Mohamad Baajour – 55 Aauthu #01 5 pillars of Istiaatha – Introduction

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the topic of seeking refuge from the evil and evil ways of the world. The segment describes the various pillars of the search for seek refuge, including finding one's own weaknesses and defending their own bodies. The segment also mentions a series of solo Maasai tango series and a YouTube video about it.
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salon Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. I want to get this one level hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allahumma aluminum and fauna on fan of Mr. Olympia Anna was an ailment. Yahama Rahimi, my dear beloved, respected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you from any evil I mean your umbrella mean? Handled I'm very excited to start the new series 55 things that are so lost I Salam sought refuge from as we all know, my brothers and sisters are so lost I Sallam told us at Da Hua la da da, da by itself is a form of a bad it's an act of worship. And it could be by asking Allah azza wa jal something,

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or could be a form of praising Allah subhanaw taala as a form of dua, and also asking Allah to protect us from things is also a form of dua, which will be our topic Insha Allah, there are five arcane there are five pillars of STR Ada, okay. of seeking refuge. First, Alistair either itself, what does it mean? What does it mean? The word although linguistically means to take refuge and seek protection in something or someone to seek protection to seek protection in something or someone, then we have the second broken and who studied himself, the one who's asking the one who's asking himself, the one who was seeking help. By doing that, when we seek help when we ask Allah Azza

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origin we are proving that we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala that he is a coalition in Kadir that shows that we are weak and Allah is the Almighty, we are poor and Allah is the old rich soil Mr. It himself is the one who's showing poverty to Allah subhanaw taala then comes the most important token which is the third rockin Al Mustafa, the the one who we are asking from and that is Allah subhanho wa Taala This is Allah the one who would tell us something be and it will be Allah Allah Kulu che in Kadir here's the one Al Mustafa Bay.

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And then we get to the one who are we seeking refuge from and Mr. Minute, who is the one that we are seeking refuge from and that is mainly the shaitan and in Arabic the word shaitan comes from the root shirt tall shirt Turner, which means this tensed, it means distance that the shaitan is called the shaitan because of his distance from from the truth and his rejection to it. Now many people think that the shayateen are only from jinn, no Shayateen are also from humans from inside also. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala we asked him to protect us from the show Athene of INS of humans and the 13th of June, Allah subhanaw taala told us from the Quran where Cavalli Caja anally Kalina, Bian, I

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do run shayateen and NC while Jin that's a delay in that's an evidence that the Shatin are from both mankind and Gen Con Allah said, likewise, we made for every messenger an enemy, from shadow from the shayateen among men and among among jinn. And finally, the fifth roken is what are we seeking refuge from?

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What are we seeking refuge from? We are seeking refuge from all spiritual and physical evils, right. For example, we are seeking refuge from being misguided, we are seeking refuge from poverty from this belief from Cofer, we are seeking refuge from evil diseases, from worries and so and so on. So in sha Allah Tada, this is a very important series please brothers and sisters, learn these two ideas that we will be inshallah discussing, learn them, share them, forward them to others, so this will become a Subak Algeria to all of us. So in sha Allah, Allah starting this Saturday, we will start our our first

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that are solo Maasai Salam so refuge from whatever he sought refuge from and we will learn them explain the meaning and try to memorize them and share them with everybody. So Allah subhanaw taala will protect us from all kinds of evil or

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that hadith and all the DUA that I will be quoting, are 100%. Authentic in sha Allah, Allah. May Allah helped me to provide this information and this knowledge to you in sha Allah and may Allah make all our other sincerely for the sake I love you all for the sake of Allah subhana, Colombo, handig Masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you look at when I told me like

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one guy Nina shave or Nina's

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me or own ie gnarly

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the dark on either myself, or even

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a shave on either go over either

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