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Hey everyone, Riyadh was as he coming up with this new amazing two evening seminar on personal development. It's a it's a seminar on well I've had a combined

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leadership, public speaking and life management into to evening certification seminar coming up in London live June 10 and June 11 2013. So it's these certifications which I have gotten from the US long time ago, I have combined them getting the butter off of all these certifications into these two evenings seminars. So again, it would be about leadership, it would be about public speaking and teaching the five P's of public speaking and and how to deliver amazing speeches and then life management or as people call it time management, but I call it life management. And at the end of the seminar or this event, we'll be doing some, some trainings we'll be doing, some people will be

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giving us speeches and at the end, I will be handing out certifications for those attendees. So again, Mark your calendars, London coming there live June 10 and June 11 2013. For more information please check out my website, WWE rock training comm or you can also visit us on our Facebook page ww Facebook slash rock training. Mark your calendars again June 10 June 11 2013