Omar Suleiman – Prayers of the Pious – Episode 16 – A House on Fire

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © In this segment of a podcast, a speaker discusses a recent incident where a man named praised the use of Islam as a means of achieving a boon. The incident involves a woman named Connie who claims to have had a dream about being a god, but she has experienced a similar dream. The speaker suggests that achieving a boon is a means of achieving a boon, and that achieving a boon is a means of achieving a boon.
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So now I want to come on up until it cuts everyone. Welcome back to prayers of the pious.

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This particular incident that I'm about to mention to you, it doesn't really have a wording to it to memorize as much as just the lesson in terms of how much do you believe in your day? How much do you believe in your supplication? And a lot of times, you know, you see people that make a deal, and they make a very exquisite supplication. But they already have defeated the purpose of their supplication because they don't really believe in what they're saying, or they don't believe in the power of Allah subhanaw taala as they are saying it, and that's why I've been playing whack a mole is that if you truly had to let go, trust in Allah subhanaw taala have katakuri the way that he

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deserves to be trusted, then you could move mountains. This is an incident that's narrated by Abu Musab Ashley, may Allah be pleased with him. He says that I witnessed this myself in bussola. And he said that I saw an entire neighborhood catch fire. And as that entire neighborhood catch caught fire, people went out to the marketplace to inform the residents of that neighborhood to run to their homes to see their houses as they were burning down and to try to do something. And so he said, we came across this man whose house was in that neighborhood. And we told him to, you know, to go go to your home, hurry up and run, get to your house. And he responded, and he said in the UK,

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some to Allah Eureka who he said, I'm not worried about my home burning down. They said why he said, because I have taken an oath upon my Lord that it will not burn down. Like I am so confident in my dad that my house will not burn down. So he said that, as the neighborhood continued to burn eventually when all the smoke cleared, and all the homes that were harmed were harmed. The only home that wasn't harmed was actually his several moves out of the 11. Who said, so duct, he has told the truth. I heard the Messenger of Allah say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that in my nation, there are men with bare heads and unkempt clothing, meaning there are people that are very simple, looked down

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upon in society that have nothing to show for themselves in terms of wealth and no position. But those people if they swear upon their Lord, if they swore upon their Lord Allah subhanho and Tiana would fulfill their oats. And there's another Hadith the Prophet sighs Some said a person might be a shy, unkempt, turned away from people's doors, look up some Allah Allah abattoir. But if that person took an oath upon God, Allah would honor that oath. This is a very powerful example of the idea that a lot is accessible to the most simple of people to those that might be looked down upon in society. And there's a connection here, you know, and it's poetic that a person might have no power in this

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world in the sense that they have no respect, no no financial status, no position, especially in a feudal society, no class that would protect them. They belong to some sort of oppressed, minority, whatever it may be. They are disadvantaged and downtrodden by all measures, but that person by having access to the most powerful to other Kadir and moqtada, the one who is most powerful and the one who has power, power over all things, to American produced to the King of all kings, that they have access to him subhana wa tada and that if they truly believe in them, and they truly ask Allah Subhana hota Anna, you know, with the most sincere of ways Allah would certainly honor that oath.

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There is another narration that I'll share with you that this actually happened to have with that of that or the law and with the great scholar, the great Mufti of the companions, that his neighborhood burned down, and that his home did not burn down and he said that the reason why he knew it would not burn down is because he made the supplication that the Prophet peace be upon him taught Bismillah Hilah de Lisle Babu, Maris Maharishi and allow for some art. Well, who is some Iranian In the name of Allah, with whom, with with whose name Nothing can be harmed in the heavens or the earth, and he has the all hearing and the all knowing the Prophet peace be upon us to say this every

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morning three times and every evening, three times. So there's a narration that this also applies to, without a doubt may Allah be pleased with him. But we ask Allah to truly allow us to believe in our supplication and to to show us the power of our supplication through his power subhanho wa Taala and to allow us to develop that meaningful trust that would translate into miracle in this world and translate into salvation in the hereafter a llama I mean, does that will heighten See you all next time in sha Allah? What's that I want to lock in for Council.

Omar Suleiman reflects upon the story of a burning town, and the power of making dua with conviction and trust in Allah.

[ Day 16 Du’a ] بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الَّذِي لَا يَضُرُّ مَعَ اسْمِهِ شَيْءٌ فِي الْأَرْضِ وَلَا فِي السَّمَاءِ وَهُوَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ

In the name of Allah; with His name, nothing whatsoever on earth or heaven can inflict any harm; He is All-Hearing and All-Knowing.

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