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Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the concept of hesitation and the importance of human being in society. It highlights the relationship between the beginning of swords and the end of the concept of hesitation, and provides advice on how to handle them. The transcript discusses the use of animals in media and the potential for their use as bait. The speakers also touch on the concept of "has been in the heart" meaning to the person and how it can be used to influence others. The segment provides insight into the use of animals in media and the potential negative consequences of doing so.
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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early wa sallam, we stopped we completed the A yet from SoTL zela familia a man with color the rotten Hira euro woman here a man with color the rotten Shara euro. Whoever does an atom's wait of goodness will see it on the day. Whoever doesn't add to his weight of evil will visualize it on that day. We find that this conclusion of the carrying out of actions or these actions being visualized on the day the same theme continues. insights today sort of sort of the idea whereby I'm shocked at Rand McNally. So I have wardwell via and he mentions,

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that sort of the idea begins by speaking about the hastening or the speeding of actions will rdrp Bob Halford Moriarty called her fall Moo hoo hoo, he wrote he sued her for a sudden Abbey nakara for sadhana NaVi gem, all these usage of words inside the surah these five offs in the beginning of salt and add yet all speaking about speed and hastiness. So he highlights that the people will do good deeds, there should be hasting in rushing towards doing good deeds, is the Allah coddling that he begins to highlight the relationship between the beginning of swords and the idea the end of Soto's zela and the theme of hastening of doing good deeds is found inside the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah

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wants the believers to hasten and rush to do to do good deeds was rewrote a lot ala mock ferati murabbi calm race, compete with one another rushed in doing good deeds in gaining the forgiveness of your Lord of Allah Subhana Allah whose width is like the heavens and the earth and other places are the Quran was a bit O Allah MK Farah Timmy Rubicon was a vehicle no on mineral moussaka of racing of challenging of competing with one another, towards a sharp towards evil or towards a hierarchy. Challenging racing, competing one another to do good deeds. Likewise, inside the Quran, Allah mentioned for cervical highrock race with another in doing good deeds. So the end of the surah

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concludes about doing good deeds. And this surah begins by highlighting hastening in rushing towards doing good deeds. And the Quran mentions is called erasing and challenging one another, even hotter inside so the use of that we find when they mentioned we're going to leave about the use of behind Nestor Beco, we're going to leave we left us behind and we began to Mr. Bickle, we began to unmask a Rahim army beside him, Allah began to challenge one another way of throwing arrows and spears, or physical racing with one another. And we left use of La cillum behind, but we want to highlight here is the rushing, of doing good deeds is the way of the believer. And likewise, unfortunately, the

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opposite, that you would expect people to not hasten in doing bad deeds. But as Allah mentioned, that he does bad deeds we visualize on that day. And we can see how as a lockdown begins to ease how people begin to rush towards Almon karate. Alpha has towards evil. So just like Muslims rush towards good deeds or we should be rushing towards good deeds, we find x, the opposite people be rushing towards evil, even essence, us no shucks tabia to chef chef shucks, your guru in a PA, in a hide the essence of a human being should be goodness, should be going towards goodness. But we find when the fitrah of the human being Phaedra to Allah, father and NASA Allah, when the fitrah natural

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disposition a human being has been changed. They've changed themselves some, rather than being an essence of k-rod, it becomes an essence of shadow for them that you find that when you speak to them about shadow about evil, they don't see it as evil. They see it as a part of their life. They see is a part of the structure that is mancora these haram things that they do, it becomes a pedigree of their life. And the sad thing is that for some of us most stems from Tallinn, they are few but they begin to think that mancora evil a shark it should be the common form. We find inside a society we find unfortunately, come in a Shabaab, how many young people live a life of Monkey rock was shut

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down, they come towards a higher What are still in San Bhushan come up corner the essence of the Muslim is very rarity. To go towards evil. It's very rare, very nerdy, but in this be at the society that we live in. Most people they come towards a path of evil, they indulge in haram then they find a path of guidance. Wow the head Allah higher. But the point being here is one that the beat or the the influence of society around around, it mixes things up. It makes it normal for person to do harm. It's as if a person follows a path of goodness

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They people see as a concern of blame, that there's something wrong with this individual person may You mean this and go towards alpha Ah, they find it as a form of a blame that this person Why isn't this person coming towards this person doesn't attribute themselves or indoctrinate themselves or provide even tacit approval towards homosexuality had the I born. This is something wrong with this person, that this person doesn't show some form of tacit approval towards Manuel Moncure. A Hindu Allah Lu to me are yet to come in normal now Sonia takaharu These are words inside the Quran. This is a new today, get rid of the pure people from your society. In non owner Sunita Harun, they want

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to be purified, they want to be dignified, they want to lead people towards matrimonial relationships towards goodness, towards the good life, but love but get rid of these people. These are people are obstacles inside our society. So this will happen such society becomes tainted, I'll hide become shower, washer becomes higher in such society. And it's just even the tacit approval for us average Muslims, to just remain silent that these actions have sharp become actions of higher inside society. We should be hastening in doing towards acts of goodness, and cooling towards that which is goodness, likewise society surah that we find that Allah Subhana Allah just like Allah for

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the ends the surah but speaking about whoever does a good deed or bad deed will be visualized. We'll see it on that date. And under sort of idea, interrupt on Vimeo, my ad Lucha beer, just like a light aware of your good deeds and your bad deeds, the minute good deeds, the minute bad deeds, like at the end of the surah. Indeed, your Lord is Habib is all knowing of your actions. There's nothing to boast or Marvel about your actions, about your life, about what you do what you achieve. colusa tofi mean Allah. This is the Adolphe from Allah. Whoever thinks that they've succeeded via their own actions, or their own selves, that person is a straight is lost. Even a judgment that you find a

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property Some will say will highlight. If Allah does not enshrouded with his mercy, I will not be forgiven.

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What the anti rasulillah even you your message of Allah solos or even your service and yes, even myself, it's the mercy of Allah, these actions that we do upon this dunya is just the effort that Allah wants to see how much do we try,

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we shouldn't hold fast that these actions will get me to paradise. There's a small element of that exists inside doing these actions, that a person can intercede via these actions. But the real deeper meaning of these actions is that this is from Allah Subhana granting them the individual ability to do these actions and to show gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah, so Allah is aware of our actions yamanouchi Allah can Assalamu nsos the Bedouin Arabs, they began to proclaim began to blog boast that we are doing a great favor. We've entered in Islam as is known as our mobile food that 1000s of people enter the stumps are these bedded Arabs they thought were doing a great favor to

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Islam. To the Prophet Allah is not to surrender we enter into Islam, this will strengthen Islam this will strengthen the message. Now there's no Quran says don't think that letter mu Allah is the Malcolm Bally low yamu Allah caminhada chameleon in many in quantum Sadiq in don't think he's done a great favor. But rather Allah Subhana doesn't favor upon you, he guided you to Islam is the favor from Allah Alhamdulillah unless he had an early Heather warmer canal in a teddy Alola and had an Allah Praise be to Allah Subhana Allah guide us to this. If you're not guided us, we would have been astray individuals, and then read the rest of the CEO of these if it's not sorted on or off. The

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discussion takes place between people of gender and people of nerve.

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The Quran is dynamic and unique and we're certain is placed inside the Quran that a discussion begins to take place about who are people of Jannah and who are people of the Hellfire? What is the rank of those people who did believe Alhamdulillah Allah he hadn't really heard that those who are rightly guided individuals. Who are these individuals? What's the reward to these individuals? And what will be the end result of those individuals who don't even follow the guidance? When even when they ask, sent down to some trinket some droplets of water? What is Allah say? What is the cooler say that Allah has made it how long I'll carefully read how ROM even droplets of water will not be

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given to those individuals and those who disbelieve Lariat Hoon, layer coluna Jenna had the illegal German roofie some milk out. They will never enter into those who disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala will never ever enter into gender until the camel does and go through the eye of the needle.

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Had the Mr. Hale

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is impossible that they can Vulcan can travel through the eye of the needle, meaning a lead in a metal puffer wound Cofer liat whole agenda. Those who die upon disbelief or disbelieving individuals they will never ever enter into paradise. And the actions have proven testimony to towards that, that Allah Subhana Allah was known as an STD Raji leave these individuals to carry on doing more monka monka televisi becomes an evidence against the enter into the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah wa harati Urdu as kanaha Allah Ninja Turtles, Xena, Allah, Allah brings out its burden MCU teacher intercede mentions a scholar a scholar vimana Mota brings out its dead individuals, it will

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spit him out. And likewise inside this Surah Surah Al idea. FLIR alemu either thira marfil coborn The inside is Surah Allah is kind of a bring out bring it does not alone know what exists inside the graves and brings the dead out of the graves resurrects them again the Quran aqeedah to burfield Quran montage era, the concept of Quran if you study the Quran in accord in belief, you find a long, long depiction of the concept of birth we're not sure about resurrection, about coming being brought forth in front of Allah subhanaw taala had resorted back or if it comes to Ansel, you find some five Ansel inside suitor Baccarat, just alone, speak about a concept of resurrection or being brought

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forth in front of Allah Subhana Allah, you traverse to the Quran Surah Al Hajj, when he speaks about the creation of the human being begins to speak about that what not sure. So to me noon, the following surah the 23rd surah speaks about Albert what no Sure, televisual content speaks about these individuals. zamyla Dena cafaro Allah you call Bella warabi lead to barsana formula tuna bounderby mammal to mazanec Allah Allah He your seer, German Medina tofu Allah you bamboo disbelieving individual say we're never going to be resurrected. Why do we highlight this? Because even inside our own society, you find that some Muslims that they think there's going to be no

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resurrection. There's no he said, Well Jessa there's no coming forth in front of Allah Subhana Donna you know the Quran isn't speaking about non Muslims.

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The Quran is speak it as Muslims as well the many actions that we do and we believe in you find a replica, you find a blueprint you find an image that what the Quran speaks about non Muslims it exists exists amongst ourselves. This is how we should interpret and associate the Quran we approach the Quran don't approach the Quran and the Quran usato kita will offer what Mashallah Khun while Arab don't approach the quran quran is speaking about them. approach to Quran speak about us letter to be under a pseudonym and Cana kubla. Khan will Hadees that we find you're going to follow the sunon their practices the people that came before you, callaloo Massara, the companion is taken

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aback. You speak about a yahood when Asara cola famine.

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Our food is of course, who else am I referring to? Are we bothering you, I rewired our room will force you guys to copy the Romans and the Persians. If you put all these together, you find that this Muslim, oma is going to copy every single individual. That's what you find that these superpowers are mentioned, whether it be the Romans, the Persians, whether it be 100 kita, you're going to begin to imitate these individuals inside your lives. And this is going to lead to the destruction of yourselves, that if one of them was to go into a, a into a pit, going to the hole of the lizard, that we know what would happen one of you would follow suit exactly likewise, meaning

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that inch by inch foot by foot, you're going to traverse the path that imitate these individuals.

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And that's what the Quran is alluding to. That you're going to your path of belief, your perfect concept, your path of questioning your path of asking his own what the previous people they asked and they're done. So don't think in the head of Karanja. cusu Allah Bani Israel Xl telefoon Moses Quran speaks about Bani Israel. Why Why does he speak about Bani Israel? Because Bani Israel who are curable oma illa mattina. The most closest oma to the oma the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is Bani Israel. What happens inside the biophilia angel in Deuteronomy 1818 I will send one like unto thee, read that the meaning of these verses inside that Deuteronomy 1818. Inside the Bible, the Paraclete

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is referring to none others refer to East LA Salaam, you find it automatically refers to none other than the Prophet is Islam and moose and a sinner. The similarities between these two prophets, what they went through, so Allah Subhana Allah will bring out the previous nations, the previous

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people no matter proceeded and mentioned and bring out us as well and bring us on to accountability in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And likewise the beginning of this surah above the surah speaks about natural elements, suit observes or begins to speak about the earthquakes, that these so called natural disasters that they may call them or they may use such words as linguistically that we use them Mother Nature, these natural disasters should what do you do what to an individual, as we mentioned, make the individual reflect there are no one alcoholic. There is a creator, there is a sustainer is a provider,

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Yahoo Masha, Allah is the one that creates whatever he wants, that all of these are for her symptom. Anima Falak nakoma Agatha, one nakum Elena to Jerome the oldest is created sought fatten. When a cost in one hour Jolla without any intent, Allah, Allah created all of it, there must be a purpose for this. So all of this is for reflection, that people see this makes them turn back but last night was that natural elements of blessings that could occur inside this surah why nollie hydrilla studied, that he loves good things I love this place. This is other human beings. They like good things. Elements Baraka don't think that I'll masa don't think always difficulty should lead a

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person to Allah Subhana Allah is not always difficulties. That's one element, even living a good life. That a human being should should visualize that and see that, that Allah has protected me from so much blessed me with so much given me so much. I'm not persecuted and trialed and harmed, like what the Muslim world is facing at the moment. This in his in his in it in itself should awaken the individual to thank Allah subhanaw taala in turn, donate Matala to sue her, if you count the blessings of Allah and you can enumerate them. So blessings isn't always that we see a concept of when a child comes in, I turned back to LA spandana blessings, oh also when a good things that a

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person is grateful to Allah Subhana Allah, those are some of the Redeemer concluded that a person in a state of goodness, who is shaqiri can be far better than a person in a state of hardship, who becomes grateful to Allah Subhana Allah, this is something to think about for many of us, that is state of goodness, how many of us do we thank Allah Subhana Allah, we know only who will havilah Shadi, a man love these good things. And as we find that these will our idea to dub are all speaking about the natural blessings that these people that they visualized that even today that we can relate to that what was the good things that these IRA speak about? Well idea to speak in another

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Allahu une speak about stallions about horses about riding beasts, branded cattle that you find that that the Arabs at a time they had a couple of really, really sloppy diarrhea they used to know about the virtues of this that's what he studied the sharing the share of maternal Baby, you study the poetry the fun, predominant what you find in Arabic poetry, about how and who you are and who more are aneesa if and when you study, generally a poetry a basically free themes it revolves around either revolves around horses, or about the drunkenness and wine and alcohol or it revolves around women. So they're familiar that's what the Quran says we're familiar with certain words that occur

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inside the Quran. So the Quran you have people know Quran speaks to them, addresses them to awaken them. Well, I had the dog Halford Moriarty called her fall movie rocky Suba. So this sort of idea that we find is five offs, a lot of kind of takes comes up XML comes across some takes five oh speaking about something that is concerns them.

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And if you mentioned the Quran, whenever I looked at it makes it off by something that didn't follow me or a show something important. A person shouldn't trivialize it when Allah made 1011 also also su two chumps got the Fleur Herman's a capacity to pay attention to that and as a psychologist I'm most of his ofce while fudgier wash amps were laying while also that we find numerous paces inside the 37 odd folders inside his juice. I will take taking off by certain things that are not standardized created for what purpose for persons person to reflect upon this so Allah makes these five off speaking about what this breed may be some animosity refers to an evil it refers to cameras or some

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random I've gone to the view and I'm shocked at your food How then studies works of art. Well Brian refused refutes this and says that the clear meaning is about it speaks about Jamuna mufa citied is speaks about a horses. About stallion, what are the two dogs and as you find the use of the horses that you find that you find Hale is heavy

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Buhari is being placed inside the necks of the horses, meaning his blessing as we know the famous English provable statement that a man's best friend, for some of them is their dog, and for others, it's the horse. Because the value of the horse, the companionship of the horse, that you've that you find a link that you find, that's what the Quran is speak about, is to engage is that a language that people can relate to? So we find that a lot of them takes these five hosts to to awaken these these individuals. And the usage is when three uses a horse is among other, our sitter or wizard, who's either been a reward for you that you use them for the right purpose, or they will be a form

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of sittard, a form of concealing and writing and beautification and Xena or it could be wizard, a form of sin. What is the form of sin? It could be used for what is the predominant usage of stallions inside is Muslim Omar at the moment where they talk about Arab bread stallion who says what do they use them for? That he used them for the purpose that the Quran and Sunnah speaks about

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they use for different purpose of Quran when he speaks inside. Surah Saad, Allah speaks about about silly man and a salon that he inherits from his father that would normally do in a word, a beautiful good servant, he was repenting to Allah Subhana Allah is only there early, Allah in it really early will actually cellfina to jihad. When he was exposed to him, a cellfina vimana and who

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the horses were exposed to him these fast these swift horses.

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What happened is individual when these horses really manage them, they're exposed to him. Color, any herbal Heidi and we clear up behind that our our will our Bill Hader, he said I love these good things, meaning his horses. I love them more than my remembrance of Allah. And so some element of mercy they mentioned it delayed him from from Silla to Lhasa. Even though Mr. Shaikh Solomon Asch said he mentioned and this is this is not the right view. They miss a lot of us but what is plausible that it derailed him from remembering Allah subhanaw taala appropriately because that's what the Quran mentions. That he deleted from roaming Allah. Allah had that our

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caller who do Allah for topical for topical mosambi su he will and

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he said bring these stallions back to me. Bring them back to me any any wipe their Shanks, he wiped their legs, and he wiped their necks keenya or contain either he slayed all of them, or you got rid of them. Because he said that this is something that derailed me from the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what Rama mentioned, ha in Cana, hallen MOBA Han anything which is halaal anything which is permissible if it takes you away from the decode of Allah Subhana Allah for us they don't ever come comes the opposite. So trivial things of sports of entertainment whatever it may be. We're not here to make things Harmon difficult upon people, but if it derails you from the decor of Allah,

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it derails you from a Salah. It derails you from remembering Allah subhanaw taala. So this becomes something which is, which is something haram for the individual. So Solomon and Islami, he removed this obstacle from his life by this derailing me taking me away from Allah Subhana Allah. So this is the correct usage of the blessings of Allah, others use them in the right path. Use them for blessings, use them for benefit right do now Mr. toman why May we bear behind? Prepare, old Steve's of warfare? For what purpose? Because there could be an opportunity whereby the person has to meet the enemy unfortunately. So person should be prepared. person shouldn't be living a frivolous life

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of play and amusement and learning these things or the dunya derail the person away from Allah Subhana Allah, does he find that the virtue somewhat early enough to facilitate him I'm sure you do speaks about the reason and revelation about this, this surah even though it's weak advice, but he tries to highlight a being raised in the ratio that Professor B sent an expedition and got derailed. It came back late so he began this idea to sit down showing the correct correct usage of the horses or this blessing of Allah Subhana Allah and other orlimar try to highlight the equivalent to this from Quran bajada if cattolica is the surah equivalent to half of the Quran as we mentioned, insipid

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many suitors inside the Quran which by speaks about being equivalent to a fourth of the Quran, a third of the Quran, half the Quran. Take those narrations with with a great big pinch of salt, except without the ratio of crystal clay inside Bukhari and Muslim that we find muscle and salt. There are the luthuli full Quran so the difference is 1/3 of the Quran.

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So other narrations that we find whereby it says that is half the Quran, a quarter of the Quran in general most these narrations are not authentic, speaking about the surah.

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So we find that the use of the usage of these animals that Allah has bestowed upon the Muslims upon these people, that Allah Allah begins to give a depiction, what are the who, what, who, so to hail,

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a tunnel footmen dakhil. As early mentioned, that this is the idea to dog had the panting of the horses as they begin to Gallop, as they begin to race. They said there's only certain animals that have this sound that emanates from within themselves. This special standard when they begin to, the faster they run, the more powerful the sound that comes. Look how unique the Quran is I describes about these animals that those people live with is breathing, they see, they feel this, this love they see that how the Quran is unique. So when the Quran speaks about, it's a suit to know that when you place your hand in Saudi oceans,

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you only see the darkness upon darkness upon darkness.

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When a sailor he read this verse, He said that how is it possible that a person can describe this? In the sixth century? How can a person depict and describe this, this ocean and the darkness of the oceans? And he asked this person who narrated these verses Did he ever travel in the ocean? Did appropriate somebody ever travel in the Baja in the ocean? No, he never. He never rode a ship. So how can you describe such a depictive nature to such a great detail?

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He had to conclude this is nothing but revelation.

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This is a revelation from Allah Subhana to give such a depiction, Professor Keith Moore, especially this in embryology, in about the development of a child of the fetus, of the inside the womb, etc, you find he has a whole a whole book about embryology has been taught in, in North America. And aside of his book after seeing certain Ayat of the Quran, seeing certain Hadith he asked his question, how can this person

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speak about such great detail about the about the birth of a child? So one scientist says that there may be a microscope or something of that time, and they looked into the womb of the mother. And they noted it down. He said that what a foolish individual that you are. You claim to be a scientist microscopes were invented in sixth century, economists have decided how is it plausible than a sixth century someone built a a usage of material an instrument to visualize the inside of a woman and then to begin to depict it and write about it? He said is nothing but divine revelation, that's what his book he wrote. He writes that this is totally caught his eye and notes from the Quran and the

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Sunnah about embryology. How because the Quran this summer, as many of us we failed to understand the Quran is capable he Daya is a book of guidance, we have this great, everlasting miracle in front of us. But what is our relationship with a book of Allah Subhana Allah? What is the right relationship with Masada to Quran with the words of the Quran, ayat of the Quran. This is the greatest tool that we have around us to speak and to engage with people. So those are the Met takes these five oh, for what purpose? To remind us give this depiction Well, I have the number for Moriarty called her. What is the striking of the hooves.

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The hooves that you find that horses the way the metal hooves when they strike on the ground, the force they run you find sparks begin to emanate.

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And then you find that these horses they go right into the into the meets? Nah, can't be man of hooba you find dust begins to come from the from the rear hooves of these horses. And then they enter into it right into the middle. The horse is one of those animals that in a state of warfare. That is somewhat irrelevant that the right the more stronger the person is riding the horse, the more powerful the horse becomes. And as we began with, the more powerful you are inside your good actions, the more you hasten into in your good actions how some other element of diversity has highlighted these are yet because some of us may not be able to comprehend the concept of horses and

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the use of horses. So that's what they make this this extraction that is trying to instill within ourselves that a stronger person said goodness, in good deeds, the more they will rush, the more powerful the good deeds will become. Then after these five hours, Allah mentions three things about the state of the human being, as you began without guidance from Allah Subhana Allah, we're all going to stray towards this dunya

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why nollie hydrilla studied that he becomes a person who becomes rushing towards goodness. In the insanity Nabila canoed y nirwana Delica Shahe do I know only

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three things Allah mentions

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that a human being is is in love with the with

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With the dis dounia with a good things that he's done yet we began with good things. Oh, testing trial isn't just bad things. It's the good things as well. That's what most of our admins are nice to see he mentions that he loves these good things I'll hide who had dunya that is extracted from the Quran. So the beginning of surah Allah and Bronzino, the nurses who Pusha T Mina Nisa in well Bonnie Weill Cornell theory more contoller demeanor the heavy will feed the while halal musawah Mati well, anatomy will have vaniqa Matera hayati dunya valo endo Cousteau

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adji Francis Xena Lee Nessie from Pusha T Mina Nisa, the COVID is greed and the things that human beings that they love is aneesa is women while burning children is wealth property gold, silver.

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And while Hale branded all highly musawah Mati branded, who says stallions look at the Quran speaks addresses after these are the things that the human beings that they like, they're like upon his while hers the playing of the land and property valleca Mattel hierarchy dunya These are things of this dunya Well, no, no, who's up? And the best ending is with Allah Subhana Allah, that don't let these things of the dunya derail you from remembering Allah Subhana Allah, that the individual human being is one who loves good things. This COVID is greed and trying to gather these good things inside this dunya why no Allah de Nicola Shahid

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and Allah, other mentors were in no Anna Delica Shahi that the human being himself to millions are given by earlimart tafazzin what what no Allah Delica be shaped benefi that the human being himself testifies that he has this immense a witness that he has this love towards the things of this dunya Oh, oh, the other meaning is that Allah Subhana Allah, Masha Allah He that Allah kind of testifies against him, stands show as a witness above you show that these are the things that you've done with a blessing that are bestowed upon you, and both meanings are plausible.

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Those meanings are plausible. Use yourself as a testimony against yourself. And like what Allah Subhana stands as a testimony upon all of us, why not only hope will Heidi Lesha deed

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A man has enough towards their excessive love, towards good things

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will hide who not to diminish check what they mean mentioned I'll hide in carries the meaning of a man

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of money. That a human being has a love for for wealth.

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And as you mentioned, nothing wrong with having a love for wealth. But what the Quran is hierarchy when it becomes excessive love, excessive love that derails us away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah, this is something which is which is sinful for individual Lesha deed. This immense love when something becomes immensely within you. Just to highlight the point you go back to Surah Yusuf when Allah mentions about the wife of ours is called the sugar for her.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:26

So it wasn't just a love, it was a blind love, I love that penetrated into a heart that mesmerized to have mine a blind it could not make a distinction between halal and haram. So it's like with anything of this dunya that begins to take you mesmerizes you derailed you away from that which is how then that love becomes something which is a blameworthy love

00:33:28 --> 00:33:33

as we mentioned is is in South Sudan earlier on that we mentioned and then the last part I mentioned I follow your animal either but

00:33:35 --> 00:34:07

then Allah begins to speak about an earth era. Why does a Lost Planet begin to speak about Earth era shake on earth I mean is it tufted? He mentioned that ignore these previous things of the dunya that is piling of wealth and these things that you're trying to do? They're real turkeys. The real focus should be inside your life is this FLIR Alameda Syrah mouthfeel como de You know, when you're going to be resurrected from the graves, so this is this is what you should be focusing upon. Ignore the dunya and arrival in and a piling of the wealth.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:45

And that's why when they when they when they speak about the Syrah of shift Allah famy nama to my la recipe speak about his life and when one of the kings when it came to visit him and and the king asked him that is there anything that you need? Is there anything that we can do for you that we can help you with maybe build your house or do something for you? He said, No, I don't need anything I'm building my house in Salah here are building my house in such and such an area I'm building my house. So the king with persistent that may be something we could do is if you want to do something, build this center machine for the benefit of the people, rebuild it for the people when the thing

00:34:45 --> 00:34:45


00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

It also, this is a king who's visiting a scholar inside you can say a madhouse because he took over the mercy of Sheikh Abdul Rahman, a Saudi, the famous first citizen and a scholar took over that Masjid. So when it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

leaves. So his students ask him that he or she were you building a house. We've been in your in your software for many years. We don't see you building a house in Silla here, inside this area. We never saw you building a house there. He said, Don't you know that that is the graveyard. That's where I'm building my house. That's the building my house that I'm building, I'm preparing myself to go there, because that's going to be my return. This one we call Allah Rabbani when they don't get derailed by luxuries of the world, temptations of the world. prestige of the world, giving gifts of the world does you find that roadmap young Kunal Allahu Allah used to reject give any form of gifting, they

00:35:40 --> 00:36:19

used to reject it. Because why it becomes a form of temptation, it becomes a form of influence, that a person should never be influenced by the dunya people around them. That's what really matters should be free, free from the restriction placed around them. Because then we can very easy to be tainted, that one was given to them, prestige was given to them or this was on an honorarium was given to them to do what, because we're all bashary all human beings, it could enter to heart and begin to sway in giving some form of love and affection to say that we shouldn't show love and affection towards people around us. But sometimes it leads towards that, that a person becoming

00:36:19 --> 00:36:28

tainted inside their judgment and unloved and that doesn't want that. Doesn't want that in amongst people, certain people to have that. So we should all visualize the cause of

00:36:31 --> 00:37:15

that all of us that we're going to return to are great. What are we going to take in essence, we're who CMF is sudo wahoo sila Kama zakura, by the Redeemer abreeza. Who sila whatever is decided in the chest is brought out. No one knows what is going on. Is it okay, Mojo Xia mentioned no one knows I love cabana kaaboo he was so Dory inside the surah no one knows what takes place inside the grave. And no one knows what takes place inside the hearts. Only Allah knows what will happen to the individuals or the grave. And only Allah knows what the person concedes inside the heart. Only Allah knows that. So that will be exposed yoma tubeless Sara, on the day that the surah that the hidden

00:37:15 --> 00:37:23

things are exposed on that day. They expose in a day whatever the core inner element of the individual The intention was be

00:37:24 --> 00:37:32

kalasa the first three individuals who are going to be bought in a day of judgment and are going to be brought forth to accountability man home

00:37:33 --> 00:37:43

as you began this surah we are going to be futhark McDreamy Cofer, is it going to be displeasing individual is going to be rebellious individuals? Is it going to be sinful individuales

00:37:44 --> 00:37:44


00:37:46 --> 00:38:16

thalassa two asna three types of individuals that you bought on the day of the day gentlemen whom I shuffle Hulk, I share for nurse, the best of people, the people that we all look up to. Who are they going to be an alum the scholar the center is individual with the blessing bestowed upon his individual tandem to learn I studied knowledge I'm on Baccarat to Quran I learned the Quran I read the Quran or reciting the Quran me actually yah, yah, yah, Allah

00:38:17 --> 00:38:28

catches up to you lied. You never learned knowledge for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah you never learned the Quran for the sake of Allah, Allah, you learnt it, it may be said under Korean,

00:38:29 --> 00:38:45

and erlin if we say that your scholar your reciter what could appeal This is what was said about you. So it'd be dragged in his face and and thrown into jahannam. And I'm sure all of us are familiar with the rest of the heavy, but what are we trying to highlight

00:38:46 --> 00:39:30

that on that day whereby the hidden elements will be exposed and the day that we should be worried about this inside our hearts. As we find around the mother, there were many times spoke about a shot to shave a Nazi. The most difficult thing upon the life of the individual upon the individual is colors that are overlooked, Bobby said if I could find remnants of, of a loss, a few seconds, a few moments of a collage inside my life, I know I'll be successful. That's how rare it is not just by a flash Academy is a is a rare meaning a rare linguistic buildup of what a class is. Because someone said his technical word hulu's from what the honey that's left behind by the bee that we find to

00:39:30 --> 00:39:59

take the honey you have to it has to be purified. Only a small element is removed and kept that's what a class is. They have to purify serve at all moments inside your life. That's the Quran to the end of the Quran. They find so to Zoomer onwards, if I'm sure a half it is all speaking about a house, an early lady in Hollis that your last 100 belongs to pure Deen. That's what these ayat Surah Allah mentioned. If you want to find food, it's not the Quran that don't speak about rules and regulations speak about earlier.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:47

agenda and resurrection. Standing in front of our last read from Surah Zuma onwards, read the sutras as genocea Azuma that we find, for sila warfare. Read the sutras What do they speak about nothing but an earth era and reminding the individual about that return to Allah standard and many of us have forgotten. The spiritual concept of Quran is not just to read the Quran, we desire is to move the individual towards an amicable Quran when I'm ill will called and actions of the heart towards Allah Subhana Allah. In our bone beam Yama is in the hobby, the Sudan concludes by speak we are indeed your Lord Allah Subhana. Allah is Hubbard is all knowing about the actions of human beings

00:40:47 --> 00:41:23

where they carry out upon this earth. That as somebody already began to discuss, why didn't Allah mention alim? What is Allah is trying to say all knowing. And this is something a deep science inside the Quran in certain places or the Quran, whereby the person expects linguistically and the SIOP in the context of the IR that Allah trying to say, Well, no, go for Rahim. Allah is the one that forgives and pardons in certain places or the Quran, but Allah made me use some other names will know Aziz and Hakeem when speaking about the amputation of the of the hands of the male and the female thief, Allah doesn't say at the end of these aarya that Allah is his most Merciful, the most

00:41:23 --> 00:41:26

forgiving. Allah mentioned will lower Aziz when Hakeem

00:41:27 --> 00:42:05

Leanna min min is 30, from his from his from his glory, and from his wisdom, Allah Allah knows that this person this is the right punishment and the right thing to be carried out upon this individual. So don't think once again the Quran Allah Allah uses certain names of himself Subhana Allah and sefa inside the Quran and certain iron is a deep science is a deep signs that are locked on the ends with certain names for us to penetrate that meaning, but unfortunately not able to penetrate that meaning. So that's already mentioned here. I'm not sure when he mentioned there is a it speaks about being a hobby being the owner in the hobby. He didn't say I leave just like I said the coroner

00:42:05 --> 00:42:44

Daniel alim will be here is another prices are the Quran showing the intricate nature that Allah Allah is fully aware. Just like we mentioned in certain Zilla of every minute, minute shake action a person does in every bad as your person does. Likewise inside his surah as well, whatever is stored inside our hearts, whatever actually the whatever it takes base are the grades all recorded and known but Allah Subhana Allah and abubaker desire is to see he mentioned this idea shows Morocco but to lay some kind of data shows the the watchfulness of Allah pantalla over us, that we should be worried that Allah Allah is fully aware of every single thing that we do.

00:42:45 --> 00:43:13

Letter fatty coffee are nothing, nothing is hidden from Allah Subhana Allah, the person you think that I can, I can hide something, I can conceal something from Allah Subhana Allah, this is Rasul accord, the essence of belief that a person instills inside their heart and their mind that wherever wherever I am for statistical highroad, racing and doing these good deeds, Allah Allah is watching over me, she's me what I do.

00:43:14 --> 00:43:21

One and Allah, Allah will place us in certain places, and locations and certain times at certain moments, for what purpose?

00:43:22 --> 00:44:02

For what purpose to see what, what our actions are going to be. This is all sermon, Allah Subhana Allah, just as we began with that there could be blessings. And it could be elements of testing. So then Allah can begin to sift out does my serve and really believe in me, when everything is going good in your life? And you hate unfortunately hear these words from from some Muslims that there's this element of complaining that why why does Allah punish me? Why did I go through this suffering? Why did this happen to me? Why did I lose my wealth? My business, my child, my wife, why don't get divorced? Why did I have this accident? why this happened to me we find as we began with these are,

00:44:02 --> 00:44:06

these are our own and as Allah de la mina Billa

00:44:07 --> 00:44:14

these are these are kalaam these are stable to begin with, as you mentioned to be at the influence of society run this is this is their life.

00:44:15 --> 00:44:46

Their shallow life as soon as things happen they begin to begin trivialize their life they take their life is not for Muslim, Muslim or Korea to shock sia, Muslim is strong in a personality strong inside the Amen. That whatever affliction that befalls us from America but ad warrior one Cathy look at the Quran is that ever before this from your own hands have sent, but still Allah says Well yeah, who am casier Allah pardons overlooks immensely.

00:44:47 --> 00:44:55

studied the Quran in great detail even Allah speaks about other and even punishing Muslims or people commit sins, you find a car that still Allah Allah speaks

00:44:56 --> 00:45:00

that speaks about forgiveness speaks about public

00:45:01 --> 00:45:04

Allah wants he's he's sevens.

00:45:05 --> 00:45:36

Well you have zero comma, zero comma low enough so a lame selfish obligation I am alibre He warns you that Allah mentioned Well, no, no oh form bindery bad. So Allah warns us that if you commit sins and the actions that you do, like warning you that he's going to punish you, but at the same time, Allah says to the believers will load on all for military burn, Allah is merciful, towards the servants cutterbar A buco Mallanna fear Rama has written it down upon himself to be merciful towards the believing individuals.

00:45:37 --> 00:45:51

So all this journey inside this surah this journey of the individual upon this dunya and inside the grave, and inside resurrection, the person who makes that effort, Allah apparent I will never let the effort of the individual go to waste.

00:45:52 --> 00:46:31

There used to be yochanan coluna inside our hearts, that's a moment of of hardship that are faced inside my life. Even it's hard to distinguish the causes because the hardship going to be far more worse, but Allah made it less because maybe some good deeds that we done some sort of God that we done, maybe do alpha person, so we don't know. That's why you find that the veins will only be lifted inside of Aurora. You know, while in a muscle area that we we sit and we watch these documentaries, of camera depictions of of movements of people who had done certain actions and how they framed and they do when they must on Allah to Allah belongs the greatest example that may be in

00:46:31 --> 00:47:10

a dead judgement it will be played to us that this this what you saw as a calamity, that the calamity you you thought was a calamity. Look at what was really approaching you. And we lifted it from you. We took it away from you. So in essence, it wasn't really a calamity is something that's what Allah mentioned that something which brings you close to loss or is it a calamity a moment has in the bursaries wanted to see remem call to be mentioned. Allinson youth chorale Messiah a while you answer a neerim a human being he remembers hardships muscle have difficulties while you are near him, he forgets the good things.

00:47:12 --> 00:47:53

He forgets all the good things that as we began with Allah bestowed upon all of us, and very quickly begin to speak about the wrong things or what he claims to be the bad things that he faces inside his life. So we should become individuals become grateful to Allah subhanaw taala inside our lives, and grateful that Allah has given us Amen, given us the journey of Eman and be grateful to inside our hearts that when I when I die, and I will die, and there will be a resurrection. That he's our humble witness that Allah is the Most Merciful, the most kind. And he will forgive me and he will pardon me, madam shucks, how will fit dunya as long as the person he's tried in this dunya that's

00:47:53 --> 00:48:10

what Allah wants for Takuma must, Allah as much as you can try your best. This what we find in the world at the moment that the Muslims are so busy condemning other Muslims, this is not the suit of the Quran, the son of the Quran isn't to condemn another Muslim.

00:48:11 --> 00:48:52

That's not what life should be the wherever you go, every other statement is about this person about this person's actions. This person statements this person, person being with this person or saying this or doing this or doing that we become so obsessed, so obsessed with people. Why we know obsessed with our own selves? Why we are obsessed, of making mahaska by every single night about my own self? What do I do inside my life? How do I speak? How do I engage? I'm so obsessed about other people, and people may think it sounds trivial. Read food comments. None of us should be wasting our time but sometimes in research, we have to read through comments and see what read what people write

00:48:52 --> 00:49:04

what they say. Nothing can be said that filth and corruption fee cannot be him. Because mortman believer doesn't express themselves with vulgar language with a wild tongue.

00:49:05 --> 00:49:22

These are reviled people desert reviled Muslims. doesn't do that. That's not the way the Muslim world rasuu Archer Makana, Russia. Russia was never obscene with his language, never reviled people never was derogatory towards people around him.

00:49:23 --> 00:49:38

locker Canada configured as soon as he was taught on hustler, that's the benchmark. Don't make the trolls around you to be the benchmark. The keyboard warriors are the people who hide behind his face to be the benchmark to write and to make statements.

00:49:39 --> 00:49:59

The benchmark should be the Prophet alayhi salatu salam who pardons who forgives who overlooks who live with people who bought Be patient who forgave people who gave non Muslims that are three but are a couple young, overlook them, live with them, engage with them. That's what a Muslim is. That's the type of Muslim that we should be.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:03

That the racing towards good deeds encourage you when not to do good deeds

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