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Now let's wrap it up on this, what message do you send out? I think the message is very clear with the numbers and we ask Allah to accept it will only say this or they know what time it is. The message our numbers are clear is a message to them. What message do you give to do Hindutva? Yes, not the Hindus, the Hindus

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you got to make sure that distinction is made Yes. Because nowadays when I speak about one people Yes, the papers will say I'm speaking about another Yes. That was last time. Well since Coolio died this time, and you know, they can't cut and paste Well, I said, you know, yes, my message today and advise that Yes.

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My message messages

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are the shadow of death? Yes, as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I turn on my life and realize there's nothing left because I've been laughing I'm blasting so long that even my mama thinks some of mine has gone cuz I never crossed a man that didn't deserve it.

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Like a punk you know, that's unheard of. Okay. You better watch how you're talking and where you're walking? Are you in your boys will be lined in chalk

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Are you sure you remember from back then? Or did you do?

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I mean, the message is clear brothers sisters,

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who have you know, cause tensions but I think things have calmed down the Muslim in the Hindu community have come together. You know, I've spoken to some of the individual Hindus actually themselves. I went to the house, they invited me to the house. You know, very lovely individuals. We have absolutely no problem with them. They know that. But our attention is with the media and those liars and we will expose them and we are coming for them intellectually to next time from Speaker's Corner and Muhammad hijab. A Salam aleikum wa

You better watch how you’re talking and where you’re walking

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