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Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the concept of excellence and goodness in Islam, with a focus on the importance of forgiveness and giving in charity. The speaker emphasizes the need for forgiveness and offers suggestions for charity and small promises. They also mention various figures related to Islam, including a woman who wants to give a donation to her family members, a woman who wants to give a donation to her family members, and a woman who wants to give a donation to her family members. The segment also touches on various topics, including the importance of forgiveness, giving in charity, and driving at a speed limit.
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Hello How are you? Hey Bill masini in a scene in brothers and sisters is the most group that Allah said in the Quran that he loves them. May Allah make you and I have no mercy and say I mean I mean herbal alanine but before I go forward to tell you the ayat and the verses that mentioned the love Allah has to and mercy Nene. Let's talk a little bit about Sam, what does that sound mean? Billa Bismillah and I know generally, definitions attactive can be a little bit dry, but it's very important so we both are on the same page in sha Allah Alright, the Allah smilla sN is the opposite of an ISA. an SN is known as goodness and excellence. Remember, it San is excellence like has

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center. And then the opposite is like say, evil and that which is bad. To give you a hadith to explain this Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in Allah cuttable sN Allah. Allah has made it a mandatory upon us to have excellence in all the work that we do. Make sure that you're excellent while you raise your children. You're excellent while for example, teaching, you tried to be excellent while trying to hear you do your best to have excellence. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives you two like extreme examples, if you wish to say, he says for either cartell fascino kintla if you had to go for example, to war, or you had to even apply a capital punishment

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to that level, do it with excellence, no torture, nothing of that sort. Then he goes to even the animals were either the batum for us, you know what? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and if you want to slaughter a camel or a cattle or some sort like a sheep or so he says Do it properly. Then he elaborates ready? He says, when you hit the sharpen, sharpen What? sharpen the knife. Why to make the animal die comfortably, with the least amount of pain possible. Allahu Akbar. This is the sand that Islam teaches us to have such goodness and excellence, even with the way we slaughter an animal. Then what about talking to our parents? What about talking to our beloved

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brothers and sisters and people around us? Let me give you one other Hadith about this one. One time Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he saw a man that man was putting his leg on the neck of a sheep. Okay. But what happened? And he was sharpening the knife while he was putting his leg on the sheep and sharpening the knife. The sheep was looking at the man. So who saw this Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam What did he say? He told this man fl cabela haha he told the man you should have done this sharpening of the knife before you put your leg on the sheep and try to slaughter it Why are also Allah out to redo and to meet mo tat? Are you trying to kill the sheep and

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slaughter it multiple times? What do I mean? What does he mean Salah Salah is that the sheep is seeing that knife it's like it's already dying out of the fear right? And then now you want to kill it after that multiple pain? No. So even with that also Allah Salim says be excellent in the way that you perform this alright? And wasini Allah loves them. Where was it mentioned in the Quran? Brothers and Sisters five times and I will mention the idea and I want you to tell me in sha Allah in the comment section with your family as you're watching what is the theme of Sam so I said his goodness right we agree I said his goodness by related to what goodness with the animal goodness

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with the neighbor? What is it about Okay, brother heavy we are fasting. Yeah, I'm barely any handling listening to this session and I'm hungry You want me to think yes have thinking of the Quran and the ayat of the Quran Yella help you help yourself and let me and help me out inshallah. All right, yeah, I'll tell the ayat What are the five Allah says in the Quran or the below him in the shade on the regime? Well, Kofi sebelah. He will tolko ba de Camila, Luca, what I see no nulla you hipbone machining, Allah says and spend and spend in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala and don't put yourself in misery and destruction and be excellent what I see no Allah for sure loves

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those who are excellent and have such high achievement. What is the theme excellence in what did you notice that brothers and sisters said is mentioned all over the Quran? But Allah does not frequently say I love and machining. But what's the theme here? Yeah, let us mill out. What did you comment here? What do you have here it is giving in charity I sent in yellow let's change the slide. It is donations and giving in charity and spending in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala and in

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Know what's amazing about this verse? What Allah saying, spend in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala and do not put yourself in misery and destruction. What's the connection here? The connection brothers and sisters, that being stingy and being miser is what will ruin you, giving the money in charity and spending in the right path and the right cause will not ruin you will not break the bank you keeping the money is what would ruin the oma as a whole and ruin you as an individual. So panela was seen in Allah you have been machining, then you go Brother brothers and sisters, through examples of giving in charity. Let me give you the story of Edward radi Allahu and reading Yola.

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Bismillah there was a verse that was revealed in the Quran. What's that verse? Men, the lady accorded Allah autoban has Santa Fe obar eva hula, Allah says, who will give a good pure loan to Allah? What? Yes, who will give a loan to Allah? And then Allah will grow that and give back more and more.

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So when I would that he heard that, he said, Oh prophet of Allah, we're in Allah azza wa jal Li do Minal card, Allah wants a loan from us. So the Prophet says naamyaa Abba, yes. So I put that he says, also Allah, show me your hands. So the proctor seldom gave him his hand, then he would hurt the Allah and was about to do a transaction that may shake the minds of many people. He says, I have a garden. I have a farm and he was very well off very rich. He says I have a garden. Even Mr. Wood said that garden had about 600 palm trees. And if they think of a dealership that has 600 cars, okay, how many of the cars how many of the palm trees you want to give away? up with that says the

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entire farm all the palm trees or all the sebelah carbon has an unto Allah subhanho wa Taala. So then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he say say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was so impressed by that brothers and sisters. And when he saw that he accepted from

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Allah and then

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he told his wife that he told her leave the garden because she was there with the children. Oh huji occurred to her Robbie azzawajal Then he said to his wife, or my wife come out from here I have given the Lord this land as a loan to Allah subhanho wa Taala and one narration the wife says that was a great successful transaction, both on the same page. This is an example of a machining it stuff. Let me give you one more brothers and sisters about a bobblehead. rhodiola one, this one is also heavy, heavy duty. Okay, but I want this Hadeeth to please Please do your best to make it have an impact on you. This following one read in sha Allah. And as the medical the Allahu anhu radi

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Allahu anhu he says other will tell her was the richest man from the unsolved when it came to owning palm trees. He was the top okay the wealthiest of people and owning palm trees and dates and so on. And the most beloved property he has, we can tell he has multiple properties. The most beloved property to him was by yuru ha, that's the name of the land. Where was it located? Woodstock Villa tel Masjid. It was right in front of the machine of the prophets. I seldom you're talking some serious real estate right there the cost is enormous, or the value of the land. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brothers and sisters averse came down was that verse going back to the

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Quran lantana will be hotter koe mean to hipbone? Allah says you will not reach bitter righteousness, greatness and piety until you give from that which you love. Had to feel commitment to have born and you need to make a donation focus with email unless you give a donation or sadaqa that you really love. Yeah, and you know when sometimes you want to go on the phone, alright, and then you want to for example, put a number you want to donate as an example. You put in 100 or 1000 no put a number that makes it a little bit uncomfortable. Yes, go for it. Yeah, love smilla What's the number? What's the number that will make you uncomfortable? 1000 when you've done 1000 before

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How about 5000 or five that's tough Can you I can but you had that's the number but and that's nice to have both until you give from that which you love something that you would be you might hesitate your time may come in even family members were like, Man, that's your everything's okay. Everything is fine at home. Did you love me man

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To have born Can we do that in sha Allah? Okay, back to Abu talhah or the Allah one. So I will tell her went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Oh prophet of Allah, Allah says, You will not reach visit and righteousness and greatness until you give and spend from that which you love. And the most beloved property that I have, by rehab, that land brothers and sisters, that 600 palm trees, that land brothers and sisters that actually know what the 600 was with Abu Dhabi. So this land that was facing the messy narrowing of the province are seldom, he says, what he now saw the cartoon de la jasola, this land in its entirety, its feasibility left for the sake of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. And I pray to Allah that He accepts from me. So then he tells the promised land, you're also allowed to use this land in the way that you see fit in sha Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he heard by your heart land is being donated, he said, been like, Wow, he said, like Bravo. Amazing. Wow, he was impressed. This was a big one. Back in the early canon raw, this was a great successful transaction. Then he came out on Raw, but that was a great successful transaction. So then, I said, I was so moved by this man, this is huge. Then he says, God sent me to market Oh, Abu talha I heard your offer, but I see best that you give this money as a

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donation. To whom? To your family members, and bah bah ha, the men feel a carabin so give it to your cousin who might for example need money you have maybe an uncle who struggling financially relatives that may be struggling and would benefit so much from that money go ahead with your donation but dedicated to them and give it to them. So then a Buddha says if I will or prophet of Allah focus me

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accordingly he will Benny I'm so he gave it to his relatives and his cousin's a Lucha brothers and sisters please don't let these sessions yeah and you you attending and you're struggling and you're already exhausted you know Maghreb is coming very close by we putting this talk together please let this hadith please really affect all of us here loves me Let go. Go give us other other really a number that a big one. Give me a big one. Brothers and sisters. I'm not collecting funds. I'm not directing you where to give it and what organization there's just saying it just to you this is not being sponsored by nothing. This is just me and you in sha Allah Yella, go to an organization you

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trust or something or you know someone a family member. Your love is similar. Give me that big number in sha Allah do Should I wait maybe for a minute because we're kind of motivated now. I know what Wallah it's worth a minute on shall Okay, Yella Bismillah. We'll put in that minute for our brothers and sisters. If you want to go on the phone, think of a number make a promise you're not able to do it now go and Zell or Venmo or something. Think of something Shall I make a number? Yeah, let me think of a number. Oh, please. No, no, no, no, no. Some people have a misconception that someone may be watching me has a misconception. What is it? Some people say what will $10 do? That's

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what I can do. And $10 to me is big deal. or 100 or 1000? It's not going to do much lap don't look at it like that. No. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, said berkadia hamana me if there is one Durham donation, let's say example. $1 or $1 donation got more reward than 100,000 what $1 donation circuit overcame and was stronger in reward than $100,000 donation. So that's a habit said we're k like autosol How is that possible? keyamo cuyama there is the scale of good deeds, like how was that possible? He said, Alright, Julian LaHood Yohanan, there was a man who had to Durham $2 and he gave one so that's 50% and the other lahoma loon Cathy someone has so much money, a millionaire

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and billionaire and he gave only 100,000 now that's nothing not even close to the $1 Oh, it was stronger than that. So yeah, I'd love to smell that What do you have? Yeah, let me smell that what do you have think of a number make a promise huh? Give me the promise with the amount I'm pushing well I'm pushing because we'll learn for your sake and nothing need to go to any specific direction is not coming to my account. Now. Let us be level I want to hide for you. I want the best for you. I want you to be with Abu talhah and with that the engine and the price Let me see your your payments a button. Wow Bravo brother. Bravo sister. Wow, amazing job you love Bismillah done. The minute we

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went a little bit over May Allah bless you and protect you. So this was one of the five about sadaqa and about charity, but there's another one as well about charity which is

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is yellow ready for the next area? Allah says alladhina yom Philco, Nafisa, rah, rah rah. This was the second verse about Allah loving and mercy Nene. So those who spend during times of ease and times of hardships of Pamela, the spending is tough. It's not easy, but no, it's not easy. It requires Jihad and struggle and all that stuff. So Allah says number two, after the In fact, while Kaldi Nina live and those who suppress their anger will laugh in Annie NASS and those who forgive others, while la who have bull mazzini. Allah loves that those excellent people. And from that excellence are these three qualities that was mentioned brothers and sisters, here you see the

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charity, but what I want to focus on on this verse brothers and sisters, is the alpha and Enos and Academy Amina life. Allah subhanho wa Taala praises those who are able to suppress their anger. If you're able to suppress your anger in a wise way brothers and sisters, Allah will very much appreciate that from you want to go on you know, maybe knock someone out or something like that not try hold yourself. I'm not saying An eye for an eye This is that's beside that situation. I'm seeing sometimes you hear something that might irritate you or you want to you want to say something that is bad and a foul language that was Calvin Mena like suppress your anger, then Allah wants you to go

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to the next level next level. And that's very much the Ascend level which is when I feel good enough is to forgive people brothers and sisters. I know that stuff when Allah subhanaw taala likely knows that stuff. So you see that boost that encouragement Allah ends the ayah by saying I will love you if you do that. Well law you have will machine in forgiving stuff, brothers and sisters, but the reward is incredible. Incredible. Listen to this. Listen to this. One time, there was a man Roger and me and a man who did not harm hardly did any good in his life any hardly any good. Okay. Well, can you die in in us He was a man of wealth. He had money. He was rich. And he used to give loans to

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people. Okay, so far, so good. And he used to hire someone to collect the money on the due date. So then he gave someone $1,000. Alright, Bismillah April 15. It's due to pay it back to me. So he sends this guy tells him go collect my money. And then he tells another message. He tells him if you saw someone struggling to pay me back, Fattah Zhao was add. Give him some time overlook him for some time. Okay. Why lalalala and yet he was an perhaps because of us forgiving that individual. Maybe Allah will forgive us your mo piano. You see that his thinking? So let me forgive. So this is one way to go. Man. If someone is able to pay back he pays back someone struggling. He remembers the

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boss. The boss told him whoever struggling the job was and perhaps Allah will forgive us just forgive him for it. Brothers and sisters the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salat sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what happened? He said that this man, okay he went and passed away and he met Allah subhanho wa Taala then what happened? brothers and sisters? Allah subhanho wa Taala told that individual halamish higher on top Have you ever done any good in your life? So the man barely did anything? He says law haven't haven't done much good to Allah. Except one thing except one thing I can share with you. What is it and know Kennelly Willem, I used to have a man I hired to go collect my money. And I

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told the man who I hired the Allah, that for Him to forgive those who are unable to pay the debt, perhaps you may forgive me. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says three words. Cut was to Allah says, I have forgiven you Allah cover, see the reward. It's tough. You worked so hard, for example, for that money, someone hurts you so bad, it's tough, understandable, but if you can forgive will line up for them as much as for you. So Allah can forgive you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, His furuya Rila hula comb. The Prophet says forgive and Allah will forgive you young lovers Milla just like that donation that sadhaka This can also be another charity. Yes, it's a sadhaka when you

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forgive those who wronged you brothers and sisters, are you ready for that? Or no? Brother? What do you mean sadaqa and forgiveness come hand in hand. Check this out. One time during the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was a hobby. He was a wonderful man. He wanted to join the army of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But this man did not have any resources like no camel to ride on hardly any money to even make it to the trip, let alone stay there and fight that battle. So when he realized he couldn't go he Becca he cried and cried because he wants to do

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The rows are seldom. So look what this man said, ready, y'all this authentic narration, this man said Allahumma, in multiple jihad, you have toughie, Allah, you have commanded us to do that jihad, yes when it's legitimate and it's the right time in the right place. And you have encouraged us to do that for millimetre, India at the kawabe batea Allah, he did not give me I don't have the means to be able to go and he was crying. But I have something I can do out of Allah, what is it? He says, Your Allah I will give a charity charity you are broke How can you give charity? He says after Sadako Allah Cooley Muslim buckwald Lima limited asar benefi ha, I want to forgive you, Allah, my

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charity, to support to this army is that I will forgive everyone who ever wronged me Allah, female in whoever robbed me with comes to my money. I would just add in whoever harmed my body in any way or elden or insulted some of my family. All that pain. I probably went through the math behind us and that person is still around Yeah, Allah. Please. Yeah, Allah forgive them. I forgive them. Yeah, Allah. The night ended. No one was around is the guy making dua to Allah. But then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the next day brothers and sisters. He says Amen. Mutasa. Elena, who was the man who gave charity late at night? We have to realize something this was not like today you go

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online he donate at 12am soda usually back in the day is during the day during the evening, afternoon but not at nighttime. You know, people are sleeping. There's no online service obviously stuff like that. So the Prophet says Amen. Buddha Sadako had the lady who gave donation at night fell a miracle lay here had no one stood up as a I did no one.

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Then the price Adam said Who is the one who gave in charity last night. So that's happy who made that do a lot my charity is that I forgive those who wronged me in my body. In my honor. In my money. He got up his idea Rasul Allah. So the product sell me says up. Sure. I want to give you good news for our lady enough. So Mohammed Nbd, lacquered cootie, but physicality Muta? cabella, Allah has accepted your sadhaka Allah, Allah has accepted that charity see the combination of the first group or the first theme of giving a charity and the second theme of forgiving others brothers and sisters, you see that your love is similar? Who's going to forgive so Allah Subhana Allah can accept

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your forgiveness and he can forgive you and he can make it as charity for your love. Bismillah Sewell Should we stop another minute? Should we now go through the list? Y'all I know you have some names. Some of you have some of you have some names right? You know who you're who you're thinking of? Yes, that one. That guy nom nom had other luck with that guy. That girl. You're looking to do it for Ramadan. Ramadan, you go to Allah Allah in Nicaragua and to have Allah for Forney. Oh Allah you are the most forgiving you will love to forgive so please forgive me you want Allah to forgive you have the fastest way possible. When you forgive other people find the nasty Allah is through your

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iPhone. Few seconds.

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I try Go for it. I go for it a lot. Go for it. It's tough. There's one guy he's really loser vasila

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Okay, I lost a pound is my witness and I'm doing this to encourage you all. Today is April 15 2021 this is Ramadan This is our second day of Ramadan is the second day of life lost the day so panda mela forgive us No, I ate the first day sushi second day. So this is the third day of our fasting of Ramadan. Allah is my witness I forgive anyone in the past whoever wronged me spoke bad about me did some backbiting anybody who may perhaps owe me money and is very much struggling all forgiven inshallah all done

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okay, yeah, we return

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you love us we'll go for it you'll love it similar especially in the online world they giving you that there's a lot of you know words and insults you can do this in sha Allah Shelton are locked up. Yeah, Lola. No one benefits from forgiving others more than you know. No one benefits from forgiving others more than you Yeah, love smilla Go for it. Yo Bismillah May Allah make it easy for you, to Allah mean? And may Allah make it of those whom Allah forgives me hon. Allah mean, so brothers and sisters, we said there was an idea about the giving in charity, Allah tied that to a son. Then we saw in the other area, Allah spoke about forgiving others and he tied it to SM That's excellent. And

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there's a third your brothers and sisters, which Allah subhanho wa Taala also tied it to forgiveness. Let me read it for

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Brothers and sisters in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran for the man according him mitaka whom Lana whom was kulu by whom casia there are people who broke the covenant with Allah subhana wa tada and Allah cursed them and he made their hearts hard you Henry foon I'll carry my mouse there they changing the revelation Allah sent pretty evil people right pretty evil when so howver memento key Ruby well as Allah top Ponyo Allah whoa inoty min home illa canina min home and many of these people their harm is even going beyond harming themselves they're going on betray Ileana Allah says FAF one whom was for forgive them and try to reconcile in Allah you hipbone

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mazzini Allah loves those mercy Nene. Did you notice that I told you before I say it again, accent is mentioned all over the Quran. But Allah doesn't often encourage you and give you that boost. Yella go for it as much as when it comes to forgiving others and giving in charity yellow in Allah you hibou Marcin, Allah will love you. And Allah loves you. Don't worry about anyone else in the world who may not love you. If Allah loves you, then that's what matters. If Allah loves you, then you're protected. If Allah loves you, then you are honored. If Allah loves you, then you are victorious. If Allah loves you, then you will be with Allah in Jenna, may Allah make it possible for

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all of us. I mean, there are beyond I mean, so I mentioned now the charity, we Oh, I didn't change the slides or panel, no problem. This was the forgive. Alright, this is the path of forgiveness, black and white. It's a bit tough. May Allah grant you all gender and please forgive me for forgetting to change the slide. Now we'll go to the third one brothers and sisters, the third theme has to get so we spoke about charity. We spoke about forgiveness a total of three. Then there's two is about the third theme. And that theme is general but there's also a hint and touched to there a bad sign of a bad in Allah subhanho wa Taala let me go back and show it to my notes. Allah Subhana

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Allah says in the Quran I will be lampstand rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim laser Allah Allah Dena mano y mano solly hottie Juna female pa a mu, Juna female by mu either but Manu amin saw the heart film

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Manu through matakohe Watson who will love you Hey, Bull masini Allah says there's no sin. There's no etham punishment to those who believed and did righteous deeds. What's the matter here female timer for what they ate, and they drink. There was some things that were not haram early Islam, but then they became Haram. So some of the believers were very worried that I drank alcohol for example, but it wasn't Haram. Will Allah not punish me after it was haram? Like for the past? Show? Allah says no, there's no generic there's no FM and then for those who have Taqwa piety, and then they believed and did righteous deeds, from Amadou attacco then they grew and grew and believe, from

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Metallica, Watson, who then they grew and grew to believe to the end. And San Juan la who you hate Boone, mazzini. Those who reached that level, brothers and sisters, may Allah make you and I have a mercy Nene. May Allah make our Sisters of Mercy not me horrible. Allah mean, what's, what's sad in the worship of Allah, listen to those who Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, and he sang when he was asked, and tab with a lock and Nikita to worship Allah as if you see Allah and tab with the luck, Anaconda Katara. The inlanta contura in Iraq, it is ascend the elite level, the highest level in the worship of Allah, his essence, it is to worship Allah, as if you are seeing

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Allah. And if you're not able to reach that level, then live life knowing that Allah sees you. You see that? I'll give you an example. Allah is the best of examples. We tell a person drive as if there's a cop in so let me go the higher level drive as if there's a police officer right behind you driving, you see that driving, drive like that and how will he drive you will drive you will stop at every stop sign. And the stop sign you make sure you have that stop, right everything perfection, you will not cross the sidewalk, you will stop before that. You'll make sure you don't go over the speed limit you you drive as if a cop is behind you. That's the highest level of proper driving. For

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example, if you could not reach that level, then drive as if there's a cop somewhere in this neighborhood. There's a cop around so you will be cautious but maybe not as cautious if a cop was behind you. Allah is the best of examples where

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Allah as if you see, think of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you resolve you always think of Allah and wasini and ready for this you want to be sinning and washing your urine, Allah Illa, earbud and wasini they change the natural act and make it ritual, with the inch change of Nia of intention how sleeping, sleeping is what is a natural act, at least at a bad start a worship and my son who's worships Allah as if he sees Allah is someone who when he wants to go sleep, she was she's about to sleep, she makes the intention I am going to sleep so I can be energized so I can worship Allah tomorrow so I can go to work and get a living. So I can for example, learn more about Allah and the

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deen the change the natural act unknown, the immediate into a bar the How to worship through the change of near the intention brothers and sisters Yella Bismillah May Allah make you make us all of that level? And you know, but I mean, let me give you one example of someone who perhaps and Allah knows best what music Kerala had someone who appears to worship Allah as if they see Allah subhanho wa Taala Who is that? It was a wonderful lady. Yes, she was coming from a very poor family, relatively poor, not very rich and elite. And she was helping her mom filling bottles with milk and they were known as milk cellars around the neighborhood. So very early in the day or so away from

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the eyes of the people. The mother was telling the daughter as you fill the bottle with or the gallon with milk Add some water. Why is the mom saying that? Because when you add some water, she believes she can sell more. So that means we don't spend as much milk we can fill more bottles you know three quarters milk one quarter water here we get more sales. So then the girl she told her mom we're lacking aroma rhodiola and he was a halifa he prohibited the mixing of water and milk. So then the mother of that lady she says in O'Meara Eliana Rama is not here to see us and give us a fine why we mixed water with milk can move on. Then the lady says in Cana Omar lejana for Inaba, Omar Allah

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Yana so that late that girl that daughter said Oh mom, if Rama cannot see us now, then the lord of oma, Allah can see us Allahu Akbar, Allah May Allah make us live our lives in a way as if we are seeing Allah subhanho wa Taala we make our natural act into worship, rituals and worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah subhanho wa Taala says brothers and sisters will love you hibou merci Nene, and the other area, about sn in a bed that you can check it out in sha Allah, it's chapter three, verse 148, was a similar meaning shout out but obviously there's other things that we can all benefit from. The Quran is very, very rich, while Allah loves the machine, in fact, and in the

00:33:09 --> 00:33:16

Koran. And there's a last thing I want to end with reading for this. Someone may ask brother I have a question. What is it?

00:33:17 --> 00:34:05

How can I know if I am of the machining? Do you want to know if you're of the machining? Of course I would love to know that there is one big sign not 100% necessarily, but one big sign What is it? And then came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam for Colorado Rogen you're also like a fairly an alum in accent to an accent we're either asset to any asset and then went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and said also Allah How can I know when I'm doing good that it's actually doing good? And how do I know when I'm doing evil that it's evil like I need to know if I'm doing good or not Am I am I have the mercy Nene or not are evil people like what's the best way for me to know my

00:34:05 --> 00:34:50

level of excellence or misery? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says either ology Ron look if your neighbors tell you in NACA God sent fucka doesn't. If your neighbors they say about you that you're a good person. You're excellent Mashallah Deen and dunya your ritual life your natural life, your worldly life and your religious life are great are good then know that that's one of the biggest signs that you are a man of Exxon wahaca will either call you and if they tell you the neighbors, let me go to the neighbors brothers and sisters, and they go to the neighbors. And if the neighbors saying in NACA codeset that you have done evil, you're not such a great person you're

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

somewhat bad for sad then that's a very big sign that you're actually of those people. So brothers and sisters, one wonders, what will our neighbors or

00:35:00 --> 00:35:28

What do our neighbors think of us? I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala to make you all have an moistening, and then masina neurobiol alameen thank you so much for your patience Jessa como lo hidden for listening and for watching, remember to give in charity. Remember to forgive and remember to change your natural to ritual with changing the intention and make it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala does that come along here on was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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