Haifaa Younis – How People of Knowledge Respond…

Haifaa Younis
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doesn t know our own. We have destroyed people before him had way more money, much stronger. You and me. We are weak. We look at people of power and money and status. And in me say I wish I have it. The people who doesn't think of the akhira yeah later anomic lemma Oto karoun I wish we have what he has in a whole other helva NaVi. He has a lot. How fortunate? Does that sounds familiar? Do we say this to ourselves? When we see people with more than what we have? There are people with no knowledge that I love it. I want her car. I want her house. I want his job. I want his power. But not the people with knowledge on Alladhina auto Lena whaler comm whoa new the wobble la heehee

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what Allah has way better than this 5060 7080 100 years Allah Kembla with TOEFL or the other the Cine how long you lived in this life. We're going to be asked there.

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cannula with Nyoman Oh Baba Yong, for Salah Deen. We stayed a day or a to ask those who who are counting people of knowledge that cure

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knowledge and knowledge and knowledge weighed well on you.

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The hereafter is way better than this. Temporary miraj

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