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AI: Summary © The difficulty of resolving anxiety and emotional stress during difficult situations can lead to mental health issues, and the solution is to focus on the mother of the child, who is in danger. The transcript uses similarities in the Quran and emphasizes the importance of faith in Islam. The speaker also discusses the history of events leading to liberation and the importance of trusting Allah. Finally, they touch on the odds of being stacked against the Prophet and how he has given them a remedy.
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So I want a complaint with regard to this one 100 100 LoBiondo, meanwhile, saw there was someone that was sort of Mohammed. While early, he was so happy, here's mine, I'm about. So hello, I'm in life. Many of us we go through difficulties and challenges. And at times, we just feel like we cannot get a break. Sometimes I one time problem after problem after problem. And sometimes these problems, they are able you're able to solve these problems. And sometimes these problems they linger for a long time. And at this point, a person goes through something which is called emotional anxiety. What's going to happen in the future is do I have to live through this health issue? Will

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my family have lived through this health issue? Is this my financial status? Is this what I'm going to be going through all my life? And what happens is that this anxiety, it devours a person, so much so that then a person is, you know, he's afflicted, or she's afflicted with depression, and then there's stress, and then you know, there's just a list of issues that then they have to deal with from a mental health perspective. The question is that, what is the solution to all this? So the Haisla we find in the Quran, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was going through a very similar situation. See the reason why we are told to read the Quran. The reason why we were told to

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connect with the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam, is because Allah knows our situation. Allah knows what we may go through. And Allah has given us these stories. So we can find console in these kinds of stories also, we can find a relief in these kinds of stories and SubhanAllah. Why did Allah mentioned all these stories in the Quran is to bring relief to the province of Salaam, it is not only to the prophet, but is to bring relief to ourselves, that if the man who is the most closest to Allah subhanho wa taala. If he went through all these challenges in life than you and I, we are nothing compared to the Prophet SAW Selim. We will most certainly go through these challenges. But

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we find relief in these stories. Now. There is a surah in the 20 of jewels known as total passes, and SubhanAllah. This story begins with the story of Musa alayhis salam. And by the way, there is not only one surah in the Quran, the beginning to end talks about Musa Islam if you want to study by the way you want to study about the life of Musa Islam, you must begin with certain passages, they start with the 20 images. And then after that, you go to surah Taha, you go to sua Taha, and then from Soto how you got to su Shuara because Surah passes talks about from the beginning of Musa you sum all the way to the time when he was in Medina and after that the fact that he received where he

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and he's told to go to fit our own, that all is mentioned, where in surah Taha and then his interaction his you know, back and forth with Fernando and all that is takes place and his deliberation and him saving, but he saw in all that is mentioned and so the show Ira now, in Surah, poseurs Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the mother of Musa alayhis, salam, Allah subhanho wa taala. He mentioned, the thing about this woman and all this, all the odds are stacked up against her. First of all, she has a child, but she realizes that the life of her child is in danger. And so the Haisla Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to show us he's teaching us a very powerful lesson here,

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that the odds are not just simple odds, we're talking about a child's life. You know, for a parent, one of the most difficult things to endure is to watch your own child to you know, watching your own child suffer in life is one of the most painful experiences for any parent. Now, think about the mother. On top of that. This is the one who has gone through, you know, the whole pregnancy process and everything and delivering the child and so forth. And now she sees that her child's life is in danger and Subhanallah we find it the fasciae that fit our own said wouldn't fit on was killing all these children, his own ministers, they came to him and they said that if you keep on killing all

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these children, these are the Israelites who is going to be your slaves who's going to be our slaves. So he says, You know what, this is interesting. You're right, so in one year, we're gonna kill the children and one year we're gonna save them. Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to show his true power. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Dustin that the year that you are to be killed, thus the year Musa Allah you son was going to be born now ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, whoa, hey now you know me Musa and out of the array that you know provide food suckled a child for either 50 or lay, he felt lucky he feel yummy, while at a half he Wallah has any now first of all, is that Allah subhanho

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wa Taala sees that this woman she's going through immense amount of pressure, a lot of anxiety, what's gonna happen to my child what's to happen to my child, either she can take care of the child, and the soldiers of fit own are going to come and they're going to take the child away and kill the child or Allah Subhanallah saying, put the child in a basket and put it in water now

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You think about it even today, what a mother put her child, even in a bathtub filled with a little water? Absolutely not. Why? Because of the protection of the child here the mother Musa has been told, put him in a basket, put him in the water, and we have no idea where this water is going. And by the way, we do know this much that the water was passing by this river was passing by the palace of fish on the one person that she's trying to protect the child from Allah saying, put your child in that basket and is going to flow by that place, but don't worry about it. Just don't worry about it. You have to have faith and this is why Subhan Allah in the beginning of this surah very

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beautifully Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Shall I tell you a story NetFlow Aleykum and never II Musa or feta ona Bill happy Coleman you may known. You know, this idea has been mentioned very there are many other similarities of this ayah in the Quran, where Allah says yeah, Allah moon, so you know, here in the sutra, Allah Subhana Allah says, You Me known you believe because when you and I when we go through emotional distress, Allah subhanaw taala saying that just put your iman and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala that's all I'm asking you to do. And you know what Iman is? Iman is that we don't question Allah system. We only believe in Allah system. What is a system Allah? How long will Allah take to

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take care of it? How you know what is his methods? That's not where you and I will we are to be worried about when you believe in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah takes care. Allah says, Believe in me, put the child in the water. And then he says, Let the hoffy one Tassone Do not be fearful of the future and or what's going to happen to the child. And then once you put your child into the basket and it's gone, do not have any regrets. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala also says later on in these if he says, What else behalf of me Musa Fadi Hall, that the heart of the mother of Musa alayhis salam became empty when she when she put her child and the child has gone is

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as if she has lost something inside. Lola a robot. incur that little booty Bihi Quran says that it was very close, that she was about to expose and make an announcement that that child is mine. She was she's watching her child go away. She kind of ran behind and say that's my child. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says that at that time, we gave her strength in her heart, Lola or Roboto. Now Allah called beha, Lita, Konami and what we need, so this is why the story is mentioned. So that to give us some relief to that when you and I, when we're going through difficulties in life, think about the mother and putting her child, I'm sure that the challenges that you and I were going

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through is not as severe as putting like the mother Musa is on putting the child in the water and then watching this going away. So this is why Allah subhanaw is telling us number one, the very first thing we must do is we must put our belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala have a husband of one with Allah subhanho wa Taala have a good perception about Allah subhanho wa taala. When you and I when we go through challenging challenges in life, the very first thing is that we have a negative perception about Allah, how cool is Allah? Why is Allah doing this to me? Why Why Allah is this Allah is that where's the love of Allah subhanho wa taala. On the flip side, if we have a first one

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with Allah, that perhaps Allah is making me go through this because there's a bigger plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala than in sha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala he's telling us, first of all, you bring your iman, you believe in Allah, and you believe in Allah, and then let the hoffy Willa, Dasani. Do not be worried about the future, I will take care of your future. Don't worry about the past. The past is the past and I will make sure that you know we have regrets usually about the past. I will eliminate those regrets. Now. One, two more things that's very interesting about the surah. The question is, Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the surah to begin with, what's

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the point of sort of passes? Allah subhanho wa Taala is bringing relief to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam see the Prophet it is somebody is watching in Mecca, what's going on? He's watching what is going on. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he is telling us that the principle of Allah is that when he wants to remove a tyrannical power from its place, it takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. A person is sitting on the seat next day they're gone. It does not happen like that. Can Allah do it? Absolutely. But Allah subhanaw taala he tells us the entire story of Musa and further on why to teach us a lesson to teach the Prophet alayhi salam that when you see the Quraysh

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controlling the affairs of Makkah, you think when is though he's going to come back to Mecca 360 Idols around the Kaaba and so forth. Allah is telling the providing As Salam we will bring back monotheism we will bring back to hate to Makkah but look at the story of Musa just like a took events after events to read

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Move them around. Likewise, a might take some events to remove the Quraysh and to bring back to hate and this is what we see the CEDAW there was the seat you know the seat the muck and cedar is filled with events. And then you have the hijra, and then battles after battles, all that led to what the liberation of Makkah, all that led to the fact Hammacher. This is why this to the surah was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and not only that, but we talked about Musa as mother does, all the odds were stacked against her. Likewise, the odds were stacked against us. Allah said I'm think about it. The Prophet SAW Allah who it was setting him when he saw his Sahaba go to

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Abyssinia and he and a handful of people the Muslims were already weakened MCCA there already are weakened Makkah. Allah is bringing relief to the Prophet SAW Salem, the look at the story of Musa alayhis salam, it should bring you some relief. Yes, the Sahaba left to Abyssinia the Prophet alayhi salam is left all by himself. We know that after three years, three years of boycott, three years of economical boycott all that the property is something you went through. On top of that, the the story of thought if and then the story and then the the death of Abu Talib and the death of hottie Wu Allahu Allah, this, the odds were stacked against Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So

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remember in life, just like today, we may have all stacked, stacked up against us. There were times in the life of the prophet that the odds were stacked up against him. Just like we find in the case of the mother Musa that the odds were stacked up against her too. We're not the only ones going through this but Allah has given us the remedy. Number one is, put your trust in Allah. believe in Allah believe in Allah, put your email in Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah has a plan, have some hustle along with Allah subhanho wa Taala and this inshallah will bring relief in the sense that Allah will take care of the future Allah will eliminate our fear of the future and we will not have

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any regrets of the past I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring peace to our hearts I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to remove our distresses our difficulties and may Allah subhanho wa Taala make all of our affairs easy for us. I mean, lowball me is that going to locate assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh in

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Luna Island

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water he wants to label this nema.

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In Medina you know, Allah wants to

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know more hola hola. Dunya or laughing or auntie

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mother? Molina? What Lavina you do? Meanie No. Mina TV a while at MCC decibel found on Google data

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