said them, he said that the one who doesn't thank the people doesn't think a law. So from our perspective, it is from our devotion and our obedience of Allah, that we thank people and we show

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our appreciation for them.