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Ibrahim Nuhu
AI: Summary © The coronavirus pandemic has potential harm to the community, but it's important to introduce good things to others. It's crucial to be cautious and accept Islam, keeping records of behavior, and avoiding mistakes. It's important to avoid sin and humanistic deeds, and to share experiences and blessings. It's crucial to avoid sin and humanistic deeds, and to share experiences to avoid mistakes.
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initially on phocoena Anisa Medina, de la palma de la la comida de la la Chateau La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammadan rasul

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Allah tala Hakata patiyala to magenta 11 to Muslim Oh, yeah you have now set up horrible community.

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Allah kameena Xhosa seminoma dijeron Cafiero manisa katapola holiday. Una de Waal are Hama in the LA Canada Cora Kiba

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choccolocco Colin de de de Mama Mama come home a lot sooner.

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Now vena

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cava LA. Arsenal howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mashallah Medina

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in beta for Colombia rotten banana hakala banana toffee Now,

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last class we dealt with the use of the live and our bus. I'm sorry if the lighting was rude.

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And unobvious that along while he was LMR Carla Lisa minutes in total volman illa can Allah

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Allah Willie Kevin, in

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the end who can master Nakata, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, there will be no so

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that will be

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killed unjustly out of oppression except that the first child of Adam is going to take the portion of that sin because he was the first person to introduce that kind of sin. So if you remember we're talking about the chapter which Mr. manavi says about when females understand that and has no I will say

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the importance of being the first person to introduce good thing according to the seminar of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and also the danger of being the first one to introduce something which can harm the Ummah against goes against the religion. So, whatever you do in this life, a people will imitate you as much as going to grant you the same reward, he gave

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those people who are imitating you in that regard. So, a person should be motivated to do good things, so that he will be imitated and good things. Power says point number

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four can habits cohabitant has entered lemon law, when you die, you become nothing except how these new people are going to be talking talking about you get it, nobody talks to you, but now they will talk about you. He used to do he used to be he used to do this and that. So he said for Con Edison has an Anima be among those people whenever they are remembered, they will be remembered by the good deeds they did. So there's a very important chapter I said, although he doesn't quote that much. But that which is mentioned by mama no is more than enough. Especially the first Hadith.

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I'm sorry, the second hand is which is the last hardest way to talk about under this chapter, man Sanderson. The professor last summer said logic turnips volman illa can Allah, Allah Allah keep learning. So the son of Adam was the first person to introduce murder in this life. I mean, in the life of humankind, he was the first one and then people imitating because people are reading the story of each other. So we have learned that the second child of the

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Father Adam alayhis, salaam was killed by the first one. So nobody knows killing until the what he called that murder was introducing. So people kept on imitating him. So as I said, Imagine how much sin this person is earning on a daily basis, especially in time we are living in, which is almost the time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prophesized when he says, work for him, how much before the day of judgment, and how much it's going to be rampant. Everywhere. They say the aerosol law What is that? He said, and

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he says killing and murder is going to be remembered.

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We live in somehow in a time whereby the murdered person doesn't know why did he do it? And the one who is murdered, also do not know why is he killing it?

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Like what I told you, one of the speakers was mentioning that there are some organization on earth yet for you to join that that organization is so evil, you'll be given a gun to go and kill somebody. He doesn't know what that person do. And he also hidden a Why is he killed?

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Except that he just wants to join this evil community. Our last motto grant is good. So what I'm trying to say is, look at the people who are I mean, killed on a daily basis

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so that you can understand the danger of being different

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First person to introduce evil to the community. Yes, we have to be very careful when this when something is hidden and is very harmful to the community. Don't you ever be the first person to bring it out?

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Even by research?

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As I told you last time I was, I was wondering why one of our professors was, was saying to one of the student, I wish she did not write on certain topic. So we as a student will be surprised. Why?

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I mean, didn't you want him to write on it? This is about knowledge. But he says no, in the community, nobody knows about this issue. And it is so harmful to the community. I wish he did not bring it out. But now and people are going to recognize it, people are going to know it.

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So it's very dangerous. So a lot smarter says in the Medina herbal anti Shia alpha shadow fillerina, Armando lumada, en la manfredonia.

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Information about the evil if, let's say, the vast majority of the community don't know about the existence of evil in the community is better to keep quiet. Just let the community I mean, portray yourself as a healthy and a good community. Those people who have the tendency to commit to the evil, but they will still be nervous thinking of, I mean, several ways to approach it, but they will be afraid of coming up to do it. Because they don't know what will be the React reaction of the community. But if you come and introduce it with good intention, thinking that this is the way to let people be aware of this kind of things. But sometimes you are teaching others that yes, you can

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do this, and no action is going to be taken.

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As far as good, keep it done. Spread it, get it. And also this is my personal message to those people who have the courage to go in to the media and talk against Islam.

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They don't talk against Islam openly and publicly indirectly. But honestly speaking, what do you come and say, we Muslim we have this we have this we have this and saying to himself that we have to tell the truth about ourselves? What is what kind of message are you sending to others?

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What kind of messages and

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that's why this call us if a person accept Islam, or repent, again, it's from a sin. He is not allowed to discuss the sin with somebody finished. It finished. He shouldn't discuss it with somebody

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else you might be counted as a moja he'll get it the professor lahardee himself I said

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cool. Mateen Rafa in the matcha Hello, everyone is going to be forgiving about last month to accept those who exposes the same they asked him who are the major hero? He said those people who have come in sins in secret and then they will come up and tell people that we used to do this we do that we used to do this.

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No, we actually were allowed smarter conceal your affairs. You should keep them like that. The requirement in Islam is just to repent to Allah as much as it as long as you since you forget about the same done share with others. And this is very, very, very important, right? I will share with you one Hadith and then I move on inshallah to the next chapter. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man, no question he savarez the

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if Allah smart Allah is going to encounter the hisab upon you, you will be punished

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to get it. If Allah is going to observe hisab on you the real reckoning you will be in trouble. So I shot

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in a form of curiosity she said yes, a lot but the Quran says for so far you have some of his seven zero. Allah Martin says the righteous person is going to receive an easy, easy reckoning. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, la Shama Danica.

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It says no Ayesha, what a lot smarter meant by that is the hour.

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an hour is to present something but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained what he what he meant.

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He said this is when Allah smart Allah brings his slave.

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He says this is when I lost my hotel I brings his slave on the Day of Judgment,

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for Yahoo, if he can it, and then he will put him in his cover. Meaning the last part is going to cover him so that nobody can see.

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That will be a secret conversation conversation between you and who Allah allowed me.

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Nobody knows what is going on between you and me. And he even closed the session. And then the angels they don't see just you and I lost my job. And then the prophets Allah has ever said out of the means, Allah will present you with all of you evil deeds,

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those minus things and keep on mentioning mentioning mentioned mentioned many

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had either one and no kanalen.

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until the time this name started thinking that Alas,

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is gone, there is no way for him to make it to paradise, because allow will keep on mentioning this in an imagined my brother and sisters, as I always mentioned, if I am going to observe your life, I will find 1000s of mistakes. If you're going to observe mine, you'll find millions of mistakes. This is who we are. human capacity can trace them escape mistakes of each other things they mentioned things which you never know them, but they know other people know. What do you think if the observation is going to be made by a small town? He does?

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He does he does. In this life. You're monitored by several several dimensions. Several things right? He got it. The place where you're committing the sin is monitoring you and taking the record of whatever you're doing not only sins, but everything you're doing right. Your body is taking the record. Yet it does tie in there last Martin says wakulla insane an alumna who taught era houfy Urlacher is a kind of I mean, the tape something that records whatsoever you do is like you are in a in a in a camera which is taking the record of whatsoever you are doing.

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How many now we have three you have the angels here, Rocky bonacci, even by the titles given to them you understand that? It is not a joke.

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They record everything right? How many now you have four. And you have those angels also in front and behind. They're all monitoring what you do.

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And then on top of all Rabbul aalameen. Allah smart is monitoring what you do. So imagine all of these records are going to be presented.

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Do you think that is something of your action there's going to be escaped?

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We'll let him know my brother sisters. So in that mentioned in that place, last month is going to remind you about what ever happens in your life. And he will mention only the evil deeds

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only they will deeds. But look at the beach, you have been a good person in this life, repentant to Allah subhanaw taala in this life, I appreciate the statement of one of the scholars who say so you want to succeed in this life. Take base your life upon three things.

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And you will love that's the truth you want to succeed in this life. Because you cannot live without sin.

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color coolamon Adam Fatah, the prophets Allah has.

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So he said base your life on three things. Number one, he says maintain the Halla life.

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Make your life no Hara, no devout. Nobody knows that you know anything that last one no cheating. Make your life purely holla

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to get it done a lot smarter will make things easy for you. Make your life purely holla secondly, make sure that your life is based on the center of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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He said the principles that can lead you to success

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and also making your life based on the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam. And the last one is this humanistic?

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dualistic for all the time because no matter how strong you are, I mean, you're a man is you're going to make mistakes

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is a mistake. Allah says in that is of courtesy. It says you have to add all the sort of either, if you are to come back to me policies, if you had to come back to me on the Day of Judgment, because Robin or Dakota, please wake up and listen to this blessings from Alaska monitor. He says if you are to come back to me because Robin are the Hata

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you come back to me with a sin that is equivalent to hear that equivalent to the size of the sands the quantity of the sand, go out and try. If you want to waste your time, get it go out and try and pick up one hand of sand and try to count every single particle of it every single piece of it for sure you're gonna miss a lot, but even those which you count how many 1000s of millions of going to come up with imagined the whole earth number one, number two, number three until the earth number seven. You come back to Allah Horta with the same amount of cities, how many sins you have?

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Only Allah knows. But as long as you have no shift in your life, you have to Hades prophets that shows the importance of what are

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your to heed His perfect notion in your life. And also at the same time you are among those people who repent. If you repent, Allah smart Allah says, I am going to meet you on the Day of Judgment with the same amount of mug Farah along with the same

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amount of what Madeira. McFly means.

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Toba forgiveness, alas, moto forgive all of those things right? And my brother says is not only that, he will forgive the sins and also he will replace the positions of those sins will go to the same amount of good deeds. The scholar said, because when you repent, every single sin is addressed by October, and every Toba carries any warrant. Allah says, You've had a lot to say yeah, to him, hasn't.

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So in that position, or last month, I will mention to a son of either all of his tragedies at a London opening

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until the time a person will start thinking that collapse, that is no way for him to make it to paradise. And then the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam I said, a lot smarter will tell him

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who my slave, I was the one who conceal your affairs in that life. Do you hear that? That's the reason why is that don't you ever share your tragedies with somebody just repent, and the case is closed and move forward.

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Equal Lavazza gel, Kalia I by de la Vina serve Allah unfussy in Latin America Tila. He's talking about those people who did a Seraph is rough means they went beyond the boundaries in terms of the Commission's of sale. These guys are not going beyond the limits in righteousness. No, they're going beyond the limit in this.

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Even in the tragedies, they don't go within their boundaries they go beyond the limit. Do we have such a people like that we have? We have

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somebody who will tell you that there is no sin on earth in this life which I do not do.

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But Islam is the most extreme religion even these guys are invited about last monitor to do up to repent. And if they do repent alas monitor says in the law, young flooville obey Jamia. So what did he say here? He says I was the one who concealed you affairs. I did not let nobody see. I mean, so you're saying and today also conceived of as Kota paradise in Las Vegas among those people. So don't you ever be proud of sharing? Sometimes we do that with good intention. We want people to be aware, we want people to see the mercy of Allah sponte upon us that we used to be this and then now we make Toba but like my brother says you don't need that. Come and share with others the light of the truth

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that you got after after Islam, the inner satisfaction that you have after accepting Islam, this is what people need.

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This is what people need, because you might share those tragedy with other people you are introducing them also and they might not see what you see now. So the best is to share with them the blessings of the last month that was bestowed upon you after accepting the truth and after righteousness which is what which is a lot which is a lot the satisfaction you have the peace you have the the way a lot smarter has changed your life. You get it and the reason why you accepted Islam share these with people the reason why you make Toba share this with people but then go into the detail telling them what he used to do this and the past is the past the prophets Allah hi

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semasa man Oksana FEMA Bucky Hofer. Allahumma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma, if you are good in that which remains in your life, alas mahanta is going to forgive that which pass so since the last month I close the case, what am What must you do you also should close should close the case. So my brother says let's take this opportunity to try and see those sunon of the prophets of Allah Allah who said about which are hidden make them ally to get idea nowadays that that is one Sundancer which is hidden technically exposed but it is hidden my brother and sisters the son of saying Salaam to each other

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you get it so now I'm saying Salah you might be surprised if I tell you this is a hidden some yeah because how many times he buys groups a group of Muslims they don't say Salaam to them and he also sometimes you know say Salaam to them.

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So make it a lie. Say Salaam to them whether you know them or you don't know them.

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So if everyone is imitating you in that regard, you get and they start doing it and whenever they see you they remember the Salah whenever they say to somebody else you will be given their word about last month and the same as the one The last one is given them.

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When you go to eat nowadays, also eating with the left hand is rampant everywhere. We forgot the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam and eat with the right hand

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and try show it to the people when you see somebody eating with the left, advising nicely with wisdom. Tell him that this is one of the processor if you fix it.

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advise others to fix it. You also will get to have that many sunon which are technically hidden to the people, although people remember them but we forgot

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to get it I'm a lot smarter grantors good and success in life

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