Ramadan 2021 – Verses of Hope and Healing #30 – The Qur’aan has Hope and Healing

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One owner Xin Amina Lupo Nima who worship

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A salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah was early he was heavy mine. My brothers and sisters the Quran has in it a lot of hope and healing. It has in it cure and mercy. It has in it a reminder for all of us. And in Surah Yunus verse number 57, Allah says it very clearly. Yeah, are you super deja

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vu mushy

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Lima feel Sodo wahoo

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Metro, meaning, oh people, a reminder has come to you from your Lord and cure for that which is within the bosoms, the chest, the diseases within the chest within the heart. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says in it, there is guidance and mercy for those who believe when will you achieve the guidance and mercy and the cure? Only if you believe if you have doubt, you won't. If you look at it and you're not satisfied, you won't but if you believe if you're a believer, Allah says we guarantee you a better quality of life. Here goes oh people has come to you from your Lord, a mo Eva, a reminder, reminder of everything right. Where she found Lima cure there is cure in it for everything

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right? well hidden and there is guidance about everything and Rama there is all sorts of mercy, giving up meaning for those who believe and look at what Allah says he continues and he says, Only befogged Leela he will be Rama T for bizarrely carefully a frog who say to them that it is actually the virtue of Allah and His mercy that you should be excited about. When Allah has given you His mercy and His favored you. It is better than everything that they are gathering in terms of material wealth. You see people with millions and billions tell yourself my Eman my belief in Allah is better than those millions and billions. When Allah is pleased with me, it's better than the everything of

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the world. Whatever is in it. Imagine the two units of voluntary prayer known as soon that will fragile they are better than the whole world and whatever is in it. The Hadith says rakata Alpha g rakata. Alpha G, Hiram minute dounia. Why mafia, the two units of federal The sooner federal better than the whole world in whatever it has. So Allah is saying cool before the law, he will be automatically Fabi Delica familia Franco, you really want to be excited about something, the real thing to be excited about is the virtue of Allah and His mercy. When Allah has had mercy on you, you have the right to be excited to be happy. Look at this, we have just completed the month of Ramadan.

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It is amazing. May Allah virtue and mercy in showers and overcome us? We definitely want that and that is of the greatest value. Allah says, who are hiring me my age now it is better than what they have gathered and amassed. How much do you have? brilliance? Where is it going to take you?

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Maybe No way. Few years this earth you might be able to say I had this and had that? No, may Allah grant us goodness. But Allah says, The true wealth is when Allah has had mercy on the wealth of the dunya you have it or you don't have it besides the point. This is what Allah takes a look at. So that is something amazing then Allah subhanho wa Taala continues a few verses down, verse number 6263 64 of Surah eunos Allah says,

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Allah in our only

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Allah healer Home Food nyla himolla homea Hassan, a levina Manu

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Khun na one bush or the homeowner in Basra feel hyah dounia waffle, Fira de la tabla de la liga Lima till the Anika who will fou Levine wala zoom koco home in LA Zetterling hegemony, West semi unlikely, amazing verses, please go through them. Surah Yunus verse number 62 663 64 and continue to go beyond. Listen to what Allah says. Behold, the friends of Allah, they have no reason to fear nor will they be sad. So who are the friends of Allah? I want to be one of them. Good question. So Allah says they are the ones are MANOVA can we attack on they had two qualities? What are they

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They have belief in Allah. And they have the correct relationship with Allah. They have, they are conscious of Allah. They are fearful of the anger of Allah. They always adopted the instructions of Allah. They didn't find loopholes, and they always were on the safe side. Those are the friends of Allah. You're on the safe side, people are arguing about this being permissible or prohibited. You know what be on the safe side. That's what it is. People are arguing what to do, what not to do. be on the safe side. You know why you're a friend of Allah. You don't want to risk your relationship with Allah, because of the argument of someone you know. So this is very clear.

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And Allah says

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lahoma Bushra for them. There is good news, Phil highlighted dunia waffle ophira. Remember we were speaking about good news and I said that the good news happens to be primarily the paradise but even in this world, Allah is going to give you a good news, bash shell meaning in one verse, and here Allah says lahoma and bush Raphael highlighted dunya often in this world as well as the next even at the point of death, they will have a good death the angels will already inform them of the goodness that is to come Subhan Allah so Allah says vatika who will follows all of him that is in deed the massive victory May Allah granted to us amin, amin era bellami when Allah says Lai Hassan kokkola

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Don't let their words

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make you sad, don't any one's words against you negative words, don't let them make you sad. Allah said there's no point this was addressing the Prophet Muhammad Salah, but the lesson is for all of us, don't let their words make you sad. Did you hear that? Allah hasn't called them Do you know? Why is that Allah Hey Jimmy, this is belongs to Allah alone. Allah is the one who will give you your worth your value, your status, status belongs to Allah power belongs to Allah Kingdom belongs to Allah, not to them, they can say what they want. Don't let their words make you sad. No, you know why? Because it is belongs to Allah, the might the power, the glory, the status belongs to Allah,

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Who is semi already he is all hearing and all knowing. Now I want to end off in sha Allah, this entire series by making mention of two or three verses. The first one is the verse that we've been reading every day at the beginning of every episode, and at the end.

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Why don't Zeno minako Nima who was Shiva

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meaning sure we've heard that verse number 82, of Sugata issara go and check it out. It means we have revealed in this Quran that within which there is cure, there is healing and mercy for the believers. Amazing I just spoke about that today. And and one of the points of mercy is when you earn the forgiveness of Allah. So there is a verse that's known as the verse with the greatest hope. The greatest hope ology if and what is it? First number 53 of surah Zoomer. Allah says, only a bad deal Medina is Allah for Allah, forcing him lotta con O'Meara Mattila in Allah Hi, I'm Jeremy and in a hula hula team say Oh, my worship is who have transgressed against themselves. Never lose hope in

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the mercy of Allah for Indeed, Allah will forgive all your sins, He is the most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. That's what Allah saying. Then Allah says, turn to him before it's too late to turn to him before punishment overtakes, you turn to him before death overtakes you. Because then you might regret and say, Oh, I should have sought the forgiveness of Allah, and so on. Allah says, Don't let that happen. Make sure you seek the forgiveness of Allah. Allah is most forgiving any time you wronged. Don't let shadeland make you lose hope in the mercy of Allah. That's one of the traps of the devil. When you've committed a sin. You did something Allah told you not to do.

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seek forgiveness, move on, seek forgiveness, move on. Yes, you might remember it sometime whenever you think of it to seek forgiveness. However, you know, have hope in the mercy of Allah and move on smile at the fact that Allah is forgiving. And we are sad at the fact that we sinned. So we're hopeful because Allah is forgiving. You know what Allah says verse number 110 of Surah Nisa, this is also a highlight one of the highlights when it comes to hope and healing and mercy. Allah is one my family so and we have the limb nafsa wholesome is Delphine La Jolla, je De La Hoya dilla for rahima whoever has done a bad deed whoever commits a sin I'm gonna show on the other live nafsa or has

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wronged themselves. They did some really something really nasty

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Are we on the limit? When they seek the forgiveness of Allah they will always find Allah most forgiving, Most Merciful. Wow. That's an amazing verse. So I end on this note, you will always find Allah, most forgiving, Most Merciful but you must turn to Allah seeking that forgiveness, changing your life for the sake of Allah and trying your best to become a better person as the days pass. Never ever become a worse person as the days pass in your relationship with Allah in your level of morals and values in your modesty in everything else and in your character and conduct always improve don't ever go backwards and inshallah you're heading in the right direction. akula Kohli her

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that was on Allah who was Allah Mahabharata Karla Nabina. Muhammad wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. xeno Minato. Nima, who was she

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