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The speaker discusses the importance of earning money for doing things that will make you a good motor vehicle, home, and a house once you are old enough. They also mention that the average lifespan of banjo Adam is between 60 and 70 years, and that by building a house after retirement, you will be living for a few years and go back to your former life. The speaker suggests that by fulfilling every day, you will build a palace in the future.

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For me, there is something more interesting where many of us if we take a look at our lives, we want to earn money. When we earn money, we want to do certain things, we will have a good motor vehicle, we want to have a very nice home, we will build a very nice house. And how many years will we be living in that house? To be honest, very few. Maybe our children might live the if we are lucky, or one of them at least very few are going to live in the house that you built, and very few years will you live in the same house. By the time we usually have a house that is a house of our dreams, we are already quite old. And when we are old, the average lifespan of banjo Adam, according to the

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hadith of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is between 60 and 70 years. So we will already just live for a few years and go but it is not bad. It is not something Haram. It is not prohibited to build such a house. However, consider have you built a house of the hereafter for yourself? That is more important, what have you done so that you can have a palace in the hereafter? What did you do so that the people Subhana Allah, who are obviously around the US have been reminded of Allah such that we are constantly thinking to ourselves when I pass away, Where will I go? Have I prepared an abode? Have I prepared some House have I built my palace? So how do we build that palace? We built

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it in many ways by developing your relationship with Allah by doing good deeds, your Salah Utila of the Quran, your car, that decal that we turn away from that is how we will build our Palace in gentlemen for those if there is a vehicle that you fulfill every morning every evening, so behind Allah He will be handy he saw behind a lie Levine, Glory be to Allah Praise be to Allah. Allah is the Greatest etc. These are powerful words that would result in the bricks that will build your house of the hereafter.