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Ibrahim Nuhu
AI: Summary © The importance of praising one's behavior and avoiding evil behavior is discussed in a legal statement and a legal statement about the importance of cooperation in the Muslim community. The discussion touches on the topic of the Prophet's statement about witnessing others' behavior and the controversial issue of money not being used for pleasure and pleasing Allah. The importance of understanding the timing of events and not wasting time is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to practice time properly and use it in a creative way. The success of individuals in achieving Islam's success is also discussed, along with the importance of learning and staying committed to education.
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Salam Rahim al hamdu Lillah enough men who want to say in the Horn of Africa when I was a missionary and phocoena Musa Marina De La Paloma de la la, la, la La, La La La La La La La La sharika washer on the Mohammed a nom de hora solo. Yeah, you heard Medina Amano Taka la haka. tokachi valachi moochin 11 two Muslim mon

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sutopo bakoma dhikala coming up soon wahida bahala caminhada Jehovah seminoma Jalan Cafiero Vanessa, Papa la holiday dishonor whenever he was in a la Kannada. cortiva Yeah.

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Taco la Polo Apolo Colin Salida Nakayama como

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como UT la hora solo? Jose now vema I'm about Vanessa, how do you think he tabula rasa and how do you how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Morimoto

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akula Macbeth is in beta or colaboration Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah TV now.

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Today inshallah we'll move on to the next chapter. Last week we completed Alhamdulillah

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the chapter of Adel Allah to Allah Hayden widow in our hidden elder law, the importance of engaging in our activities and inviting people to righteousness and good deed and to that which benefit the Muslim community. And if you do that, a lot smarter will counted for you. And also will give you the reward or who whosoever is to follow you in that in that good manners, and also the danger of inviting people to evil attitudes, corruption in the community, and on and on, you get it you will get the sin of that and also whoever is to imitate you in that manner a lot smarter will grant you this portion of that sin. So Alhamdulillah mama never we did. I mean a nice job he caught a series

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of a Hades and I had from the Quran to support this issue in around three chapters. So today inshallah move on to the next one, which he called a town of taqwa. Last week I told you this is a very, very important topic to be discussed, attire,

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is a principle and a key to success in this life. It should be part of everything that is good, and it should stay away from anything that is evil. Basically, this is what the verse is going to be dealing with. I mean, the chapter is going to be dealing with a two hour LLVM the attacker cooperation,

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cooperation, helping each other to make an achievement in Alberta. What is the righteousness? What I mean? You try to cooperate with others and get it to what he called to practice a taqwa and to bring good he got into the Muslim community, which doesn't contradict the religion of Allah Mahajan. If you master this legal Maxim, the vast majority of our questions will be answered. You get as many questions comes from our brothers and sisters. Can we do this? Can we do that? Can we do this? Can we do that? The answer lies in this I, again, in this ad that we're going to hear a tower audibility, whatever, just look at that, will she do it? Is it called a bill in Islam, if it is

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better last month will ask you to participate in that. Actually, you are highly recommended by the Sharia to be part of that, that what he called that issue. But if it is, otherwise, then you are discouraged by the sherea. sherea is asking you or commanding you also to stay away from it. So let's see what Mr. manavi courted under this chapter of the ayat and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The first ayah is the ayah that fits the chapter which allows March Allah says what our availability were taqwa wallet, our Allah if melodeon cooperate and help each other, in what in righteousness and Bill

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you get is an organization institution. Again, that is, I mean established based on the Tucker over last mahana huhtala. And that which pleases the last Mahalo to Allah. Can you participate in that? Yes. Although you're going to be paid but that will be the best job. Sure. You are getting paid by doing something that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. So one side, it is a job

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or the biggest eyes It is doing Also, I'm participating in something which is called a vida in Islam.

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So Allah says what are our eligibility what tempo is too general anything that is called bill, which is righteousness. Righteousness means something that last March Allah likes something that alas Montel is happy with something that our last monitor commanded people to do something that allows Marcela make it must have for people to participate. righteousness is very big. Last time we talked about righteousness, right? They said there are

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To Ludovico cable alma shivamogga Nicola Kendall Bella, man Amira Bella Julio mid Arkin, what? Amala Ecotec wannabe Tamara Hito Koba Tama Alma Sakina, Amina Sadie was Nina Hilda carvaka. Masato artistica will move me dahari wasabi Lena Phil basa Dora your Hainan bus would echo Medina sarpo Hola, como matakohe su all of these series of mentions, they are part of the bill better. righteousness is not just restricted in one part of the day by that no, it's so big. It means basically that which last month he loves, and he's pleased with righteousness means that which Allah sponsor loves, and he's pleasing. Pay attention to this definition because very important, because

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sometimes you might be doing something which Alaska loves, but he doesn't like it at that moment. You might be doing something which Alaska loves originally, but he doesn't want you to practice it at that moment or in the way you are doing it. That's why it's necessary when you say you're doing that which allows martyr loves and he is pleased with that. And the moment you're doing that, that's righteousness. Anything that can bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala How do I know whether it brings me closer to Allah smarter or not? I should check from who from the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah Salah, because he's the only link again between you and last month and the connection between

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you a lot and the measurement, the scale for you to weigh that which you're doing whether it pleases the last module or not.

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Get it? So Allah says what hour I lived in Viva taco. Wanna try to Alan, if

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somebody open up a company,

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gambling company, for example, in whatever for nowadays, we have a lot of homes for gambling, gambling company,

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and you want to work

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again, they give you a good offer.

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Can you be part of that? No, you can't. What is the evidence while I try and run it if you're not supposed to cooperate with somebody in that which is against righteousness?

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But they said any nowadays people are doing the wrong thing. Sometimes you might find a person. We heard them a lot. We are doing this actually, although we believe is wrong islamically but we want to establish ourselves to become live like that. I mean, the non Muslims, if you want to come to the dunya they are greater than us. So somebody said we will not reach them if we don't have the money. Okay, then how do we get the money? Shall we just engage in anything whatsoever? What is halal or haram? No, we can do that. We cannot all but some people they think they have good intention. What is our intention? Our intention is to support Islam in the future. But who told you that Islam

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should be supported with that which is impermissible islamically.

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In the law, but even

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by Eva, Allah smartass by even he doesn't accept anything except that which is buy what they buy, which is hella one of the scholars says either hi judge. The man in Oslo who spoke to

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former high judge Tolkien had written a lie at modern law in La coulissante Hatton. Marco lumen had debate Allah, ma boo, is that when you perform hajj, the man in us live on softer, firmer adjustable I can tell you, he did not perform Hajj but the camels made Hajj. Nowadays we say the aeroplanes and the cars they made hygena to

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get in like Manila in the kindness Allah. Allah does not is taken from the Hadith. Allah doesn't take except something that is called Sorry, sorry, hi means that which should did on righteousness he take from the Allah.

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It has to be at LACMA la in La Jolla, San Marco lumen had debate Allahu mabou. That's true. Is Not everyone who performs HUD should be level as the one who has the Hajj Almagro. What is Hajin Maru? Hajin mob rule is the one that you do according to the sun after prom selasa

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What is so special about this Hajj? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said Alhamdulillah boo laser which is our inland gender

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if you perform Hajj witches and abroad you have no reward except paradise.

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man had follow me here for a while me so Raja kiyomi Well, I don't know if you perform hygiene without engaging as Fiske I did talk evil doings and in bad when he called general arguments. Again, it's a lot smarter will bring you back to your family just like the way you were born. I mean, the day you were born, you have no sin at all. That's mean the Hajj, remove every single senior

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so so special for you to have a hedge Almagro. But the scholar said, Not everyone who performing high who participate in Hij is going to have a head Dyneema roof.

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So you have to make it with that with the halaal thing. These are the principles although this is a controversial issue, we're going to talk about that and shall live a lot smarter, which in the future, whether if had is made in the Haram money, the Hajj is accepted or not, is another issue, but I just want you to listen to the scholars what they say about money that is not using the non halaal money to please the last inheritor knowing that this non halal money is wrong.

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But you must be you shouldn't be confused with the wealth you get from libo. Which you have to get rid of it.

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Do you get idea getting rid of eight is righteousness?

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But what are we talking about here? You intentionally participated in the rebar or gambling with the intention of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. It doesn't go with the religion of Allah. But it let's say somebody already saved his money with the interest and he got all the interest. There's huge amounts of money, but now he makes over all he do with the wealth Can he burns them? No cannot. Because wealth has value. And the problem is not on the well itself. The problem is in you and the way you get money. So Sherry says you take the money and get rid of it, you can give it to charity, you cannot give it in the state of Iowa, but you have to get rid of it. It means the intention

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should be this money is not supposed to be with me, I cannot own it. But I have to get rid of it. So in this case, you can look for any activity that can benefit the community and put it inside as currency.

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And in this, even in this situation, many scholars said you cannot build massages with it, because they are so sacred. Remember, even the kuffar during time of the Prophet before the message, they decided to build Kaaba, the announcement and the condition with them is you can participate in building the house of Allah, but you are not allowed to bring her haram money. any money from Riba they say we The next thing to the rebar no problem. They don't they don't. They don't mind about that. But they know this is the house of Allah. He shouldn't put her money in it

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is a common sense, right? But you have a lot of other activities, right? building roads, hospitals, schools, and many other things that can benefit the Muslim community. So I really want you to understand here we're talking about a person using I mean, looking for hella haram money, looking for her money with the intention of pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala his action is wrong. And he is blamed about Allah subhanho wa Taala. And also you are not supposed to cooperate with him in that manner.

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I guess inshallah was clear. So that's the reason why I said, is a very heavy and interesting, also a principle that a Muslim should always remember, whenever you do an X, check first, what type of organism is it? Hello, then allows me to ask you to be part of it. Whenever you want to participate in anything, check it first, is it haram then you stay away from it because Allah doesn't want to see you there? That's the real meaning and interpretation of the words Islam and Muslims somebody who totally submitted himself to the to the will of a lot of our child caught along to Allah, what our Allah delivered choco wallet on me, what do you love? The second Ayah which is also part of that

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our nullability which is a surah a complete surah that is quoted by mama No, if you can see from the for those of you who are following the book, if you can see this, this surah does not even feel to line is about one and a half line.

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It is very short sera well as in in San Jose, in Medina Armando where I'm in solidarity, whatever, so be happy. What was this all about two lines, but will lie, oxy movie law, every single thing you need to succeed in your life is contained in this.

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Two lines. But alas, contest, simplify the way to succeed in life for you, for somebody who really wants to succeed. For somebody who doesn't want to deceive himself.

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Because we live in an era of deception. People deceiving themselves, thinking that you are happy but in reality you're not. You don't even know what happiness means. Happiness means inner satisfaction, inner satisfaction and peace of mind. Whether you have money, you don't have money, you have position in that position as long as you're satisfied and this inner satisfaction the real one, because there are people who who feel who think they are okay. And by law, they are not okay. You get it. They think they are capable of

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They're not okay.

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But the real one that is given to a lot smarter which leads you to the real success in life. The true success in life is the only one that comes through the right channel. Allah says is the G Boolean law he won a rosulip adacko limiter

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respond to the call of a lot and the call of His Messenger whenever he invites you that which makes you alive.

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What can daddy cow Hannah Anika Mohammed amin, Mr. Quinta de Makita.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, We have revealed to you Mohammed Amina. Ro, is a soul. Allah smarter described the divine revelation given to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam as a ruler. That's why with no doubt, there is no life. There is no life at all and talking about real life in somebody who does not adhere to the message of Allah subhanaw taala.

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For this reason, one of the Great's scholars says, law has no clue.

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Law has no clue what a sutra Allah.

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He said there will be no life for the hearts and there will be no establishment for the heart. While abdomen there will be no tranquility for the heart, there will be no ease, no life, no tranquility for the heart. Except if that heart is full of Madhava will be like a soldier.

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Life cannot be given to the heart as long as this heart doesn't recognize the loss behind hautala and the way he should be recognized.

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Processes everyone is looking for success. These are the true way to success. There is no any other way as we're going to hear inshallah, in this surah there is no any other way other than this. Allah says Allah Dena Amano, or teratoma inocula woombie Kirinda. Allah be the Kerala terminal Kuru those who believe and the heart find no way to be tranquil except through the remembrance of Allah and you should know you should understand. You should believe in that. That no way for the heart to be tranquil except through the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and last March I'll make us among the kidney are lucky you know what that cannot, the best of remembers is to follow the commands of

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Allah smart and stay away from the evil deeds does the best 100 members you get is reading Quran, one of the best form of Africa which you do with the tongue, and then followed by any other dictator that is mentioned by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Imam Shafi said,

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if people lo let me use it, Allahu Allah about his spirit and guide Holly sobre la cafard, who Rama Chavez said, If Allah did not revealed any surah in the Quran, except this one, it will be sufficiently enough further. One of the scholars said, if you're going to talk about this surah you're gonna ride volumes will feel volumes when it comes to interpretation because it contains anything and everything that a person needs to do in order to succeed in life.

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Call along with Allah will ask,

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what is the loss of

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the time and it's not the asset of the prayer. The best interpretation is the one that says the time.

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Allah smart Allah is swearing here by the time because of its importance, we can swear by Allah smart Allah or his attribute, but a lot can swear by anything he wishes. He swears by Asada he swears by baja he swears by shams, this is Allah, Allah unique, that you are whatsoever he wishes. So he swears by a time And for your information, my brothers sisters, whenever a last quarter swears by something, there is a great message to you on you and I and everyone, what is that message? That message is for you to ponder and to focus and to pay attention to it because it carries a lot of lessons that you guys can benefit from.

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Especially this one, well as this is the time right? The time they call it as as the verb is a position where you place things in us inside, which type of verb is this this a thought of

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which is we are like we are we are as a container. So what do you put in the time, all of your activities from the day you were born until death?

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Can you see how important is that the time? every single moment you're doing you're putting in the time.

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That's why the scholars are very particular in that.

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And one of the key to succeed

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is to adhere to the lessons and the message and the advice given to us by those early scholars. I'm telling you those people they really hate waste of time.

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Shut up says well, they added armory, timesheets,

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they don't understand to see somebody who is wasting his own time. That's why they don't like to see a person who is just sitting down doing nothing.

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That's a waste of time. A person should try and understand that this time is nothing but you.

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I will say it again, the time is nothing but you if some of it passed is like some part of your body is gone. And then we go on to the finish completely. And it is the only thing that cannot be brought back in order to fix that we showed it. When it passes, it passes colors.

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That's the reason why a person should be very smart.

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hypnotically says, Your time has a great value.

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Don't you ever place it except in something that is more valuable than it's very beautiful statement? A Time has a great value. Don't you ever place in a less in doing something that is more valuable than it?

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And he says to me, there is nothing more valuable than your time except those activities that can lead you to paradise.

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That Muslim doesn't know. Waste of time. You don't have time to kill. You have a long, long journey to home to Allah subhanaw taala for a very heavy accountability and how do you make it

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a success. You should pay attention and utilize your time properly. Use it in that wish benefit not necessarily the accurate things but at least do near that benefit which not hurt which doesn't help. You don't want to get busy with the accurate things do other things but unless do something which doesn't harm you.

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But if you're smart enough, you should adhere to the OCR of la cama. de la Sierra is attributed to him, Allah Allah, but they said he was talking to his Chow. He said Yamuna lm Lydian yaka, yaka de Vaca ecovia.

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They mentioned that lokman and Hakeem told his child he said, work and serve your dounia according to the time you want to spend in it. were among

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the cardinal Baka and serve this Genie according to the time you're going to spend it.

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Question How long are you going to spend in this dunya

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alojado. But if you if we're to be honest to ourselves, we know Mohammed Salah Halima, Selim usually goes within 60 to 70 years. Most of us the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam I said would be dead within this to two ages, either 70 or 60.

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Let's say you died after 1000 years, let's say no even die after 1000 years. You will die after 1 million years.

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When you compare these medium mediums of ease with the time in the alpha, Bobby the answer

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zero there will be no validation at all. Because you're talking about infinity number of years which have no end in comparison to 1 million years. What is meant 1 million years in comparison to live which have no and that's why this marks person is the one that divide his time accordingly.

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Get it his time accordingly. Somebody might say life will be very difficult than all my life is recitation of the book of Allah smart Allah all my life is in the masjid and on and on. No we're not talking about that. That happens when you restrict the event or to mean being in the masjid or been reading the book of Allah subhanaw taala but that is not like that. They said about a hero who Nima

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a Baba is doing anything that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. Right. We are sitting right here, right? There are some people who are lucky among us here.

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How are they lucky? Because they don't want to be like most of us. They do marry. He's sitting with his wife in a normal conversation talking to her and the angels are writing reward for him. He makes her life she makes him like both of them I get a reward from the they enjoy their life and last month has given reward for him. The further they walk together they will be rewarded

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because they are engaging in an act of worship. You meet a person and say Salaam you will be rewarded. These are all acts of worship. It doesn't mean you have to. You are a trader, you are a business person, that business person that spends most of your life in the marketplace. But you observed the Sharia in that business last month I will make it as an actual portion for you. That's bless

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A lot smarter and better doesn't mean to come to the Muslims in the masjid. And in fact, this is wrong in Islam once a person to be very productive, give Allah His right and then move forward and benefits the community. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, and movement led you hardly to NASA, why is virada, who don't have the analog meaning meaning the 900 to one is

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the best example of a Muslim in the eyes of Allah is the one who makes mixes and mingle with the people. And also he is patient

00:25:36 --> 00:25:44

of that which comes from them, which is which is hard. This is far greater in the eyes of a lot than somebody who doesn't do that.

00:25:45 --> 00:26:23

To get it, and you have some people, they decided to stay in the mercy of Kenya last month to accept the act of worship, but they will never be equal to that person who get into the community and benefit the community. Teaching them learns from them, he teach them He guides he provides he do all of these things, he has the reward far greater in the eyes of Allah smarter than somebody who dwells in the masjid. Because the ibadah of this, the first one is about them which idea and the body of the second one is a brother costiera. And the scholar said, I buy them which idea is always veteran under about a casilla. a vida casilla means the bada in which the benefit of that data is coming to

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you alone.

00:26:25 --> 00:26:36

This is lesser than the rabada that you get the benefits and other peoples who are going to get the benefits. You can only work by doing that. And that cannot be given to somebody who isolates himself all the time in the masjid

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I brothers this is I just want you to understand how simple Islam is Islam. When we say you divide your life accordingly, Africa should take the vast majority of your time, we don't mean that you should go to the Muslim state. What we mean is, you just have to make your life an act of worship. Observe the manners of Islam in whatever you do. You know, the Hadith says it is inappropriate for a believer to do something without knowing that which Allah smarter wanting to do in it. That's Islam. And that's what it means by making your life more on righteousness then, and the dunya. And the smartest Muslim is the one who makes his life, all about righteousness.

00:27:22 --> 00:27:24

You know, you can take this cup of water and drink,

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they get it and your brother also take a cup of water and drink, you will be rewarded. He doesn't get that reward. Why because your intention is different from his I am drinking to get satisfied insha Allah and I pray to Allah my time I pray I will be we got with the whole show. I will be rewarded because of that. I sleep peacefully. We are sleeping all together in one place. But the intentions are different. You get reward, he doesn't get the reward. Why? Because you before you sleep, you just say to yourself and you're honest to yourself, I want to sleep so that I can wake up fresh, and inshallah I will be able to carry on my duties in the way should be done. I will be

00:28:07 --> 00:28:22

rewarded, that person will last anyone, he will not get sin, but he lost the reward. That's why the scholar said, a wise and a smart Muslim can make all of his righteous deed, an act of worship, if you wish, all of his deeds and acts of worship if you wish.

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Their last quarter garrison church but my brothers sisters, I really urge you to pay attention to this important part of the surah. What does that mean? Well as only one word, but it guides you on how to manage and utilize your time properly. Most instances, especially the student, what is harming us is what lack of appropriate time management. Right as I said, we always claim that there will be no time, right? I always demonstrate for you guys that you do have a time. But it's just up to you to be courageous enough to put your time in the way it should be done. Not to waste your time and to remember to remember and whoever you are, whether you are from outside or you are from here,

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but there will be a time you're going to leave this university and go to somewhere else. That means you have a very limited time to live in the university. What does that mean? make the best of it?

00:29:16 --> 00:29:19

Do we have a time when we study in the university? Yes, we do.

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That's why you have some people who I mean who do not deceive themselves. They make a lot a lot of achievements while they were in the university. Get it you have 24 hours in a day. You give the university five hours every day to the classes. Let's take the average right? Five hours, you still have 19 hours. Let's say you're so smart. You're so good. You're so excellent in terms of study. You take two hours of your time every day to revise that what you learned from the classes. I have never come across such a student like that, but I wish inshallah somebody will be creative like them to do that. That's what he should do. You learn from the classes, come back and revise it then he will not

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In the future, let's see take two hours, you still have 17 hours, right? 17 hours, how much time you use leave k less?

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I mean laugh at yourself. Eight hours. It goes beyond that somebody slept for a whole day. They do sometimes, especially when there is no school no classes. Again, that is that is that is what we call a duration we call in this university. The last method we call is steady.

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Steady week, right? Is it really steady week or sleeping week?

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I call it sleeping week.

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Because through making user base leave a lot, but then they come and revise when a night before the exam.

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Let's say usually eight hours, you should have how many hours left? 11 hours. You eat three hours, somebody says three hours. And how's that possible. But let's say three hours. For a student of knowledge. They say one of the one of the elements and features of a student of knowledge is he doesn't walk slowly. Not in a state of junoon. But he walked calmly and very quick, because his time is limited. And at the same time, it doesn't eat very slowly. Now what is he going to country? See them there? before you come? You get your food, eat, go and attend some classes come back. Maybe the second school is not even taken to the most hours. This is not the attitude. I don't say just go

00:31:27 --> 00:31:43

like animal but at the same time be very moderate. Remember that you have other activities to be done. And nobody can do them except you. Let's say you take three hours, how much left? You're going to have around seven hours if not eight hours or nine hours, these nine hours what do you do with them?

00:31:45 --> 00:31:48

You can play all the I mean you cannot use them in games.

00:31:50 --> 00:32:12

Just look at them property will lie and say to yourself I want to finish the Quran within a year. Believe it or not, my brother says if you're serious to yourself, inshallah, if you can take from those seven hours, just take one hour, one hour, give it to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala Be serious enough insha Allah by the will of Allah smarter before you finish the first year, you finished the Quran.

00:32:13 --> 00:32:22

Is there any success better than this? You finish your education. And then at the same time you have the compilation of the book of Allah smarter in your memory in your brain.

00:32:24 --> 00:32:53

But do we do that? No. We always talk that we want to be we want to be no you have to put these thoughts. You get it and stop telling yourself You can't. You can do it Members this is I always eat you with a column upon maturity. And I will say also again, he says while I'm here you will be messy I even cannot sell cardinality money. He said I have never come across a deficiency. I've never come across a deficiency in my life.

00:32:54 --> 00:33:34

Which is worse than the deficiency of somebody who can improve himself and unfortunately he doesn't want to be improved. I look at our students all of them are like that. They have the capability to be better. All of those students who are getting F or low marks am telling him they wish they can be better than that. It just need from them to believe that they can do it. It just need for them to be committed to the education. You just need from them to know that this time has a value and I should put it in the way it should benefit my life. This life on the hereafter. You will cry my brother and sisters will lie if you're negligent. A day will come you will cry. If you don't cry physically, you

00:33:34 --> 00:34:03

will cry internally and you will remember all of those times that you have wasted because the more you move the more responsibilities you're going to have. Many student says inshallah after I graduate I will do exactly what makes you think that after you graduate you're going to have less burden actually decreases the more you age, the more responsibilities you have. So make use of the time you have now your last one's up we've got a candidate in Charlotte next week if I lost my wish and I'm going to go on

00:34:04 --> 00:34:10

to interpret the next I add to that inshallah radical of people mechanical lot more communication

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