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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is a series of oath where the speaker presents evidence and discusses the use of "arugula" in Arabic. The "arugula" concept is discussed, including the destruction caused by the wind and loss of rain. The distribution of nutrients and the importance of rain in the world are also discussed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of teaching others to not become rebellious and using punitive methods to punishment. The speaker also highlights the need for more spiritual teachings and a focus on the spiritual reality of the world.
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well. Kitab will MOFCOM walk a mile in the beginner will hotter say they will add the item. Let the Bashara be here isa boom William whether it be accetti Rahim Allah He Salam Hina Cornejo, Farooq or AWT la Hill Muharram for so Lahore Allah He was alone or other expertly he hated OMA Latina BarakAllahu li hem Kapha xs a lot of women whom Elijah but hamdulillah Allah de la Miata his villa then with me Aquila, who surely can feel Mulkey Colombia Kula holy human bully for Kabir. Kuta Kabira hamdulillah Alladhina amanu who want to stay and you know who want to stop futile who will not be in OB he wanted to work Hello Allah He went Ruby let him in surely and fusina woman say ETR

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Molina. When you have the healer who follow mobila Woman Ugarit fella had yella when a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika when a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah he was Zulu or Salah hula Jota ilevel who they are they will hug you Hara who either did equally he worked Fabula he Shahida for so long Allahu alayhi wa sallam at the Sleeman Kathira cathedra and my bad for him that struggle Hadith he Kitab Allah or Halal he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but in the short run Amorim desire to have or inoculum or just attend with Bakula with it in Valhalla. Wakulla Ebola infinite call Allah azza wa jal Vicki Deborah Hill Karim Bader and Aquila, arugula who initially

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Congo rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim while more Salah to your Orpha philosopher at Asfa when naturata Nashua fell ferry party for COP Feldman Kia at the Kra run Onodera in NEMA to Lunella worker rubbish the history were silly Emily Loksatta Melissa and Eve Kohli Allahumma sempiternal motiva La Ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Wa La Mina, Latina, Amarillo, Amarillo, Sally hurt what was happening, what was obvious, I mean, here are Halloween.

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Today's clip is going to be about the opening ayat of surah. Al more Salat. And this surah is one of the few suitors in the Quran where Allah begins by taking an oath. And this is not just an oath, it's a series of oaths, on different occasions before I spoken to you about oath, but a quick reminder that when Allah azza wa jal swears by something, then it's not just that the thing that he's swearing by is important. He's about to make a point. And in order for you to understand that point, in order for me to understand that point, it is important that I contemplate the things that he's taking an oath by. So it's a it's a remarkable way of introducing a subject. It's also an

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important way of understanding evidence. In other words, a lot of times what we say, I make a point, and then I prove my point, right? So you make you make a thesis. And then you present the present the evidence for your thesis, right? Like when a PhD paper or whatever is written, or research papers written, you've got the title, you've got the subject, you've got the introduction, and the introduction already has the point that's going to be made, the rest of the paper is trying to prove that point, right. But a lot of times in classical Arabic, especially in cases of oaths, the point why the time you get to the point, it's already been proven. So the point that Allah is going to

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make, he's already preparing us ahead of time, by giving us the oath. And then by the time we get there, it already makes sense. That's the kind of thing that's going to happen in these oats. Now, the remarkable thing about, you know, these particular oats is that they are all directly connected to one one creation of Allah. And that is the wind. Okay, so the air that blows it's all of them are tied to just this one thing. And we're going to try to extrapolate and contemplate on what is it that Allah wants us to pay attention to when it comes to the wind, the first thing he says is well, masala tea or Orpha. And I swear by now, this is tough to translate, but I swear by the winds that

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have been released right by the main. And so let me let me try to break that down for you. So the word Earth was not actually used for the winds. The or the word Earth is used for the main of a horse. So you've got two kinds of horses, you've got wild horses and you've got domesticated horses. The domesticated horse, you put a saddle on it, you put a rope on it, you can ride that horse right and whenever you want the horse to stop

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You pull on the reins. But if you've got yourself a wild horse and you're trying to tame it, then you don't even have the opportunity to put a rope on it in the saddle on it and put a seat, you're sitting on top of a wild horse, and you have nothing else to hold on to, but its own hair, the main the earth, of the horse. And if you want this wild horse, because it's wild, it wants you off, its back. So it's gonna go wild and run as fast as it can and try to throw you off. And the only thing that you can do to bring it under control is still pull on its Earth, it's to pull on its hair. Right, that's the, you know, grab on, it's the back of its neck. And that's how it's going to, you

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know, put some brakes on this, this creature, right. And if you know the word to release is an aerosol inside is actually one of the meanings of it is to release to let go. And and more Salat is referring to abandon horses, meaning like a, like, you know, a group of horses that are stampeding, and the writer has decided that their veins should be released, they shouldn't be let go. Now, that's you have to understand when you let it go, what's the what are these horses going to do? They're going to stampede, they're not going to they're just going to move wild and fast. And you know, and without regard for what's coming in front of them. And that's why the next words, find the

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owl Sefa tiasa, then they destroy the move recklessly. The house was actually to destroy something in anyone's path. So these horses, if there's small animals in front of them, if there's pottery in front of them, if there's somebody's fence in front of the bill just gonna crush right through it, they'll pass right through without any concern. Now I started talking to you about wins. But then I started talking about horses, because this is actually a fish beat. It's actually a parallel being drawn. Allah is comparing subhanaw taala wins to wild horses. And he's actually describing one of the ways to understand his eyes. He's actually describing that when you go, when I go outside, step

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outside, and I feel a little bit of a breeze, that that breeze is actually these wild winds that are being tamed by Allah,

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that Allah is holding the reins of these winds back. And the only reason I feel a gentle breeze is that Allah has held it back from doing what it naturally does. This is those of you that are in the tech world understand the default position. You know what this teaches us? The default position of the wind is destruction. What it's naturally designed to do, is to destroy and it is only when its rains are pulled back, that it becomes calm and gentle. That's what they become Subhan Allah, this is actually similar to what Allah describes elsewhere in the Quran, you know,

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when he says be unnatural, Bucha ohada When he describes the earth on Judgment Day, and what astrologically are, Allah will call it inside Nomada so to reason, he says the earth will bring out its burdens, and human beings will cry out what's wrong with the Earth, right? The description of the earth that it brings out its burdens on judgment day is describing people are coming out of their graves on Judgment Day, right? The buildings are collapsing on judgment in all the all the things all the secrets, all the evil deeds that happened on top of the earth, that the Earth watch this entire history that were buried inside of it in the form of the souls these human beings that

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are inside, all of them are being spit out on Judgement Day, right? But it's being compared to a mother giving birth. Because a scholar actually for pregnancy burdens, right? So the mother is giving birth. And the thing is the mother is naturally supposed to give birth. It's meant to do that. And it's as if you know, sometimes a mother has a hard time delivering the baby, the baby's just not coming out. And the more it's not coming out, the more the mother is in pain. It's the imagery actually describes the Earth is actually holding itself back from erupting because it is designed to obey Allah and on its surface the human being you and I we keep disobeying Allah and it

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can't tolerate the pain of our disobedience and it wants to erupt. But Allah has held it back. And that's why Oh Ha ha is actually it's not Oh Ha ha ha It's Oh, hi Lucha which is actually Oh Ha ha ha Avena Allah, there's a there's an advantage there. Meaning he revealed to it and he finally gave it permission to do what it's been wanting to do all this time. So from that similar image, the creation of Allah cannot tolerate you know the the disobedience to Allah. But Allah holds them back. The same way when people say that Allah has taken the sun. Allah says the skies are on the verge of ripping open, that the Earth is about to come

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crack open, what unshackle ergo, you know, and the the mountains are on the verge of caving in. Why? Because somebody said Allah has taken a son, you know. So the natural state of these remarkable creations is actually destruction and it is a mercy. It's a Rama of Allah, that he's pulling on those rains. And the winds are normal the way that they are. Now, when you understand that, you know how if you, you know, meteorologists or whatever they, they're on the news, and they're telling you, the wind gust is going to be 40 miles an hour, it's going to be this or that, and you're like, oh, it's going to be pretty strong winds that day, it's just that those rains have been, you know, let

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go just a little bit. Just because when Allah lets them go entirely, you know what happens, tornado happens, you know, wind storms happen, and the kinds of things that happen that we see, especially, you know, we're in a part of the country where tornadoes hit sometimes, right, and we're some places more than others. But even here in Texas, they've hit it quite a few times. And when they land, it doesn't take days for them to do damage it takes they touched down for a few seconds. Right. And by the time they're done, there's nothing left. There's no There's no sign of this was a house, this is just a pile. There's nothing left, you know. And so these winds are very powerful weapons of mass

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destruction. That's actually what they are. And so this is the opening of the surah describing that the winds sometimes have been released. And then they stampede. They don't care what's in their path, and they just recklessly destroy for the Alpha tiasa. Then he says a different the next two are a different oath, when Nasha Latina Shira, and I swear by the distributors, not sure is actually to if you take a bunch of seeds, and you just toss them out like that, and they spread in different directions. This is actually the image of national and national karate national, by the way, nature is a modern Arabic, it's also used for broadcast because radio waves spread in every direction,

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right? So the idea of national art is that he's describing the same wins in a very different way. Those that go out of there, those that go and distribute all over the place. The National only here is now a full Mukluk meaning they distribute and distribute and distribute. Now what in the world is this talking about? He's now highlighting a completely different dimension of the same creative creation, the wind, he's saying that these winds, they distribute clouds, because the clouds are being delivered. If you notice, for example, last night, the clouds were moving pretty fast, right? That was the the winds doing their job of pushing the clouds along. Right. And the same way pollen

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is distributed by the winds. Like if you go to I remember, I have one point I was not I was considering when I was leaving New York, I was considering where to move. And one of the places I was considering moving was North Carolina. And I happened to be there in the spring. And the you know, the pollen count in North Carolina, especially in Raleigh is insane. It's really really high. So what happened was I went to somebody's house and I have allergies to pollen. So I get really my eyes started, you know, bulging out and all of it, I can't breathe properly. I knows get stuff. I come out of the house and all the cars are green. I was like, I pretty sure I didn't rent a green

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car. And look it there's this layer, this thick layer of just pollen, covering the cars in the spring season, you have to remove your finger and it's like, you know, what used to be snow in New York is now pollen in North Carolina that was like okay, in Allahu La La Gerald somewhere else. So, but the idea of pollen is, what is pollen, it is the way, the way, the way by which greenery and plantation vegetation on the earth is produced. The trees you see all around, are actually a product of the pollen. That's the greenery that you see the flowers that you see the wild, you know the weeds that you see the animals on the earth as being fed by way of the pollen, right. And then that

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pollen as it travels the same way that those flowers get fed. Those flowers are now being fed on by the bee. Right? And then the bees producing the honey. So the honey in the world is a result of the pollen distributing. And that pollen would be useless if the clouds didn't get delivered and it didn't rain. So the irrigation system of this planet is just moving along just by one nice shot. So what are you from that brief word? What you're getting, what I'm getting is that life on this earth, one of its main arteries, one of its vital arteries is actually just the wind. So the first couple of ions, the the winds are destruction and death. And then the next is another dimension of the wind

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is that it's essential to life

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Start breeds that we feel is actually keeping this planet alive. It's, it's moving life along. And then that that distribution, though for us it's random, right some places get rain, some places get dried out some places get pollen, some places don't Alhamdulillah as much, or, you know, this is this is the way of the world. But Allah describes file theory Carty for car then they then they separate thoroughly, you know for car again on a full mutlak, they thoroughly separate meaning ALLAH has decided, how many drops of rain will this village get? How much pollen will this place get? How much grass will grow here, what clouds will keep on passing and never rain at all. They distribute

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all manner of risk on this earth and the distribution the budgeting for every place. You know, every every every inch of this earth is is carefully divided. So this is fine 500 cartiva. Now as we contemplate that, then Allah says file, multi Yachty Decra. This is where things get really remarkable. So for Allah was describing natural phenomenon, what winds can do to destroy what winds do to bring about life. Then he says, then these winds, they bring reminder, they bring into contact reminder, they drop reminder is they're not just dropping rain. They're not just dropping pollen. They're not just dropping, you know, clouds on top of areas. They're dropping reminders. So now what

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does that mean for Mulki? It Decra it actually means that just like you and I are sitting in hotbar right now, and we're listening to the Word of Allah and that's a reminder, Allah is actually saying for the person that is that becomes develops their ability to contemplate when they go outside. And when they feel the wind and rain, every time they feel the wind, they just kind of reminder. They just got a hotbar

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you know, all of what Allah just said, it just reminds them and it reminds them of both. Allah has power to give life and Allah has power to give death, just from the fact that they felt a breeze on their face. And this is one of the most incredible features of the Quran. Allah calls his revelations ayat. And Allah calls the creation that he made the wind the mountain, the trees, you know, the sky, he calls them ayat also. But what's the connection between those two? Those are outside in nature. They remind me of these ayat. And these ayat forced me to think about those if I keep going between ayat. So you're we're standing in tarawih. This month, we're listening to the

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ayat of the Quran. But when the time is over, and we're going outside, we're also experiencing the Ayat of Allah. Those are also the Ayat of Allah. And in in designing the system, the human being, the believer, is constantly exposed to the Ayat of Allah. There's never a moment that they're not around the Ayat of Allah, you know, and the purpose of the Ayat of Allah is to guide the human being. So guidance is coming to me, in every possible way, like just just contemplate that for a moment. What Allah azza wa jal for example, says was Sama, Arafa, Alchemy ZAN. He said he, he, you know, he made the sky, this lofty, high, you know, canopy over us, and he put a balance in it. Now

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we know the balance of the sky, we know that the sun is at a perfect distance from the earth, for the solar system to exist. And for us to be able to, you know, sustain the atmosphere that we do, and its gravitational pull, not sucking us into that ball of flames, right, the Moon is at the perfect distance from the earth. And this, this, this rotation that's happening, all of it's balanced, there's this perfect balance and so balanced and so timely, that our entire calendar is based on it that you know, usually on the, to manage your time you have two devices, you have a calendar and you have a clock, right? The sun is our is a kind of our clock for the Muslim, you

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could tell from the position of the sun, what time to pray, that's your clock. And then the moon is your calendar, the moon tells you what month is what days is, you know, so from both of those, we have the entire system of managing all of our time. That's how balanced Allah made the world around us the sky is a form of art as a source of our balance. And Allah says why did that give you that to think about Allah trophy design, so you don't mess around with the balance.

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In other words, when you're running a grocery store, and you're about to cheat your customer because they you know, you have those weighing scales, and you put one kilo here one pound here, and you've got rice on the other side, but this one kilo is actually point eight kilo, but it says one kilo, you know, and so you get your customer thinks they got one kilo out of it or one pound out of it, but you just cheated them. Well Allah is saying the next time you're about to cheat, just look up at the sky, and that should be enough for you to say I shouldn't mess with the balance.

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Right, the sky became a hot bar, the wind became a hot button, it became a sermon. And so he says he brings the winds, he drops them as a reminder to you and me, or others run out notre. And then he says, why did he give this reminder to you and me as a way to be enough as an excuse or other? You know what that means? That means on judgment day when a human being comes in front of Allah and says, I didn't know anything about your revelations, I didn't know I had to be grateful. I didn't know you're gonna bring me back to life. And Allah says, No, you there's no excuse. You experienced the wind.

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That's enough, the wind was enough of a reminder that life comes out of the dead. If you had how you just contemplated the winds were enough to know that someone's controlling this.

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That was enough for us run. And when notre and it's enough as a warning, it serves as a warning. So you know, you could have a hook but about the terrors of Judgment Day. Or you could just contemplate the wind.

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You could just do that. And that's enough as a warning. Allah is creating a thinker out of us. He's making us someone who's forced to contemplate you can I cannot be you cannot be people of the Quran. And we're not contemplating the world around us, you know, but this wasn't the topic. Remember, I told you there's evidence and then there's the point. Now the point is about to come. And these ayat were given at a time, when the people that were the audience of the Prophet salallahu alayhi, Salam were at the height of their rejection of the Prophet, they were at the height of rejecting, they absolutely hated the message of the Quran. They didn't want to hear it. And every time he opened his

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mouth, they just call it a lie. They'd insult him to humiliate, they'd go after the believers. This was the state of affairs in Makkah, when these Ayat came down, and one of the things these people were saying, for example, to Allah's Messenger is you keep talking it's been years you keep talking about judgment day and it's coming in the home ya know who but it's around the corner they you know, they you know, we Allah keep saying that it's coming It's coming It's coming and Allah says they see it as something far away it's been years I haven't seen any judgment day or you keep saying oh god was destroyed for mood was destroyed for almost destroyed we seem to be doing pretty good I don't

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see the problem you know what if this is so serious Why don't you just destroy us? Well it habit just you know what no more of your no more of your servants. Just you know what army? Well, what are you going to bring?

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This bring it already? Is that it Luna Kabila adda, they rush you to bring about the punishment more over and over again in the Quran. Okay, how am I going to be hit a strategy load? This is on judgment to heal. So these are the things you were really asking to rush. You really wanted to get this to happen quickly. Now what's happening? How does it feel? Elisa will help Oh, this is real enough for you. Now, Allah will ask that question on Judgement Day to these people. And Lisa will have Is it real? It's not it's not serious. Bla bla bla, then they say of course, we swear by Rob. Okay. But now, when they ask this question of you and what RBU who even follows you look at the

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people who follow you, there are some slaves, there are some, you know, the lowest of our classes, you know, the foreigners, they follow you. And whoever was influential unfollowed you lost all of their influence. So like what, who, who you're not even worthy of being followed, like Allah compared to the previous nations or lidoda The only people who follow you are the riffraff the, the insignificant people of our society, the educated, smart, sophisticated, you know, millionaire type, they don't follow you. They're too smart to follow you all these people that are easy to fool. They follow you. That was their argument. And Allah answers in the Surah. In the beginning, he answers in

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a really powerful way. He doesn't have to bring you to your knees by sending some army of angels or by you know, you know, sending fire from the sky are cracking the earth open. He did this doesn't have to be some cataclysmic event. All he has to do is let go of the reins. That's all he's got to do. All he has to do is tell the winds to stop moving, stop distributing.

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That's all he has to do. And even the fruits that you import into maca will stop. It will dry up all of it will stop. So he's actually telling them that you know Amaya Allah would you know the Rebecca Illa Hua nobody knows the armies of Europe except him. No one knows that nobody recognizes them except he. And under this this notion I gave this example at Fudger. I'll repeat it for you guys.

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The way that you know you can understand human rebellion

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Like we become defiant against Allah, and we become defiant. You know why? Because we have food on the table.

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Because we still have Allah keeps giving us it is, and it actually makes us define it.

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You know, there's a example of a dog, a dog that bites its own owner. Right? It's wild, it's rabid. Every time the owner comes out, it jumps out and tries to attack it. So what the what the owner does is he ties the dog up to a pole outside in the sun and leaves it there.

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It is going to be a cruel owner now. He doesn't give it water doesn't give it food. So when the owner comes out, the dog rushes out him but now it's getting pulled yanked by the leash, it can't attack the owner. Few hours go by 10 hours go by 20 hours, a day goes by a day and a half goes by, this dog has baking in the sun. It hasn't had water, it hasn't had food. Eventually as the dog starts dehydrating start starving, its paws start stretching out, its its faces stuck to the ground, its tongue is sticking out of its mouth, right. And when the owner comes out, it's not jumping at it. It's not biting anymore. And the owner takes like a little, little few droplets of water puts it

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puts it in the palm of his hand. And he brings it close to the dog and the dog no longer bites.

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The dog humbly licks the water all of its rebellion is gone. Do you understand the point that I'm making? Like, we can act rebellious. But that's because we have water in our system, because the winds are blowing freely. Because the national is still happening. And we can act up. Allah can humble us in many ways he can humble us by His Word. Right? And he can humble us. There's other ways he's humbling us by these ayat. But he has ways of humbling humanity with those IR two, right? Which is easier, which think about that which is easier for me to find guidance because he can guide me by by unleashing the winds, but he would rather do this. So what does he say when he talks about

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previous nations being destroyed by those Ayat over and over again? He inter placed each destruction in certain comorbid Welaka Yes sir. nellcor Annalee Baker has been with one or the external Quran Allah degree for Holloman. Welcome Acharya solo Quran Allah decree. But when we made the Quran easy for remembrance, this is the easy way to remember. Because I could teach the hard way to there's other ways to learn to, you know, teachers. I know this happened. I don't know, I hope it doesn't happen in Pakistan anymore. But when I was in Pakistan, this certainly happened. If you're in a classroom, and you don't understand something, right? And the teacher says, do you understand? You

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said no. No teacher gives you what are the back of your head is you understand now? You will? Yes, I understand. Makes total sense. Now I didn't. Why did you explain it this way before?

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Two ways to teach? Yeah.

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There's all these all these courses and certifications and teaching methodology just visit Boxtop get totally Xpress teaching methodology.

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But that abuse of children Jokes aside, you know, because it's not a joking matter. But the point of it is something else. There's punitive ways of disciplining somebody. There's punitive ways of punishing ways of disciplining somebody. And there's two ways of punishment. One way is actual punishment, like the beginning of the ayat, well, most of that your Orpha philosopher thus far, the other way of punishment is actually deprivation, to not distribute the risk, like you know, your kids, they, if they become rebellious, one way you can punish them and say, you know, I'm going to, you know, you know, make you do extra homework or make you clean up or some kind of chore task,

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punishment. Or you can say, give me your phone.

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Okay, no more internet for you. You're not going to your friend's house. That's it. You know, that's deprivation. And nowadays that deprivation is worse than death. Right? Forget the wins, we just went the iPhone.

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That's that is that we're dying for. But this is the lesson that Allah azza wa jal has taught us in the opening of the sutras, a powerful reminder is enough for us to be set straight. And it's enough for Allah to use that as enough justification that we received a reminder, this is the the Why don't you know as we as we leave the month of the Quran, I wanted to take the time to remind myself in you, that as we're leaving this environment of the Ayat of Allah, don't think that you're leaving the Ayat of Allah behind, they're always around you. And they're always going to be around you and they're always going to be around you and me. We just have to open our eyes to them. You know, the

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home Kulu and I have Kahuna via van is Marina Bay.

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How long are you gonna be here? They have i They have eyes, they don't see with them. They have ears, they don't hear with them. They have hearts. They don't contemplate with them. They don't understand with them. You know, would that stop? That's not us. Allah has given us these things so we can see the spiritual reality that is constantly around us. May Allah azza wa jal truly open our eyes, our hearts, our ears, to that reality and really truly connect us to the Ayat of Allah that are in his book and the Ayat of Allah that are all around us. BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran is keen on a funny way er can read it was lucky.

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hamdulillah Lillahi wa salatu salam ala by the Latino sufferer who Sinhala of Allah Mohammed Ibrahim Mohamed El Amin while early he was so happy here Jemaine but Allah azza wa jal figured that we will carry him rather an Akula arugula him ministry econo regime in Allahu la mala Ikeda who use Aluna Allen Libya you already know him and also Allah He was leaving to steam Allahumma Salli ala Mohamed Anwar Ali Mohamed Salah Selita Allah Rahim vida de Bourgh haemophilia Alameen in hematoma gene Allahumma barik, ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kuma Baraka, Allah Rahim. While earlier Rahim Allah I mean in the middle Majeed everybody Allah, Allah, Allah in Allah will will add the variation where

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it is waiter is CORBA when Alice fashion you will want political Allahu Akbar Allahu wa level Michael Stone of Minnesota in the Salah tackle me Nina Kitab Nakata

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