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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the higher-than-market values and diverse cultural characteristics of Islam, including "characteristic," which is a natural part of human behavior. They also discuss the importance of "characteristic" in shaping one's behavior and setting boundaries, and the practice of following up with one's sins with good deeds. The speakers also touch on the issue of shacks and the importance of men and women in relation to their beliefs and experiences. They encourage people to read books and practice values and behaviors to reduce their chances of gay pride and improve their lives.
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be learning surely and patina Let me see ya Marina de la palabra de la familia de Luca

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an umbrella even a bass Ronnie la who call

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la lobby saga Lavalle he was

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in the liquidity dealing

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with Islam and

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he prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated in a police raided way under a bus, or rajala, one who reported in the book or even module, and authenticated by many of the police, that every religion has its defining characteristic. And the defining characteristic of Islam is higher modesty.

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So over the past couple weeks, we've learned some of the characteristics of Islam. We learned that the religion is useful this religion is is we learned that this religion is nasty, how it is sincere and vice to each other. We learned that this religion is cool, it is good character, we learned that this religion is a religion of the fitrah. Today, we will look at the Hadees in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us what is the defining characteristic of Islam. So until now we look at some of the characteristics of Islam, some of the descriptions of Islam, in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. wasallam, doesn't just say that this is a description of Islam, he says

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this is the defining characteristic of Islam. This is something that separates Islam from everything else. And what is that? What separates Islam from from everything else?

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higher. And this is a topic that we don't talk about enough in the modern world. And it's a topic that's dying out, to be fair, to be clear and humane to land. It's something that's really in danger of completely disappearing from the lives of people. What is higher, higher, comes from the word higher, which means life. And it means is usually translated as shame, of modesty, or morality. Higher is a characteristic where a person feels bad, to do something that is evil, where person feels ashamed of committing a sin, we a person feels ashamed of doing something that's inappropriate, even if it's not sinful. This is what HIA is, it is a characteristic that is a part

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of our fitrah.

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So, previously, we learned that our religion is the religion of the

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heart of that Phaedra part of the nature is higher, higher is a natural part of being a human being, every human is born with a natural element of higher and then the religion comes to suck them into the religion comes to take it to the next level, the religion comes and teaches us how to grow our higher

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mind. So, higher is this natural characteristic, that every human being is created with and born with. And we also learned that this religion is the religion of good character. And the scholars commenting on this, he said, The from good character, one of the highest and greatest types of good character is higher.

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So, this concept of higher it relates all previous topics, higher is part of good character, higher is part of the fitrah having higher will make your life easier. And talking about higher is part of the center part of our good advice to each other. So this relates to every topic we have covered before. So the scholars say that it is a natural part of higher and even religious part of higher these that that comes naturally to people and Is that what you need to learn from Islam, and which allows up to take us to the next level. An example of the higher that comes naturally to us nowadays in schools. Children are taught about good touch and bad touch, that sometimes an adult is abusive.

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Even when a child has never learned about what abuse is, they just know something's not right. They just know that this action makes me feel bad. If this action is something not right about it. Where does the feeling come from? It comes from the fitrah it comes from hire. This is the child's natural sense of hire, that every human is created with from the natural sense of hire is to kind is to cover what private area right

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So a human being just naturally knows that it is shameful to have that part of your body uncovered. This is something that doesn't need to be taught. It's been a part of our fidra, since the day that either Ali Salam ate from the tree, and the

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owner was exposed, and he and how about hideout and they covered it up. And since then it has been built into the future of humanity that we feel hired companies should these aspects of hire are natural, and we don't need religion to teach it to us. We need religion to keep it there, because society is trying to take it away. Society is trying to get us accustomed to unity. society's trying to get us accustomed to evil, since our religion is there to protect the tire. But it's also there to take hire to the next level. See, one of the things that Islam does is that anything that's naturally good enough, Islam teaches us how to do it with Excel, how to take it to the highest and

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the best possible level. And the same applies to hire. So hire is something that's natural, and Islam teaches how to perfect it, how to take it to a higher level. So from the hire that Islam teaches, that may not come naturally to people is to really have the job. Right, that doesn't that come naturally to people, but Islam teaches it and definitely we get it from from the higher of perfection that Islam teaches us that doesn't come naturally to people is the lowering of the gaze. So the average teenager, if they left on their own, the gaze wanders. We need a revelation to come and tell us all you believe though, Yogi's, like this aspect of higher we needed revelation

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And so the revelation comes to get higher, and to take you to the next level, and to help us to grow in our Higher.

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Higher is not just a part of the religion. But it's also one of the stages of piety, to the great scholar of Islam, even a module zero book model to start again, which modality solidly in translates as the rank of the righteous eye, and it's a book where he lists the different levels of piety that what goes through in life as one tries to reach the highest levels of piety and amongst these ranks, that is higher than a person begins to feel within themselves a sense of what is, and in the section on higher dimensions, that yes, a modesty that comes naturally. But there is a higher level of modesty that is part of piety. So what is the higher level part of higher number one, to feel bad

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about yourselves, to feel bad about your sins is a sign of demand

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every human being since but the difference between a righteous person and unrighteous person is that the unrighteous person doesn't care about distance, and the righteous person feels terrible when they have

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that feeling in your heart of guilt that I've done something wrong, is a man that is a part of mine. And so part of higher is to feel bad when I've done something wrong. Part of hire is to say a substantial part of hire is when you do something wrong when you slip up when you get a bad thought, to feel such shame that you say

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that you ask for forgiveness, part of hire, and this is a very important part of being lost in our times. Part of hire is to conceal your instance, part of hire is to conceal your innocence, meaning nobody should know about the sins that somebody else has. Why? There are many reasons for this. Number one, it is against hire, which is immodest. It is shameful to go around telling people I've done this, I've done that about your own since it is against hire. Number two, it encourages and normalizes because people know Oh, that guy's doing this. That's not so bad. I can do it too. Right in colleges. So when we hide our sins, then we don't encourage them. Now, some people will say, oh,

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but that's being a hypocrite. And the response to that is, that's not the Islamic definition of that's a modern construct, that someone who hides This is a people that know what Islam.

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In Islam, a hypocrite is someone who pretends to be a Muslim and

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therefore the Hippocrates, right? Someone who pretends to be able to ask for

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your sins. This is our religion. This is our religion in the time of Rasulullah sallallahu it was sort of one of the Sava, he fell in person. Right? He was selling at his shop and a very beautiful woman came to to purchase my

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pistol. And the sense of of shame, the sense of higher the sense of I've done something wrong in his heart. So he went to overcome photographer Angelo and who, and he told him about what he had done. What do you do on a regular reply? his reply was, Why did you tell him

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You should have consumed yourself. So we understand that this is the practice from the time of the Sahaba. That if you commit a sin, considered, if somebody else commits the sin, none of your business know we're looking at, right? Each person focused on purifying your own soul. Each person focused on making simple for your own sins. Don't look into the sins of others, and don't expose your own sins either. And the story continues. And so eventually the salby one of the reason why he was telling people about his sin was not to expose the sin but because this is the first generation and they need to learn how to deal with it. So eventually, he goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, and he asked him, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells him to pray to Allah and the verse of the Quran is revealed. Follow up your sins with good deeds, because good deeds reasons, in other savvy as Oh Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is this verse of the Quran only for him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam replied, No, it is for my entire motto, the

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the process in our religion when we commit a sin. Number one,

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know that people know your sin. Number two, ask Allah for forgiveness. Number three, following up with a good why when we commit a sin, Allah gives us one sin, when you commit a good deed, Allah gives us good news. So we always following up our sins with good deeds, insha Allah, our good deeds outweigh our 70 of judgment, and may even wipe them away, depending on the depth of our sociology. So higher, you know, we talk about hierarchies, these people think only about the job, they think only about lowering the case. But higher is higher is about feeling bad about what sense Higher.

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Higher is about concealing one sense higher is about how about, you know, not wanting to displease Allah, not wanting to live a lie down. And so there's different levels and stages of higher and from the highest levels of higher is the person doesn't even sit in secret, because they know alive watching it. And they have too much modesty in front of Allah to do something even even to help us reach that level.

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And so this is the concept of higher IQ is one of the defining characteristics of our religion, and so many hands on this point. Why did Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam single this out, you see that wonderful Islamic higher than the defining characteristic of Islam is higher? Why is this the defining characteristic of Islam, because there is no other religion on earth that has more emphasis on higher than Islam. If you look at, for example, gender interactions, there is no other religion that is more clear, and more specific, and has more rules on how the two genders interact with each other in Islam. When it comes to how we dress, there is no religion that is more clear and more

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specific than Islam. Even lowering the gaze, which other religion has the verse a command telling you to lower your gaze, and making it such an important part of the religion, then we see it as a sign of piety. The first of those is higher the defining characteristic of our religion. And one last point is for men and for women. Yes, there is a strong emphasis on the higher woman in terms of the job and things like that, but it's for men and women. And one of the clearest proofs of this, who had the most higher from the followers of this rumor, we are all the types of the drama football,

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that the one with the most high watch, or smart, the one with the most highest of smile, even upon a regular one, he was the man you are the man with so much higher than the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said even the angels be chained in front of me, even as the angel feel a sense of higher in his presence, because of the level of higher the postman rajalakshmi felt. And so when we teach our children about hire, when we learn about hire, about hire, then it's not just about the gods, it's about everyone. Men also need to just want to speak men also need to lower their gaze, men also need to feel ashamed of distance, this is something that every Muslim needs to have. And this is a

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defining characteristic of our religion. And therefore, it should be a defining characteristic of us as people, when people meet us thinking those are the people of high up and that is something that inshallah will attract the righteous and those who are seeking the truth towards the sacred wasn't the one

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in the last video when installing or the stock 01

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was enough for me see it Amina, Miyagi Hilda alpha, omega De Luca, da, da, da, da da. They are some misconceptions about hire in our community. And these misconceptions lie to opposite extremes. By to one extreme we have people who have taken the question

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to hire to such an extreme that they have become oppressive, of, of woman in the process of oil in the name of higher buy. This is one extreme where people have taken this concept to such an extreme, that they have denied women the rights that a lot has given them. And they've done so in the name of prayer.

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And the other extreme, on the other extreme, we have modern society, which is completely completely stripping stripping people of this concept of hierarchy to such an extent that it is very, it is what it is looked down upon a person who has been locked up to date, though, if a child is going to a public high school, and they are someone who doesn't go as high up, they often laugh that you're often walked in ridiculed for being someone who doesn't engage in fashion, sharpening morality. And so we have these two extremes. How do we navigate and find?

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The best way to find a middle path is to go back and look at the earliest generation, how did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the Sahaba, define and practice higher. And I'll give you some examples of how our community has traded to the different directions. And Islam is the model. Right? So for example, the way we interact with the opposite gender. So we have people today who say is haram, it's hard to talk to a member of the opposite gender to such an extent that, you know, if someone is seeking the help, and is a member of the opposite gender can efficiently and refused to have anything to do with it. They won't even make Salaam to a member of the opposite gender is this

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from the center.

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This is the opposite of district. Once Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was walking in the marketplace. And a woman walked up to me to go to the last minute to speak to you and need you advice to the Prophet, a substance shop, choose a pathway Hartley, let's walk, let's talk and you can ask me what you need. And so the workings of the recording whatever the problems may be advisor, and when she had received advice, she walked me into more debate. This is Rasulullah sloggy was, can we see we have more higher.

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We can't have more hire somebody so but he interacted with the opposite gender. He helped him with the request. He speaks a language to them. He greeted them to is another narration that says that the Sahaba the male's of the Sahaba when they would see the females of the Sahaba he would be Salam.

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So where do we get this idea that this is not our religion, this is an innovation that prompted in recent times. Right? So this is one example how we interact with the opposite gender. Another example, the Muslim, so we have people saying that women shouldn't be in the masjid because it's against higher. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, Do not stop women from going to the masjid. Even though the Salah may be better.

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Meaning they may get more than one point for you. That is the choice is their choice with the defeat, you can stop. And in the time of Omar Abdullah, one of his sons

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wanted to stop his wife from going to the mosque. She was the son of over the grants that he was trying to stop us from going to the mosque. And it's a hobby during this history. And the person said I'm still not letting my wife go to the masjid. It's a hobby when angry and said I'm telling you what Rasulullah you want to do the opposite. So again, do we have more HIA in the process, the vitamin D sahaabah, the d3 in the same Masjid woman with a woman behind the bed without any value. We want to see this is against higher with this is good tradition of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Again, go into exchange. A third extreme in our community is that some people say that the voice of

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a woman is haram for a man to do the Terran format to your woman's voice in her voice. And again, back to the story that we said earlier. A woman literally walks up and asks him a question Tyler, keep quiet Your voice is over. And the many many devices you will find dozens of pieces of woman talking to the property law your cell phone is a hammer. And many of us know of the incident. When we overdose a dog is giving the football and the woman stands up and codecademy the machine is no barrier. She's not kicked out of the machine, or voicing an aura. Where do the ideas come from? This is not smart. These are more than the innovations by people who have made the religion difficult.

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And when you make the religion too difficult to chase people to the opposite extreme. And that's why we now have a bit of feminism in our community. This is why we now have this bit of liberalism in our community. And that takes me to the other extreme. How do we deal with the other extreme of liberalism and feminism as a world lacking higher? How do we deal with it, we deal with the number one education we must have higher as part of our curriculums. Children must be taught higher in Sonic sports and in madrassas. adults need to learn the concept of higher do we actually have a curriculum for people who are close to puberty

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When we are teaching them about lowering their gaze, we'll be teaching it and you're going to feel shut up for the opposite gender. This is how you deal with a shuffler. Why don't we have this way we are living in one of the worst points in history to have these desires with these fitna all around them, but we don't teach them how to deal with it. Education will help us to curb this evil and will help us to raise a generation of money. Number two is that we become role models of higher if we want to stop the spread of immorality, we must become role models of morality, so people can see within us a better way of life. People can see within us how a modern lifestyle brings about trade

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and brings blessings and brings about a better life for and so how do we deal with the fitness of our time we educate ourselves, we educate our families, we live a life of higher we teach our children higher, and we build our own environment. But we do this without going to the extremes because we follow the methodology of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, and we do not go your death. And so this is higher. This is from the defining characteristics about religion, I really would advise everyone to take time to go and read at least on this topic, to read the verses of the Quran. Topic two, if you have a translation whether or not you need to read the translation or the chapter

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on higher or even equal to zero, very, very beautiful chapter when he goes into a lot of details of what is higher and how to go about it and how to practice it and how it helps us become more pious, I would highly advise everyone to do this, because it is necessary in our times to divide this concept, if we did not have higher if the people religion is defined by higher did not have the 21st century in humanity,

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he could be allowed the value between the rest of the world. So let us be the role models of morality. Welcome Tawana n hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen

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