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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of creating balance sheets and adding to assets to avoid loss of value is discussed, as well as the issue of "backbiting" and "land around". The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding bad deeds and avoiding "good dedit" in context with Islam. They also discuss the concept of "backMVots" and the use of "back" to avoid injuries. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to be strong and not give negative information to others, while also criticizing negative comments and rumors.
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Number 11 salat wa salam O Allah, Colombia, Allah Allah He was heavy on whether

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or bad

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we have been speaking about the importance of creating our own balance sheets and putting in those balance sheets, our assets and our liabilities, that we will face a loss of anata with.

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And as I mentioned,

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we must try to add to our assets as much as possible. Our assets are the good deeds that we do in this life,

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which all are with Allah subhanaw taala are referred to solid.

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But with regard to the liabilities,

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there is,

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as I said, yesterday, there are two kinds of liabilities one is, which is a liability by itself.

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You do something wrong, you massala the liability.

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But the other kinds of liabilities which are not only liabilities by themselves,

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but they also cancel out the assets.

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And that is a much, much more dangerous kind of liability. And we talked about the first and most important of them yesterday, which is the issue of

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become a chip, not only is it a liability by itself, but it also wipes out everything else. So all the good that you did also will get wiped out. So that's what today we will talk about another one.

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And May Allah forgive us is one of the very common ones that is there in our society. And that is the issue of

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the issue of backbiting, the issue of slander.

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We all know the famous hadith of Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where one day he asked the Sahaba

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he said, according to you, who is a destitute person who is a poor person who has nothing, and they also lie to somebody who is who has no money.

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So neuralyzer as Adam said, No, a person who has no money is not poor. He said the destitute person. And there's a difference between being poor and being destitute, poor, you can be poor, but you can still have some resource for a destitute person is someone who has absolutely nothing.

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And said that the destitute person is not the one who does not have dinner or dinner. He said, the destitute person is the one who will come before Allah subhanho wa Taala, on the day of judgment, with good deeds, the size of the mountain of a hut.

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And those of us who have seen the mountain out, you know how, how big it is. So, as Allison said, these are people who will come before Allah subhanho data, with good deeds, the size of the mountain of

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Allah knows best what good deeds, they would have had jenama and higher Athens

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than fasting and Allah knows best whatever.

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And under Salah Salem said, These people will come before Allah subhanho wa Taala, with good deeds, the size of the mountain of art, but there will be there will be a line of people who will be claimants against them.

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And these people will be people who these ones who came before Allah with the good deeds, they wronged these other people.

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And I wish I did not see the other people who are Muslim, maybe Muslim, maybe non Muslim. So it's a long line of people who these people have wronged.

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And he said somebody they would have killed somebody there whose property they would have unjustifiably and illegally occupied and taken some people who they would have hit some people who they would have backbiting who they would have spoken ill of behind their back some people who they would have slandered and so on and so on. All forms of oppression of other people. Be it's more Beatrice,

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and Alice ran out there wa will do justice, and in exchange for what these people suffered in this world, because of this individual, that individuals good deeds will be given to these people in accordance with what they suffered. Some will get more, some will get less, until a time will come when this whole mountain sighs of good deeds will be wiped out clean.

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But the line of claimants will still be there.

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As he had if the line of claims

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and knows Allah loves it and Allah Subhana Allah will then say, well, this man has nothing now he has no good deeds left. So what do you want me to do?

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And of course Allah subhanaw taala knows the answer to the question. The people who say Allah Allah, he has no good deeds left. So give our evil deeds to him.

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And this will be done. And the person who came before Allah subhanho wa Taala with a mountain sighs of good deeds.

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We'll go into the Hellfire because of the evil deeds of somebody else

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which he has acquired thanks to the operation that he did.

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So now, we understand from this idea that there are liabilities, there are deeds, which are not only bad in themselves, but they also cancel out the good.

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The basic principle in the mill in AlHassan you've given us a Alessandra said Verily the good deeds wipe out the bad deeds. That is the basic principle the good deeds wipe out the bad. So if you did something bad, then the thing to do is make Toba and then give some data on or make touriga Salah or fast or something to cancel out the bad deeds. The basic principle is the good deed cancels out the bad deeds, but there are certain bad deeds which cancel out the good deeds.

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And as I said yesterday, shark is the number one in that and the next one is slander.

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And America forgive us slander is the backbone of our social life today.

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Illa Mashallah. slander is the backbone of our social if two people meet what do they do? They do this backbiting or they talk about other people. Now, let us understand what is Riba? What is backbiting because people came and

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filled the border of the Sahara Desert. I mean with no because of the questions they asked Nevis Allah, Allah, we got our D.

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They gave us was when Mendoza does this. And he talked about Viva. They came and asked, and they said yes, Allah sallallahu sallam.

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But what I'm saying about this person is true.

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What I am saying about this person is true. Rasool Allah Sallam said, when it is true, it is Riba.

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If you are saying something which is not true, it is watan which is slander, which is worse.

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There was a heavy

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who committed Zina.

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And it's a long story, I will not go into the details. But he came in he insisted and insisted insisted jasola pronouns, the punishment jasola pronouns, the punishment, and after grave with great reluctance and after all sorts of insistence on punishment, this person was taken and he was stoned to death.

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Soon after that Rasulullah sallallahu overheard two others, talking to each other between themselves and one set to the other. He said, you know, that man, he did something wrong. Allah had covered it, he unnecessarily gave a door as well as an asylum and then he got himself killed. What a fool is

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was walking, he saw a dead donkey on a garbage heap. So he called these two and he said, Go and eat that.

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He said, Go and eat that the dead donkey on the garbage heap. Now obviously, they were very upset and you know, because he has a lot how can we dead donkey? He said, what you did just now is worse than eating that dead donkey.

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What you spoke about that brother of yours, he said, that is worse than eating that dead donkey.

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Because if you look at what they said, logically speaking, what they said was correct. The man did not have come in and you know, confess he could have made the waterless monitor that was enough.

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or whatever it is. Each person has a different level of taqwa of Allah Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala.

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So the point is that, if it is true, it is.

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If it is not true, then it is slander, which is even worse.

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Somebody came to me

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they said Ursula, my about it's more about two ladies. One was his wife. The other one somebody said they are suffering from terrible stomach pain. And you know, this has been going on for a few days. And we have given all sorts of medicines. Nothing's happening. As soon as Allison had called them, they came. He's bringing a ball. They brought a ball, he said vomit,

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and the two women vomited and they vomited out lumps of flesh.

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So they were very surprised they said they have never even ate raw meat. What is it? This is whatever you were doing rebirth of others. And Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah mentioned in Surah It is very important for us to read the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala. I mentioned

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that to he to do do we both have your brother or sister

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is like eating the meat of your dead brother.

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And Allah subhanaw taala said when you hear these words you feel you feel very, you know what kind of thing is this? Allah Allah says this is worse than that.

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To Do With rebirth is like eating the flesh of your dad. But that's why my

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novel is that if I have to do away, but I will do away with my mother, because at least my good deeds will go to my mother

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right upon my imaginary see that the the tragedy of this thing is such a it's such a such a senseless thing.

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We don't do rebirth of somebody we love, obviously, we do not do it by itself means that you dislike the person.

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And that is a person you are giving your good deeds to and what sense does it make, you know, if you are if you really dislike the person, then

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don't give your good deeds, that was somebody came to my shop, and they said so and so is saying The bad thing about you.

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And he went to the market, he brought some fruits, and he took to the van and he gave him a gift. What is it, he said you are giving me a good size or at least I must reciprocate and give you something in this dunya because then I will get your

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you're doing you know this favor to me by by speaking ill about me. So at least in this dunya let me give you some roots, you know, have some food.

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It is such an evil. I can also think about this. Two things I want to say one is

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this Halley's which I mentioned before you when I first remember many years ago, when I read the studies, that I used to think to myself that you know, how is it possible somebody comes with a with good deeds, the size of the mountain of art.

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Now one can understand that, you know, there are people who claim and so on. But how can that whole mountain finish, you know, was so evil that he has done so much harm and so much thing to so many people? How is it possible the whole mountain will fit until many years later, I was thinking, I saw an email that somebody sent about another person that this whole email is written about. so and so. And in that email that so and so is given some bad names, and you know, he's slandered and all sorts of aspirations are cast on him and so on. Now, I thought to myself, while I wanna today, I understood the meaning of this ad is how it is possible for the whole mountain of art to be

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finished. Because things like emails, things like letters, things like books in which we write the evil of somebody with somebody did you know people that have this great thing, they will they will write about the Nizam of Hyderabad. And they will say, Well, you know, he had the he had a harem. And in in the harem, he had so many wives and he did this and he did that in La Villa hotel. I will I mean, what did the man do to university, whatever he had here, it was not your sister was in his harem or something. Why are you bothered? You know, so the point is, people write all this. Now, I thought to myself, now I understood the meaning of the HUD is how it is possible for all this evil

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because at one email that you write, that one pamphlet, which you write that one letter you write,

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eternal life,

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that will float around in cyberspace, and it will go from person to person to person to person 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of people

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across the world, spreading this evil which you started.

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So you wrote one letter, but that one letter will generate enough evil for you Are you wrote that one pamphlet or you wrote that one book or whatever you wrote? And you slandered somebody and you call somebody a bad name and surah Allah subhanaw taala mentioned these things. Specifically, How bad is it that you give a bad name to your brother after he has accepted Islam? He's your Muslim brother and you give him a bad name. Not because you love the virus, because you want to, you want to slander and you want people to make fun of him. Allah says, tell the tell the men do not make fun of other people, they may be better than you tell the women do not make fun of other women, they may

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be better than them do not give each other bad names. Do not slander each other. It is like eating the flesh of your dead brother.

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Detail Allah subhanaw taala mentioned so now in this in this pamphlet, or in this letter, or in this book or whatever it was on the email, you have slandered your brother. And you have given a bad name to the person and so on. And this thing has eternal life and this thing floats around in cyberspace long after you are gone maybe you even died maybe it is now Allah knows best you know 20 3040 years after you have died and this is generating evil for you long after you're dead instead of some easily swap boy easily as that is happening. And your hover is filling up with fire instead of filling up with no lava lava. Tell me how stupid is that?

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How completely stupid is that?

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And that is why the second thing which I this this is when I understood this I said yes it is possible it is indeed possible for there to be this long line which will exhaust all the good deeds. And while I Allah knows I talk about myself, I don't think I'm going to Allah subhanaw taala with any amount of good deeds you are will get the data without

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Gavin what is going to happen? Magic. And the other big issue I was thinking to myself, again this reflecting on the same idea, why is Allah subhanho wa Taala making such a big deal about disneybound?

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You tell us about Allah.

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Buddha detail make it What is the need for it. Why is this so much problem with this? Buddha will do any Allah subhanaw taala made a very big deal about this. And the reason is that rebirth, destroys brotherhood.

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rebirth destroys the oma.

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The foundation of this oma is the love for one another, the Brotherhood for one another. Somebody came. I remember this hearing the story. And after that I have followed it my own life. I think it is a story about either Marana ilias holiday or about Manasa masala

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somebody came to him and they said that I want to tell you about so and so. And he immediately stopped him. He said please, I don't want to know.

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He said I do not want to. Don't tell him. He's a no but no, I do not want to know.

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Because I don't want you to tell me something negative about his brother, which will put that thought in my mind about that person, I have some good impression about him. Maybe the impression is wrong doesn't matter.

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Even if it is wrong, I would like to stay with that wrong good impression, rather than get the so called truth from you. He said if you are so interested in him, Go tell him.

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Go tell him Don't tell me.

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So similarly, the other day somebody sent me an email good brother of mine. May Allah bless him. And good, good human being because he didn't tell me something. He said somebody was speaking ill about you. Do you know what he was saying?

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Do you want to know what he was saying? So I said jacala. First of all, I was thank you for the wisdom to write an email like this that somebody was saying he didn't say what it was the summer he didn't even say who it was somebody was speaking ill about you. Do you want to know? So I said no Jazakallah hair I do not want to know.

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I am not interested in knowing because first of all, that person is not my paymaster. He does not give me a salary. I am not asking him for a vote. I am already married. I'm not interested in getting married against I'm not interested in asking for his daughter for me to get married. I said why the * do I care? I don't care two hoots let him say what he wants? How does it make a difference to me makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. And I don't want to know I don't want to burden my mind with some nonsense with somebody who's talking.

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If he has genuine interest in me, and if he has the guts, then he should tell me why is he talking some evil about me behind my back?

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And if that person considers himself to be knowledgeable about Islam, then tell him to go read Surah Surah

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it's a shameful shameful, shameful thing that we consider ourselves to have the Quran, Allah of the we do have it. We do not Mima. We cast aspersions on people we slander people, and then we have no shame whatsoever to stand on the masala and read surah Sahaja Ratan Salah

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in the 11 analogy, I mean Sergey what is we know shamelessness beyond this, what is it tell me

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you are reading that surah where Allah subhanaw taala has condemned this and you have just committed All of that and more and then you stand in salah and you're leading salah and you're getting the de la quwata

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so Viva is so bad because it destroys the foundation of the Brotherhood of faith it destroys the Muslim ummah.

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That is what is happening today. That is what is happening today. May Allah forgive us this is our social life, our social life is only this, talking about this one or that one and that finally to close Why do people do this? People do this because major reason is because of jealousy. hazards hasn't. And jealousy is like holding a live coal in your hand. It only burns you. The person that you have jealous about is sleeping peacefully in his bed. Nothing happens to him. The coal you are wanting only destroys you only burns you it is just hazard you don't like to see someone doing well. So you have to say something against that person. It doesn't have that person anyway.

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It only harms you and you are giving away your good deeds that person will handle it.

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That's why I say May God bless these landers, because they give honest, they give without asking.

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God bless this lander. Alhamdulillah if you have got a few slanderers who are slandering us Alhamdulillah because while you're sleeping in your bed, a lot of good deeds are coming into account Alhamdulillah Why should we complain? We should not complain, let the reward more such makes no difference. La La, La La, la, la la la la, nobody can cause any harm and nobody can cause any benefit except Allah subhanaw taala this jealousy, this hatred of one another. This is the destroyer of the soma, as the last man with Allah to save us from this, ask Allah Subhana Allah to enable us if we are if among us there is anybody who has been doing this Alhamdulillah the door of Toba is

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open. And if we make Toba in sha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive us and even whatever good deeds have gone to the other person We ask Allah subhanaw taala to return them to us, because we went by mistake we make Toba inshallah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will save us. And we asked Allah subhanaw taala to save us from this terrible, terrible evil. And please remember

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that doing the butt and sitting and listening to rebirth are equal. So it's not enough to say mitoku Genie bottle app name.

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Both are equally bad, whether you are you are the one doing it, or whether you are sitting there while somebody else was doing it. Both are equally bad. We are supposed to stop the person who starts this kind of conversation immediately and say sorry, I'm not interested in this, this is haram. Or if you cannot do that, then leave the place and go away and do not participate in that meeting. This is the requirement if we don't do if we don't do that if we sit there and we are listening, then we are equally to blame. And not only is that person giving his good deeds, but you are also giving your good deeds to somebody who may not even know you don't even care, but because

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of the other person now your good deeds are also going to that person who was being slandered or was being blackmailed. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from this terrible evil and to give us a subject to make Toba and to arrange our lives in such a way that inshallah our liabilities do not cancel out our assets and that we go to Allah subhanaw taala only with a balance sheet which has only assets and all the liabilities have been forgiven. May Allah Allah Allah wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was advised me that I had to go home

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