Is Truth Obtainable Outside of The 4 Madhabs

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the stance of the masses in regards to their positions, with one speaker believing that the masses should not subscribe to a mother and should not subscribe to a mother. They also touch on the topic of liberalism and the importance of having a good purpose. The conversation is disjointed and difficult to summarize.
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So this is in reference to the form of the and the place of the form of I had been, why the form as I am and all of that stuff. So the sahaba.

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And I have a position on the form of that, that I believe to be a moderate one, I don't basically geometrically adjust my positions to be in the middle, in the geometrical middle, because that doesn't make sense.

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But sometimes they just turn out to be somewhere in the geometrical or mathematical middle. But anyway, so the the, the Sahaba, Ivanova him, were able to,

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to deduce, or at least the scholars among them, or two or many, many, were able to deduce the rulings from the text of the revelation, whether it's Quran and Sunnah. But for later generations,

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you see how this process can get can become messed up completely. Like if you allow people if you allow the public to just examine the Quran and Sunnah by themselves,

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you will come up with like, 2 million mazahub.

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Because people will, and you will come up with wild positions as well,

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that are completely baseless and that are completely in discord with text of Revelation. Because there is a process, the hermeneutical system of Islam is a very solid one. And the masses don't necessarily have that much knowledge about you know, they also one of interpretation, though soul of deduction. So we have a solid hermeneutical system. And a scholar needs to have sort of a vast knowledge of the reports

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deep knowledge of the hermeneutical system, the process of deduction, therefore,

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the mazahub are our greatest, you know, intellectual wonders, if we do away with them, that would be basically suicidal.

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However, there are a couple of points here. One is the truth is not limited to the form of sometimes there may be positions outside the forms

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that are true, and that are worth adopting. I'll give you one position, not because I'm biased, I may be biased, you know, I'm a human being why not? We're all biased. So but

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yeah, he just cannot be biased.

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But this like three divorces counting as one divorce, for instance, three divorces in one utterance counting as one divorce. This is not a position that this is not the position. This is not the authorized position of any of the former The this is a position of amendment they may have it has been accepted by

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the legislatures in many Muslim countries where, you know, by legislatures that are not particularly sympathetic to email, they may, or they don't necessarily like him to begin with. But they they basically cite him as the authority in this regard. Why? Because there are certain conditions that need to be met to accept opposition from outside of the form of VA hub. One of them is that the position has to be

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upheld by and watch the head. And he had his own adversaries, you know, acknowledging that he wasn't much the head. The second is,

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is that the position has to have has to be a substantial one that has some basis in the Revelation. That position has bases in, in a hadith reported by Muslim, you know, from Abdullah Abdullah bass that three counted as one during the time of the Prophet and the time of Abu Bakr, Allah, the online Homer.

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And the position has to be one that has not been completely abandoned and has been mainstreamed by, you know, a group of Muslim scholars, and certainly with the legislatures and many Muslim countries accepting this, such as you know, because I'm from Egypt, so I know in Egypt, it is there. I know. Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, these countries I know that this position has been accepted into

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This country's by legislators in those countries. So a position like this can be mainstreamed, can be mainstreamed. I will give you another example that may look a little bit even weaker, but I believe that it is a position that can be mainstreamed. I have always

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pregnant and breastfeeding women who have you know, who miss Ramadan successively

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because of their pregnancy and breastfeeding, and then the accumulate six or seven Ramadan's where they couldn't fast because they were either breastfeeding or pregnant, I have always advised them, that they may

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just give them failure, and they don't have to make up for the, you know, for 400 days, you know, the the need to make up

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when this position is not authorized in any of the farmers and being a homebody myself, that position is not somebody's position, you know, and certainly somebody's would frown at this position. But this position is from a falafel irony that we say Rafa, it mean, meaning that it's reported from higher up support from the lab now basan, Abdullah Muhammad, and some contemporary scholars like CF, say, it's safe use of ricotta Qaradawi, safe, natural Bernie CEFR Yasaka are those who have as

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you know, mentioned that as a possibility, that not necessarily supported, but the others support that, and others. So these are scholars, and the idea that we now should have no much the heavy in and that he had, and that suicide that also, because it's like, we are going to act like wherever, without a brain, it's an ummah without a brain that, you know, can basically address new issues and can make it to the Hab and can provide guidance for the people, despite the fact that there have been enormous changes socio economic social changes

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in in the last 200 years. So to deprive the owner of its brain, and now allow not allow it to address the enormous changes in the last 200 years in the world that we live in, and the nature of the world that they live in, would be suicidal, and Sharia will become irrelevant, and we wouldn't have done it to ourselves. And then we could come back and cry and say, so why, you know, why is all of this happening? Why is nobody given attention to, or caring about this area or any of that stuff. So

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the format mazahub are at the heart of our heritage, we go to them first. And then there may be positions outside the form as I have, we go through a process of mainstreaming those positions, because we're not going to allow anybody who just simply has a PhD in FERC, to come up with positions and destroy the start to spread them, and so on and so forth. There has to be a process collective, it's the head and circle stuff as Zarqa rahamallah

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Did mentioned this, that this that we need to invest more in collective, it's the hub as a way out of the problem of chaos, or complete freezing. There has to be an answer in the middle. And I think that we have to have a process and the process is acceptance, widespread acceptance of a position that is adopted by a metalhead, whether from the past or the presence, if there is widespread acceptance

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through the process of collective St. Howard, or even widespread acceptance without, you know, collective, it's the heart separate, it's the hearts that, you know, agreed on a position then that position can be mainstreamed and can be considered a viable position. That's the that's the one contingency here with my emphasis, you know, like, that doesn't detract from my emphasis on the importance and centrality of the form of the second contingency is that

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the forms are meant people who study for work are the people who should subscribe to the formula. there is controversy between the scholars whether the masses the public, the lay persons should subscribe to a must have or not. And the position that I believe in, to be stronger wholeheartedly, is that the masses should not

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not subscribe to a mother. Because if you ask someone, why do you subscribe to Amazon? And all he can say is, you know, that's that's our madhhab. Well, that's partisanship. That is basically fanaticism add a little bit of, you know, heart bloodedness that we all have to this, and you create all the troubles in the world that we have witnessed, and that we continue to witness. So the public should not, by default, the public may be following your mother because there's color that they referring to all the time, in the, you know, happen to be Shafi or Hanafy, or humbly automatically move, that's fine. That's okay. But they should not subscribe to something they don't, they cannot

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defend their decision, you know, the decision of subscribing to it, they cannot defend it with any, like, rational, we can rationally defend. So anyway, nowadays with the internet instead, it's a little bit different. Because it's not like, you know, people who live in Upper Egypt are more Maliki and people who live in Lower Egypt are more Shafi. You know, the world is not divided like this anymore, because everybody goes online, and everybody food ever follows wherever they are. So I have a lot of people studying Hanbury

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stuff with me. I'm very low with me, and they text me on WhatsApp. And, you know, from Bangladesh and from

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different parts of the world that hunt Barisan has never been popular in? Should we be irritated by this? Should their parents be irritated by this? Why? Why don't you leave them? Why don't you respect to their spiritual agency? Why don't you like

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anymore? We're gonna huddle Hey, Tommy, who's a very, very math heavy person, very sharp, very math heavy person. He said when a father orders his son to follow his madhhab that is not binding on the sun, because of there is no purpose and that it is utter foolishness. That's what he said. So this is this is a so we're not talking about a contemporary liberal, this. We're just talking about your very, very classic and traditional scholar who is very math heavy. He said that if the father or there's a son to follow his mother, and there is no purpose in this, like a good purpose, like a good purpose would be what like what, son? There are no honeyberries here are how are you going to

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do it? That's a good purpose. But if the sun figured out a way to do it, it's fine, you know, so when there is no good purpose, then it's other foolishness.