Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan With The Quran – Day 11

Nouman Ali Khan
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When we acetylcholine usara.

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And we're going to make sure we we will facilitate your path for you and your silica we will facilitate for you. Because of the ultimate ease. It's a difficult translation but I have to take this piece by piece. First of all, the prophet is being told some a lot more either he was alone, the idea of faceid Allah will make things easy for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he will make reading recitation and memorization of Quran easy for him, he will make his mission easy for him. He'll facilitate the strength he needs to withstand what's coming before him. The irony of this word is important to capture a Koran should not be studied without being conscious of sila. As the Syrah

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progresses, things don't get easier, things get harder, things actually get harder. And a lot of promise in this is as things are going to progress in the Prophet's life, I will make sure things get easier. Now, I'll give you a silly analogy to help you understand this point, you know, when somebody just first starts going to the gym, or working out or something, and they're trying to lift just a barbell, the 45 pound bar, and

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that's hard. But as they start working out a little, a little more, a little more, a little more, the weights are increasing, but the work itself is getting one, it's actually getting easier. The The task is actually getting heavier, but one's ability has been endowed so much, that the heavier task is now actually easier. And so what Allah is telling his messenger, Allah Sato Salamis, he's going to give you strength on top of strength on top of strength. And though the challenges are going to rise, your ability to meet those challenges is also going to rise. He's going to make this easier for you, not the situation will become easy. Because we know if you study the seal of the

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situation didn't become easy. And this, this idea is so powerful for all of us. A lot does not make your situation easy. A lot makes us strong enough that you can handle it easily. A little two different things. A lot won't get rid of the earthquake or the storm or the heat, he'll just give you the strength to deal with it. You understand? That's why our doors are things like a free Elena sovereign with a bit of stamina, when sadhana these these doors that we make to Allah about firming our hearts, firming our feed, giving us patience, giving us strength, owes me endow me empower me. All these prayers are for what not to change your reality. Not to change your circumstance but

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actually and and if you are going to get me out of this place, get get get me out of this mess. Don't be us, regionally. Maharajah silicon, get me out of here in a in a in a right way in a truthful way. You know, but more importantly, which I Lee melaleuca sotavento. Sierra, give me a clear eating power ability to deal with this. That's what we asked a lot. This is new yasutaka we're going to make things easy for you is actually suggesting we're going to empower you. We're going to make you stronger and stronger and stronger as the tidal waves get get heavier and heavier. Now, Leo, this is the this is the to word to phrase Ayah but it's so heavy. Lil Yusra is for the sake

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lamb and agile for the sake of the ultimate ease of use, what is the superlative form of ease the easiest, okay? And in the Arabic language, you can say the word easiest in two ways. You can say a sub, and you can say oh, you saw the fact the masculine form is an ASR. And the feminine form is I'll use I like Akbar and El Cobra and an accent and a listener like that, right? So, a ser and a Yusra. Now here he uses little use for the feminine form, which you know, it's an adjective, the easiest, but the question arises the easiest What? That's the first thing what is the easiest referring to a lead and say, he'll, he'll lead you to the easiest mission or the easiest law or the

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easiest, whatever. So the fuqaha or the office Iran even started kind of extrapolating what could the easiest mean in some sense to shady are the law of Allah, like he'll, he'll ease you to the easiest possible law. I would argue here, a couple of things, I would argue first and foremost, Allah will lead you to what is the easiest for all of humanity, all the roads, human beings are going to choose after your coming will lead to some kind of hardship on themselves and the easiest road for themselves in this life and the next is the one that I'm giving you. So you're gonna have to go through struggles, so humanity has the ultimate ease. So they have ease that's little Yusra,

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like you know, Allah says you need to LA Hobi como yo, sir Willa, you need to become a nurse, right? Like once ease for you. He doesn't want difficulty for you. And here he's telling the Prophet, he is going to make this easy for you. So that for the purpose of the ultimate ease, not just for you, but for everybody. Then the word you saw the feminine form, which has been used can be used for plural things. It's not just used for singular, meaning ease in all matters. I would even argue he agreed the greatest ease of all the all the facilitations Allah gave in previous

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scriptures of them, the easiest of All scripture is going to be this one. You know, like Koran will describe some of the legalities of previous scripture and say, Well, your own home is a home Well, Atilla tea can lay him down a level removed from them their burdens and the fetters and chains that used to be on them. Like the law was really heavy on them. And they made it even harder for themselves. For iron came to make things the easiest for humanity. You know, this is this is again, one of those things that's counterintuitive. You think of religion as harsh, barbaric. Sharia law is really scary, but we want freedom for our society. You know, that's the that's the narrative today's

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in it, that we want to live in easy life. And this is a pretty harsh, hard, tough way of living. That's First of all, because we don't understand what God is or what even is. But at the heart of it, it's actually making things lighter and easier and actually the easiest they can possibly be for people. You need the law holy aloha FIFA ankle, well, Haleakala insano Baraka, Allah wants to lighten your burden from you. He wants to remove burdens from you and human beings were made weak. This is the you know, and so and the last thing I want to share with you, I personally don't subscribe to the notion that this ayah primarily refers to the laws of Islam because this is an

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early revelation very clearly. And in the early revelations, there's not much in the way of law. Okay, so there's not there's there's no, you know, regulations about Zakat yet, there's fasting hasn't been given yet, or you know, inheritance law hasn't come yet. So it's not referring really to the legalities. The question really, the one has to ask when you're studying for honors, what are the Muslims struggling with? It's a really hard question. I have brought this up several times to you guys, but I'll briefly bring it up again. What does it mean that you're a dedicated Muslim in the first 10 years of the sila? What does that mean? Does that mean you have a beard? Are you ring a

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hijab, or you don't drink alcohol? Or you you know, you go you commit yourself to Hajj or five prayers or whatever. It's actually none of these things are there yet. None of these things. By the way, everybody had a beard. And everybody had, you know, Arab clothes, and turbans and stuff. So that didn't distinguish the Muslims from the non Muslims. The women didn't have to even have the regulation for covering the hair. Or, you know, Jill Barbara came out that wasn't there yet. That came after Medina. The laws for not drinking alcohol weren't revealed yet. That wasn't there yet. So how are you telling a Muslim apart and by the way, the best Muslims Asakura Sabu. They're the best

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of the best of the best. What makes them the best of the best? They are actually the thing that's making them stick out from the rest of society is not the rituals that they follow.

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The rituals that they followed came when they became an organized community in Medina. What makes them different right now is their call for justice. Practically speaking, there, they're not just their faith in one God, but because they believe in one God, they believe everybody has been created equally. And because everybody's been created equally, nobody should be treated unfairly. Not the elder, not the younger, not the slave, not the free, not the black to white, and they're praying and wonder when they pray. They're actually symbolizing this notion when they stand before a law that they're all completely equal. Money doesn't matter, status doesn't matter, tribe doesn't matter.

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None of that stuff matters. And all this stuff used to matter. And that would determine how you should be treated in society. What kind of, you know, share, you get in life, and they're shaking that up. They're saying no, this is not what a lion 10s a lion 10s and ease for all human beings. Find one use your circle user that has to be kept in mind when you think of these ions are facilitating for you for the ultimate ease and relief for all of humanity. I really enjoy you sir. This similarly the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam says in this beautiful Hadith Mahi rabina brainy illustre ii saraha in nama barista masa de la Mora sitting, the prophet SAW, said about him that he

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would if there would be a choice between two things he choose the easier one. And he addressed the online said you were sent to make things easy not to make things hard. Like you were appointed, to make things easy and not to make things harder. That's actually a principle of Islam. Like our job is to actually bring ease into people's life.

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In this talk, Ustadh Nouman explains Ayah 8 of Surah Al-A’la. Here Allah promises Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to make things easy for him and give him the power to withstand the difficulties ahead. The beauty of this ayah stems from the context in which it was revealed in the early years of the da’wa. When Muslims were being persecuted harshly by Quraish, the ayah was a premonition of pending relief. The universal message Allah is sending us, is that we will continue to face difficulties in life but that through our imaan, He will give us the ability to deal with them.

2017-06-06 – Ramadan 2017

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