Haifaa Younis – Tazkiyah (Purification of the Heart)

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses his career as a spiritual brace and his experience with Dr. Haifa Sunday's course that helped him identify day to day problems and connect them to his daily routine. He also discusses how he learned to use remedies to solve problems.
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This mean your Walkman you're walking

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because when I am in time off worship or a place of worship or both, I'm probably as close as the pure sound.

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So if I am in hedge, I'm in I'm in kawaii I am in Ramadan, I'm fasting. I'm up there in taraweeh I'm reading my Quran. I'm alone in the house and studying writing my reflection My heart is

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then can I have a good heart at a moment? A moment? Yes, we all know, can I have both? Most of the time? Most of the time we have this fight. And Allah knows which one wins my goal why I'm saying this because that's what this career teaches me. To Ischia purification will teach me how to fight the other one will show me diagnose my problem and then will teach me Where is my problem and how I can overcome. I attended Dr. Haifa Sunday that's gear course with Jenna Institute. This course worked as a spiritual brace for me. The part I like best about this course is that it helped me identify day to day spiritual problems, connect them to my daily routine, identify where and how I'm

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going wrong and taught me easy to use remedies to solve them.

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