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want to start you want to start

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on our Villa he

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manga de la,

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la la la mejor.

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fella. The

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said he

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was shadow Mohammedan Abdo, who also

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has a felony fee.

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Now, Louis,

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this is our second lecture

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explaining solar to node

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by subject here, the boy

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that every block of verses would address certain subject.

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And this is how we go about it. So, we're not going word by word or verse by verse, or rather, every group of verses they address a certain subject. We try to explain it with Milan.

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If you recall last lecture we mentioned we're sort of to know falls

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within the objectives and the aims of the Sharia, the law, the Islamic law.

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We mentioned if we, if you recall last Saturday, that

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the divine law, the text for Iran and Sunnah,

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they are tuned or geared towards the protection of five

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we call them mocassin or objectives or aims,

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the protection of the dean the protection of the religion, the protection of the human life, layer, the soul, the protection of brijuni lab, have bodeen heaviness have

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the protection of the intellect heavily, and the protection of wealth. We have Goldman howdy nakasu cherry artina mocassin Sherry Alice Lamia had euchems have had in McConnell homes for so long, you know, deals with the protection of protein.

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So this is where saracino comes under.

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solak nor addresses the issue of level adultery. And all of this has to do with the protection of virginity.

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For you, the surah is called surah Noor Why? What is the reason?

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The analysis of Hannah with Allah because Allah subhanaw taala in the surah he said Allah Who knew somehow it Allah

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Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is the light of the heavens and the earth, Allah Who knew somehow it will. And the surah was called Soraka. No, because of this big map and infest city and now hamadani

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there is consensus that the whole of the surah was revealed in Medina

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cemetery for an imaginary who in no time and Mashallah, will

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Allah in a minute have three little puranam madonie addresses, the lows and the in details like what you should do in details, different laws in details.

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I want to give you like a map

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where you can navigate in that Sora and enjoy it.

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I want to remind you that on top of your loved one, and this was established

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through authentic

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accounts yadi. He sent a message to his hacking his ruler in the province of Kufa commanding him to teach the women sort of no

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Laura Donna is only allowed one and a half Colette has a hula. It was also narrated that I said, teach your women so that

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it is really a requirement upon you if you're a father, or your brother, that you teach your daughters, your your, your your sisters this soul,

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hope because it teaches the women, how to protect the house in your absence and how to protect themselves from fall from falling into fitna and so forth. inshallah, let's begin with that. Allahu wa Yani XML in more de I live, so we're gonna, we're gonna explain the surah in a subjective way, you only address the different subjects tagit, you'll find the first subject which the surah addresses had dizziness,

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had dizziness, and this is verse one, two, and three. If you if you wanna

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if you have a little pen, and you want to write, and so forth, hydrazine Surabaya, that they had this in,

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oh, yeah, this is somehow, you know, a turn off for our team.

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When you open the peran, when you open the solar array, there is a flood gun for Sona stone.

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For hydrogen, the first thing, but again,

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it's needed.

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When we talk about how to lower the punishment of something. You combine it with the jury when you combine it with the crime. If you look at the punishment, apart from the crime, you're always going to have that look. But if you Why are you doing this? Why? Why are you punishing him this way? Because he did this. And this was established by evidence. And you know what, these are the consequences of doing this. And this is what we will do in sha Allah today in that half hour, which we have. So the first segment of the surah addresses the punishment for adultery in Islam. And with it, we talk about the serious consequences of adultery, on the individual himself, on the family,

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on the society, on the community, and also the consequences in the grave. What will happen to a person who commits adultery, and he did not repent. All the hard was not established on him in this world, in the grave, and the punishment also in the hereafter. I think we need to talk about that.

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Then the second section, we have five sections in the sort of five main themes of subjects. The second one is how do you establish the guilt of somebody

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is not easy.

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You have to have full witnesses

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who actually show it happening.

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So not not seeing them together. Seeing the thing in the thing. I can't be any more clear than this.

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And you see in conjunction of this

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right away comes in the issue of sexual slandering.

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Because of the accused somebody of adultery and you are unable to provide the four witnesses, you are you have done what

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you slander the person sexually. You're getting it You understand what I'm saying? If you don't have four witnesses who saw it, if you have only three and you start mumbling you have committed sexual slander, and there is a HUD for that.

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And there is a punishment for that when Latina moon and masana which is verse number four, when Latina moon Alma Sana, Samia to barbati Shahada

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Be careful, don't go and mumble. You must have first established witnesses and you go to the judge you go to the hacking to the one in charge.

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I have to make a disclaimer as well so they don't say the Schiff and abubaker is is promoting flooding and stoning to death. Oh sheriffy Listen, this is the responsibility of will hack in

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establishing How do flogging and stoning is not

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The work of individuals is the work of the recognized authority in the body of the Miss Shirlington ness, fame Hey honey, let's make that so those who are recording and those who are sitting here Masha Allah May Allah reward them talking

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that he was killed in a sexual slumber because it's it's in conjunction of a of testify. Of course there are other variables where you can prove adultery. They what what are the things that can indicate adultery will have sent when a woman gets pregnant and she's not married? Yeah.

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Yeah Maria mocha GT. Shea and sorry, Maria was not married yet. Dr. Harun McCann abou camera so in wama cannot omake Bobby

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Lee had died.

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You see the person being pregnant.

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So you have an issue here which actually and we'll explain it in Sharla came in a very practical way

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for you if you're talking about a woman who is not related to you yeah, you're gonna take your time and go and you know, find three people go and call other three people to come in and see witness in order to go and play witness by what about your wife? So you go home you find somebody with your wife, you want to leave the person with your wife and you go on cold three more people and come on kill me. Sir Malhotra fully dedicated to fief lowly, came in something called the L moolah on our line

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which will will explain which verses 56789 until verse number 10. How do you establish this with your wife?

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It's a little bit different than we'll explain. We'll keep we'll keep some suspense in how you do it. So you come next, inshallah.

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Obadiah Subhana Allah, that is subtle, if in that context, we'll add the data lift.

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Layer hydrophillic layer versus 11 all the way until 26 layer cassata Asia the sexual slumber robot I shall have the alarm.

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How to establish it is Jani

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is just one one verse But how to establish it got you into the subject of sexual slander

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because establishing the need for witnesses it's knowing let's say it got you into sexual Islam. They're warning you Yanina

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the Quran can talk you into the sexual slander when you want to establish this because warning you don't come with a greater facade to prove one set, you understand. You have to have four witnesses. If you do not have those four witnesses don't go about it. Because you're gonna cause a greater problem, which is what you're going to film our motion, which is a major sin in Islam. It's one verse But after that it got into the sexual cylinder. And it confirmed it with a real life story happened to your messenger

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Yon about it. We're lucky. It's it's an invitation to you. Yana Subhanallah sudo su llamada de la

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because a lot of people they get accused

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of this. Meanwhile, they are innocent

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allies teaching you how to deal with it, how to sell ammo. His family member was his wife I shall have the Alanna was accused for a sexual slander and he lived that experience for a whole month

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and is an active consultant in Sharma Viviani.

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So that's section number one.

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So helpful.

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Well hello Malika Bhushan Eonni he will be

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how many sections did we manage?

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To top what was number one. Number one he had designer hootenanny.

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How to establish a lonely time. Number three, Islam is not thirsty to punish. The surah offered something called abominate in wakai.

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immunities how to immune how to protect the individual, the community from committing

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anessa the surah came with the solutions as if what are the reasons for adultery? Why does it happen in the community and how to protect it? How to stop it? Oh pulumi Nina

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was Isla De Lima Xena, Elijah. For the hijab came in the soul. The woman is

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a man and women,

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by themselves alone is Hara.

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Yeah, you are Latina.

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That's the initial. So the surah offers and this is kind of spread throughout the soul. The surah offers,

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measurements, things that you need to do and that is what you need to teach your wife and your daughter.

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Jani flogging and all of this is a way to stop it. But

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what you need to do is set the very early Zener

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you block anything that can lead to adult

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mnlf scalloped mixing

00:16:16--> 00:16:23

of different color money. Mixing is a block in the way to adult

00:16:25--> 00:16:36

adulthood lol Mahara Nia Komodo Fulani said that you enter into a house where women are Mr. Mirza mahabang a woman whose husband is not there and you enter into the house.

00:16:37--> 00:16:44

I tell him well Rasul Allah. What about the fam the the brother of the of the husband?

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Don't even do it.

00:16:48--> 00:16:55

Natasha has nothing to do. Why adultery happens. Because we take like these things.

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A lot of us we think that we're above a tertiary above the Sharia. Yeah, Allah Allah, Allah knows who you are.

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By law, a lot of adultery happens because of taking these things like but if you take it strictly, you will avoid it. It will not happen in our homes in our societies in our own

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Francella, we will address maybe 10 1512 kamaria. And yes, locked in Sharla. But in the future, how to protect your homes from adult things that you need to do

00:17:35--> 00:17:44

after learning the reasons that lead to it. section number four, what is the relationship between a law who knows an hour to an hour and the subject

00:17:46--> 00:17:47

must be a relation

00:17:49--> 00:18:04

rapala Armenia Allahu Newsome am the light of the heavens and the earth. Look, why method UI and the likeness of His light. A lot of Syria pollun fecal bill movement

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in the heart of the belief.

00:18:08--> 00:18:32

So if you want the light of Allah to contact your heart, guess what? adultery will stop that. Looking at Muharram will stop that. Looking at local pictures or local videos border graphic or whatever it is, will block that light from reaching the heart. If you want that light to contact that heart, you got to clean the thought.

00:18:36--> 00:18:37

There is a relationship.

00:18:39--> 00:18:43

a loved one auto semi ytl method uno de chemischen

00:18:45--> 00:19:04

jameelah Howdy. Men are wired for unhappy yeah and one of the most beautiful verses in the Quran which describes the light of Allah guidance which a Muslim receives in his heart. But again, the heart must be clean must be cleansed from these things

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for you, one final subject, Allah Allah Dana Tamkeen obey another module.

00:19:14--> 00:19:18

wallet see if someone is attempting.

00:19:19--> 00:19:41

What are the law who Latina woman Kumamoto saw the hottie lay stuff leaf and gnome fill all the common stuff left a lady in a new family, whether you make Kenan Allah whom Dena whom Allah, Allah, the promise to empower the believers in earth came in the soul a what is the relationship between this and that?

00:19:43--> 00:19:58

Fear Allah, Moldova's matsuki What is the relationship between the subject matter of sorta new and empowering the Muslims in earth? Isaiah Good luck in attempt Kenya at the Bill, Bill geogenic. The empowerment comes with the new generation.

00:20:00--> 00:20:05

That new generation has to come from a family and that's where the protection of the progeny is

00:20:07--> 00:20:14

a father, a mother, a husband, a wife, not a girlfriend or a boyfriend

00:20:15--> 00:20:16

not out of wedlock.

00:20:18--> 00:20:26

If you want to bring forth the generation which will be empowered in earth, that generation needs to be brought up in a family

00:20:27--> 00:20:34

and that family is protected by these means for inshallah This is a

00:20:35--> 00:20:36

we call it what the

00:20:38--> 00:20:42

road map or that that thing that you have tells you

00:20:43--> 00:20:50

next right the GPS GPS that is the GPS for the soul What about that

00:20:53--> 00:20:56

club Are you ready to talk about the first section or you want to go home

00:21:01--> 00:21:03

shallow we'll make it brief. Had to Xena

00:21:06--> 00:21:13

I was gonna say tanaji as zania towards any federally do que la de min Houma me at Agilent

00:21:17--> 00:21:20

the adulterous allele,

00:21:22--> 00:21:24

les Mara,

00:21:25--> 00:21:26

and the adulterer

00:21:28--> 00:21:30

flood each one of them 100 times

00:21:32--> 00:21:37

by shoe Friday was Sarah Posada to photo ID

00:21:40--> 00:21:41

the thief male

00:21:42--> 00:21:46

and the thief female cut their hands.

00:21:48--> 00:21:50

question Why?

00:21:52--> 00:22:00

Once it came to adultery, Allah started with the women and why once it came to theft, Allah started with the man

00:22:02--> 00:22:04

Mahal ferrania for the Kalam Rabbil aalameen

00:22:07--> 00:22:09

louisianians Louisiana only sir

00:22:10--> 00:22:11

fear will

00:22:15--> 00:22:15


00:22:17--> 00:22:21

the one who initiates and I will let me Africa del mundo

00:22:22--> 00:22:26

El Mirage the woman is the one who causes this to happen

00:22:28--> 00:22:30

is the initiator Sabanci Hodges Maria

00:22:34--> 00:22:38

bodhinyana we don't wanna act also, like we're anti women, and

00:22:39--> 00:22:40

we don't wanna

00:22:41--> 00:22:46

encourage that in the minds of people at your Apollo 11 calaca. Fitness.

00:22:47--> 00:22:50

A lot created her to be attractive

00:22:51--> 00:22:53

to attract us yeah.

00:22:55--> 00:22:58

And in a way this is actually a compliment.

00:22:59--> 00:23:03

She's attract Allah, Allah subhana wa tada placed inside us.

00:23:05--> 00:23:06

fitrah an

00:23:08--> 00:23:12

inclination that you will also love.

00:23:13--> 00:23:18

He has a beautiful Mariah Sato Acklin with him.

00:23:20--> 00:23:28

The best thing that we say in the morning sisters will be maracas Akbar I saw Catherine

00:23:29--> 00:23:33

leloup berjudul hasn't even couldn't she will cut up

00:23:35--> 00:24:01

the family Caleb I have not seen somebody who is processing deficit once it comes to the Yani the intellect because they are very emotional This is how it's explained. And their testimony is half of the man and deficit in the the meaning that they spent days and nights without fasting without praying because of the period as Lulu radziwill has him in could

00:24:03--> 00:24:18

that you can cause the the mind of a very young man Masha Allah, Masha Allah Yeah, and he does it with men. He Jani moms of our marriage who will be the Al Hamdulillah de

00:24:21--> 00:24:22

Alba Alma

00:24:23--> 00:24:26

De La da da da Jani.

00:24:27--> 00:24:39

A lot of the women they come in here and complain about harassment you know if you if you use your talent while law you can subdue this man. Man. He never gonna say no to you.

00:24:42--> 00:24:48

We don't want to say that we're not accusing them that but Allah Subhana Allah placed inside them.

00:24:50--> 00:24:54

inside us that email filter alone,

00:24:55--> 00:25:00

and I'm talking about people who sound fitrah I'm talking about men who stilly much

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

lionni mendini

00:25:03--> 00:25:04


00:25:08--> 00:25:13

Allah, ma g Bo, good luck Allah is a crazy world we live in.

00:25:16--> 00:25:16


00:25:18--> 00:25:29

Allah subhanaw taala started the punishment with the woman because the woman is the one who initiates. And that is why this is the best way, by the way to explain the issue of the hijab.

00:25:31--> 00:25:37

That is why Allah subhanaw taala placed more restrictions in women, then

00:25:39--> 00:25:50

the fact that she has to cover the fact that she has to, she cannot be in that place. So more of her personal freedom is

00:25:51--> 00:25:55

restricted in order to protect that.

00:25:57--> 00:26:11

I tell you one of the best ways I find it in to bring handle manner to a lot of Christians and Jews because that subject keeps coming up when you speak to them. One of the best ways

00:26:12--> 00:26:15

I tell him when you get in a bus, or in a tree

00:26:17--> 00:26:18

and you see a nun.

00:26:20--> 00:26:25

I'm addressing her and Muslim or Christian or do you ever think about flirting with her?

00:26:28--> 00:26:28


00:26:30--> 00:26:35

No. Did you understand what I said? I see none. Do you know that and

00:26:37--> 00:26:40

you know what the nuns are the women who wear hijabs but Christians

00:26:42--> 00:26:55

if you see her on a bus, or on a tree, or or an aeroplane you ever think you ever have the sort of flirting with her? You go, Masha, you're beautiful.

00:26:56--> 00:26:57

With our flirting area.

00:26:59--> 00:27:00

Yeah, no way.

00:27:01--> 00:27:03

Muslim at the same exact thing with a Muslim woman.

00:27:04--> 00:27:07

When the woman is dressed in a certain way,

00:27:08--> 00:27:11

there Lika Edna you're off Neff Ella. You're the

00:27:13--> 00:27:20

chief. She already in the eyes of the beholders. I'm not the type but look at the other one

00:27:21--> 00:27:32

has to align Okay, let's see if it'll affect will lie even if she is the best in this issue. Who loves her lips there athlegen A intercepted digital Holly.

00:27:34--> 00:27:36

How you present yourself

00:27:37--> 00:27:54

how you present yourself to the people. That's what matters for zania to a Zani tobon again I want to say that disclaimer here for alpha do these punishments are to be established by the authority not by the individuals.

00:27:55--> 00:27:59

Okay. This is important, Mr. Little Hi.

00:28:01--> 00:28:03

Had to Xeni

00:28:04--> 00:28:07

the person who commits adultery. He is one of two

00:28:09--> 00:28:11

whether he is married

00:28:12--> 00:28:13

as a Danny

00:28:15--> 00:28:18

I'm sorry whether he is not married, yada, yada.

00:28:19--> 00:28:21

Whether he is married, young, the most.

00:28:22--> 00:28:27

The one who is not married, is what the verse talks about.

00:28:29--> 00:28:36

whether male or female, as Zenyatta was any illegal Kula hit him in humor me. flog them 100 times.

00:28:39--> 00:28:47

Sharif Rabbil alameen Allah subhanaw taala is the one who's telling you this world can be hemara fafi de la

00:28:49--> 00:28:52

don't come up with that issue of a compassionate you.

00:28:56--> 00:28:58

Abdullah in Abu Dhabi view

00:29:00--> 00:29:07

if you establish this if people know this is the punishment it will stop a lot of adultery from happening.

00:29:11--> 00:29:12

While elected in heaven

00:29:14--> 00:29:18

Subhana Allah Salim stops a lot of evil

00:29:22--> 00:29:26

while Yeshua Dada hamaca if at a minimum meaning

00:29:27--> 00:29:29

and let people witness this happening.

00:29:31--> 00:29:37

That's another issue. Why, as a declaring fact,

00:29:38--> 00:29:41

an affidavit Nehemiah II I take my son with me

00:29:43--> 00:29:45

and he watches people being flogged

00:29:46--> 00:29:52

Daddy, why they are flooding this man. They committed adultery Allah ends a lot

00:29:55--> 00:29:58

when when the child is already received that in voila

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

effectively and good luck Mila ma ma ma by

00:30:05--> 00:30:07

manufacturing he was

00:30:09--> 00:30:19

number machine and m&s nisargadatta tofik Yana in front of people people are flooding you it's disgrace Yahoo who wishes to be in that position

00:30:23--> 00:30:23

for you

00:30:27--> 00:30:46

tobon Fie Hakuna fo Louie azania Tula in key for her Eliza in our machico zanella in Cuba adjani Lion Kappa Illa Jonathan amo silica was Ania today and Kapha Eliza in Amish medallic. I mean, I don't want to go into the details of this but the meaning of that, that if the person to be known

00:30:47--> 00:30:53

of committing adultery it is haram for a believer to marry that person but if they repent, tell us marry.

00:30:57--> 00:31:07

And if a woman is known to be bothering to be committing adultery, she is known of that. It is haram for you to marry her unless she repents

00:31:09--> 00:31:19

yard and a few more feet of sin RGBA if you open the books of Farooq, l Mariani, there are all details, but I'm giving you the bottom line of this.

00:31:21--> 00:31:25

Yeah, and he is kilometer tall and wide and coming upon.

00:31:26--> 00:31:32

Black and female for Kahala, half marathon horrible. Nevada, committed adultery is a common

00:31:34--> 00:31:34


00:31:37--> 00:31:40

And that goes to some people committed made a mistake. For example.

00:31:42--> 00:31:49

Marry her baby comunale marry him. She got pregnant, marry her, go and marry her right now. Family

00:31:51--> 00:31:52

repent and marry

00:31:57--> 00:32:06

for you Futaba hydrobiologia pasado en de Muslim in the NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam added to this that re busara.

00:32:08--> 00:32:13

That and this is by the way, an indication to us there is animosity

00:32:15--> 00:32:21

that if somebody commits adultery in the society that man has to be sent out of town for a whole year

00:32:22--> 00:32:32

of sin, Lee, because the father because listen, at the end of the day, a person who commits adultery, you're gonna commit adultery with a woman from the moon when a

00:32:33--> 00:32:43

woman cares about a woman from down from the moon when she went back. She's a wife of somebody. She's a sister of somebody. She's a daughter of somebody.

00:32:44--> 00:32:50

I would like somebody walk in front of me who committed adultery with one of my Mahara. I would be agitated.

00:32:52--> 00:33:05

That is why go out for one year until either people a mother or a Heckman or hekman heck with the wisdom behind the Sharia Waterbury husana that you leave town for a whole year. let out.

00:33:08--> 00:33:09

Until the matter is

00:33:11--> 00:33:13

the mood of people has changed a little bit.

00:33:17--> 00:33:19

stoning is

00:33:20--> 00:33:28

the punishment for a person who committed adultery while he or she are married.

00:33:31--> 00:33:39

top official bonaga lakita v Hill Rajim la musica for Supergirl a kalambaka in muthana

00:33:41--> 00:33:47

will at least her watching the musical for why stoning was not mentioned but first of all it was mentioned we saw that it

00:33:48--> 00:33:50

was shava shava

00:33:52--> 00:34:03

either as Anya firstly to whom and to whom and Becca nachliel and Mina La La Cesar Paki howdy cannot IMO Judah facilita la casa Lucy hot lava

00:34:04--> 00:34:05


00:34:09--> 00:34:12

phegley do human but third movement for

00:34:14--> 00:34:18

the shape or shape of the married

00:34:20--> 00:34:21

male or female.

00:34:23--> 00:34:34

Stone them to the alpha is Luma also is correct lindfield gel ma you flooded for 100 and then you stone they'll hook

00:34:35--> 00:34:38

up our Navy sauce and finally, as soon as gently

00:34:42--> 00:34:46

Halina let's say that this verse was not revealed.

00:34:47--> 00:34:51

Let's say that this verse did not exist in the Quran.

00:34:53--> 00:34:56

Allah yajima rasulillah salam ala

00:34:57--> 00:34:58

rasulillah salam Raja

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

Ashley Our Lee is in the sooner source of our religion whether or not tomorrow Salama Raja. mass media was a hibachi Latif will lulea Houdini Leo Leo de la de La Nina Gianni. Zana

00:35:18--> 00:35:33

Hassan rajim. Sassoon will Sahaba follow them in body and the companions did this after him. Fantasia and Ileana Dean and the Quran forgot the religion is the Quran that the Masekela antimuscarinic Aquaman min min min min min the mobile and

00:35:35--> 00:35:36

the lavon.

00:35:38--> 00:35:39

camouflage to Muslim

00:35:41--> 00:35:53

color. Well who are jealous when Allah min barrier Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Omar said while he was sitting down on the bobet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

00:35:54--> 00:36:22

in the Lucha de artha Mohammedan bill happy Allah Subhana Allah has sent Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the truth ones Allah Allah Hill kita and he brought down the book upon him. Second, I mean, en de la la de areata Raj me. Wonderful of the things which was revealed in the Quran is the verse of stoning to death. Karana is mo we read it,

00:36:24--> 00:36:24

we read it.

00:36:27--> 00:36:28

And we understood it.

00:36:31--> 00:36:34

And we had a good command of understanding it.

00:36:38--> 00:36:42

joaquina for rajamma Rasulullah sallallahu

00:36:44--> 00:37:26

the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam stoned to death what a gem Nevada and we did the same after him shows up in Thor Levy, Nazism and former Roman our Louie. I'm afraid time will come when people will say that we'll say the following a punakha managed to rajmachi kita villa. We do not see stoning to death in the book of Allah. Fire will be Turkey for Eva Angela holla and they will be misguided by leaving something which Allah subhanaw taala revealed. We're in the Rajma fakie tabula harpoon.

00:37:28--> 00:37:46

and storing was revealed in the book of Allah Hakan Allah menzerna either of Siena MENA region one Nisa either poem achill beginner to our canon Habu our will often call Mr.

00:37:48--> 00:38:07

Raj stalling is through a boon someone who is married male or female, provided that they confess like Matt as an gramedia or for witnesses, so what's happening or low early in pregnancy? We'll have a

00:38:11--> 00:38:13

demo we're doing okay.

00:38:18--> 00:38:21

lamina we're gonna come to the husband and wife issue not today

00:38:23--> 00:38:25

is the next section inshallah.

00:38:28--> 00:38:32

Yes, we only have a lump Subhanallah RG

00:38:37--> 00:38:45

Yana is sometimes you search for the wisdom Why then, was it taken out from the Quran? And what is the wisdom and why we cannot find out why.

00:38:47--> 00:38:53

But what is the wisdom this verse and how that had had been? What is the wisdom it was taken out? Then?

00:38:55--> 00:39:06

Of course, if homestays the ruling stays the fairly narrow you will intervene sooner. Or the fact that Omar said that this verse was in the prod

00:39:08--> 00:39:09

but what is their wisdom Ian

00:39:13--> 00:39:14

I'm asking you what is the

00:39:18--> 00:39:23

now what is the wisdom it was taken out was abrogated Lucifer Lucifer love and why.

00:39:31--> 00:39:31


00:39:34--> 00:39:43

de casa de budget and our my Allah Subhana Allah he had an image of Sahaba while I'm preparing for this,

00:39:44--> 00:39:49

el el Casa La the story which explains the verse in Surah.

00:39:51--> 00:39:57

Li Yeah, yo Rasulullah Hassan Kadena una Philco Freeman Allah Nina call Amanda de

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

PUE boom Amina Lydia

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

How to somehow locate VESA mount Farina lamea to your Hadley funeral Kelly remember at the Nevada yopu Luna in he flew in to

00:40:15--> 00:40:17

go home kit and open up Lucas here and return

00:40:18--> 00:40:20

elhassan what happened

00:40:23--> 00:40:25

in the hood, the Jews

00:40:27--> 00:40:28

at one stage

00:40:31--> 00:40:41

when the elite of the community started committing adultery and Ashraf lo a the wealthy and the rich

00:40:43--> 00:40:50

for information this is something that we forgot to mention stoning to death is a Mosaic Law and is something that is weird.

00:40:51--> 00:40:57

And the tower is not Islam did not like introduce it from the get go something that is already established.

00:40:58--> 00:41:03

And you know, what the verse of stoning is in the cover

00:41:06--> 00:41:08

which is different to a

00:41:09--> 00:41:12

Quran is not present is not literally

00:41:14--> 00:41:17

back to stone and how to do with and all of this mentioned in the talk.

00:41:18--> 00:41:23

But in spite of this Eliyahu de la vida, Zina and Tasha Ashraf

00:41:24--> 00:41:25

when the

00:41:26--> 00:41:34

adultery started to spread amongst lower ad high rise the higher rank in

00:41:35--> 00:41:39

class the rich the people who can buy a good factor

00:41:41--> 00:41:45

they came up with something else hydroxamic mean

00:41:46--> 00:41:49

what is it the mean the

00:41:50--> 00:41:55

they make a fire and the ashes lower

00:41:56--> 00:42:00

the black in the face and the body of the person

00:42:03--> 00:42:10

and they put him in a donkey facing the rear of the donkey which was what we follow lfv

00:42:11--> 00:42:14

and make him tool that the

00:42:16--> 00:42:19

family motto, however the EBIT da da

00:42:21--> 00:42:22

the change what

00:42:23--> 00:42:24

this with this

00:42:27--> 00:42:37

issue several regimes or sometimes some cases level even if the person is poor a flood him your battalion will gel in submerge in the house no stone

00:42:38--> 00:42:38

at all.

00:42:41--> 00:42:45

So, area diverse is in the tower but yet they did what?

00:42:48--> 00:42:49

They did this they changed it.

00:42:51--> 00:42:53

When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam came to Medina.

00:42:55--> 00:43:00

They said well listen to Mohammed maybe he will have

00:43:02--> 00:43:04

a lesser punishment than this.

00:43:06--> 00:43:17

Woman a Latina had you had a funeral kelemen de moda yaku Luna in ot two Heather fefu who were lm two ovalo Let's send to him

00:43:18--> 00:43:27

and ask him what is the punishment for adultery with you if he has a lesser punishment in Otome had the lesser one

00:43:28--> 00:43:33

but if he gives you a harder one well I'm toto come back. Leave him.

00:43:35--> 00:43:36

So when the people arrived,

00:43:38--> 00:43:39

what is the ruling regarding

00:43:42--> 00:43:52

bring the tower First of all, he caught the young man they sent to him three scholars of the tower. One of them is Abdullah have now sorry, yeah. I am one

00:43:54--> 00:43:56

he was calling on Shido Kabila.

00:43:58--> 00:44:05

When she knew Kevin, I asked you about Allah. Ma hoekman Is there any COVID design if at all?

00:44:07--> 00:44:10

What is the punishment for a person who commits adultery in the third quarter

00:44:11--> 00:44:12

stoning to death

00:44:15--> 00:44:16

in another word of this Howdy.

00:44:18--> 00:44:22

He asked him to bring cold fat to with our artifact Lucia bring the tower

00:44:25--> 00:44:26

and he told him to recite.

00:44:27--> 00:44:31

Sitting next to him our blindness Allah who became

00:44:32--> 00:44:36

Muslim. For the person who was reading the ruling

00:44:37--> 00:44:38


00:44:39--> 00:44:44

that when he came across the sentence that says stoned him to death he passed it

00:44:46--> 00:44:48

for blindness and I'm quoting Dr. Sorrell

00:44:51--> 00:44:52

he could

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

I think the point that I'm trying to make is how Muslims are committed to the deen

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

Both Quran and Sunnah like Mohammed mentioned yet in the sauna, but we believe it

00:45:07--> 00:45:12

they have it in the tower in the body of the tower, but they did work.

00:45:13--> 00:45:21

The changes just to show you a comparison between the two and this is just wisdom. Yeah, of course you can come up with a lot of other

00:45:22--> 00:45:23


00:45:25--> 00:45:26

Can you take more? What

00:45:33--> 00:45:37

are you very quickly? Very quickly. Let's do this in five minutes.

00:45:38--> 00:45:40

It's 10 o'clock already impossible.

00:45:43--> 00:45:45

That watch is stopped somehow.

00:45:46--> 00:45:50

Sorry for coughing lower. Okay.

00:45:52--> 00:46:01

Tavon, hope Rosina, the ruling regarding adultery it is Hara karasuno Ah Ma, Ma, Ma. Ma it Newman there.

00:46:03--> 00:46:06

It is. There is a consensus amongst the jurors that it is

00:46:08--> 00:46:16

the consequences of adultery on the individual Subhana Allah actually had the layers in his journey. He is ni

00:46:19--> 00:46:20


00:46:22--> 00:46:25

When a person commits adultery he is not a believer.

00:46:26--> 00:46:33

The CFO Luca kaviraj Yak. He is what? Hawaii away Muslim

00:46:35--> 00:46:35


00:46:37--> 00:46:41

A little calendar abdulhadi Ashley carefulness?

00:46:45--> 00:46:52

How am I absolutely man holy man what is the what is the root for email? Islam Caracal ah boo,

00:46:53--> 00:46:56

boo, Islam Houma Muslim,

00:46:57--> 00:46:59

Mo le men and women

00:47:01--> 00:47:12

mission octoman ally iraq so high that you believe that Allah sees you. Double Alec when you go and sleep with a woman and hopefully if you believe that Allah sees you Will you do it?

00:47:13--> 00:47:14

by Him and He

00:47:16--> 00:47:20

will either kill Subhan Allah Abu hurayrah musclehead I believe

00:47:21--> 00:47:26

both of them are really this hadith. One of them actually took his shirt off. I mean, will he man

00:47:28--> 00:47:29

like a shirt?

00:47:30--> 00:47:33

for either tab if he repents and goes back to Allah

00:47:35--> 00:47:36

comes back to it.

00:47:38--> 00:47:39

Who is it again?

00:47:41--> 00:47:44

So Pamela, Sophia is mad

00:47:46--> 00:47:52

at the NL EMA and Allah. fie jiofi haidakhan camellia blesta

00:47:54--> 00:48:05

now the person who sins repent since the depends since repent since rabins big la salle de la la la la what happened to his event?

00:48:06--> 00:48:20

Ba ba ba bla lemon a BB lesson agent Viva La ilaha illAllah we have a chance to tell you with full tomato tomahto literally in southern Mr. de la man if Tao he miss Michelle.

00:48:23--> 00:48:23


00:48:24--> 00:48:24


00:48:27--> 00:48:32

Madison Calico, when you commit a sin of adultery what happened is that

00:48:34--> 00:48:36

as if it gets dirty, you need to wash

00:48:38--> 00:48:56

you wear it again. And then you do it again. You wash it again. Then your event becomes what you know when you wash a piece of cloth so much so many times what happened to it? You need to buy a new one. Just the dilemma that a man tell you film over and

00:48:57--> 00:49:04

over then a mosquito dander Another problem that you die while you you don't have a man

00:49:05--> 00:49:11

is it Moroccan mosquito a whimsical fit with the Chapin Good luck mootness Toronto with mercy Calico

00:49:15--> 00:49:15


00:49:17--> 00:49:17

in the article.

00:49:19--> 00:49:22

There are people who die while they're complaining about what

00:49:25--> 00:49:26

was the

00:49:28--> 00:49:37

famous method a very famous actor by Subhan Allah. They found him naked in a apartment with a woman.

00:49:38--> 00:49:39

Oh, shoot.

00:49:43--> 00:49:47

I think he overdosed and these bills you know, also he was an old guy.

00:49:50--> 00:49:53

For you die doing this.

00:49:56--> 00:49:57

You've asked for kulu

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

ma la

00:50:00--> 00:50:04

Imagine you will be resurrected in the Day of Resurrection committing adultery.

00:50:06--> 00:50:07

Masekela career.

00:50:09--> 00:50:12

Amanda the motto Abaddon a entail the alpha naman

00:50:15--> 00:50:24

mahatama de Bab in Arabic esta Haleakala Wanaka to tourists repent Allah must open the door for to metabo Allah him

00:50:26--> 00:50:32

regenerable Hasta la vista How do you know that Allah is gonna open the gate of Dawa for him in Las Vegas.

00:50:33--> 00:50:36

A woman who left me a fella holla

00:50:38--> 00:50:40

was Florida he met a lady Athena who often sell

00:50:44--> 00:50:51

and sell off medical help to Emily's knee instead of mineral a mineral hot pro se can be

00:50:53--> 00:51:01

million fafi diabolical scheme and tomato soup calendar. Family seven has never given Wassily Malka randomly.

00:51:02--> 00:51:08

I'm gonna commit adultery and I'm gonna repent and we're the the government of Eman again How do you know

00:51:10--> 00:51:13

Obama came in shoot milma Casa

00:51:14--> 00:51:23

de La Masia Danny, when shoot me one of the most awful things about a sin that it takes you to ascend farther down the road.

00:51:24--> 00:51:24


00:51:26--> 00:51:29

you come to the masjid and you find something you will do something good.

00:51:32--> 00:51:32

My name is Kyla

00:51:36--> 00:52:02

Coronavirus I do man Rajamouli chef and I've met a young man who came to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and he asked him Rasul Allah give me permission to commit adultery Rasul Allah and asked him series of questions. Would you like this? Would you like somebody to do this to your mother? Would you like somebody to do this to your daughter? Would you like somebody do this with your sister? Would you like to do so your aunt Lalalalala willingness,

00:52:03--> 00:52:05

willingness, not even people

00:52:07--> 00:52:10

for if you commit adultery you bring in

00:52:11--> 00:52:17

you committing injustice against a father against a brother.

00:52:19--> 00:52:25

haram Lee would you like someone to do this to you? Absolutely not. Why do you do it to other people?

00:52:28--> 00:52:30

Over the years well, Xena

00:52:31--> 00:52:42

will sutra so Pamela he had this robot of no song and the defeat of silkolene Allah you had Navy you either j minute. You betcha. Anika libera.

00:52:44--> 00:52:46

rasulillah salam took the covenant from the woman.

00:52:47--> 00:52:50

One of them what is Nene

00:52:51--> 00:53:03

and take a covenant from the women that they do not commit adultery, you know, who had been taught by the wife Abby, Sophia, you know what she said? Yasuda law, our destiny.

00:53:04--> 00:53:04

The heap

00:53:10--> 00:53:11


00:53:12--> 00:53:12


00:53:15--> 00:53:18

women commit adultery. Robert Nicola

00:53:20--> 00:53:23

was mad now Fender magetta. Who pattern

00:53:24--> 00:53:42

of Mad limit up to loony? Why are you killing me? in the semi auto rasulillah salam ala Nicole, I heard the messenger philosophy saying lay ahead with me. Muslim Illa Allah. It is not lawful for you to take the life another Muslim but for three reasons. Khufu, brother Islam, Danny

00:53:43--> 00:53:52

Dockery, Xin and via the axon that you commit adultery after getting mad at us for our law, marriage and a two fee Allah Fie Islam.

00:53:54--> 00:53:57

I never committed adultery during my Jamelia Norma Islam.

00:53:59--> 00:53:59

Alien now

00:54:02--> 00:54:04

mcconchie can redeem confused lab.

00:54:07--> 00:54:09

She abandoned citrus linea

00:54:13--> 00:54:19

Kobani Mr. Ma there is a collective punishment on the community Mr. Mahajan,

00:54:21--> 00:54:27

Mr. Mahajan in terms of deciding either to lead from behind why do we let him into the raccoon?

00:54:28--> 00:54:31

Sharif lamb Tovar, alpha T. Komen.

00:54:33--> 00:54:40

Isla Fisher in la fecha de mucho la jolla as Laffy Medina mavo.

00:54:41--> 00:54:45

Any community where adultery is widespread

00:54:46--> 00:54:52

unless Allah will inflict that community with diseases that they never heard of

00:54:53--> 00:54:57

AIDS, Cow Disease

00:55:00--> 00:55:08

Snake disease monkey disease chicken flu everyday we hear another disease

00:55:10--> 00:55:13

the why in the society here in America in particular

00:55:15--> 00:55:18

we Mashallah disease Allah will Lisbon ism will

00:55:19--> 00:55:22

column Jani on Stan

00:55:24--> 00:55:44

what are the overfill the punishment in the grave had is somewhat of an agenda. Figueroa Rasul Allah Allah wa sallam in that journey he saw an orphan color I too misled Midleton the new imaginer if you want to see the candidate go look at an oven what they cook Brent

00:55:45--> 00:55:48

that's often where the heat is coming from all directions.

00:55:50--> 00:55:52

The item is Latin can

00:55:53--> 00:55:58

look from a hole and that often shows

00:55:59--> 00:56:02

that the upper part of the oven is a

00:56:03--> 00:56:05

no and

00:56:06--> 00:56:08

and inside it naked men and women.

00:56:10--> 00:56:14

They are shouting, crying loud.

00:56:16--> 00:56:17

This is in the green

00:56:19--> 00:56:23

and underneath that often there is a five and there is like water inside it.

00:56:25--> 00:56:26

Fire up

00:56:27--> 00:56:32

goes up up up up and they are about to spill from the top. Fire down.

00:56:33--> 00:56:52

Fire up fire them that's the punishment in the grave. Man How old is he who are those he is Jonah was seven even o Matic. Those are the adulterers and the adulterous is from your own man. Oh Mohammed Sawsan for punishment in the grief

00:56:53--> 00:56:54

in the resurrection.

00:56:55--> 00:56:57

Valentina LaDonna La la la

00:56:59--> 00:57:04

la la la la la. La is known when a foul daddy Kalka

00:57:06--> 00:57:07

you La la la la de

00:57:09--> 00:57:24

the punishment is doubled Yeoman chiamato fluffy mohana carbon fee ala Li z to burgerfi di E to Elementor. But a person who commits adultery and he never returns. That is his punishment in the death resurrection.

00:57:31--> 00:57:49

Casa La La Mancha Mattila is a key mala Hamada alum, Hadith, Abu hurayrah and the Muslim. The three types of people are Lost Planet Allah will not look at in a different direction. Sharif and Zen word love Romulans and somebody who commits adultery.

00:57:53--> 00:57:58

We're almost done. Two things here quickly. Two important points.

00:58:02--> 00:58:06

We may end up committing adultery.

00:58:08--> 00:58:10

We were weak and

00:58:11--> 00:58:13

we had yahaya. We

00:58:15--> 00:58:17

what should you do about that?

00:58:19--> 00:58:20

Jani is I read

00:58:21--> 00:58:30

in one of the books that a lot of the people Muslims worldwide. They actually fly to Malacca to Saudi Arabia to have the heart established on them.

00:58:33--> 00:58:36

I read that, and it's true is not authority.

00:58:38--> 00:58:43

They actually go to because the only country in the face of this earth that established that had

00:58:45--> 00:58:45


00:58:46--> 00:58:53

it will occur Hillel jumhooree Allah Allah, Allah either SATA Raka

00:58:54--> 00:58:55

folly, Kavita.

00:58:57--> 00:59:01

The loss of Hana data has revealed you helaas repent

00:59:02--> 00:59:05

or aliqua Rajaratnam Oh, hello. Jani. The beauty about

00:59:07--> 00:59:09

cafaro colon or hidden

00:59:10--> 00:59:34

wholemeal matters will immediately insisted because he wants what? I want to leave this donia I know I'm clear from that vessel is about to the person who commits adultery if he if he does the dependent in the dunya and that if resurrection is still gonna if Allah wills Jani, if he's still gonna feel anxious because he doesn't know whether his repentance got accepted or not. But in the US

00:59:35--> 00:59:46

for more heavy in practice for lnf sake, that you will yourself will ask Allah to forgive you and move on with your life matherly What is my evidence

00:59:47--> 00:59:48

for Sahaj

00:59:50--> 00:59:59

in the to Sahaja Muslim innovativeness Ahmed rhodiola han Oba Sahaba, he said couldna nara, Sunni

01:00:00--> 01:00:22

Holla Holla Southern females listen. We were sitting with the messenger of Salaam Salaam in a gathering. For Kala he said to value oni Give me the Blanche, Allah to Sheila COVID La Jolla that you do not associate someone in worship with Allah and that you do not commit adultery, that you do not steal, that you do not kill somebody unlawfully.

01:00:23--> 01:00:25

Sharif femen worth,

01:00:26--> 01:00:39

Allah whoever fulfills the terms of that covenant, his reward is with Allah subhanaw taala woman are Saba min Delhi cache and Pharaoh Kiba V for who aka far too long

01:00:40--> 01:00:41

and if you commit

01:00:42--> 01:01:01

violate any of these and you get punished in the dunya whether Caitlyn Elliott with our plugin, or whether to be killed for killing her loss, this is an expiation for you here is now that shader is what we're looking for. Women are server shy and men velika fair cetera who law

01:01:03--> 01:01:04

and whoever commits

01:01:06--> 01:01:14

any of these and Allah veiled him. Nobody knew about it for ambu illallah

01:01:15--> 01:01:28

his method is with Allah wa mushiya Kamara who ensure us will ensure that if Allah wills he will pardon forgive him and if Allah wills He will punish him

01:01:31--> 01:01:39

and also last of Hannah who What are Aslan in data storage and fcwc move on with your life.

01:01:42--> 01:01:42


01:01:46--> 01:01:47


01:01:50--> 01:01:51


01:01:56--> 01:01:58

sort of Toba tawnya

01:01:59--> 01:02:00


01:02:01--> 01:02:03

CCN is to give back the idea.

01:02:04--> 01:02:06

Yeah, shoot it over.

01:02:09--> 01:02:09

About in a

01:02:14--> 01:02:18

masala Heidi and I will again in arrabal Allah minister Alena

01:02:19--> 01:02:24

and if you decide you believe, Corrado Maha Maha blah blah on and

01:02:25--> 01:02:31

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