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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The history and success of Islam in Turkey, including the famous painting of a turkey and the scourge of the OMA, is discussed. The responsibility is to not get into trouble, not get fired, and not get angry. The responsibility is to not get into trouble, not get fired, and not get angry. The importance of praying and not just saying things that can't understand is emphasized. The return of Islam to Turkey is also discussed, including the struggles of Islam in the public and the importance of finding a way to trust the people.
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After praising Allah subhana, who was out of the glorified and exalted the mighty and majestic and testify to his unique oneness and to the finality of Prophethood being in Mohamed salah, who are they you already was a lamb

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and after welcomed my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal and reminding myself before you with the Taqwa of Allah to be conscious of him, and dutiful to him, and consistent in our love and our loyalty and our submission to Him subhanho wa taala.

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Brothers and sisters in the hadith of Phil ban Radi Allahu Allah to authentically reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You Sheikh will enter their alley Komodo ma'am camera today Akella to Illa Casati ha, very soon a time will come when the nations of the world invite one another to devour you to consume you. The same way diners invite one another to a dish. Go ahead. No, no, you first. That's simple.

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And interestingly, though, it has manifested many times over in the 1800s. In particular, you can go into the British Museum today, or even just Google this. In 1802. There is a famous painting, where the European powers are standing around the table on this table is a huge turkey. They're carving up a turkey.

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The head of this turkey is literally the head of the Turkish sultan, the head of the Ottoman Empire, that he left for the caliphate of the Muslims. And each of them is saying in Light Spirits. I want to carve a piece from the rump, my grandmother like this piece of the turkey and so on and so forth. But this was not coincidental, even in 1891, whenever in the newspapers and you can easily look this up as well after the whole.

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The Berlin conference which was hosted by the king of Belgium, Belgium Leopold,

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it is always depicted in food terms all of the caricatures. The cartoons are always food terms, they're always cutting up a cake, because King Leopold used to always refer to the colonial project, the Imperial project of dicing up the OMA as splitting up the cake, cutting the cake of Africa, the cake of the Congo and so on and so forth. Look at how precise the prophecy was by our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but the Hadith continues. And it says this will happen like yeah rasool Allah, I mean, Piglet in that new Yeoman Eve, is this going to happen? Because we're gonna be so few on that day, because like we understand before, we were few, and we were getting massacred

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everywhere, but now we've gained traction. We've gained numbers. Are we gonna like trickle off lesson in numbers later? And that is why and he said, But Antonio Mazin Cathy's No, no, no. Rather, you will be plenty on that day. You will have abundant numbers let's say 2 billion for example.

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Well that can that come with that and get with that sale, but the issue is going to be that you're going to be weightless, like the bubbles on top of the water you just in every wish you're weightless, you have no significance, you have no influence.

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And may Allah rectify our condition? 2 billion Muslims today, for example, cannot get a bottle of water, can I get a loaf of bread into Gaza?

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And he continued to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Allah who will * remove out of the hearts of your enemies, any fear of you any intimidation of you, you they will pay no regard to you whatsoever.

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And he will place in your hearts weakness. So they said what is this weakness here rasool Allah, they know what the word weakness means. They're saying what's the source of it? Where's it coming from? He said, Who Dooney our camera here to note, you will be obsessed with the life of this world. And you will be too fearful of death. We all hate death row afraid of that too fearful of death, meaning you will be paralyzed by these two issues. These two factors these two diseases that will cause you to be a pushover. No matter how many numbers you have.

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You know, there were hundreds of years ago manifestations of this as well, without downplaying the severity of what the OMA is going through today. It actually is a fraction compared to what happened for example, during the Mongol scourge when the Mongols overrun this OMA and they had almost essentially finished off the old man conquered this OMA and then Islam conquered their hearts and they became the new Oma. But in Baghdad alone during that scourge during the massacres of the Mongols. 800,000 Muslims were slaughtered, not just slaughtered, but slaughtered by hand, right

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Right, there's no bumps with blades 800,000. But what was the picture, the iconic picture of the Muslim in that era, the historian sell you it was so bad that the Mongols soldier would have a Muslim on his knees and tell him don't move. And he'll go and grab a rock to come back and smash it on top of his head to kill him. And he didn't go anywhere.

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So the weakness was get up and run, so afraid for your life that it costs you your life. So paralyzed by our fears, that we are not able to do anything but sit around while we are being killed. It costs us our lives sometimes as he said, salAllahu alayhi wasallam, to be too concerned about our lives and our livelihoods.

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And that is why the very first thing we have to always keep talking about is to not get blurry, not get fatigued, not get defeated, strengthening your heart to trust Allah, no matter what happens is your primary duty here. And that is the toughest responsibility you have to be honest.

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Islam is not, you know, a test of life. Because you need to pray, you know, five minutes every few hours with your five prayers, right? It's not because a fraction of a fraction of what you haven't used your savings, you got to pay it into the cap. The most difficult test is what I'm not allowed to know when this is going to end. And why this is happening this atrocity and still trust Allah azza wa jal, that's the hardest one to keep my heart reined in on, he knows better, and he will make it worth our while and what Allah says is true, and he never breaks His promises.

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You know, often many people say or they think,

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when will the victory come?

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The person who's locked in on a Quranic worldview does not have that question. Because that question is wrong. If you mean for the people of Gaza, the victory of Allah has already come.

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Being killed does not mean you failed. There were prophets of God that have been killed. Do we not read the Quran. They are the people of the trench who held on to their belief in Allah despite being burned alive, and Allah called them successful. And suitable borouge In Alladhina, amanu hamilo Solly hat, those who believed held on to their faith and their good deeds for them our Gardens underneath which rivers flow Hola, Erica.

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Valley, Cal, Felsen Kabir, this is the true success. they've succeeded. The Quran says they succeeded. Why? Because they accepted death over disbelief. They opted to be martyred, then to sway in their faith, they've succeeded. The question is just evaporates from with the Quranic lens. You know, a few verses earlier about these people have the trench, this huge trench was dug for them turned into an inferno, they're being tossed into it for refusing to believe the king is God. Allah says women, Afghan women whom Illa and you mean will be lehle, Aziz and Hamid, they held nothing against these believers, except that they believed in Allah. But then they said, What Al Aziz and

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Hamid, the Almighty, they never swayed in believing that Allah can change this in a second. He is the Almighty, Al Hamid never swayed in believing that he is trusting that he is praiseworthy, whether he's praised or not, whether he does what we think is the best outcome or not, he is an Aziz, he's an Hamid, regardless of what happens, those are the people that have succeeded, according to the Quran.

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And so whoever does not tap into the Quran and stay close enough to the Quran,

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you will have a weakened heart. And if you have a weakened heart, one of two things is going to happen. Worst case scenario is that you will lose faith in Allah, may Allah protect us from ever falling into that. The second is to lose faith in the process. That is going to be a slow, uphill battle that is already gaining traction, but you're gonna sign yourself out of it. You lose hope and trying. You know, I'll give you a few examples.

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When the conflict, the war on Gaza, framed as a two way conflict, started, some of the first people to be penalized for raising their voice for the innocent. were students at Harvard University, they got Doxon to the end of it. What if they do that? They say there's no point in trying they kept pushing until the campus of Harvard was flooded with protests. And their resilience brought about an immediate result. Yes, in a small corner of the world, but it does make a difference until a trustee of Harvard University, a billionaire Zionist supporter and donor to Harvard and to the racist terrorist state of Israel. He resigned from the board of Harvard when this kept going. You know, we

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have in New Jersey here that physician who lost his job for supporting the cause online

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bringing awareness to the loss of lives and the innocent and the massacre is taking place. He lost his job

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And then petitions started going around. And many people said, what's the point? You know, they own the politicians, they own the lobbies. They're the biggest donors to the court. But what's the point? They lost faith in trying Alhamdulillah it wasn't everyone. Enough people said, Let me at least do what's in my power assignments position, position, his job was restored, he was reinstated the next day.

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We have a brother in this semester, who walked up to me, I shared it with some of you after the gym, I before I could move and said, you know, share with my co workers like everyone else, so a one sided statements from upper management. And we put our signatures together and said, You don't know the full story. And immediately, just like that, harmlessly, they got a response that we don't know, thank you for educating us, we are now matching our donation, we are also sending now $1.5 million through the Red Crescent for the people of Gaza and matching up to $200,000 for any of you that want to donate in that direction. But if you don't believe at heart, you see the whole world shutting its

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doors, unless you are absolutely certain that Allah who rewards for effort and supports those that support his cause. If you drift from that fountain of faith, you will give up on Allah or at least give up on the cause.

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There is nothing like the Quran to provide you with that. To know for certain to remember recall, reinforce why May Allah made you know there are bigger Illa who he said in the Quran. No one knows the soldiers the armies of Allah but him. You read in the Quran that around that was slaughtering babies, raised in his own lap, unwittingly, the baby that would end his tyranny. We have an inroad. Another king, in a time of Abraham, who claimed to be God, like fit around was destroyed by what by a mosquito or a fly that crawled up his nose, drove him insane. We have Eliza, the whole Surah of Allah has had the 33rd chapter of the Quran, the Zab where the Confederates confederated united

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against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was an army that was unprecedented never before seen that 10,000 people were in Arabia on one army at one time, and the Muslims couldn't fight them. So they did what was in their power, they dug a trench and they tried to hold out hoping they would not die of starvation because they couldn't actually come out and confront this army nobody could.

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But without their faith in Allah Who wavering and soon enough, Allah sends a sandstorm to put out their fires, the campfires of this massive unprecedented army and to uproot their tents and cause suspicions about each other in fighting to happen in that army, and they marched away without a fight. In humiliation, we get this from the Quran where else really find this. That's why you know, the Quran is called the vicar Allah says had the vicar This is an ultimate reminder because it's not that you don't know is that it gets eroded what you know, your strength and certainty in what you know could begin to deteriorate. So you need to be reminded about it. You know, Vic it whether it's

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the Quran, which is the greatest they could or the words of vicar Subhan Allah hamdulillah husband Allah when Allah kita Allahu Akbar como la ilaha illallah Hola, hola, La Quwata illa biLlah these words are meant to do what? You're not trying to remember. It's not like acrobatics you're doing up here you're not trying to remember a God that is absent. You're trying to revive yourself. You're trying to bring yourself back, resuscitate yourself from being absent minded from being heedless from losing that certainty and confidence.

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And you know, like look at the people of Gaza. I want you to to understand something very clearly this city, it is clear that they are uniquely resilient. And where does it come from? It is crystal clear that it comes from the Quran. You can look this up yourself. In August of 2023 There was a huge festival of sorts, where 1471 Who FOB memorizes of the Quran had gotten together the videos are online in a camp a one day camp to recite the Quran to each other in review form from cover to cover. The youngest of them was seven years old. The oldest of them were nearing 80 years old 1500 of them.

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They say there are over 50,000 people in Gaza who commit this plan to their hearts. Do you understand now why? You see a video of a mother in Reza able to bid all of her children farewell at once. It is very vivid the recall of gender being the place of reunions. Do you understand why now there are viral videos out there of a man standing over his slaughtered son and telling everyone else keep it together? Be patient. We all

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belong to Allah we come from him, we go back to him. The rest is details. Allah honored some of us here and some of us are wondering if we'll be honored who can speak like this. Someone that has internalized reality that is reality. So the victory is supposed to bring you back from the imaginary illusory

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fantasy that anyone else has power, or that this world is good for anybody or will remain for anyone.

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And on the opposite end, if we drift from the Quranic worldview,

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if the deen is an afterthought,

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if getting to the masjid regularly is extracurricular, if our relationship with the Quran is superficial,

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let me just read a few verses or read it once cover to cover my entire life and make a DUA and then we're good we're done. I mean, it's as if the Quran itself did not warn against this and see about Ben who is straw eel which we have been studying for weeks, women whom Oh Miyun Allah Allah Muna al Kitab Illa. Imani. Among them are those oblivious to our Scripture. They know nothing about this book except reciting it. It's just lip service, drone mode. That's it, and many were in whom in von neuen. And they can do nothing but speculate. Why Where did the faith fall apart? Why are you speculating? Why are you doubting about God? Because all you're doing is just what? Superficially

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reciting you have no choice to get your certainty from speculation when you have not tapped in enough gotten past the surface of the fountain of certainty, which is the Quran. And so I invite myself and every single one of you to pause and consider some radical changes in your life.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam feared for us above all else, he said, It is not poverty, I fear for you. It is the opportunities of this world becoming available to you. In other words, then they cause you blurriness, in other words, and they deceive you like to deceive the nations before you have only had the stuff for La Familia.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah wa Hoda, Shigella who are shadow and Mohammed and Abdullah who want to be you who are also

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in some inside Muslim my brothers and sisters. There is a Hadith that makes it very clear that this OMA

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will never die will never be broken will never remain asleep forever. Yes, they will invite one another's time and time again on this OMA like diners do a dish but they will never fully succeed. The hadith says

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and this is known as Hadith Ali Jabba the hadith of response and there is a masjid in Medina across the street from the Prophets Masjid called messenger Jabba because that is where Allah responded to this very special dua of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we continue to benefit from until this very moment.

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He came into the masjid and pray to rock us and raised his hands to the skies they made lengthy do I then turn to the Muslims and said I asked my lord for three things. And he granted me too and withheld one. One of those two He granted Subhanahu wa Taala the Prophet says, What's the L two L you sell later? I lay him i do what i mean see what I'm foresee him yesterday have a lotta home.

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And I asked him to never enable against my OMA and external enemy

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that will be empowered enough to annihilate them to cause the OMA to go extinct. For our attorney, however call wala would you tema ally him and be Acharya and so he granted me that and he said, even if the whole world from its farthest corners were to unite against your OMA

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you know, in 1914 when sort of the Khilafah was officially cancelled, the Ottoman Empire was officially demolished.

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Arabic was essentially outlawed, the masajid were some of the largest massage that are turned into museums. People are made to wear deliberately these front cap hats so that they don't make sujood properly.

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And yet Fast Forward 100 years is Islam dead in Turkey. This is not a political statement.

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President Erdogan got reelected because he is perceived as being less hostile to the religion to Islam than the other candidate. It wasn't economic economics right now are no nose diving in Turkey. Because the whole world is seeing them get strong as they're trying to strong arm them their final chance. Why did you get reelected if the economy's going like this? Because the people want Dean all over again.

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You know, in Algeria in so many parts of North Africa and the past 100 years with the colonial project, Arabic was systematically replaced with French so you can't understand your Quran. The Hijab was a crime to wear in public, not in France, but by French imperialists in North Africa. And they kept pushing and they kept believing and they kept reviving people's belief in this book. And then of course, there's much rebuild left to be done. But in 1962, as one of the brothers recently reminded us, when Algeria earned its independence, the chant in the street was what? Yeah, Mohammed Oh, Mohammed Mabrouk, Alec, congratulations, and Jessa Iraj at Lake Geneva, it has been returned to

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you. They couldn't get you out of our hearts. And if you want to understand why 100 years later, they are still failing at erasing Palestine off the face of the earth. Perhaps a hint as to why is because on one of the walls of an investor that officer today, in graffiti, they have it written Len tarka on Mattoon, called a Duhamel, Hemet and OMA nation whose commander and leader is Mohammed does not bow.

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And this is the reality we are still benefiting from his dua, and to the extent that we align with his tradition and his values and his certainty. We will read more and more of it in consola on circum, if you support the cause of Allah, He will support you.

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But I want to close out the whole time is over by reiterating this point, this issue is a personal decision.

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We know how it's going to end. Don't be a front runner. Don't wait to see it happen and then say I was with you guys, because he also told us Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam that the heat will get turned up so much at the end of time, that many people will be locked out of that wagon that caravan. He said you heard about Luna Sophia or Bella people will be shaking so much to be filtered through. Like you sift through flower you sift through a filter people will be filtered through other ahaadeeth Say, until people become one of two camps for starting a camp of faith Eman without any hypocrisy, no doubts involved, and a camp of hypocrisy consumed by their doubts in which there

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is no more faith whatsoever. And then when that happens, he said at the end of the Hadith, when it's like this fantasy to the gel, I mean Yomi he over there then awaits the rise of the gel the greatest trial ever.

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Either that day or at max the very next day following it. May Allah grant us all faith that doesn't waver and protect us from doubt and every behavior that would draw drilled down into us. May Allah azza wa jal give us support in this world and make us of those who've prosper on the day of judgment by meeting him with our faith. May Allah azza wa jal help us rebuild and awaken this OMA that has already begun. Make us an asset for it and not against it make us of those who propel it forward and not hold it back. Allahumma Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Carnaby and I'm Muhammad Ali. He was like a big marine

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