Mastering Your Mind #10 Useful vs. Useless Thoughts

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Hi everybody, welcome back to another episode on the mind mastery series. In today's episode, we will continue with our discussion on how we can get better control over our thought process, and how we can read out the useless thoughts and focus mostly on what is called the useful thought. Before we continue with our video, here's a call to all of you watching this channel. Please remember to like this video, share this video, and most importantly, subscribe to our channel. Let's get back to our video on the mind mastery series today.

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One of the rule of thumb that I'm going to give you today is that you need to consciously focus on having useful thought. If you can do this one little exercise consciously every day in your life, you will be able to weed out 99% of your thoughts, which is mostly useless, which is mostly based out of your inherent fears, and your concerns and your worries. And the moment you're able to weed out 99% of your useless thoughts. All that you're focusing now is on useful, productive thought. So remember, the rule of thumb remains that you need to consciously focus on having useful thoughts in your life. Now that we are focused and are following the rule of thumb, and trying to weed out the

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useless thoughts, we will focus only on those thoughts, which we have control over in our life. So we are getting rid of those thoughts for which we have no control in our life, we will instead focus on thoughts which pertain to actions, thoughts, which pertain to our words that we speak, our intentions, our desires, these are things which when they play in your mind, you have control over them, you can give them a sense of direction in your life. Whereas the useless thoughts which you really have no control over, for example, what if I lose my job tomorrow? What happens if there is, you know, redundancy of the job in my workplace, or they decide to give pink slip to a particular

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department, or for example, a health concern and issue which is not really there. But because you have these concerns playing in your mind, they tend to pull you down and make you less productive at your workplace and in your personal space as well. Now, there are two important aspects which you have to keep in mind about useful thoughts. Useful thoughts are those which will tend to make you focus towards some positive action in your life. So when I say that you have to consciously focus on useful thoughts. What are these useful thoughts? Or how do I understand what a thought is useful or not? First and foremost, these thoughts should be focused on trying to provide a solution to you in

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your life for any matter of concern, which is bothering you. So if a particular thought is trying to address a problem in your life, whether it is personal space, or at your workplace, then this thought can be considered as productive. Because it's providing a solution. It's providing answers to an unanswered problem. I hope this is clear to all of you. The second aspect of thoughts are to do with understanding knowledge and internalizing knowledge. When you're learning new concepts. When you're learning new content. You engage in an aspect of thinking, which is not done with an intention to increase your worries or concerns. But rather, these thoughts are focused on

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internalizing the knowledge, understanding how the knowledge can be applied, either in your personal space or at your professional workplace. So these are two things that you must keep in mind, along with the rule of thumb, which is that we will consciously focus on useful thoughts and read out useless thoughts. Remember, the mind that you have, you need to have control over it. You need to get rid of all those thoughts, which are going to be useless and not going to benefit you. Because remember, if you don't do that, you will go mental. That's true. You will go mental you will go crazy thinking and overthinking about things which you have no control over in your life. Thank you

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so much for watching this video. I hope you've benefited from the session. Please remember to subscribe to a channel and continue watching the mind mastery series. Thank you so much.