How do you know if your Ramadan was successful

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How would I know that my Ramadan is successful? Well Allah had said in Surah number two and number one a three, hopefully the fasting is the harlequin Tata own so that you can become more aware of Allah, you can become more conscious of Allah, you can opportunity of sin comes then you thinking Allah is watching me. If you're feeling more spiritual this moment at the end of Ramadan and your Ramadan has been successful. All I'm going to ask him right now is do your absolute best, best naked firm intention that you're going to try and keep your keep up your spirituality for the next 11 months till the next from Allah. How do you do that? Well look, all you need to do is to have a

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little portion of Quran every single day that you're going to be non stop without a failure, something of some dua look we've been doing 20 rockets every single night at least we can do a few rockets, right? We can do get off camera lay make a firm intention that some of these things on a reduced level. I'm going to keep up for the rest of the year, and inshallah next Ramadan. We're going to start off with the big booster.