Omar Suleiman – Why Do Innocent People Suffer

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of belief in the law and the presence of the Divine Decree in the hereafter, as it is crucial to overcome fear and stress. They stress the need for strong belief in the presence of the Decree to avoid wasting time and effort, and the importance of finding one's own path to become a human being. They also discuss the struggles of the Syrianese writing community and the importance of establishing a foundation to prevent future problems. They stress the need for people to trust and alleviate suffering from people affected by the pandemic, and emphasize the importance of living in a mask-wearing environment.
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In in the hamdulillah Hinata una una una study when Obi Wan Khurana Juana La La Vina Manchurian fusina woman sia Marina Manya de la Hosanna Salama Bella home a new lil fella ha de Allah, wa Chateau La la la la la la la sharika lah mercola on Him He will you need to have a high on diamo beer the hill firewall aqualisa in Cody or shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh wasafi Yahuwah Lila illegal at the Manitoba lava risotto nosso Helen oma or kashia fellowmen Baraka Nana Mahajan by Mr. lado How can I Holla Holla Holla Holla finally off a little solo to a Timo Chesney while early he was like me he was going to stand up as soon as he the young Dean, Aloma dynamin home amin

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alladhina. Muhammad SAW he had to tell us what will happen but also the subject. I mean, I mean, all seek when FCB choco la boca manana will have Wakanda tada Eva Latina, Amina choco la haka Ducati, he went out to Hamilton Levon Tomasi, mon yohanna suta Pura vida como la de la cama nevsun wahida baja come in Hangzhou, jaha Baba salmon, humare. JOHN and Kathy are on one Isa, what tuffa la la de Tessa, I don't wanna be one of them in a la Cana la cumbre peba young, Latina mana topo la havapoo Colin studied useless lack of American way of raccoons and overcome one mango Rasulullah who

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was an owl Lehman's a mama birds, we begin by praising Allah and bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is his final messenger. And we asked a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, his family, his companions, those that preceded him from the messengers and those that follow in his example. And we ask a lot to elevate us to be united with Him in the hereafter. And to follow his Sunnah and his guidance in this life a lot, man I mean, the brothers and sisters, arguably the most difficult question of faith is theodicy is the question of why.

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Now, if you go through the pillars now to kind of imagine, then you see that the last of the articles of faith is the belief in the law and publisher of a loss of hundreds out of the belief in the Divine Decree in the predestination of a loss of Hannah Montana. But that is the pillar as I'm loving my boss of the law says that if a person establishes it, then they establish their trophy than if a person destroys it, then they destroy their toe heat. It is the most difficult thing to wrap our heads around the most difficult things for our hearts to accept. The most difficult thing for us to stomach when we see tragedies unfolding before our eyes, the way we see Aleppo, Hana

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unfolding before our eyes, and quite frankly, without the belief in Allah. And without the belief in the author of the belief in the Hereafter, nothing makes sense. Nothing makes sense. Interestingly enough, when you go through the Quran, Allah stresses belief in Allah and belief in the hereafter you don't see stress as much as you do on those things, in belief and belief in Divine Decree, even though that is the pillar in the article that most people will struggle with. And there is a very important reason for that. Because just as without a strong belief in the law in the Hereafter, nothing makes sense. With a strong belief in Allah in the hereafter. Everything makes sense.

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Everything is digestible. Everything is acceptable, everything is tranquil, even in the greatest times of chaos, and havoc. Everything can be resolved with the belief in Allah and with the belief in the hereafter. And that's why I lost stress is it? When Allah subhanaw taala says, Man, I'm gonna be lying when Yamanaka whoever believes in the law in the last day, everything comes in between those two. So he sends His angels to his messengers with messages to preach the belief in Allah and the belief in the hereafter. And that resolves the problem of that question. So when we talk about the believers and those that go through difficulty in this life, and are unfairly tormented for

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their belief in a lot or never see the fruits of their faith in this world, then we remember that as Alan tells us in the Quran, in Allah Allah.

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Allah does not let the good deeds of the believers go to waste. Two implications in there, number one, a God who rewards number two a time after this time

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In which that reward would be fully realized or in the manual for saw beyond our own behavior is that when a person suffers whether that suffering is something that's due to a disease or an illness, or it's due to oppression or transgression in the manual fasab

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Allah will not let their patients go unrewarded. Allah will reward their patients in ways that cannot be quantified. But then what about on the other side, those that transgressing the oppressors. When attacks are done a lot of off in an AMA animal body, one, do not think that Allah is unaware of what the oppressors do in a hero boom Leone. Allah delays them to a day. As the prophets lie Selim says in the law, the only the lion I'm happy that you're flexible, that Allah delays the oppressor until he snatches him and he never lets him go in all of these ions, and all of these, these are the two very important implications that strengthen that belief in Divine Decree,

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and that strengthen our belief and allow us to proceed through this life

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in a way that yes, we are saddened by events that unfold before us, but in a way that we are also proactive about dealing with what we can deal with. Humanity starts wars, and humanity ignores wars, humanity allows for the death and destruction of over a quarter million people. In the last five years in Syria, 11 million displaced people, refugees, living all over the place, and being dealt with with cruelty. Humanity caused that and humanity ignored that there is an oppressor. And there are the silent observers, those that have power and those that don't have power governments that could have intervened, but did not intervene. And people that watched in silence and allowed that to

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unfold. And quite frankly, some people who are completely unfazed by it, some people who chose to ignore it altogether. And when humanity messes up, and humanity, murders people, kill people, watch others being killed, people oppressed people, watch others being oppressed, then what do we do after that? We ask God, why he let it happen?

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How did you allow this, after we messed it all up, we turn towards Allah Subhana Allah with our complaints. So on one hand, we want the free will to be able to reject God, to reject his orders to reject His revelation to reject this level of legislation to live free without any restrictions. We reject when he calls us to charity and generosity and benevolence and mercy, and to take care of the poor and the vulnerable amongst us. But then at the same time, while we're while we're rejecting God, and we're, we want to be free.

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We also want God to not let us be to free. We want him to referee us. And we want him to stop us when our free will gets us out of hands. Isn't that hypocrisy? Isn't that a double standard? Oh, Allah don't force us to do good. But when we mess up too bad force us to stop being evil, to turn it back towards him, after we tried to demand our freedom of choice. So if God stopped evil, and if God did not give us the ability to do wrong, we know that a lot doesn't force us to do wrong. That's about and creed. That's a false creed. as false as the creed that says a lot doesn't know what's going to happen tomorrow. We know a lot doesn't force us to do wrong. But if God stopped evil, then

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we wouldn't have freewill,

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then we wouldn't have choices, then that would defeat the purpose of the entire human enterprise, then we might as well be angels or robots. Either God forces us to worship Him. And it's you know, we have we have no desires, we have no inclinations. Or we're robots just like a doll or something you push, push the button of love. It's not real love. Even though the doll keeps saying I love you to the child. It's a doll. It's robotic. It's not real. So on one hand, do we want God to stop us? Or on the other hand? Do we want God to let us completely go free to where we will ruin ourselves and where we completely mess up? So if we don't have free will, and God stops all this evil when we

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blame it all on him, when humanity messes it up, then what's the point of this world? Is there such thing as freedom without choice? Or do we really just not want other people to have freewill and other people to have choice? Because we've somehow convinced ourselves that we're not that bad. And if we were in the position of government and authority and dictatorship

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Then we would be better than those that we criticize. If we were in that position of power, we would be so different. So yeah, let us continue to try to climb the ladder of our own professions and our own careers and our own pursuits of power.

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But don't let them get it.

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How does that make sense? Aren't we creating more problems than solutions? In that case? It's Pamela, when we think about even the idea of how we recognize good and evil, because to resolve this and say, Well, maybe there is no God, maybe we just all got here, maybe this entire complex design, all of our DNA that's been written, all of our functions, all of that is all by accident. Maybe we're just here. And the proof of that is how bad we've screwed it up. That's the proof of how that there is no God, but the fact that you can recognize good and evil, and you can recognize oppression versus goodness. And generosity is a proof of a loss of autonomy. The fact that that makes you

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uncomfortable, if you're a decent human being, seeing dying children makes you uncomfortable, and you can recognize what is good and what is back. That's a proof of Allah subhana wa tada in and of itself, that he gave you the ability to recognize, but people, humanity, human beings decide to stop being human and neglect those things. So Pamela, can you imagine what goes through the mind of a person when they kill somebody?

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You imagine these people walking through the streets of Helen, mercilessly brutalizing these women and children? What's going through your mind? Where's your heart? We can't even reason with that. Do you think they were born like them? Do you think a lot created them to kill women and children? Do you think that they didn't know growing up that it's wrong to kill women and children and a part of them somewhere in there is probably telling them while they're deliberately ignoring the good qualities that Allah put inside of them. Somewhere in there, there's a voice that's telling them, this is wrong. You don't think that's there? It is there. But the fact of the matter is that when we

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become so powerful, when we become when we find ourselves in positions of authority, often, we are not godlike anymore. We are not what a loss of hundreds are, Allah created us to be? We lose our own sense of purpose. And all of those questions about evil and hardship and pain. And why does this happen? And why does that happen? The vast majority of it can directly be traced back to what humanity does wrong, moral evil, our own selfishness, our own intoxication with power,

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our own deliberate ignoring of the world's problems around us, our own gluttony and luxury and enjoying the things that we've been given by Allah Subhana, WA, tada, let's face it, poverty doesn't bother you that much, until you're in poverty, until you start to feel the pinch. Hunger doesn't bother you that much. Until other people are until you feel some hunger, oppression doesn't bother you that much. As long as it's in another lens, you know, Subhanallah, we think about the privilege that we've had as American Muslims this entire time. Or we thought, we thought everything would be smooth. We thought that the Islamophobia wouldn't get too bad. We thought we were just going to

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integrate with society seamlessly and no hate crimes would take place, that we can continue to remain in ourselves the privilege of being an American Muslim. Guess what that privilege is waning away now. And it's not fun. It's not any fun. Other people have been living under that for a very long time. That times 100 and times 1000. If the brothers can move forward in Charlottetown, other people have been living with that for a very, very long time.

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So when we think about the evil around the world, how much of it can directly be traced back to us as people? There is enough food in the world for every single member of the human race to have a 3000 calorie diet.

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But we don't care about that until we ourselves feel the pinch of that hunger. And then you talk about the other evil, but what about this? And what about that, and there are good people that just suffer, inexplicably suffer? It doesn't make any sense. And somehow the law or the law, when he saw the profits, I'm suffering, it didn't make sense to automa Why am I

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I mean, he, he knows some Allah. Allah know loves a lot like he loves Allah. His Delta, his greatness is already established. Why does he have to lose a third fourth

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The sixth child live in poverty. Why? It didn't make sense to have the low tide I walked in and saw the prophets lie some of them in this situation where he's rising from his bed and he's got marks on his back all mine has a better bed.

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And who starts to cry? It says Yama, sola. I've seen the palaces of Caesar and kislak and all these people, you deserve so much more than them. And also la Sai some tells Alma, I'm not talking about Oh, aren't you please go oma and Allahumma dunya when after that, for them belongs this dunya unto us belongs in the hereafter. The prophets lie Selim is telling Allah, I'm okay with this. I'm okay with this. Don't worry about me. I'm content. Because I know my purpose in life. So yes, it hurts me when I go through pain because I'm a human being. The profits why Sam cried when he lost his children, the province why some felt the pain of hunger, a province like some felt sickness and

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illness, he felt poverty, but he never once questioned why? Because he knew that that was a futile pursuit on his part, you're not gonna get anywhere. Allah subhanho wa Taala has assured you of something. I'm not totally Alma, aren't you? Please don't oma that they have the dunya and for us belongs to the hereafter. Well, like the most shocking thing about meeting those Syrian refugees about going through the camps of the Syrian refugees, these are people who have lost everything, everything.

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It's unbelievable how much they've lost. family wealth, possessions, everything, their career, everything, and support a lot. They are more content than we are.

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They complain less about life than we do. They're telling us Allah will give us more in the hereafter. No wonder why the profits license of the majority of the people of gentlemen are the football and the Masaki. The majority of the people of Paradise are the poor and the downtrodden. They don't care, they get it, it hurts, but they get it. And they're telling us entire Old, privileged, rich, spoiled Americans. That it's okay, Allah knows, Allah will give us allies green, we know that what awaits us in the Hereafter is better than that which we have lost in this world. And so you cannot dear brothers and sisters towards start to grapple with the question of evil or

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the purpose of evil until you grapple with the purpose of life itself? Why are you here in the first place? Before you start asking about why things are not going the way you think they should be going? Why are you here in the first place? If you don't work that out, then you're not going to work this up. And we see that through the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam, where he constantly assures the believers that through hardship, we often find a loan, how many people do you know and in your own life, found the last panel to Allah in their hearts, found a lot in their pain

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when things got shaken up a bit, because otherwise they were complacent? How many people do you know that are like that? The prophets lie some constantly assures us of that over and over and over again, that complacency is dangerous. And sometimes in ease, we are complacent. But dear brothers and sisters, here's the problem.

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You look around, and you see the suffering. And you say fine, you know, I can understand this, I can understand that one. I get this one. I can reason through this one. I can't reason through that one, like I can get why maybe he went through that hardship. I don't understand why he went through that hardship, or I can get why he went through that hardship. But why the extents of that hardship could have figured it out? Why do they have to keep on going through this? What's the point of these children suffering?

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You go back to the fundamental principle

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in the Alamo mala tanomo

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When the angels asked the law, attention, Alfie Herman you've seen goofy how ESP could demand Yeah, Allah. We've already seen what happens when, when fallible beings are given the earth.

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Are you going to go ahead and create a human race now?

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Where they will spread corruption, and they will kill one another and spill blood? Somehow the angels didn't even see them yet. They knew. They knew that fallible creatures will wreak destruction and havoc when they have power. They knew it. They didn't wait for a quote that absolute power absolutely corrupts. They knew it. Yeah, Allah. Are you really going to do this? Are you going to create them? Are you going to give them this power? And what was the last answer? I know what you don't know.

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In the Alamo, malata Alamo.

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I know what you don't know, a lot could walk them through perhaps one or two people, and show them how each and every single thing that happened to them that there was a wisdom for it. But at the end of the day, sometimes things are not going to make sense, even to the mother, aka, even to the angels. When you establish that foundation in the animal, man, that animal who judges to what extent someone's suffering, who knows the present and future implications of suffering, and an individual or community or countries lives, who knows? Who can actually dissect all of that, who can trace all of that and experiment on each person, and derive the positives and the implications and how it's

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affected this and how it's affected that that person in that situation and what it will do in the future, who knows all of that nobody. So if you can come to the terms that I can understand when something small happens to me, relatively small that I interpret as a hardship happens to me, I can understand that but I trust the laws wisdom, then why can I trust the laws wisdom, when something major happens that I don't understand? What's what are the variables? What are the parameters that you're going to accept?

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Was it not an issue in Philistine It wasn't an issue in the Central African Republic, the Rwandan genocide, Bosnia, none of that was an issue the Holocaust that was but this one's an issue.

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You have to establish the foundation. And that foundation is, Allah knows what I don't know. And I'm comfortable with that. I'm comfortable with that. I'm assured with them. But I do know one thing, Allah is perfect, I'm not.

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Allah is perfect. I'm not. And the world is not perfect. But Allah has given me as an imperfect being the power to change a lot of the imperfection around,

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that Allah has also put me as an agent of change to where I can do something about some of the stuff that's around me. So maybe I can't save every single child. And maybe I can't reason why each and every single person is going through what they're going through. But I do know that there are things that Allah has given me that I could change that I didn't change.

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And that I can change.

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Allah has given me the ability to actually do away with someone else's purchase, whether it's financial, or whether it's physical, whatever it may be, allow has put us in a position to be able to change some things around us and SubhanAllah. By and large, evil exists in the world when it's allowed to exist.

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Corruption exists in the world, when people who claim to not be corrupt, don't do anything about it.

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So that's where we put ourselves. And somehow there's a powerful quote, where a man once said that I wanted to ask God, why he allows oppression and evil and suffering and poverty in the world. But I was afraid he might ask me the same question

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of love will ask you, you're not gonna ask Allah.

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You will not ask Allah about his plan, you will not ask a lot about his judgment, nor will you project your failures as humanity on Allah, or your failures as an oma on Allah, or my failures as a Muslim or a human being on Allah. That's not my place. I can do what I can do. And I can be assured that the rest is within his ultimate plan. And that nothing, no transgression, dear brothers and sisters, no transgression in this world, no oppression will go unchecked, well, ally, each and every single one of these dictators, each and every single one of these oppressors will pay the price for their oppression, no doubt about it. The UN is not gone.

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The US has certainly not gone. They're not going to call anybody into accounts. But Allah will. And if you don't have that, to what could in that trust, then that's going to shake your faith. And I have full trust in Allah, that each and every single one of those peoples, that people that suffers, whether it's me, whether it's them, that Allah subhanaw taala will not only reward them for their struggles, but a loss of hundreds taala will not only do away with their pain, but Allah will do away with their pain in a way that they will not even know that they ever experienced pain.

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The volume, the pressure, will not forget his bone. The oppressed will forget what they've been through.

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And trust me on the day of judgment as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, when the people who were tested severely by Allah subhanho wa Taala

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are being given their rewards by Allah dipped into Jelena where the prophets lie, some said they would forget any hardship they ever faced in life. Those of us often in Africa would see that as the people who were generally pardon who lived easy lives would see those people. And they would wish that they could cut their skins so that Allah subhanho wa Taala could reward them the way that he's rewarding the others. Think about that.

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Ask yourself what you can do, and do what you can do in your capacity and stop ranting about what everybody else is not doing.

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Their brothers and sisters, when one person that's close to us suffers, it's a tragedy. So Pamela, we look at it and we're so moved by. But when hundreds of 1000s of people suffer, that we deliberately turn a blind eye to the same thing we accused god of doing By the way, we deliberately ignore the suffering of millions and millions of people around the world. It's just a statistic. It's just a hashtag. But if it's a celebrity, or someone that you know, or someone that you've allowed yourself to constantly get to know over the years, that it's a tragedy, they break their leg, it's a tragedy.

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People's skulls are crushed, that you don't see. And it's not a tragedy. It's a statistic. The same thing we accuse a loss of Hannah Montana of doing a lot did not ignore them. We did, we did.

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Now the point of this is not that we just feel horrible about ourselves. The point of this football is what do you do about it now?

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How much are you giving? Nabila? toninato become just an excuse before the Lord, that I'm trying to do my part? Whether it's lobbying for them, whether it's raising their voices for them, whether it's giving charity to them, whether it's making do not for them? What have I done for them? And that's a question we have to ask ourselves each and every single time. We see tragedy unfold before our eyes, and we see innocent people being killed. What can I do? What am I think the rest is to Allah? subhanaw taala I am assured in a loss plan, but I'm not assured in my own efforts, what can I do different? And so when these things unfold, Allah's Kingdom does not decrease at all, but our

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humanity does. Our humanity Deus May Allah subhanho wa Taala enable us to be in the service of people. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, allow our hearts to be such that we don't ignore the suffering of those around us or those that are far from us, but that we engage with it that we feel empathy for it, and that we do what is in our capacity to do for it. Nothing more except for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and out of gratitude for what he's given to us, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to be with our brothers and sisters all over the world that are suffering. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to alleviate their pain. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to be instruments

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by which he alleviates the pain. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow the to stop the oppressors from their oppression We ask Allah subhana wa tada to stop the oppressors from their oppression We ask Allah to guide us to where we are not oppressors and we are stopping other oppressors. Allahumma amin apologia we have that was topological muslimeen

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen When are we going to move on? I mean, when I prefer to live in LA masala Salah Mubarak or avocado suica Mohammed in Salalah alayhi wa sallam while he was locked up, he will sell them to Simon kathira brothers and sisters, there is no fundraiser there is no I'm not going to ask you for your money for this cause. I'm not there is no particular call to action for you. Except for all of us to reflect. The purpose of this Juma is to remind and for us to remember who we are as people and what Allah Subhana Allah has created us to do. And for us not to turn a blind eye and to each question ourselves what we can be doing, and I just want to leave you with one

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thought of the love and how to or him or the love of Thailand who mentioned about the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in some poetic verses that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could have shut his doors after the conquest of Mecca. Think about that. The prophets lie some grieved, he suffered and he made it. He made it. So Allah Almighty Who has said them, and we all know what made it means the prophet SAW Selim was the authority. He ruled all of the land around Salahuddin wa sallam he had

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The adoration of his followers replaced the rejection of the people around him. He could have Salalah Hall and he was Selim got into a comfortable palace and waited for two years either john also lived with that right alone many beloved I did my part I did what I have to do, he could have ignored the suffering that continue to exist around them. But he didn't sell along right he was selling our ease is not an excuse for us to ignore the hardship around us. So May Allah subhanaw taala guide our hearts guide our hands and guide us in every way our tongues to support those who are being oppressed a llama Filipino and not what a Muslim you know what a Muslim woman who made a

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mark in the Casimir and party when Mooji would there was a llama for Lana Warhammer warfarin or whatnot. But when I'm when I'm enforcing our top hem Nadella coonan I'm gonna pass it in the either superionic in economics a lot I mean, the satanic in condemning of light I mean a lot of men up dinner you know the movie will hop it technically so why not dinner I mean as you know we will hop is at 10 00 but a lot homophily while the Dena opera hammer came out of bonus Ivana robina Hubbell and I mean as far as you know the reality you know karate, or Jana did with Safina imama Alonso this one and we'll start off in a FEMA shadow Mahadeva llaman so this one and we'll start off in a FEMA

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A lot of marriage that is not only Muslim in telecare, they've been with them that are the deen llama etiquette line. I mean a lot of meanwhile footage in our climate and they've been even study me about the law in the law a little bit. I deal with a son, what he taught a little quarterback, and in fact, he will carry well belly Yaga caminando come to the corona. Corona La Jolla. Guru calm was Kuru vida nirma is one of the kolani Aqua columbiana in our own welcome salon.

Why Do Innocent People Suffer? A very important question answered by Sh. Omar.

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