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Let him initiate on this Miller how Blackman and rocky he laughed. He laughed at him that ashita he was safe, friendly Abu Dora bajada debate Allah de me know whom

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to whom in have published recently Emily Emily Sania Coleford hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, He also made some of our that we want to live up to today some things about solar. So that follows immediately after silicon fee. The solar is broken up easily into two parts. It's a very short solar, but and you can think of it in two parts. The first part of it is what OLED does for the people? Of course, he does it he does certain things for the convenience of courage. And what does he do? He has opened things up for them in a way that they can travel in the summer and the winter in the most convenient of times and not worry about being robbed, and ransacked by

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all the other tribes who are known for robbing and ransacking? Why, because they are custodians of this house. So let's just why did I give you all these conveniences? Why did I protect you against the army of the elephant in the previous ruler? That is for what purpose? Why should what should you give in return for the Buddha debate, they should worship the master of this house, they should engage in the worship of the master of this house, instead of saying they should worship Allah. He said they should worship on our behalf. elbaite. Now why he said that particular language because that house was built by Ibrahim alayhis salam, for a purpose, the purpose of the worship of one God

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alone, look at what you've done with that house. How could you enjoy all the benefits that came to you as a result of being custodians of this house and violate the sanctity of that house itself? How could you do that? And that's actually the question that's posed to them. And in that you understand that this surah is actually a combination of the previous solar is directly connected to the previous solar, Ibrahim and asylums, prayer is fulfilled here. The first part of that prayer was give them safety on which Allah de Belen Amina, the second part of that prayer was was alumina thammarat provide them from all kinds of provision all kinds of fruit. So certain field was how

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Allah made it safe. And so to courageous how he makes it prosperous how he gives them all kinds of fruit, they get to travel around. That's the phrase peace and prosperity they go hand in hand, peace insert field, so it will feel and prosperity in circulation. You know, in a society if you have peace, and no, no prosperity, you can't survive. So what if your house is safe? You can't get a job, you'll starve. But what if there is prosperity, but there is no peace, your home isn't safe, your bank isn't safe, your car isn't safe, you can't survive. You need both of these things to survive. And Allah gave both of those things to the police so they may survive and prosper as a society and

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flourish as a society. And he asked one thing in return worship the master of this house, restored the legacy of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, and in the next vlog, we're actually going to see how they failed to restore that legacy. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Episode 22 – Surah Quraysh – Nouman Ali Khan

June 27, 2016

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