Majed Mahmoud – Dealing With Minor & Major Sins

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not apologizing and not giving up, especially in regards to past experiences with a woman considered a threat and a woman considered a danger. They also touch on the use of negative language and its potential consequences, including negative emotions and actions. The segment touches on issues related to Islamist behavior, including the use of negative language in relation to actions and events and the potential consequences of not being able to act normally. The group also discusses issues related to personal experiences and health struggles, including a woman who talks about her husband's behavior on social media and how they have been drained by it.
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Ask you by Allah subhanho wa Taala

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what's your first go to excuse? First go to reason that you mentioned, when things go wrong in your life? I asked you by the one who made you what's what is it? A loss of a job? misbehaving child sickness to the body. What's your goal to reason?

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is a time evil eye?

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Is it haters? People just don't like me.

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What is it? Is it magic Sahara?

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all possibilities? I'm not saying they're not. But when was the last time you said because of the newbie because of my own sense.

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When was that your goal to to see why this happened to me was because of me not respecting a loss of pan or whatever taala

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because of what I did in my bedroom the night before or even two 510 years ago and today I see the consequences of it. When was the last time May Allah forgive us and protect us? And may Allah make us busy was seeking His forgiveness. And now lawmakers busy with seeing the faults in us before seeing false and others immutable me

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here this month, there was a man on I 94 with his jetski it's one video you can watch it online this month on his jetski on the I 94. If someone is maybe watching us online from the ICD or so they like how is it possible jet ski on the highway because of how much it rained.

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One drop after the one source that's one source one drop after the other one drop a drop. You're gonna flood the highway one drop at a time after the other third fourth 100 million until they flood the highway. That guy got a jetski on it.

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What happened what he tried to relate here, as do nobody else is say at say Navara the Adhan Navara another look drop of water boys and we're gonna fly man What a * for this. Next one. Another one. Checking something on the phone saying a word you're not supposed to say. You heard something you're not supposed to hear and you kept going one after the other until we flood with sins and we drown me Allah protect us.

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And what made the flood go one of the reasons One of them is that the lack of drains and similarly we need to drain our do know when my house was repentance and back to Allah with forgiveness May Allah forgive us all immutable alanine

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Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he taught the Sahaba. Well, Abdullah bin Mr. Wood says in the authentic narration. He says in the movement, the believer, your outdo Bahu he sees the sin, they commit a sin. They did something haram the way they feel the way they see it. How can know?

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You're halfway.

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It's like he is sitting under or next to a mountain that was about to collapse on them. how scared Will you be? How terrified that say I'm doing the mount is about to fall masiva that's how they used to behave when they disobeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala. Don't you dare I'm sorry. And I should not dare to say was this firm, the minor or the major since I shame? Don't look at the size of the sin. Look at the magnitude of the one you're disrespecting and sinning against. They look at serious. They did that saying Well, like I said they're nervous What will happen to me? Even in mobile, Oklahoma, he says I used to feel and I believe that I see the consequence of my sin in the way my

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wife behaved to me and what dad Betty and even my ride and my camel when it's acting up, I first thing I go to Did I do something wrong? That was him as I early evening mobile krahula. And that's how we should behave. And we should be very cautious of this. Then even Masood radi Allahu anhu he says we're in Delphi. As for the one who is careless, the one who continuously sins and dish obeys Allah, how do you think he feels when he sins against Allah? It says, Your Odoo buchalka do Bab in miroir Allah and fee. It's like a fly. And he just brushes it off and he did this or the Allahu anhu brushes it off. It's not a big deal. While others are doing worse. Hamid will say that. Oh yes, I

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saw the Haram but others actually doing it. Oh, the Billa hurdle faster and more men. you're focused about what you did. Allah is watching me. Allah He, if my baby were to work and many of us would freak out if we're sending a baby

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who doesn't comprehend nor remember Then what about Allah who sees us day and night? Remember

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There's a promise but it also allows asylum for the law.

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Be conscious of Allah. remember Allah, Allah will take care of you. And Allah also said, Nestle law, her fantasy on the opposite. They forgot about Allah they disrespected Allah, Allah meant nothing to them. As a result, they meant nothing back to Allah, meaning no raw material may Allah protect us. May Allah preserve us foreigner amenable Allah mean. Then you hear the Prophet alayhi salatu was salam, where he says a year Come look when the Prophet says Watch out. I warn you Allah when the Rasul Allah says, it should wake us up with Allah wake us up the Prophet is a warning who put the sign my brother in the masjid or myself, are you the one who put the warning a Jaco was the Prophet

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as salaam. And when he puts a warning sign, you need to all make sure you learn. He says a yak what's the warning sign under it? A year camomile ha karate? Nope. Be aware of those sins that you belittle. You got so immune to it. You don't feel that no more like yeah, I know it's wrong. But yeah, and you know the time No, you shouldn't behave like that in Yakumo Maha karate do know. He says for in hoonah. html module had you lechner they combine and compile and compile and compile the scenes that look that word and so on, until it destroys that person back to the whole flood situation. May Allah protect us amenable al amin? Then you hear about any Sydney medical of the

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Allahu anhu and I'm talking Malawi, of all hooked up. I feel this I'm talking to myself more than anyone here. Take it serious and don't think too well of yourself. Don't think too well of yourself. Let's be honest. And then Sydney Malik radi Allahu anhu looked what he said. He says to his people, what do you mean his people and as Sidney Malik was one of the last Sahaba to die, rob the Allah one. So he lived through the Hamas asylum, he passed away. Abubakar Amara was nine and he Sahaba passed away and he was one of the last Sahaba so what came after Sahaba Tabby in the next generation wonderful people the prophets of Allah I sent him praise them, but you know what he said to them? In

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elbow hurry. He says in Nakula, Tamar Luna Amma you guys do actions here aduc Kofi are unique. Amina shall to you. It seems not a big deal. The I mean, I know it's not right. But in Akasha, as thin as I hear, it's weightless to you. Then he says in couldn't do her. Allah had intervened in Salalah. While he was alone, I'll move your cart. The same thing that you did back in the day with the provenance alum, if someone did the exact same thing, we would think we're going to *. We're destroyed unless Allah Allah comes to us means I'll move the cart anymore. He caught me Allah protect us even oblige me. May Allah make us terrified when we sin, because this is from the man of

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the believer, terrified of Allah's punishment. How often will you feel a lot of anger when you make something as wrong and you hope for Allah and reward when you do that which is good. May Allah forgive us all immutable alanine and here is our lemma in the

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authentic narration. He gives you a side effect of the sin. He is the name of the Quran. Look what what he says. We're in the Lisa Yeti, showered and feel what he when one commits a sin there is gloominess and darkness to the face You feel me Allah protect us. alanine will matter and feel God but he will kill me and darkness in the heart and in the grave.

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Well, one and Phil bedini and weakness to the body were knocks on Felicity and deficiency in provision. While Buddha the Apollo bill Hulk, and the creation no longer really like you are connected with you. May Allah protect us he Allah, may Allah protect us he Allah, May Allah forgive us. Yeah, Allah. So I'm going to stop right now I had no intention to actually stop this moment. Rather, I want to continue but I want to say as Allah Li walakum May Allah forgive me forgive you so seek His forgiveness is still through inola for Rahim

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smilla salat wa salam ala rasulillah May Allah accept you're still far And may Allah substitute your shortcomings and say you act with Hassan out with good deeds. I mean, your La Belle alameen. Eman Malika, Hema hula, one of the greatest scholars that ever walked on Earth. Many of you do things that he did, because he said, according to the Prophet, but you don't know what's your reference. Here's one of them Mr. Malik rahamallah. Imagine in his halakhah he noticed

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A very bright student, and that student was a man who shaffir when he was young. So when he saw him it was narrated that he told him

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in our Allah, Allah, Allah kobika Nora, he says, I notice, I feel that Allah has blessed you with so much light knowledge, you're bright, you're sharp, you're not like a regular student. So he gave him the See, he says fellow takfeer, who will be avoiding matching massiah he says the only thing that can possibly take you away from this knowledge and that brightness and sharpness that you have, your greatness can be diminished. If you fall into sin, may Allah protect us and that's why the very famous line of poetry of Imam is Chef a that goes until Allahu Allah may be a day of judgment. When he says Chicago to Isla workI in super heavy I complain to my teacher will care about my lack of my

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memorization I used to do pretty well you know my memory was phenomenal for on and so on. Hadeeth but I start to struggle so I complain to my teacher and the first go to of the teacher was not he was not he said was not sad was not you know people plotting against you though it might be possible. But the first go to look at yourself before you look at others and he says for our shed any Isla Terra Kilmer LLC. Make sure step one to fix your problem. Stay away from the morality say you add in disobedience of a larger ledger, Allah Allah, may Allah protect us And forgive us I mean Rabbil aalameen and if one continues and continues and disregards this then in the Lila he were in

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your own if someone does not take what was mentioned seriously fella How will our La quwata illa Billah then we go through this area either to Allah He is to not call us lt or will when when the here I yet ahaadeeth evidence proof stories and so on. They say whatever old fairy tales grandpa used to say to me, doesn't mean much to me. Give me something recent whatever the case is, Allah says Calla are on Allah kulu be him mechanic, Simone, this attitude of arrogance was due of the things that they used to do and accumulated throughout their lives, that it completely covered and sealed their hearts. And as a result, color in the home and what became Yama even lemahieu jawbone,

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the greatest carb of all time, is not seeing Allah in general. The greatest is not seeing Allah engender pain that I could have been no longer available. May Allah protect us and allow us to see Allah subhanho wa Taala. I am done. I'm done my hotbar zakum Allah here. But as I was preparing, I was putting myself in some people's shoes. I said maybe someone right now sitting would say to me after the question is what's your question? You know, all the side effects that you mentioned about the lack of provision and the issue with the health and so on. It's possible due to sins now. I know people that are worse than all of us put together. They are the healthiest. They look like they are

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the happiest, and they are the wealthiest. So where is the side effects of the sense to them? I tell you, you reminded me of a brother this week, who called me because of many issues with his wife, one of them being she continuously compares her life to her friends on social media.

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She keeps telling her husband who's older than most of us here. Look at this family smiling and look at this picture and look at us. And all of the old say most I'll say all of you know that many pictures were taken after a fight. And before a fight. There's war in pictures. Dad sit next to me smile. I don't want to listen and you pinch and they cry and you wait to wipe the tears. Then you smile for two seconds ceasefire. Two seconds. Then once it's done, you go back to the fight. That's how we're done. Yes. May Allah protect us. Niala grant you all happiness era. You don't know what's behind this. You say? Oh, look at them. Look at the house. Look at the mansion. Look at the smile.

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Who is going to post them crying on Instagram doesn't usually happen. Meola protected in grantors gender, everything I said in that part you can forget about it. Let me give you one Hadith and rosu Allah is Allah Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says either ieta Lucha europei lab dominar dunya ma your head. If you see Allah giving dunya of to someone who loves it like money, fame, status, you name it, okay health, everything yet yet, yet they are insisting on disobeying Allah, the Namah Delica estate Raj, then this is only a trap.

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It's a trap. Don't think Allah loves them now. Allah, Allah hates them. And is no shyness me saying Allah, Allah. Allah. You know some of us here. When you have a mouse in your house, what do you typically people do they try to make the mouse

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leave the house you open the door for 510 minutes. You're like man I'm wasting my AC I need to do something this is way too taking way too long. So after they insist after they're stubborn after they're arrogant after they don't move what do you do? You serve them food. You can cheese even peanut butter

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and then the What does the mouse may think? Oh you love me? If you really existed and you really hated me, he would have never given me food. And what happened? It's only a trap. It's only then other mice were like we should have stayed in the house. We should have did what they did Look how happy that mouse is. No wait to see what happened to that mouse that was stubborn and remained in the house. And legs from that peanut butter takes from that cheese and what happens? smashed, destroyed. May Allah protect us and that's why at the end what did the progress I'm saying this hadith? He says nesu mad Maddox Ruby when they ignored Allah.

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Allah him

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we opened up the doors of dunya every way you want dunya take take everybody take

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her either. Fetty who Bhima Bhutto once they got way too excited when we got this role forget religion forget God. What happened have now whom Dr. Mobley showed all of us and we grabbed them we ruined them while they're just not really prepared for this. So drain the rain what we drain the sins by repenting to Allah subhanho wa Taala is still a futile Allah seek forgiveness from Allah. What did you eat Allah wa Illa as Alinea Lee welcome me Rabbil alameen

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