Nouman Ali Khan – Fatherly Advice

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan provides an elaborate explanation of what happens when a person truly establishes prayer in his life. The prayer should be seen as a seed and without it, we will not attain the end which is much more profound.

In Surah Al Luqman where the father is advising his son and is so important that it became The advice to be given till the Day of Judgement. What does he advise? He says to his son to establish prayer and once it is accomplished, one should advise others to do the right thing.

Praise and gratitude have to be the focus of our mindset and pour actions when we think of Allah and prayer is the best way to go about doing that. This should be the first step that one needs to take when he seeks to establish a firm, steady and rock-solid relationship with Allah that has been laid on the foundation of unwavering Iman and Taqwa.