[Ep.02] Causes Of Disunity – Lack Of Tazkiyah – Managing Our Disagreements

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AI: Summary © The host discusses the causes of disunity and the importance of finding a person who is truly passionate about their beliefs. They emphasize the need for a transformation from religious knowledge to spiritual refinement and finding the right balance between spiritual and spiritual refinement. The host also emphasizes the importance of finding one's insincerity to purify oneself and finding their double standards to find their blindity.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah holla earlier savage mine. Welcome back to managing our disagreements we wanted to talk real fast in this episode about the causes of disunity share for Islam with the Tamia Rahim Allah and His book, it's about sort of that was the theme. He says that all of the causes the root causes of disunity, they can all be summarized and brought back to two, which are a volume one, Jen, the trans aggressiveness of the human being and the ignorance of the human being. And this is tricky, because these are inherent qualities in the human being meaning they have an inborn tendency towards them or inclination or propensity for them. Because

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Allah azza wa jal said in the end, that's what Allah Azza wa harmala Helene Cerna we know who cannot volume and Jehovah, the human being was daring enough to vow to opt for it the trust, the responsibility right of faith and righteousness, He took it on. And the human being is this is his prevailing tendency of volume transgressive, Jaya who ignorant. And so it's an uphill climb. And so we need to emphasize it, that it needs to be remedied something that's in us all this tendency of voting. Let's begin with voting transgressive. pneus in this episode, how do you remedy it, you remedy it with Dakhla inculcating in yourself a true cognizance of God, a true desire to please him

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a true sincerity with him. A true fear of him a true humility before Him. This is extremely important. You know, speaking about like religious knowledge in particular, it's so important for us to differentiate between, you know, religious knowledge and spiritual refinement because they're not always two sides of the same coin, meaning a person can gain spiritual religious knowledge and not to be spiritually pure, refined, and then it becomes a disaster. It's no coincidence that in the Quran every single time Allah describes the mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, I sent a messenger to recite to you our versus where you are living will use a key him or your

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limo Makita or hitman to purify them and educate them on the book and the Wisdom. So he always mentioned after reciting the book, to them religious knowledge to purify them, Allah mentioned that first and then to educate them. Second, because we have to prioritize the transformation, we have to be looking for more often the transformation that should come from religious knowledge over simply the information that comes from religious knowledge. And there's a big difference, right? Because without spiritual refinement, all the knowledge you gain will become what it'll become, you know, a haram meal that your ego gets to have right feeds your ego. It doesn't feed your image and your

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faith which is a disaster, it becomes ammo by which we attack one another right like evidences by which we argue it does not become an asset for the well being of a person for whom it becomes a fire that burns things down. Some of the scholars have said and not a, you know,

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a torch that Kindles light for him and the world is not a guiding light it becomes like a disastrous wildfire.

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And you know, notice also the Quran kept telling us that the nations before us metaphora Who did not become this United 11 Bad imager and formula Alamo belly and VEDA home except after the knowledge came to them. How by way of transgression, they were hostile towards one another, you see the sacred knowledge came, but the receptacles were corrupted, and so they were lost and destroyed despite the knowledge being there. There is even a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I will end with here narrated by AMA and others where he said my ummah will go astray by way of the book and milk they said what is the book and the milk? He said they will read the Quran and interpret it

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basically however, they like selective textualism use what they want to use for their, you know, agendas, he said and the milk they will basically leave town you know, forsake lose interest in the communal obligations of Joomla and Gemma add congregational prayers and go out to the desert so they'll have basically more space to have dairy farms and materialism you know, profit entrepreneurship, this game. So what is he saying? He's saying that the purest thing the Quran, and the purists think milk by the way, milk are the sign of purity and the fitrah the pure nature of the human being in the deen

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milk represents that and other Hadith these

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To Purus things, if the heart is diseased with shobhaa doubts, you know regarding the Quran because they want to have doubts, corrupt understandings and share who you know desires, the desire for more and more money, milk, these pure substances will still be a reason for people to go astray or something wrong with them. Not something wrong with these sacred or pure elements. So check for a vote in your entire life. It's so easily identifiable transgressive pneus it's just so hard to identify it in yourself. So we need deep cleaning. We need introspection constantly and forever.

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To find our insincerity is to find our blind partisanship and you know blind loyalties to find our double standards. May Allah subhanaw taala purify us and you and make us always conscious of the emphasis our deen gives to this above all else, and help us purify ourselves. He is the only one that can do so Zach Loffredo until the next episode said I want to take him