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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses his success in Nigeria and his desire to fulfill his brother and sisters in the same way. He emphasizes the importance of achieving mercy of Allah and finding one's own success. The speaker also discusses the importance of staying in a certain depth and being a good friend to gain connections with Islam. He encourages people to take a break from their current activities and focus on their biggest gifts, which are learning the meaning of today's biggest gift to make it easier for others to make connections with Islam.
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Salam aleikum.

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Minda 100. In Nigeria Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was heavy as mine.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, we have a few minutes within which I will talk and I've asked the brothers not to delay the as soon as the time comes in, we will call the event and our success lies in fulfilling that Salah on each time.

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The last time I came to this mystery,

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do you remember what I said?

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Anyone remember what I said?

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The last time I came to the machine, what did I say?

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Anyone remember?

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And I want to tell you something about who I am. me.

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I am a nobody.

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Perhaps you are better than me.

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If you come to the masjid, to listen to me,

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you actually need to come to the machine

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to listen to a lot.

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You need to come to the house of Allah to build your ophira to build your hereafter. My brothers and sisters, I cannot even help myself How will I help

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my brothers and sisters, people think very high

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of someone who's a little bit popular. Without realizing that the high is Allah build your relation with Allah you're not going to go wrong. When you come to the masjid when nobody is watching and nobody knows. And it is time of fudger or it's time of Asia on an ordinary day and you are passing by and your heart is in the masjid. Then you are a friend of Allah who he will treat as a special treatment or with a special treatment on the Day of Judgment. It is known as a will Yamal qiyamah, the special shade on the day of tm a because you used to come to his house. So come for Allah, come for the sake of Allah on a regular basis, whether there is someone speaking there or there is

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someone nobody speaking there, you just came in, you smile, you fulfilled your Salah, you made the masjid alive, and then you walked away, and you came back for another Salah sometime.

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That is success. As for me as a human being, I told you just now and I want to repeat it.

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I cannot even help myself. How am I going to help you?

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My help will come from Allah and Allah alone. Don't be deceived by someone who tells you don't worry.

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For your agenda, I guaranteed what guarantee Can you give me when you don't have your own guarantee for general?

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Allah alone is the one who can give you agenda through His mercy. And this is why when we do our deeds, it should make us humble. When we do more deeds, it makes us more humble when we come to the masjid. It makes us even more humble. Because we realize that we it's only the mercy of Allah that will take us to Jenna.

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It's only the mercy of Allah. That will take us to Jenna. But to achieve the mercy of Allah, we need to do one thing. What is it? Try?

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Keep trying. Keep trying to please Allah and Allah will be pleased.

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So, you know, I've been speaking the last few days, various cities, various venues, various crowds of people, Mashallah Tabata cola. This is probably the last of a lot. And I was thinking to myself, I would love to see this machine tomorrow morning and Virgil. I'd love to see it.

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That really shows how the heart and the condition of the heart is when it comes to the relationship with Allah. I asked you a question.

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If I was a person who could come to your house

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and if you gave me a key to your house, and you told me anytime come and I came in, when you were not there, I helped myself I opened the fridge I took out whatever I wanted, I put it on the stove I cooked I cleaned a little bit here and there. I went to sleep for a while got up and I went off. What does it show? It shows that you and I are very, very close friends, right? Or we are related in a close way. Because I can come into your house I can go out I can eat with you. I can go out I can do anything. And if someone says where is this man said

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I'm sure he's sitting with his friend at the house.

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They already know where you're going to be.

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When you have a relationship with the house of Allah

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in such a way that you come in and out and in and out, and when someone says where is the brother say, Look, he's either at work or he's in the machine. Then you know that now you have the friend who is definitely the owner of the worlds.

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You want to know how to be a friend of Allah come to his house, that's it.

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come to his house often spend time here.

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read Quran here tilava here come there is a serenity there is Baraka there are melodica there are angels, there are people there is Sakina there is peace, there is contentment, but we are searching for it everywhere else. We want to ask ourselves why am I not happy? Why is there no contentment? Why no why don't the owner of all those things to get close to him You have to come here but you are not here.

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simple mathematics. One plus one equals two. That's what I'm telling you. So Allah

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so at the time of as you're going past on a Sunday, maybe perhaps in your mind, there is a small plan, you know, I will pass by the machine. I will read Salah then I will go I will continue you synchronize your day way you work around the Salah. Now you're talking business, what is the point of the whole dunya coming to talk to me and to you when our connection with the house of Allah is almost zero. It's only Juma and eat right? Juma we are there and that to the Jumeirah Am I right or wrong? If I were to say many of us come quite late. Am I right? It's a reality. Look, we are nodding. It's true. And I'm I'm grateful that you are owning up because it's true. Right? We come

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late for Joanne it is the eve of the Muslims in the week. Joomla Joomla we say we greet people on the Friday so many greetings but we are late for Salah what was the point of it? The day of eat we greet people with the eat greeting but that's the day we commit sins. You worship Allah through the whole month of Ramadan and in one day, the sinner the alcohol the gambling the whatever else everything is committed on the day of eat Oh what you did in Ramadan. What was the point? What was the point?

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I see people who wear proper clothing through the month of Ramadan, the day of eat is a day of *, *, they are *. So what what happened in Ramadan, was it just a show?

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inshallah we can change this by the will of Allah my brothers, my sisters, I'm encouraging myself. I am weak. I'm encouraging myself to read more.

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Read more and

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go more often to the machine house of Allah. Spend time here. If you come to the masjid and you cannot wait to get out there is a problem with you a man.

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But if you are outside the masjid and you cannot wait to get in, now you are a friend of Allah.

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See the difference? When you start your Salah and you can't wait to finish it, there is a problem. But when you are not in salah and you can't wait to get into Salah now you are a friend of Allah when you go into sujood and you want to come out so quickly, you have a problem. But when you are not even Institute and you can't wait to get into sujood now you are a friend of Allah. When we go to sujood what do I do we say in such that Subhana Allah bl

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Allah? How many times

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how many times three times I encourage you to say it five times.

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Is it okay to say five times? It's okay. Some people say one time locked

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up again What did we do? We just bounce trampoline bow up again. trampoline tune like this. Take your time go down Subhana Allah This is for Allah. All praises due to my Rob who is the highest or praise is due to my Rob who is the highest All praise is due to my Rob who is the highest All praise is due to my Rob who is the highest All praise is due to my Rob who is the highest thing you say Allahu Akbar. I said it 500 times. Why? I want to add another two for the sake of Allah it's not a bit it is a sin, which means you are allowed to add as many as you want.

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edit a few more time. Take your time. Look, I want to end with one word because there is one moment

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the closest that a worshiper can get to Allah is sudo. Accra boo Maya Kunal Abdullah, Ravi wahoo Asahi, the closest you can get to Allah is when you are in such depth, right.

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The level of closeness of yours to Allah is also determined by how much you enjoy your sujood or how little you want to be introduced.

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Did you hear this, the closest you can ever be to Allah is in such depth.

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The closest you can ever be in to Allah is in such them. So if you don't like it in such depth, you need to work a bit more hard.

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If you are finding a problem in such that you want to get up quickly into June, you need to work on yourself. Please my brothers and sisters, I promise you whatever you have in this world, your job your family, your this your that your wealth, your position, your power, all of it is going to go the day they bury you in your grave go to the graveyard and look at the names of the people they had more than you they were more powerful than you they look better than you they had more wives and more children. They had everything they have gone totally out what will help them How much do they made that will help them

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right? how good they were as people that will help them. That's why I'm telling you. Take a look at what I've said today. short talk but very to the point.

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Come for Allah spend time with Allah. Allah will spend so much on you so much. Spend more time, take it easy, just go even if you are weak, even if you are sinful. Even if you think you are a bad person. No one is too bad to turn to Allah. Just try it with Allah. Just try turning to Allah to Ricardo Salah Miku come go down to sujood and just say Subhana Allah Oh my Rob, you are the greatest. Learn the meanings of what you were saying. Because if you know the meaning you will enjoy the statement more. And when you enjoy it, you say it a few more times say Oh Allah, spend a moment in sudo and then when you come up you feel so much better. For the sake of Allah, your life will

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change. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant every one of us ease and goodness I indeed have enjoyed my short stay here in this beautiful Is it a town or a city? It's a city so Hanalei means it has a lot of people. Right? city, it's a city of Newport, isn't it? And I don't know it is very old, but they still call it Newport, perhaps because the people are always refreshed, right?

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So May Allah bless you.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all strength, like I say with me.

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shaking my hand will never guarantee you a place in general. taking a photo with me will not help you in your grave. But if you are closer to Allah, all of the problems will be solved. So if I'm working out after Salah if no one wants to take a photo and no one wants to actually get hyped up and push and shove, about shaking hands perhaps we can shake hands for the people who we are passing by as we are going and one man you are 1000 people how can we shake everybody's hand and everyone gets excited? And then what do you make do? I make do after you make to offer me it is the biggest gift you can give me and the biggest gift I can give you may Allah bless you. May Allah ease

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whatever difficulties you my brothers and my sisters are going through and inshallah in this way we will engender conflictos by connecting ourselves to none other than Allah and His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all.

Newport Masjid
22 April 2019

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