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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back to the desk of stories from the Quran. Brothers and sisters in Islam. We talked about the first kind of test that we go through, which is the test that has to do with the things that Allah Subhana Allah ordained upon us. And briefly we introduced the second test, which is the Alitalia ashari the a pillar in the area of the shower. What that means.

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Allah Subhana Allah created us to worship Him,

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to obey Him. And meanwhile, he placed within us the freedom to choose.

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You see, there is the creation of Allah subhanaw taala they are unwillingly submitting to Allah, submitting to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who Memphis and he will have to suffer kulu alima salata who

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can you see that to Allah subhanho wa Taala breathe everything in the heavens and the earth, even the birds praises Allah praise Allah Subhana Allah God

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to set Viola was to saddle. One V in here it was in Shani, in

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Hoboken de la komunitas be her home. Everything is in a state of submission to Allah subhanaw taala.

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The only two creations who were equipped with the freedom to obey or not to obey are the jinn and the ends. Call Allah Allah, about mankind in the arena Mousavi in shakeela m cafo shown him the two ways whether to be grateful by being a Muslim or a disbeliever what had I

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done the same thing. One I've seen one.

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And by the soul and the one who perfected it, there are little Hannah

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takua that neffs that soul is ready to go to goodness or to wickedness while the law Harmon Zakah successful is the one who takes it to goodness by purifying it by beautiful.

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Loser is the one who takes it to wickedness by not purifying it. Brothers and sisters in Islam implementing La ilaha illa Allah is the second test. And a lot of us a lot of people are failing in this test. And don't be surprised Allah subhanho wa Taala said in the Quran, we're in tota axon m fill out UB Luca and Sevilla y na na sua la hora de momineen

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the majority of people in earth have failed in this test. I'm talking to those who are holding fast in implementing that test. The servitude remember the covenant that we talked about the last episode, the covenant of servitude, that you're going to be a slave to Allah subhanho wa Taala that you're going to do the things that Allah Subhana Allah commanded you to do.

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And this is by the way, what a lot of people do not realize that to succeed in this test. If you're commanded to pray, you must pray. If you command it too fast, you must fast if you command it begins the care you must give this occur. If you are commanded not to commit adultery, you're not supposed to commit adultery, if you're commanded not to drink alcohol, not to smoke drugs, not to drink whatever it is not to be nasty to neighbors and on and on and on. Anytime you violate one of these commands, you are violating that La ilaha illAllah and you are feeling

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In the test, and Subhanallah a lot of Muslims do not realize that there are actually it is

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out there trying to make you feel. And this is this is what makes this test so difficult. Number one, it is not easy commands, implementing them is not easy, because you must train yourself to get used to it,

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too, you have the freedom of choice, you have a choice, you have temptations out there. Three, there are enemies, Allah rasa enemies who do not want you to pass the test. And this is, by the way, my next episodes, and one of these enemies is Satan. But those enemies are three brothers and sisters in Islam, the three enemies who do not want you to pass the test, who do not want you to submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala to become a Muslim.

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Number one, you

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you Yes, you know,

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your nephew is the first enemy that you must wage war against, you must do is shaitan will ins your friends, the friends who do not want you to pray, the friends who do not want you to be a Muslim, the friends who do not remind you with Allah, the friends, whom when you hang around with, they take you to drink, they take you to adultery, they take you to smoking dope they take him to do and

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those are your enemies.

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And they can be the closest few. And then comes in the third enemy, which is Satan, brothers and sisters in Islam shape on and so panelo have been going through the series, and already our Father is not in existence. And Satan is already what Allah claiming that he's already our enemy. And this also showed By the way, even once we were born

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from Santa Rosa, but the hobbit has some origins De Filippo Hari

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Ravi Allah on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mamelodi Nuland in LA is the Hindu sorry, ha. Every newborn once they come out of the womb of the mother, what they do right away, they cry. So So long as lm actually explained why they cry, why they cry, because shaitan steps them shaitan will step that new baby accept Maria,

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Leah Sarah and her offspring, Isa Ali Hassan accept those two, they did not they will be protected because of that. Because of the invocation the supplication of the mother of Maria when she said what any or any to her Vika will do Rita misshapen emoji, I seek refuge with you or Allah on her and her offspring from shaper. So shaitan brothers and sisters in Islam, your left school and your bad friends are sworn enemies, and they do not want you to pass the second type of test which is implementing La Ilaha Illa, which is becoming a Muslim, which is implementing the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they always try to take you away from submitting to Allah Subhana Allah to

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Allah insha Allah, Allah, the next episode of The Best of stories, we will talk in more details about the story of those three enemies, and how can you combat them, each one of them and that will lead us to Satan and his animosity against us. And that will lead us in sha Allah to the issue of when that animosity bracket leads practically happened between us and Satan, which is the story of prostrating Adam alayhis salam, when Allah subhana wa prostrating to Adam Elisa, when Allah Subhana Allah commanded the angels when a police was there amongst them to bow down to Adam Ali he a seller and the angels did because we know that the angels they worship obey Allah Subhana Allah and

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willingly But Satan refused. And we'll find out why he refused, because of arrogance and pride. And then he started basically rejecting and that is why Allah, you see Satan does not want you to pass the test the second test, which is implementing the commands of Allah subhanaw taala because himself

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did not pass. What got it in trouble, said it was the most pious, the righteous, the most righteous of his race. He was so far righteous until when, until when he was commanded to Prostrate to Adam. And he said that it's a comment from Allah. This has nothing to do the data. This is not a worship to Adam, no, a PA and obedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. Once you do it, you're doing it for Allah, obedient to Allah, not obedience to Adam, like

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when he was kissing the stone, kind of the black stone, what did he say? Allah? Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, by Allah I know you are a rock a stone, that benefit snap that is not Lola and Mira rasulillah you look and

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I seen that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam kissing you, I would not have guessed you insha Allah brothers and sisters in Islam, I really decided to dedicate before I carry on those two episodes this episode, which is the two types of tests that we go through. And the episode about the enemies who want to distract us from succeeding in the second test, which is the most important test. I wanted to dedicate to see two episodes to those two issues because they are so important before we carry on talking about Adam alayhis salam, and the the scene of prostration and why Adam refused and why Satan refused to bow down to Adam Elisa, brothers and sisters in Islam till the next episode of

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The Best of stories. As salam aleikum wa