Mohammed Hijab – Will William Lane Craig Dissassociate from David Wood

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © A video on Muhammad's actions appears to be controversial and has been posted on a website. The video appears to be a nod to Muslim apologists oresterday's statements, but the content and context are unclear.
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Since I cannot fathom a Muslim apologist who is willing to stoop to the level of a Job's disgusting spit fast spectacles just as my video on Muslims arguing with themselves as proven true in multiple ways, so has my video on Muhammad had jobs, obscene obnoxious behavior some of Muhammad jobs recent comments were collected

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My Goodness What is this? Oh, look at that. Oh my goodness look rough you guys can see this

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little light there. Oh, look at that, sir. Oh Fati ha

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Oh fuzzy here

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sir. Oh

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really? Do you really?

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Do you really think we can't we can't escalate Do you mind

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Do you really think

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that you want to go this route?

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You think oh, he made He made us lemme sighs me he made the boom boom room. Dude. I will buy the domain piss on the if you keep going down this road and every single thing every single thing that happens every single thing that happens I will say this is because this is this is Muhammad had job

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in this direction. Hey Muhammad, you like to you like to spit right?

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there being any significant challenge to him?

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Doesn't he call on any of these people? I'm not I'm not aware of there being any significant challenge to him from from Muslim apologists or Muslim scholars in Poland. I'm not I'm not aware of there being any significant challenge to him from

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