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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their role model, which is allam, as a servant for 10 years, and their role model of all our pioneers. They also talk about a person who spoke about their role model, which is the best, the most, the most, the most, the most. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following Islam and protecting children, and the importance of parents as models for children in the community. They also discuss a culture of "genetic" where "has been" is a message and "genetic" is a Day of Judgment.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy here Jemaine we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send the blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions May Allah bless them and bless every one of us and grant us goodness.

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My brothers and sisters,

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I want to commence by thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving us the opportunity to gather

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in his house for this beautiful Friday

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in a way that

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we seek His forgiveness and earn closeness to him by his mercy.

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For myself,

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it is a very

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difficult moment

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filled with emotions for many reasons.

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One of them is

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several people that I have known from this community are no longer with us.

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And it's the first time that I am back in this particular Masjid muskego puts

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noticing and feeling the absence

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of a brother very close to me brother Abu Bakr slosh,

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who passed away in Madina munawwara from that time, I have not been here. Every time I came to Cape Town, he was with me. And now he is in the mercy of Allah May Allah grant him gender neutral fair dose, and his loved ones subsequently his wife also passed on and several others passed away to May Allah grant him all genital for those, we take the opportunity to remember the late share for other who passed away as well. He was also one very close to my heart.

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That having been said, My beloved brothers and sisters, we know that Allah blessed us, and the greatest blessing we have, is

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the fact that we believe we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and we are followers of the greatest of creation, the most noble of all prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We owe it to our forefathers that do our we give them and the reward they will be receiving for everything. They passed down the ladder in a way that it got to us today. We are seated here we are enjoying the fruits of the sacrifice of the pioneers. Those who came a long time back their concern was primarily to preserve and protect the deen that they have and at the same time to convey it to others and to be able to expand in their relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala by the expansion of the following of this beautiful Deen May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant them all genital favoritos.

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If we were to look at our pioneers, a question that would arise in my heart and should arise in yours, too, they survived they did they left a legacy What am I doing? Subhana Allah, what am I doing? That question should be asked by every one of us. The minimum is improve yourself, improve your relationship with Allah. Be the best possible member of your family you can be and try and spread within your community, the goodness that you have, Don't be selfish and keep it to yourself.

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And if you want to spread the goodness, you need to make sure you understand it will only be spread in the best and most beautiful way. oduro ella sabby Naomi Campbell Hekmati. ivatan has an A call towards the path of your Lord with wisdom and in the best possible way. The reminders you give should be beautiful reminders. Don't chase people away from the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala because of your bad behavior, because of bad character and bad habits.

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So the pioneers brought with them the dean but where did they get it from Subhana Allah from their fathers, their forefathers their teachers, and those who came before them until it met with the public.

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Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, like I said, a follow halki will occur amoruso Lee, the best of creation, the most noble of all prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala. No matter what we say or what we do, we will never ever, we will never ever cause any drop in the status of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In fact, Allah has elevated him so high that Allah tells us something amazing, something so powerful and so unique in Surah, two

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nebby, yeah.

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Man, oh, son, he was a LIMU tasneem.

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before Allah gives us an instruction, to send our Salawat and Salaam upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he tells us that I have done it, and the angels have done it. And now we're telling you to do it. So if you don't do it, the loss is only yours because Allah has already elevated the status of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prior to him, instructing us to send the Salawat upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam so Allah says in the Lucha wa ekata, who Indeed Allah and His angels, sent blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Oh, you who believe Send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Sayidina Muhammad in wa sahbihi wa salim

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my brothers and sisters, there is no one whom Allah says, I have sent blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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there is no one besides Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam whom that has happened to and he was indeed the role model. This morning, I was going through some of the characteristics of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, only to refresh my mind and only to make me smile, knowing that no matter what people say, against the Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam they will never ever damage that reputation that is intact Subhan Allah, they will only do harm to themselves. And as I was going through, I read or I came across I spoke about to some of my friends, the hadith of Anna Sabine, Malika, the Allah one.

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And this is speaking about our role model, the role model of all our pioneers, all those who brought the dean to us. Do you know what he says? He says, voila, he I served the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as a servant for 10 years.

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As a servant for 10 years, I served him.

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Well lahemaa Kalia ofin Kaku wala Kala Alicia in Sana to Lima Sonata. He never ever passed a negative remark or sound against me. Never. I never heard anything negative come from him. He didn't ever say

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to me, no to anyone else. SubhanAllah 10 whole years. Imagine how we treat those who help us. We call them helpers, the helping hands, how we treat our family members.

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Where is the role model? sallallahu alayhi wasallam in our lives.

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Then he continues and he says well ah he he never ever told me. Why did you do this? or Why didn't you do this? There were no why's imagine someone who is serving you. You never ever told them? Why did you do this? or Why didn't you do this? He never made me feel uncomfortable. Even once in 10 whole years. And then he says while lahemaa massage? Villa de Belgian wala Harry Ron Eliana mean kaffee Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah He, I have never touched something softer and more pleasant to the touch. Then the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, no silk and no beautiful soft material.

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No matter what it is, nothing have I touched, more pleasant and softer to the touch than the blessing hand of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and then he says voila, he I have never smelled any fragrance.

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more beautiful.

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Nice neither musk nor Amber. No fragrance more beautiful than

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the perspiration of the blessed prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Imagine what miracle Allah granted him.

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You and I, perspiration is considered What?

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You would need an underarm in order to protect yourself from your body odor.

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But he sallallahu alayhi wasallam had the body scent. It was a scent fragrance of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam.

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My brothers and sisters,

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the way he spoke and the way he addressed people, he was granted an eloquence at a time when people were upon a height of eloquence in Makkah, Tomoko Rama, not once, did anyone need to ask him to repeat what he was saying. Never. He used to say it. So clearly. You could actually count his words, he used language that was understood by the people. And he spoke very clearly. Noah de la de la saho.

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If someone wanted to count the words, as he spoke, they were able to do that. They understood it. No one ever did not hear him. He knew the volume. He knew who he was speaking to the language. And it was so clear. May Allah grant us even a droplet of that eloquence. And what was the reason that he was so eloquent? Yeah, I you

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know, bellisima de la la camisa. Rob, big, old messenger, convey in the highest form, the message that Allah has sent down to you, to them.

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If he was instructed to convey in the clearest and the highest and the best possible way, then Allah would give him all the tools to do that. And to achieve it. Imagine you're speaking to a messenger of Allah. Do you really think he's going to address you in a way that you don't know what he is saying? Never cannot happen. He was the best, the most eloquent, he spoke so beautifully. sallallahu alayhi wasallam. May Allah grant us the ability to speak clearly. And mela accepted from us. He never swore in his life. Not a single vulgar word, how many of us have let him down by claiming to be his followers, but we swear left, right and center. We abuse people, our own family members, the

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F word has become so common in the non Muslim circles, that it has now seeped into our circles. But it is a sin, my brothers and sisters abstained from it, even if it is jokingly here is our role model.

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The role model of all the pioneers

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they strove so that we could enjoy the fruits. Why are you seated in the masjid today? It's Yes, the mercy of Allah. Allah invited you

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to come here. That's why you are here.

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Allah placed it in your heart to be here. That's why you're here. It's an invitation. It's the house of Allah. Without that invitation, you would not be here. Hi, alfalah.

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Come to success.

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That's what Allah said. You want success. And we responded, that's why we're here. But together with the mercy of Allah, it was the effort of some people from the time we were young. And as we grew older, someone made an effort on us or a little bit later on, there was an effort that was made. May Allah bless those people who made that effort. May Allah bless all of them. Because if you look up the ladder, there is a chain that meets with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That's why you and I will receive a reward when we teach others goodness. It's not easy. It requires a lot of time.

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Patience when you see someone deviating

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you need to know how to tackle the person in a way that they come on to the path. You don't tackle them in a way that they go further away from the path. They might say things that are hurtful, they might do things that are hurtful. Try and bring them through. If you have been used by Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring people through you have succeeded.

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So take it as a challenge upon yourself, whenever you see evil, or whenever you see that which is

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Try to help the people are they not your brothers and sisters somehow if you were able to help them would you not bring them in? Look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he tried hard as a result, Allah guided Abu sufian are the one who was an enemy at one stage. Allah guided Kali the Mill Valley or the Allahumma. Allah guided

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rhodiola one.

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Yet at one stage, they were enemies of Islam. They had evil intention. That was our role model sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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My brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam treated children with utmost respect when he saw a child, he spent a moment to give the child importance do you do that? This is why we're failing with our children. We abuse the children instead of respecting them and offering them the honor and the time and the importance and the attention. Today there is an attention deficit that our children are struggling with. And it shows up later on in their lives. When the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam my role model and yours when he took time to give attention to children of the community.

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One moment, salaam aleikum, what is your name, Mashallah, and so on even just that much the child feels part of a broader community safe and secure, developing, and the child will then blossom at some stage and give back to the same society. We have. Sometimes I think we have failed when it comes to nurturing young children to be the leaders when we leave.

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May Allah grant us leadership in the first place?

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So my brothers and sisters, it's important for us to know why we say the best of creation, the most noble of all prophets of Allah. When Allah has chosen to bless and salute Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he tells us the angels

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have done the same. Then Allah says, Oh you who believe

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you do it to Subhana Allah and Allah says, You know what, when you do it or you who believe your reward will be tenfold.

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When you send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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you will be blessed 10 times as a result Mansa, Allah Allah, Allah sallallahu alayhi wa Shura, whoever sends blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once Allah will bless him or her 10 times as a result of what they have just said, what they did. So the blessing is for who?

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Let's continue to send blessings, and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on a daily basis. And with that, let's make sure we lead our lives in a way that we are not an embarrassment, on the day of judgment

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against ourselves.

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I challenge you, my brothers and sisters,

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to improve on all fronts. Imagine we have a disease that we cannot see that is floating across the globe, and has taken every country on Earth by storm.

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We are so fortunate to be in this Masjid, after a pause of how long we are seated in a specific way. We are dressed in a specific way, by the command of a disease. Why can't we dress in a specific way by the command of Allah?

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When Allah told us to dress in a certain way to carry ourselves in a certain way, we weren't so interested. But when a disease you cannot see told you to do that, we did it in such a way that if someone did not do it, we became irritated. So Allah, may Allah grant us success. May He make us from those who realize and understand what law he my brothers and sisters, I want to say to you today

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Any instruction given by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can only have been given because it is best for us to follow that

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and any prohibition that he has declared can only be prohibited because it is not good for us whether you and I understand it or not is irrelevant.

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The love I have for the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam should be more than the love I have for my parents, my children sorry let me not even say parents, nowadays you got to start off with my spouse. Mashallah, right? My wife

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now ilaha illa Allah you know, beneath the mask I can't see. But when the eyes start scrunching this way and scrunching the other way I know people are smiling and laughing Mashallah. But it's true. More than your spouse more than your parents more than your children more than your brothers and sisters. And guess what? More than yourselves and myself. That's the love.

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I need to follow my brothers my sisters.

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I need to follow this beautiful example. So that one day

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my grandchildren and great grandchildren May Allah grant us offspring who will be steadfast on the deen will consider you and I pioneers? What did this man do? What did this woman do? Oh, they sacrifice they will role models in society. someone saying to you, my grandfather, my great grandfather, Mashallah. It's so good. My great grandfather was the first half in Cape Town. Have you heard someone say that? In the case of Cape Town, it's probably the great great grandfather Mashallah. Because you're fortunate. I'd like to believe that this part of the country was blessed before other parts of the country when it comes to the service of the Quran. May Allah grant us all

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the acceptance to be from Allah, Allah or on the people of the Quran? You know who the people of the Quran Allah, Allah says, whom Allah He waka Sato, they are the people of Allah and they are the VIPs, the special people of Allah.

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You give importance to the book of Allah, Allah gives importance to you.

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It is amazing. When you give importance to what Allah has given importance to your status is elevated. You give importance to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I told you, his status is intact, what happens? Your status and mine is elevated because I have given that importance to the right direction.

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Similarly, the word of Allah, spend time with it. the remembrance of Allah the decree that people have abandoned today.

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remember Allah often? Yeah, are you letting go Cola, honey?

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Kathy, the same Surah Surah Allah. Allah is telling us all you who believe, remember Allah tremendously, a lot of remembrance, you're going to go back to Allah, you're going to meet the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the pond known as how he will recognize you as being a member of his oma. Oh Allah, let the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. recognize us and forgive our shortcomings. live your lives in a beautiful way. Learn to be people who have out shun others in their character and charity begins at home.

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Now that we have a different type of a norm, we don't know how long it's going to last but May Allah grant us such cure and such protection from the disease that II eradicate this disease from the atmosphere I mean,

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but for now, we know that we probably at home more than we've been before. And if that is the case, my brothers and sisters, it will require a little bit more patience from you. Learn to spend the moment to follow such a great Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being my role model and yours, to go out of your way to say good words loving kind words to those whom you live with.

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May Allah subhanahu wa taala bless every one of us and grant us all the best of this world in the next May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the greatest intercession on the Day of Judgment which is the intercession of none other than Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam And may Allah gather us around that pond known as how to counsel and May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us swift entry into genital for those without

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reckoning only through the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala aku kolyada sallallahu wasallam ah Baraka ala nabina Muhammad

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