Mohammad Elshinawy – Divinely Sheltered – Reflections on Surat Al-Hujurat 06

Mohammad Elshinawy
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lehle Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hall early he was a huge Marine. We begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and Miss find his peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tread his path. We continue with our study of Surah, that hudgell rots, the surah of adab. And the whole Quran is that but this one consolidates the idea of Islam in a very succinct and a very brilliant way.

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And I just want to walk through last week's verse very quickly because it's so connected with the with the verse that we couldn't complete for this week, which is the 12 the verse and also because I don't think I did a very good job of separating for you the difference between Seoul Korea, which is mockery, and LEMs, which is

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what is the best word for lamps, you know, to be critical and condemning and accusatory of your brothers and sisters and inevitable cob which is to taunt them with offensive derogatory nicknames. So Allah azza wa jal says in the ad lavanderia layers are calm and calm and let no group of people you know, develop this bigotry towards another group of people. And we spoke about that right? Perhaps they may be better than them those that they are making fun of those that they are mocking, they are actually superior to them.

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Nor any group of women against a group of women and we said you know of the benefits here is for our sisters, sisters to pay extra attention to this. And then Allah azza wa jal says, well attend Mizzou and full second and do not.

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Do not derive yourselves do not condemn yourselves. Do not criticize yourselves. And we said yourselves because you're one body and yourselves also. Because when you do this to people, you know, when you make these gestures at each other, you know, when you make these when you laugh at each other when you make memes about each other, right? This type of behavior, you know adds insult to injury, it is not just that you're criticizing them, but you're also

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belittling them

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by assuming this word won't hurt their feelings or sometimes because you're assuming they won't even be intelligent enough to notice because Lam's at times could be like a wink or a gesture or an eye roll or visa or smirk or things of this nature, Allah has did not do that. Let me zoom for a second do not

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scoring at one another while at inevitable club, and do not ever use derogatory nicknames for each other. And I shied away from giving examples. But we all know what we're talking about the right I mean, it tells you basically that of the rights of a Muslim upon a Muslim is that you call him by names that he loves, right? If someone is being sloppy, you're supposed to tell him in the most subtle way you don't call him I don't know, a pig, right? That's not the way you do it.

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If someone is not intelligent or not doing something intelligent, you tell you point this out to them in a way that would be reformatted. You don't just say, dummy or something, right? And the list of course, is endless.

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If someone also has like a physical deficiency, you don't just say this, you know,

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do door for images, or something of this, all of these things. I don't need to give examples. It's clear. This is inevitable alcohol to replace the person's name with a nickname that is derogatory.

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And you know, I shot the logo on one time when she's gestured about one of the wives of the Prophet SAW said and I'm speaking about like, she's quite short. The Prophet SAW Selim said, You have said a statement and she didn't say statement she just said with her hand, but that is saying a lot. So he said, You have said something that were to be mixed with the water of the oceans, it would have contaminated them.

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And subhanAllah that is why that is that we're leaving now. But that idea ends with the way out of this woman lemmya tube, like a homer volley moon, whoever does not repent. So there's the path to redemption. But whoever doesn't this is your final chance. Then they are the wrongdoers. They are the oppressors. And it is very important to focus on the word of oppressors because all these things mockery, what we may think are innocent laughs What we may think are not that big of a deal of gestures and glances and you know, nicknames offensive nicknames, these are actually oppression, because many times you may think oppression is like physical only physical abuse, or financial, you

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know, usurping people's money or something. But no, there is emotional oppression, there is psychological oppression, there is oppressing a person's honor a person's reputation. And so Allah is saying there is a path out it's called tilba repentance. We'll come back to that after today's idea. But whoever doesn't do that, make no mistake about it. You are of the oppressors. This is a form of oppression, due to of course, the very high rank and the sensitivity of brotherhood in Islam.

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And so today's idea that we began last week

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but didn't finish yeah you have Latina mn Oh, you have believed each Danny boo Kathy Ramona Vaughn avoid much suspicion, much suspicion meaning the baseless suspicions and most of them are baseless. In above Avani if and because some of suspicion is sinful, meaning that baseless, which is the majority.

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And we said that sometimes you have to, sometimes you have to suspect.

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Like when you have good reason to suspect, when there is a benefit in suspecting or a benefit in confirming, you know, like, I'm going to bla bla bla the Allahu, and he gives us a beautiful example. They have to have him Allah narrates that when he was when he wanted to hire someone for a certain task to your question.

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Rather than a beat. He said, I don't know you. And it does not harm you that Omar doesn't know you like I won't hold it against you. You're not guilty until proven innocent, but still, I need some sort of references. Right? And so he said, Go find me someone who knows you. So he brought that someone. So I'm going to ask the someone the one who wanted to vouch for this man. He said, Did you ever traveled with him? He said, No. He said, Are you his neighbor? He said, No. I said, Have you ever dealt with him in business? He said, No. He said, then

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your testimony is rejected. You don't know him well enough. He said, you probably saw him in the masjid. Lengthening his prayers. He prays like thoroughly. He said, Yeah, he said, Yeah, you don't know. But the idea is, I want you to catch up to things. So Omar Abdullah Hassan had a certain threshold of when he could use someone, there's a reason they're not the suspect, but to confirm, right he's not saying he's guilty, but same time there's difference between innocent and qualified, right. And so Omar was not reassured of his qualification simply on the basis of the man claiming to be so or someone who knows him superficially that he dresses religiously or attends the masjid or

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prays to rock either drops to tears and that's not enough for this right different qualification will be required

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Yeah, that's it will not take this too long. And so he said the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said er como one beware of suspicion otherwise, while at the hustle and do not probe don't go in fishing after things while at the Justice zoo and do not definitely don't spy so you're never allowed to spy but also don't probe because if you probe looking for something suspecting that it's there, you will assume you found it. It's called confirmation bias. We said this last week. And we said this hadith is to be understood when there is no benefit no justification in probing spying, never probing the default is don't do it, unless you need to do it.

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And then he says in that same Hadith, you know, and be

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and be brothers and be brothers in another wording of this hadith. You know, suspecting is not just suspecting by the way people is also suspecting people statements, like jumping to conclusions about what people mean.

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The right of brotherhood is that you assume the best of your brother's word so long as you can almost actually himself once again about the law and he said this, he said lay a halo limit in muslimin. There is not halal for a Muslim person.

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And the ESMA li Fe he Kelly may tend to hear a word from his brother

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Javon Newby has to assume the worst of it right interpreted in a negative light, will who are Yeji do let half in hiring Mullen while he can still find a way to interpret it to understand it in a better light, so long as it can be understood in a better way. You're not allowed to assume of it the worst possible interpretation. This is extremely good with spouses as well. Right? Relax, hold on, can this be understood in a better way? Even if it's less likely, and it's not the end of the world for you to be wrong? Let us for the sake of it. Assume the best of the statement. Right.

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I may have told you before that.

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I remember chef Rahim Allah Allah when he was sick and a man walked in on him.

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He said to him,

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Ko Allahu La fuck. May Allah strengthen your weakness, meaning replace your weakness with strength. But a chef mo told him this is improper, it is not the right way to articulate. You're supposed to say Oh ALLAH who was a wildlife Allahu lafa May Allah strengthen your strength and weaken your weakness. He said to him, because if you strengthens my weakness, he'll kill me. If I get any weaker, I'm going to die. So say me, Allah adds strength to your strength and weaken your weakness, meaning, you know, allow it to deteriorate and wither away. So he said to me, I'm a chef or a wala, Hema or to Ilahi.

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It Wallahi I only meant well by what I said. I know I worded it wrong, but I didn't mean anything bad by it. So a chef or him a whole lot said to him in the Alamo. And Niccolo said of attorney Murata lol Hi, I know that if you were to cuss me out, you only meant well,

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that's very difficult to do. But he will chef and I will try to say you don't maybe he had a bad day. Maybe he didn't mean it. Maybe his tongue slipped. Maybe he wanted to say something bad but not that bad. Maybe he honestly thought that I had sold out my religion and became a scholar for dollar type personality. All right, he'll figure out a way. I think the wording was wrong, the intention was off whatever it was, the intention was the right place, but his judgment was off.

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And this is just really good etiquette to have in our houses, in our massages in our marriages, in our relationships in general. You know why? I know I'm harping on this but I need to, because if you don't get into the habit of interpreting words correctly, based on the fact that the default of the Muslims that he's a good person, sure there's bad Muslims out there. But if you don't, if you allow shaytaan to Jade, you, you know, to skew your perspective, make it you know, dark and gloomy and, you know, doom and gloom, you will not be able to find anyone that is excused. Because, you know, the poet he says when maniac will feminine marine marine aged moron, VENA Sol, whoever has a sour

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taste in their mouth, we'll find the freshest water to be sour tasting, good. The problem is your mouth. It's not the water. You know, there are even people that

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will read a statement for the prophets, Allah Himself obviously not the Muslim man, but for the Prophet SAW Salah himself. Actually, this one came from

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a new Muslim, he just couldn't get past the Hadith, because there was something wrong with his lens. Like he became Muslim. And he was just like, he read too fast for his brain to keep up he really did. So I gave him a Shahada. And he called me the next day. He said, Okay, I just finished talking to Bill Clinton, I got questions. I said, You did what? He said he I finished it. And and then he had like this 1215, a hadith he just had to ask me about. And some of them were just like, are you serious? Did you How could you possibly misunderstand this? Right? And so one of the Hadith I can't forget, is the hadith of Aisha in Bukhari and Muslim where the Prophet SAW Selim was kissing one of

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his grandsons. And so after Abdullah habits Bedouin man, rough and gruff, they teach their men to be, he thought, this is like anti masculinity to kiss your voice. And so he said to him to compete with a Serbian or messenger of Allah, you kiss your voice. And so the Prophet SAW Selim said, our Emblica in Canada, NASA, Allah, human kobika, Rama like do I possibly possess anything, meaning to help you, after Allah has pluck the mercy from your heart? Like because he said, I'm sorry, yeah, rasool Allah, you kiss your boys, Leah Ashra to Minella, Malka bell to the minimum I have 10 sons. I've never kissed a single one of them.

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He's bragging about it like, this is what a man is supposed to do. And this is how you raise men. So he said to him, I Allah has pulled the mercy from your heart, how can I possibly help you?

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This brother said to me, the Prophet SAW Selim kiss the boys.

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I said what he said he gets the boys.

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I said the Hadith read the end of the Hadith. It says it was mercy, a merciful kiss Allah pulling mercy from your heart, these are his grandchildren. But Subhanallah once you have a certain tint, everything gets interpreted wrong. You know, I remember I've been working on this hadith collection

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for the past two or three years now, translating or helping with the translation. And there was one Hadith that I came across a few days ago. And I just smiled because I was thinking about this concept that you know, unless you are, like I said, usually a Muslim will not do this. And we're so certain in the Prophet SAW Salem, that we would not misinterpret these things. So I was imagining someone that could have doubts about their religion, or non Muslim exploring someone that has certain misconceptions in their head about Islam and women and violence and so on and so forth.

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That Hadith says it was about the Athens hotel, right?

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Where the Prophet SAW Selim was given extra leeway regarding marriage, Allah allowed him on the island of salaam to marry more than four women and women could marry themselves to the province or something if they so desire to say you had a sort of lie, give myself to you in marriage, and Allah had a greater wisdom for this right to bring the tribes together, and more people to document his life and so on and so forth. Right? If you did not know for certain that he was the messenger of Allah and many people have said this, to me, this looks like a double standard. Muslims get four he gets more than four. He's not following the rule. Right? Because you have this suspecting

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perspective, right? And so in this hadith when that I came down about

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A woman gifting herself to the Prophet SAW Selim she chooses to do so meaning in marriage. I Aisha Radi Allahu Allah, you know how much she loved the process? And how much of how protective she was of her time with him and not wanting to share it more and more and more with others. She went to him and she said, yeah rasool Allah, Allah, Allah, you sit here ofI hillock, I see that Allah rushes to your desires. In other words, Allah pleases you, Allah makes rules that you have a preference for, right? A person can say, see? There is right? Of course.

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This is absurd, because I Isha herself never suspected the Prophet SAW Selim she meant met, you must really mean a lot to Allah azza wa jal that the things you like Allah gives you. Whereas someone if they have suit as one, then they can even read this incorrectly and say, See, she is saying that the rules are being made up as they go to be convenient for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So it is one of the worst qualities ever, to have one suited one to have suspicions of people. And the more righteous a person is,

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then outside of that issue that you suspect, you should say, Wait, let me measure it against his track record. Let me measure it against the default. And maybe there's an explanation I just can't see right now. And dismiss and dismiss unless you need to investigate. That is the idea.

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Okay, now here's the question. What if I needed to investigate or I didn't investigate? It just so happens that it wasn't suspicion, it just came my way. I didn't go looking. And I found out that it was true. This negative thing about my brother and sister were moving from London from suspicion to confirmation. How do you treat confirmation?

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There's nothing to rush about, you've confirmed not to rush into it.

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Let's imagine

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this person who we all believe is very righteous.

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was confirmed to have be having a haram relationship. Right?

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Video footage of him having late night Chai with a woman who's not his wife or his sister or his mom, or his aunt or his cousin or his niece or Well, cousin sorry, not cousin cousin will be a problem.

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Unless she's his wife. Right? What do we do then? If it's confirmed?

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Let's imagine there's he's guilty.

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Let's imagine someone is guilty.

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You can advise him.

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Find someone to advise him if you're not the best person for it fine.

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Assume do not belittle him. Definitely.

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Shut your mouth.

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Right. Because this one is the biggest problem. Usually people speak in a way that is not advice to him, or not in a way that find someone to find advice for him and not in a way that is humble regarding his condition, right? You're just spreading his flaws, right or wrong. And that is called riba that is called backbiting.

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To the ISS, avoid suspicion, some much suspicion some some of it is is sinful. Well at the Justice zoo and don't spy now here you found out something. What I talked about blucon Baba, and let no one of you back a bite another speak behind their back. This is about what about confirmed stuff? Because if it's not confirmed stuff, it's not backbiting. It's slander now.

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It's not backbiting. I want you to catch this. We are talking about actual haram actual crimes, if you will. That's what Backbiting is because when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I had written the melody but do you know what Backbiting is? They said Allah and His Messenger know best. He said they could look at a hawk and be my Accra mentioning your brother in a way that he hates. Follow your rasool Allah alright, and canopy,

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cooling canopy him out of school. What if your Rasulillah what I'm saying about him, actually exists in him. He said, if it exists in him, and notice what Allah has, but also love ourselves so wise. He didn't say that it's backbiting. He said, If like are you really sure? He reiterated it back to them. If it actually is as you claim that it's in him, then it's backbiting. We're in Lam tech on fee Mata Kulu for her better who and if it's not in him, if it's suspicion or complete

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debate. If it's not there, then you have slandered him. You've combined backbiting and character assassination or backbiting and lying.

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You've done both.

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And so this is the definition of libre the mention of your brother.

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And that mentioned once again could be like this could whatever it is right

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dimension of your brother in a way that he dislikes that is actually true. Are there exceptions? Yes. But before I list to you the exceptions, let us realize that the exceptions must never become the rule. They can never become the majority case, they must never become the norm, right? Like I'm going to read to you now six exceptions. Those six are six Backbiting is one thing. Exceptions are six. So the exceptions are no, no, no. The exceptions mean you will be very careful to make sure it actually falls into one of these six. Otherwise, everything else is backbiting, that sort of thing. So the scholars, they actually put it in a couple of the poetry, they said, a God who,

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basically speaking negatively of someone detracting from someone's reputation, but speaking negatively if someone les said, believe that in fee setting is not backbiting in six scenarios, mutawa limine. One more i riffin, one will have very motor vollem mean someone who is a plaintiff complaining of volume. So it's not the backbiting when you go to the judge and say he hasn't paid me the debts. That's not backbiting, right? He promised and defaulted on the house or the car or whatever. That's not like by No way. Can't say Oh, because he's a Muslim. Sorry, we have a chatty out here. No. And there's proof for each of these six I just can't drag you through that. The

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Prophet SAW sent him had people complained to him of people by name, that simple. And he didn't say, hey, you know, conceal your brother. So whatever limit one more I riffin and to identify someone to leave. So if someone you're identifying them in a way that needs to be

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made or said or use that form of identification, to avoid confusion about who we're talking about, then it would be allowed. So,

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for example, Jacoba his Salam said to Yusuf don't mention this to your brothers because they might scheme against you. It'd be fine.

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Allah azza wa jal himself subhanho wa Taala said I must say whatever Allah and Jaya hula Amma he found and turned away when the blind man ordinarily say the blind guy, when you could have avoided that would be wrong. Right? But if we're trying simply to identify someone, and there's going to be like too much ambiguity without it, we're just gonna have to say, okay, yeah, the brother. Yes, the one visually impaired, Yeah, him. That's him. That would not be backbiting.

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When we'll have video and we're need to warn someone, you can say I'm gonna respect his honor or respect his reputation and conceal his flaw if it's going to lead to someone getting blindsided by him.

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Like following up into fights about the hola Ana, she came out also the la sauce I learned she said that, while we it is a piano and I Bucha him both proposed to me in marriage, which one should I marry? So he said more IWEA does not have enough money and Abuja him doesn't put his stick down. It's an expression, meaning he's just very aggressive.

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And those are the two qualities women can't stand most than men.

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To feel like they're stingy. Sometimes it's a wrong accusation, but to feel like they're stingy, and to feel like they are, you know, The Incredible Hulk.

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And so he said, This person doesn't have enough money that would ordinarily back Brian's gets poor, right. But because he this is going to, you know, have an effect on the success rate of marriages. He had to tell her

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and this one is very aggressive, marry Osama, so she married Osama seven, or the Allahu taala. And

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so we said someone a plaintiff or someone identifying and Mojave and someone cautioning when he moved here in fisken. When we stepped in woman, tolerable iannetta Allah is Allah Timon, Carrie. And for someone who is open about their sinful lifestyle that person has, you're not exposing them anymore, they are exposing themselves, and they are basically a menace to society. And so you are in that case, keeping people from them, not necessarily preserving their reputation. They have already tore that down.

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And that's pretty straightforward and their other evidence is for it. One was stuffed in and someone who needs a fatwa, someone who needs to say if at work, and he needs to explain to the sheriff and this is a little bit close to him.

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With a volume someone who needs to go to a judge, even though the photo and the verdict from court or the edict de facto from scholar are a little bit different, but the end result is the same. I can't get the answer I need without being specific. Without being clear. That's fine. Then the sixth one is a mandala. Boliviana Allah is Allah, Tim and Carrie, and whoever is seeking aid in removing some sort of

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evil, some sort of vise right fi can't do it. I don't have influence on that person. I gotta reach out for help. I gotta go speak to their parents. Otherwise, otherwise, if he's not in the sixth, concealing your brother, your sister, when they are confirmed to have done a haram is mandatory.

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Riba is haram. You're obligated, you know, to not entertain others when they're exposing them. Also, not just you don't expose them. You don't entertain it. Like I have. One of the shields I

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actually listen to stuff seems with a lot. And

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he's a he's a very strong steward of knowledge mashallah contemporary. He says, someone comes to me and tells me my brother, my brother from my mom, he always shows the parable of brothers blood brothers with Eman brothers, because we should it helps us realize how careful we should be how protective we should be. And he says, we caught him. There's proof. Look at the phone. I have it on video. Right? Here you go. He doesn't he gives me the phone. What do I do?

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What am I supposed to do?

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He says I break the phone.

00:26:37 --> 00:26:42

He said, Well, there's a condition to breaking the phone. You have to have enough money to buy him a new phone.

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But in other words, I absolutely will not entertain this because that is not how you reform someone help someone. Right? When the Prophet SAW Selim was approached by a man who said I caught my slave fornicating he said to him * as to who became public, why didn't you conceal him with your garment? That's not meant literally, by the way doesn't mean stand there with your garment. He meant why didn't you use everything you owned to conceal him? Even if it came down to like your you know, your clothing basically? Or what's what's hanging on your shoulders? Right? Meaning Why didn't you go out of your way to conceal him?

00:27:22 --> 00:27:31

Why also, do you think that if someone were to come not with their slave somewhere to come and say this sister committed X? What what do we say?

00:27:33 --> 00:27:45

You need to bring 123 More, and we're going to cross reference them. And if they don't all have the exact same story, they're all getting flogged. They're all getting whipped. Right. Why?

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Because concealment is mandatory. Right. You know, this rule if you really think about it, this rule of four people seeing what happened explicitly, not just a seen a blanket, no, explicitly what happened. For people seeing that doesn't even happen in these haram relationships that are paid for right? In other words, this rule is really there to prevent the

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the broadcasting of this act, right. This would be * basically. Right? That's what this rule is, therefore, to make sure society is not normalizing this pushing it in people's fate. How in the world can this happen? That is why by the way, in Islam, this never has the punishment for Zina been upheld based on for witnesses, never only on confession,

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as so many of the scholars mentioned for centuries and centuries never happened. Concealment is mandatory, you know, even Subhanallah

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the value of concealment is what it helps people reform like I said, Why is it that when someone is confirmed to have commit Zina, one of the punishments, but there are formative punishments for Xena is that you get removed from that town or that city or that land for a year.

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Because that is the city that everyone's saying those guys. You know, this guy, we all know what he's about. He will not be able to ever escape the shadow of his crime. Whereas him leaving town causing people to forget and putting him around people that don't know this about him will accelerate his return to the path right

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and so

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you know,

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you don't most people expose others they talk about this stuff why

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forget why why do who are the people that get spoken about the most

00:29:43 --> 00:29:53

the people who are most popular the people who are most successful right around it, aren't they aren't the news, you know, headlines always talking about this person got caught who?

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A nobody or someone that has lots of clout. Why is that

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Because these people, everyone sees them as having outraced everyone else, right? Even religious circles, we call it the sheer, right. And so it's almost like this is not to help them This is to help you, I finally can prove that I'm better than him and something, I finally can step on him because he or she has left us in the dust forever. They're richer than us. And then more famous than us, they're more beautiful than us. And they're more righteous than that, you see that? That is why they're spoken about. They are envied. And so this is finally a chance to get back and see if we can finally stop these people out. Whereas in Islam, you are only allowed to mention for rehabilitating

00:30:39 --> 00:30:47

people, not for crushing them further. It's to help them regrow and get past their vices in their crimes. Someone had a question.

00:30:49 --> 00:30:51

I've been going for 30 minutes now.

00:30:52 --> 00:30:53

I'll be done in five

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00:30:59 --> 00:31:19

And so when every Islam tells you and everyone is speaking about the ills of others, you want to rise above that and you want to be concerned about others. You know, forget forget, like, you know, haram relationships, the kofod the people who are actively rejecting faith, the Prophet SAW Selim was concerned about them, right?

00:31:20 --> 00:31:36

Allah azza wa jal says, Allah, Allah Cadbury or Neff Sokka, you almost kill yourself chasing after them in grief. Don't do that the Prophet SAW Selim was told by Allah don't be too sad about them. If that's their fate, that's their fate. If they insist on closing their ears in their hearts, let them be.

00:31:37 --> 00:31:45

Don't ruin yourself over them so many Edna Quran so you got how difficult it was on the Prophet SAW Salem to see people going down the wrong way.

00:31:46 --> 00:31:59

When we are in a culture of speaking behind people's back, it is the very opposite of the sentiment that our Prophet SAW. Selim carried that heroic concern for people that I'm, I need to carry their load, I need to help them get back on.

00:32:01 --> 00:32:05

And then if you are not going to be deterred from backbiting,

00:32:06 --> 00:32:13

you know, if you're not going to be deterred from exposing people's flaws and their sins, you know, out of

00:32:14 --> 00:32:32

heroism, right, heroics, then do it out of fear of yourself being exposed. That's the bottom line, right? Ideally, to be like your brothers or lamb but if nothing else, know that the Prophet SAW Selim told you, man, Cetara, Muslim man, whoever conceals a Muslim, Allah will conceal him in this world in the next.

00:32:34 --> 00:32:47

Think about that everyone has eyes as well. And if they don't, Allah sees all things and his angels are recording. And we are all like, you know, navigating life under Allah's concealment. If if our true colors were we wouldn't give salaam to each other.

00:32:50 --> 00:32:52

And also he said Allah he's Salatu was Salam

00:32:54 --> 00:33:14

min Tabgha I will rot Emery in Muslim whoever, you know, probes after the the our art the vulnerabilities also the sins of his fellow Muslim Allah who will follow up on his sins will chase down his sins and his flaws, his vulnerabilities, and he will expose him in the depths of his house.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:43

The things that no one knew about, they will come out. And so that should be the last thing that deters you. If superior motives don't deter you, from exposing people and stopping others from exposing each other. The first ends by saying two things. Don't back back to one another. Then it says are you hippo hydrocodone yet Carla Marie, he made some for Carrie to move. Would one of you like to eat the flesh

00:33:45 --> 00:33:51

of your brother after he has died? You would have certainly hated that.

00:33:52 --> 00:34:02

Meaning when you backbite It's like eating the flesh of your brother that has died. Why? I want you to think with me why? Why is backbiting

00:34:04 --> 00:34:07

getting the parable of eating the flesh of your brother who has died?

00:34:09 --> 00:34:10

Sisters helped me

00:34:17 --> 00:34:20

like this is like one of the most amazing and fell to me.

00:34:21 --> 00:34:23

It is so deep the Quran ism is profound.

00:34:25 --> 00:34:49

Look, the scholar said what is the connection between backbiting and between this method they say when you back by this is speaking about your brother when behind his back and behind his back means he can't defend himself. Right? And so he cannot defend himself the same way a deceased person cannot object. Like if you're sinking your teeth into the deceased person.

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

They cannot object and the person you're back by thing cannot object because he's absent and the life in the body of the deceased person is absent right now you

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

The fact that your brother who you're eating his flesh after he died, not being able to object, does that make it any less of a crime? Or does it actually make it more of a crime?

00:35:15 --> 00:35:47

makes it even because think, Why did Allah subhanaw taala say eating the flesh of your brother who was dead? Because we all don't eat the flesh of human beings, right? I mean, cannibals are on the fringe of human civilization. But even historically, no one's down with that, right? No significant population ever done this. So we all are repulsed, were discussed by disgusted by the notion of eating human flesh. And then it gets worse when this human flesh is dead. And then it gets worse when this is my brother, my blood brother, we share a mom and a dad, it becomes even worse and worse and worse, this state the your brother who is dead?

00:35:48 --> 00:36:23

How. So likewise, when you sink your words, your your criticisms, your backbiting into the honor of your brother, when he cannot defend himself, that should not be seem like Oh, not that big of a deal. He didn't find out, this should actually make it worse. And so look how the Quran like illuminates our mind right? Today is horrible, right? It gives us completely different respect. You're looking at it all wrong. The Quran is saying, this is actually way worse than you think. Don't tell yourself, I'd say to his face, no, that doesn't make it not backbiting. And it's worse behind his back.

00:36:27 --> 00:36:38

You know, and also, the gravity of the volume of backbiting can be seen from another angle, and it is the fact that you are being dishonest about your brother, even if you're being truthful, how?

00:36:40 --> 00:36:55

Because you are reducing the mention of your brother to that floor of his or system, right. In other words, like Mohammed Adam city and said, this is very profound. He said, of the greatest form of injustice is for you to mention the worst thing you know about your brother,

00:36:57 --> 00:37:20

and leave out the best things you know about him? Like, do we do that? Like he did commit this, but he's also a really nice guy. And I've seen him donate in that last fundraiser. And this one time I seen him pick up the trash and do it. You know, we don't we don't do like a whole, you know, what do they call it like an Excel sheet and we don't do this. And so that is of what makes backbiting so ugly, you reduce your brother to a single crime, or a single quality.

00:37:22 --> 00:37:34

And so what do we do feedback by? That's the second point. And I did go over today for sure. Allah azza wa jal says, At the end of the I wanted to do like to eat the flesh of his brother that has died, you would have certainly hated that.

00:37:35 --> 00:38:18

What taco loss or fear Allah in Allah to whoever Rahim because Allah is certainly one Who accepts repentance over and over again, and is merciful. So how do you repent, from backbiting your brother, obviously, you all know repentance is three things, to stop doing the crime, for all for Allah right to stop doing the crime, to be determined not to go back to it to seek Allah's forgiveness. But this is the part I want. When the crime involves the rights of others, you have to give them their rights back. Right? You can't rob someone and then say, do the first three and say we're straight? I'm keeping the money, you have to return the money. Yes, you have to go seek their forgiveness. Does

00:38:18 --> 00:38:20

this apply to backbiting or not?

00:38:23 --> 00:38:31

There's a difference of opinion on this. So the To be honest, the majority of scholars say you have to go tell your brother you mentioned this to him.

00:38:33 --> 00:38:37

And ask him to forgive you or sisters, you have to do this.

00:38:39 --> 00:38:42

There is another opinion in the Hanbali madhhab.

00:38:44 --> 00:39:12

I get the support my method because I'm very convinced of this view. No, but there's another opinion that humbly method that was you know, also defended by later somebody's like, given to me any student that will claim but this was the opinion of the early humble is as well. One of the two opinions in the method is that no, this is not like money. You took your brother's money, you hurt him by taking his money, right? So you have to return his money to him, there is a benefit for him in getting his money back. Right. Okay.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:44

But when it comes to backbiting, what benefit does he get from finding out you spoke to him badly? I spoke about them in a negative way. That's not a benefit. That's increased harm. So they say this minority opinion which I'm suggesting to you, is that it is this analogous you cannot do PS you cannot compare money with honor. Backbiting was made haram in the first place because it hurts people. So it's so happens that he didn't find out.

00:39:45 --> 00:39:48

You're gonna make up for it in a different way in a way that will not hurt him.

00:39:49 --> 00:40:00

Because likely, I mean, Allah may forgive you, but less likely that he'll forgive you. Right? So what do you do? This opinion says that you make dua for him to make up for backbiting. That's how you

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

returned his right to him. And you mentioned him in a positive light. Remember we said the injustice here, mentioned him in a positive light in those same gatherings or as close to those gatherings as possible

00:40:12 --> 00:40:30

to cancel it out, in addition to the first three that we already talked, spoke about, regretting it determined not to go back seeking Allah's forgiveness. And then you mentioned him you mentioned his good qualities you don't lie. You mentioned his good qualities in a similar gathering, if you can do in the same gathering and make plenty of duat for him to compensate.

00:40:31 --> 00:40:37

That's it and Allah azza wa jal knows best or Salallahu Salam barakaatuh b&m Hannah dewata early he or SOFIA Jemaine.

00:40:38 --> 00:40:45

I'm sure there are questions today. I have a feeling lots of drama and conflicts that you guys need to know

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