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Khalid Yasin
AI: Summary © The importance of social activism and pursuing young people's interests is emphasized, along with the need for them to pursue their own values and not let interests or interests interfere. The speaker also discusses the need for technology control and self-developed technology to improve behavior and social interactions, while emphasizing the importance of not criticizing people for their actions. The speaker also stresses the importance of sharing information and opinions to benefit oneself and avoid confusion.
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100 level select to Islam Allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Allah He was heavy was YG woman Walla

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wa salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh dear brothers and sisters in Islam This is your brother's Shahada, Jessie, speaking to you from my Facebook Live platform sky views.

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As I always mentioned to people sky views are my views.

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No one is responsible for what I have to say here on this platform except myself. I take full responsibility for my ideas, my concepts, my advice, my spin my take on the issues that I discuss on this platform.

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Today, brothers and sisters, I just want to give a loan let's see how

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about the necessity for us to put emphasis upon

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learning, teaching and learning life skills.

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I want to put emphasis upon advising our young people that if they are in school, stay in school and finish.

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If you are in high school, prepare yourself for college and university.

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If you are in the university, you should remain there until you complete your undergrad.

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And if you have completed undergrad, then you should determine

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Do you want to go into government? Do you want to go into the private sector? Do you want to learn some specific skills so that you can enter the job market? Or do you want to continue academically for your graduate degree? This is something that you need to think about. You need to talk about you need to plan with other people. Because this is also part of your religion. This is part of your religious pursuit, and should be part of your religious focus should be part of your religious agenda.

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Another issue that I want to talk about is that we should be talking about

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social activism. And social activism can best be expressed in this way that we relate social activism to the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before he received Why?

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When the Messenger of Allah azza wa jal, Sam was a young man,

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maybe the age of 15 1617 years old, living in Mecca.

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Of course, he was a decent young man, a principled young man and ethical young man. This was his upbringing. This was his nature. This is how Allah made him as a prophet and a messenger. Even as a young man.

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He was socially engaged and he was socially involved and he was socially committed. And he was active as a social member, a member of society. He belonged. This is according to the sealer of his heart Even more soon.

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According to this Sierra, this documented Sierra of the Prophet salado sent the message of a loss of loss and when he was a young man, he belonged to a group which is called helpful for lwn helpful for all in the Arabic language means like a committee for doing social good.

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You know, like the Boy Scouts like the four H club,

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you know, he belong to a group like that, that did what they aided the elderly,

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they served the needy.

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They, they they looked after the people who were the less fortunate in the society, the widows or the orphans, the people who were ill. They also served under the auspices of the elders, to look after the ethics of the society to make sure that visitors who are coming into Mecca was served. They also engaged in what was called honorable Maru for nahi under mancow. That is commanding what is right and forbidding what is wrong and preventing corruption and evil and subversion in the society. This was how this is what the prophet SAW sin was doing as a young man. So even before he was commissioned as a prophet, and before he received the message as a messenger before the why he

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came to him before he was fully mature.

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And adult, the prophet SAW said was engaged in social service.

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Another issue I want to bring forward is that the messenger of the loss of the law and he was to them. Also he was trained as a business person.

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Yes, a merchant,

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a businessman.

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He saw a lot of it was Sam, he learned the business under his grandfather,

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His grandfather, the chief of Mecca,

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the patriarch of Mecca, Abdulmutallab. He also learned business and traveled between Yemen and Syria

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frequently with his uncle Abu Ali, who never became a Muslim, but was one of his most fervent supporters.

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During this training period on the job training that he received from his uncle Abu Talib

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he was introduced to a lady, a lady of the noble lady of the courage a business woman by the name of Khadija bint al who waylaid

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later this lady Khadija bent hoilett radi Allahu Allah,

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she requested, I will tell him

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to have Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who at that time was just a young man, again, a young adult,

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to work for her to be in her employ, to be sort of a sales agent for her because he was known to be prudent,

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honest, hardworking, prosperous, strong, principled.

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And so she recruited him.

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He sold the law exam before he received his why

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he went into the employ of this noble lady business woman by the name of Heidi j bent hoilett.

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He worked for her she was his boss, or employer. So the profit so awesome, our profit. So while Sam was in the employ of a woman,

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later that woman because of his honesty, because of his integrity,

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that woman proposed to him not he proposed to her. This is all documented in the Sierra.

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She proposed to him.

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Not he proposed to her. And she Khadija bento

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she was 15 years his senior. So at the age of 25, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before he received his way, His revelation from Allah subhanaw taala, before he was commissioned as a prophet and a messenger, officially, he married this noble lady of the courageous businesswoman by the name of Khadija bent, who waited.

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you see, a loss of power to Allah prepared our profits loss and what first as a social activists,

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a member of an active member of society concerned about the affairs of the people are not concerned about the affairs of his family, or a particular religion or group, but his people.

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he engaged the prophet SAW Sam in business, he emerged him in business. So he would learn the principles of business, the ethics of business, the rigors of business, the independent thinking of business, how to take risks and to make profit. And you know, how to set up the balance sheet and how to buy and sell and interact with people how to select, you know, how to deal in the marketplace.

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Also, you know, our prophet SAW him when he was a very young man, he was a shepherd, you know, sitting with the animals, taking care of the animals, making sure they're safe and they're fed and they're clean, and keeping their count and protecting them, you know, so he was taught how to

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Take care of animals. So if you can take care of animals who do only have instincts, certainly, you will be able to take care of human beings who have intelligence.

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So early in life, Allah subhanaw taala prepared the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as a shepherd, to take responsibility to get up early, before the animals get up, to feed them, and to keep count of them and protect them in the environment where he's at and to sit and watch and be patient while they ate and while they grazed in, then after that was the end of the day to bring them back and to settle them and to make sure that places clean just takes responsibility. This takes order just takes discipline.

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Then last The Panama dollar, train the profits, so a lot of them in social

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activism, to be socially responsible, to care for others,

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to walk through the neighborhood, through the city, and to look and see what is needed, what can you do, removing bad things from the path and greeting people and looking into the affairs of people and could be concerned about those who are needy and destitute and orphans and widows and elderly people and helping and assisting and looking beyond oneself.

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See how the loss of power dollar prepared the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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After that he engaged him immersed him into business. And he had just like to, to say a saint of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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which some of the scholars or the dean or the scholars of Hadith, they classified as being weak. But they did not say it wasn't a hadith. And since there is no contradiction in the end, and there is no contradiction with any other Hadith. I'm going to relate this as a principle. The prophet SAW Sam, he said, to the his companions, he was he was related to have said to his companions, teach your children business.

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Because business is nine tenths, that means

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just media that means 90%, nine tenths, you see, nine tenths of risk, sustenance is in business. So here the prophet SAW Selim, through his life experience, and through what was related to him, he advised us to do business because he said that nine tenths of the risk, the sustenance, the prescribed sustenance, of the banni, Adam, the sons of Adam, that means humanity, okay is in business, the word in Arabic is to Java.

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to support this, let us keep this in mind.

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Most of the people around the Prophet solo and exam as determined by Allah subhanaw taala.

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We call it

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the last panel, according to the Cobra, according to the determination of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Most of the people who were surrounded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were of two different kinds of people. They were people who were in agriculture, or they were people who were in business and trade.

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These, these made up, most of the people around the prophet SAW Sam, people engaged in agriculture

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and people who were engaged in business and trade. Now, of course, academia is also important,

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you know, doesn't mean that because you're involved in business and trade, or you're involved in agriculture, that you should not have an academic background, no, you should do have as much of an academic background as is accessible to you,

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as is made affordable to you. But if you want to be independent, if you want to be able to maximize and optimize your time and your life and your energy and your social opportunities, it is better for you to do what do business get involved in agriculture, because they are dignified engagements and you can be independent. Now, we should be teaching each other this along with talking about the film of the salon, the film of the Zika and the fit of fasting and you know, the issues regarding aqeedah and how to pay Zika how to make Hajj and how

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To pray, and how to make Vicar and the best words to say, and how to dress, you know, and, and of wearing the beard and about the, the wearing of the hijab and all these things, these external sunnen these external things that we put so much emphasis upon how we distinguish Muslims by how they dress and you know whether a brother he has a beard or not, or whether the sister has on her, he jabbed and if the hijab is correct or not, and you know, all the distinctions related to the Arqiva, and the epistemology of religion, all of this is good and has its time and place and significance. However,

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we are basically human beings, and we need to interact with other human beings and what will give us leverage and benefit and influence and dealing with other human beings, whether our colleagues, our co workers, our neighbors, the people that we meet and greet and people that we live with. Now, colleagues, if we want influence, if we want leverage, we want respect among them, we should be teaching ourselves, our children, business and trading, we should be thinking about cultivating land, that where we can live and have our own environment, we can grow our own food, okay, and have more control of the, the articles that we consume.

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Yes, and we should send our children into selective areas of academia and technology, so that we can control the things that we consume,

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we can be creative, you know, we can have our own phone, our own telecommunications company, we can have our own SIM card, we can have our own television station radio station, we can have our own satellite station, you know, we can ourselves, we can, we can get involved in what's called renewed energy, you know, environmental preservation, you know, we can do all of these things if we direct ourselves and our children in these areas. But if we just continue to talk about religion, as it is expressed in books, then guess what we will be consumers of the books that other people write.

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And we will be consumers of the information about the religion and other people that give to us, we will also be consumers. Because even when we go make Hajj, we don't have our own planes, we don't have our own companies. And when we get there, we're in the hands of other people, some that are not even so religious, who exploit us, even when we go on Hajj, and disrespect us, even when we perform it the hard way because we don't have any control and we don't have any leverage.

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So dear brothers and sisters in Islam, he I'm talking today that for our young people who come to the masjid and we want to contain them and harness them inside the masjid, we need to teach them skills.

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We need to give them more than simply just religious inspiration and inflammation.

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We need to provide them with motivation. Give them an alternative to put those pistols down.

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Give them the motivation to put the bugs down.

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Give them the motivation to come out of the clubs and out of the streets. Okay, and dancing and singing, and in games and entertainment and sports and so forth. We need to give them an alternative. And the alternative is that we provide them with what skills training, we encourage them to complete their education in selective fields.

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We mentor them, we talk to them about life planning, personal development, training. This is what we have to do for our young people. Because if we don't do this for our young people, no one else will do it for them. And they will become consumers and slaves of social media and they will enjoy being so you know why? Because they've been told and they've been trained that shake Google and his family,

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Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, you know that it's free. And since it's free, so they think they're engaged in it, they're given up all the information. You know, all the information that's attached to them is being extracted and packaged and resold and marketed to corporate

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entities, and they don't mind why because they're being entertained.

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They're being exploited,

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because it's free. So they think, no, it's not free, I say what we need to do is we need to use social media like everyone else. However, we need to use it in a purposeful way, we need to use it in a surgical way, we need to take advantage of social media, okay for our benefit, and not for the benefit of the corporate entities of the social media giants who are controlling the minds and the behaviors of the world.

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And for young people, I'm telling you, what you need to do is you need to take more, you need to have more concern and take care of yourself more so than you take care of that phone that you're holding on to every single day. Think about it, you can't put your phone down.

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You just can't put it away.

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You can't put it in your pocket, you can't put it in your bag, you can't put it away and control it and turn it off.

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You can't do it because the phone psychologically psychosomatically, the phone is controlling you. People just walk around just holding the phone. They don't even hold on to their children, but they're holding the phone.

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You get on the bus, you get on the train, you get on the plane, you're sitting in the airport, you're sitting in different places, and everyone is sitting down looking staring at their phone looking for what looking at what they're just been engaged. This self engagement, it's like they're being in a drunken stance like a stupor.

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Because they're unable to control the technology, the technology is controlling them. Yet, this phone that they pay $1,000 for us,

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or 900, or 600.

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It's just a phone, that's all it is.

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After they buy the phone, then they're paying for data

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which is inside of applications, okay, which is inside of applications and also in the SIM card the data.

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So then they're paying $50 or $60 a month, just for data. That's what to do what talk and text

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chat, just to be in the note to be connected. They're paying for that.

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And if they drop their phone and break it, within 24 hours,

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the psychology is driven to do what if they drop it and break it, they're gonna repair it and replace it within 24 hours. They can't sleep until they do.

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Yet when they drop themselves and break themselves, they're not going to spend 100 or 200 or 300 to fix themselves, but they will fix that phone. Why? Because we've been trained

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to respond

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to the social media that we love and that we hold on to and that we hug and we just can't put down.

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It's something that has happened, it's a reality. But we can break that. By putting

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the technology under control, there is a gin

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You know, there is a special energy that's inside of this technology.

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That should be under our control. When it's under our control, we can also share some of the resources that come from it. There's a tremendous amount of revenue that comes from telecommunications.

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We get nothing. We pay everything but we get nothing.

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But we can train ourselves and we can train our children so that we can take part in telecommunications and we can get our share.

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And through that we can gain a certain amount of leverage, we can harness a certain amount of influence and a certain amount of revenue for ourselves in this area of technology, telecommunications and agriculture, and also business and trade.

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And we can emphasize this. I say

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for every hour that we are teaching something in the moss regarding rituals, and Islamic epistemology, we also need to have one hour of academia and skills training and personal development training.

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And discussions about the community.

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So that inside of our community, we will be in touch.

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Not because we want people to follow our religion, you know, not because we want to be in charge. And we know, you know, we, we want to influence people without religion know, we want to make we want to influence our community want to influence our homes, we want to influence our family, we want to influence our people, we want to influence our country with new ethics, new ideas, okay, new mindset and thinking,

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this doesn't come just from religion, you can go to church, or you go to the mosque, or you can read the Bible, or you can read the Quran, or you can read the Sanskrit or you can read the Tao mood, or you can read the Torah, or you can read any other religious scripture that you want day in and day out, it will not put bread on your table, it will not give milk to your babies, it will not put a roof over your head, and it will not pay your medical bills, and it will not replace your teeth. And it will not put gasoline in your car. It just will not do that.

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It may do it for the mom, or for the Reverend or the minister, it may do that. For the rabbi, it may do that, you know, simple whoever's leading the congregation, they might get some of that because we as a people, you know, we will see we will we like to see our leaders right in a nice car and wear a nice suit and, you know, live in a nice house because we can say that's my mom, that's my leader. You know, that's my Reverend, you know, that's my disord that's my rabbi, you know, that's this or that. So and so that's my shit, you know, only because it's mine. I want to see him like that. But if you wouldn't mind, I don't want to see him like that. So it's all personal.

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And stop condemning these young people about what they're doing in the street during the street, because you didn't create any energy. You didn't create any alternative. You didn't create any assets. You didn't create any resources. You didn't create any energy inside of the mosque, what are they supposed to do? Come sit in the mosque and look at what and do what?

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stop criticizing young people because guess what?

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What's happening outside in the street is a reality.

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And what's happening inside the mosque is a different reality. You got to connect the reality that's going on inside the masjid, or the church, you got to connect that reality to reality is happening outside the streets. And then you have what's called synergy.

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It's called reciprocity. It's called Yin, Yang,

00:27:57 --> 00:27:58

inner and outer.

00:27:59 --> 00:28:02

If you're not concerned about them, why should they be concerned about you?

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So this is my talk today about changing our focus. You know, you know, following the principles of the religion, whichever religion you following

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us, so me, I'm a Muslim. You know, I subscribe to Islam. I subscribe to the core and I subscribe to the example of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And by doing so, I'm subscribing to the life of all the prophets of Almighty God. I'm subscribing to all the scriptures sent by Almighty God, I'm subscribing him send me to the universal religious principles given to humanity, I'm subscribing to all that

00:28:51 --> 00:28:54

I'm subscribing to the good, the higher

00:28:56 --> 00:28:58

the good of dislikes and the good of the hereafter.

00:28:59 --> 00:29:10

And the loss of hunter reminded us in the Quran, he says water, the female attack of love, are killer. So Seek ye you know deep, the, the good

00:29:12 --> 00:29:21

of what Allah subhanaw taala has given to you of the double happiness that means the home of the hereafter paradise.

00:29:23 --> 00:29:24

Seek the good of that.

00:29:26 --> 00:30:00

Do all the exercises do all the engaging all the ethics be a good person? You don't follow the religion you know, obey Almighty God the rules that's been set into scripture, do all of that so that you can inherit the devil after a while that tend to sign a Nazi book of dunya but do not forget your share in this dunya Do not forget your share of responsibility. Do not forget your share. Okay of revenue of influence. Don't forget

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your share of engagement in this world of human beings, because at the end of the day, living in this world is reality and a responsibility.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:17

And it's a matter of also consciousness and competency,

00:30:19 --> 00:30:41

consciousness and competency. And we and our children, we want to be more competent than anybody so that we can compete and win. And we want to be more conscious God conscious than anybody else. To be God conscious means to be having a divine

00:30:42 --> 00:30:44

focused mentality.

00:30:46 --> 00:31:13

To be God conscious, to have a mentality, that whose principles is based upon divine rules and guidance to do what to cause the maximum amount of benefit for oneself, one's family, one's community, and the society. This is your brother Shekhar, you're seen, given another one of my sky views,

00:31:14 --> 00:31:36

episodes at Sky views as sk YIVEWZ. You may say, what's the iPhone share is for information, inspiration and innovation, that innovation upon religious traditional epistemology, but innovation when it comes to creativity,

00:31:37 --> 00:31:54

information to correct information, inspiration that was to lift up and that was motivates, and views I put the Z on the end, to change it from anybody else's views. So this is sky views, which are my views. It's my take my spin,

00:31:55 --> 00:32:31

my advice, my insight that I'm sharing with other people. And it's a little different than what a lot of religious or spiritual people are talking about these days. I take full responsibility for my comments, and nobody else is responsible except me. If there's something good that I said it is from God, because all good comes from God. And if there's something else I say, which is not good. It's just from me. You can take that and throw it in the trash on your way out. It doesn't matter. It's just subjective and it's personal.

00:32:33 --> 00:32:39

But I'm doing my job as a social activist, as a senior social activist, and a Muslim.

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If you find benefit and what I've got to say, like anything else, if you got money share it if you got food, share it if you got knowledge, share it. So if this benefit and what I had to say, share it, I don't need you to share to give me no popularity. I don't need no Pat's on the back. You know, remember me and your doula. And when you get dollars, remember me then also, this what we can do for each other.

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share the news share the views. We say some political love will be 100 when I showed you in La Ilaha Illa and when to stop for Laguna to Bali was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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