Ismail Kamdar – Why do I write books?

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of writing books in the context of writing for personal reasons, such as retirement and learning about new subjects. They express their desire to become independent dads to write books and pursue their dream of becoming a Muslim author. The speaker also mentions the importance of writing books for a stable source of income and the potential benefits of their writing work for their parents.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. This is a podcast focusing on the topic of why do I write books. We live in a time where everything is audio visual, right? We have our podcasts, we have our YouTube video without social media, and very few people are writing books in our generation, at least Islamic books hamdulillah you know, the previous generation, when you look at my teachers, like Dr. Pillai, Philips and others in his generation, they wrote a lot of English, Islamic books, which we read and benefit from right until today. But what about our generation? What are we contributing to the field of literature?

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You see, to me a books hold a very special place in my heart. I've always been a reader and a writer. And I, I've always been a fan of the idea of reading being hobby reading be something people love to do something that people enjoy doing. And we are supposed to be the oma of the oma of read. And so therefore, writing and reading should be a natural part of the oma, not everybody is cut out to write, but everybody can read. And so

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one of my goals as a writer, one of the reasons why I chose to write is to encourage and motivate other people to read. I think one of the reasons that many people don't read books by Muslim authors nowadays, is because we don't have that many books by young, practicing Muslims, which deal with contemporary issues. And they are written in an exciting way. And so this is that void that I'm trying to fill, that every book I write needs to be on a unique topic that nobody else has written about addressing something that people of our generation want to know about, and written in a captivating way. Because I want us to become the oma of ecola once again, and one of the ways to do

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that is to write and write, everybody else has to read. So this is something that I wanted, I want to revive this culture of reading, and one of the ways to do it is to write books that will inshallah be worth reading. And I don't write any books, except it's something that I myself want to read about. In fact, this is a module that I've learned amongst writers, that if you want to read a book, and you can't find any book on that topic, then you need to write a book about that topic. And so this is kind of like the philosophy behind where I get my ideas for writing books, that

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I look at topics that nobody else is writing about, from an Islamic perspective. And I say let's write a book on the topic. So having fun the holiday about entertainment in Islam, back when I wrote that book, it was I know of any book in English, talking about that topic. From an Islamic perspective of time management, the Islamic way, self confidence, the Islamic way,

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a Muslim guide in your first year of homeschooling, these are all topics, which I know people are asking about people want to know about. But I couldn't find books entirely on the topic. So I took it upon myself to write a more personal reason why I write books, is because it is my dream and my goal to one day, become an independent daddy to become someone who can find his own dollar projects, and can function independently in doing my Dharma and working with others without having to rely upon the fundings from other people to get the dollar done. So this is something that I want to work towards. And in order to reach that level, I need to have stable sources of income to halaal income,

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which is benefiting people. And I found that since I love writing, and writing books can become a source of income, I'm hoping that over time, as the books begin to do well, and as people begin to purchase the books more, hopefully, inshallah, over time, it can become a stable source of income, so I can pursue my other dreams and goals that I have in the field of Dawa and Islamic work. So this is all working towards a bigger purpose and a bigger goal. In the long run. There are so many more books I want to write. But some of those books requires years of research. And I need, you know, the time and the money to be able to sit and do the research to write those books. They are really big

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ideas that I want to work on. But this is the start, and I really hope that

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through my writings I can inspire people to read and also to write we need a new generation of Muslim authors who write from a purely Islamic and authentic perspective on contemporary issues.

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Hope that from those who listen to these kinds of podcasts, they arise people who take it upon themselves to write Of course you need to be qualified in whatever area you're writing about. But if you have the knowledge and you have the experience, and it's something that's going to benefit the oma write a book about the topic, it becomes a valid source of income for you. It becomes a means of benefiting the oma it becomes a means of reviving the culture of reading. It is good all round it is a win win situation for everybody. So these are some of the reasons why I've chosen to write books and I really hope that it inspires you to to read books and to write books to sell Don't forget to

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check out my ebooks at Islamic self help calm click on the E book store. All of my ebooks are available for purchase. Does Apple have a to all of you for your support for Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

In this short podcast, I explain why I choose to write books in an era where most people just focus on audio-visual sources of knowledge

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