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If sinning is a disease of the heart, what is the cure? How do you stop yourself being sucked into an endless cycle of sin…are there any means prescribed by the Qur’an and Sunnah?

In this talk, you will learn about 5 keys that protect us from sin.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy woman Wallah.

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Dear brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My name is Fatima Baraka to Allah. And inshallah, I'm going to be speaking to you about the cure to all sin.

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Now, this is a huge topic, but I've distilled it, and I'm going to share with you five ideas or five areas that we really need to focus on. If we are to cure, our inclination,

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and our habits when it comes to singing,

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the first area to really focus on is

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something that we already have an have an understanding of, and that is death, reminding ourselves of death.

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Human beings, we tend to sin because we're seeking some sort of pleasure in this world. And because we are so in so involved in so enamored by this world that we we forget temporarily, that actually, we're not going to be here forever. And this world is merely a stopover merely merely a matter of a few days. And what we do in this world is actually going to determine what our real life, which is the life here often is going to be like.

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So when we forget about death, and when we, you know, indulge in all these different forms of escapism. This is when we become more susceptible to sin. But a person who is very aware and

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awake when it comes to death and the subject of death, and his understanding that he's going to die

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is a completely different person. Call it mortality, motivation, right? mortality, motivation is the only motivation you need. The fact that you know that you're going to return to God, the fact that you know, that Allah Subhana, Allah is waiting for you, and you're going to return to Him. And that this life is not the Ultimate Life, this life and its pleasures, are temporary, is a huge factor in really getting the right mindset to avoid and cure our sins.

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You know, we try to seek Jana on this earth. And that's one of the big reasons why we go astray and why we are inclined towards sin. our nafs wants us to experience gender on this earth. But anyone who tries to seek gender on this earth, through material means we'll be sorely disappointed. We'll be left feeling terrible and disgusting. And

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and that's the feeling that people have after they've sinned, isn't it? The feeling we have when we send we, we have this lingering guilt, we have this lingering sense of unease with ourselves.

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So seeking gentle on this earth, in the material sense is futile. Really the only gender that we can experience on this earth and that we should seek to experience on this earth is

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the agenda that you know some of the scholars talked about, and that is the sweetness of your man. The sweetness of Eman and the sweetness of your mind is something we won't experience unless we let go of sin. Now, of course, all human beings make mistakes and all of us can fall into sin.

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Some of us will sin.

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On purpose, some of us will sin accidentally. But

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the thing that differentiates the believer from the ignorant person is that the believer will after their sin, be quick to repent. The believer will intend to rectify the believer

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may make mistakes but the believer won't insist on

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those mistakes and will hold themselves to account because he is so conscious of the fact that he will die.

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And the person who is actually encouraging him towards sin is shape one. And shape one is not his friend shaitaan is our enemy. He hates us, and there's nothing he enjoys more than to get us to fall into sin. Because he's our avowed enemy. As he said to Allah subhanaw, taala.

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Before we came down onto this earth, He said, that he will do everything in his means to cause us to go astray, he would love to see human beings, the son of Adam, trip up, he would love to see the son of Adam, become from the lowest of the low. And so when you have that in mind, and you have the hereafter in mind, and you have the, the knowledge that it's shaped on who's trying to trip you up, and he is just laughing at you, when you do get tripped up and when you do sin and when you do indulge in that sin.

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And when you don't repent and when you don't intend to change and when you don't change, then it kind of gives you a stronger resolve. It will give you a stronger resolve in order to cure since

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the second very important means that we can take is to increase our taqwa of Allah. Increase our taqwa of Allah. And what does that mean? taqwa of Allah is our consciousness of consciousness that Allah subhana wa Taala is there. And some people translate is fear of Allah. And there is an element of fear there. Because when you respect somebody highly, or when you have somebody like your father or or somebody who you love, but respect, there is also a level of fear because you don't want to upset that person. You don't want to cause them to be disappointed in you. And you don't want to break their rules. And so taqwa is consciousness of Allah that prevents a person from sinning. And

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us so many times in the Quran, woman, tequila, Allah Maharaja, that

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who he who has taqwa of Allah, Allah will give them a way out when Maya tequila, Yazoo min highflyer Maya tequila, Allah hoomin Omri Yusra, that Allah will provide for you. If you have Taqwa of Allah from means that you can't imagine. So you don't need to turn to that Haram. You don't need to sin in order to try to get your provision. You don't need to sin in order to

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stay away from illegal relationships. For example, because if you have Taqwa of Allah, he said, eh, eh, Allahu Maharaja, he will find a way out for you. He will give you a way out. And he said, Yes, Allah hoomin Umbra he Yusra, he will

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make your affair easy and fine.

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And he said, You got fair on who said it. That Allah subhanaw taala. For the person who has taqwa of Allah will expiate your sins and give you a clean slate for the Day of Judgment. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us again and again that by having consciousness of him and the fact that he's watching us he's they're having a sense of maraca of Allah what occupies that sense that allows watching, watching you and he's watchful over you. You know, Allah says in the Quran,

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well who am I? Am I come to Allah says in the Quran, who am I? Am I come to me he is with you, wherever you may be.

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So knowing that knowing that Allah Subhana Allah is with us wherever we may be,

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helps increase our taqwa of Allah.

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reading the book of Allah helps us to know Allah and knowing Allah increases our taqwa of Allah because we are in such awe of him. Our creator, who has been so kind to us has given us so much, who gave us the very limbs and the very faculties and their very ability to sin. And who doesn't strike us down, you know, as soon as we sin. In fact, you know, we are misusing the things that he gave us the resources he gave us when we sin, because we're using the very body the very faculties he gave us.

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And misusing them using them in a way that he has not allowed us to use.

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And so when we feel that or have a lot and we feel that connection with Allah, through our Salah, through learning about Allah through the Quran, it really stops us from sinning because we know how great the one who we are sinning against his. And it also makes us conscious of our small sense. You know, one of the things that leads to a person falling into the big sense

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is is not that, you know, suddenly overnight, they became they become a major sinner. Often it's because they became careless with the small cents, right? The everyday sins that he started thinking are insignificant, and they started gathering up and he became desensitized, and his Eman plummeted. And because of that, you know, he fell into more and more sense. So, you know, there is a famous line of poetry that is often attributed to Mr.

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but it's a beautiful line of poetry. In Arabic, it goes Khalid Lumumba sorry raha Kabira vaca, taka wassenaar kamesh infoq Audi shoki, ja varoma Yara, lead, Kiran Silvia Ratan nlg, Bella minahasa, that, leave off all the sins that you can, small ones and big ones, that is the core.

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And be like a person who is walking on a piece of land that is covered in forms, being very, very cautious and careful due to what he can see in front of him right of all the traps and this and then the phones that could hurt him.

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lather unnecessary rotten, don't ever belittle or think insignificant of the small sense don't think the small sins are insignificant in algae Balam in AlHassan, because even a huge mountain is actually made up of pebbles of smaller things, right? So when we become conscious of our small sense, and we start holding ourselves to account for the little things, you know, and not letting ourselves off the hook, then we become automatically more careful about the bigger things. You know, if you think about, sometimes you might hear that a religious person fell into a major sin like Xena, for example. And people wonder how could it be possible that a person like that, who was

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religious fell into that sin?

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When you look into it, sometimes you find out that

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it didn't happen overnight, you know, they started becoming relaxed about certain smaller things, things that seem smaller, and those smaller things lead to them becoming relaxed about the bigger things. So for example, maybe talking and chatting the opposite sex in a relaxed way. And then

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you know, being alone with somebody of the opposite sex,

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then going beyond the bounds when it comes to communication and, you know, talking and flirting and things like that. And then eventually,

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you know, that led to the biggest sin being committed. So once we become very conscious of the smallest sense, it really helps us to

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actually bring ourselves to account and not even go anywhere near

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the biggest sins.

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The third means that we can take is to do whatever we can to increase our demand.

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And that will help us cure our inclination towards sin. How does one increase the man?

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Well, if you think about the soul, the knifes the knife see is a bit like a wild horse. And a wild horse is some thing that you know, it'll just go crazy. If you try to sit on its back. It will go crazy. It will go try to throw you off, do anything it can to throw you off because you're trying to control it.

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Now, if you resist if the rider resists the horse trying to throw it off, and keeps resisting and keeps resisting No matter how much

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the horse tries to throw the rider off its back. Eventually, the horse will be contained. The horse will become tame but if the rider

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gives up and falls off the horse, then the next time the rider tries to tame the horse, he will actually have to probably try even harder and it will take even longer.

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So the next is is a lot like that, in the sense that it is wild it wants to indulge in its desires and it is inclined to falling into desires, which is why Allah subhanaw taala told us that we are the life that you know, insan was created by life.

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But when the human being makes the conscious decision to control the enough's and to prevent himself from selling, then it's as if he is that rider on that horse. And the trick is, well, the key is to stay on the horse as long as you can until the horse is tamed, we have to stay on the case of our knifes and force ourselves away from sin as much as we can, until eventually our NASS actually becomes inclined away from that sin and becomes habituated away from that sin.

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Another way to increase out your mind is to increase in good deeds, increase in good deeds, whatever good you can do of the good deeds, Allah, Allah has given us

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the most important way to increase our demand is to

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connect to the laws of Canada through solar and through the law. Right, a person who consciously talks to Allah, and is constantly in conversation with Allah, you know, so casually, whenever they have trouble whenever they have a thought they talk to Allah, that sort of person is not going to be inclined towards cent because they're so conscious that lies there with them, you know, they would not be able to bear the thought of sinning while Allah is looking upon them. And sometimes, you know, when we have a sense of low Eman, then what we tend to do is stop doing good deeds. And that's actually the opposite of what we should do. So we have to force ourselves in when we are in that

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state to do more good deeds. Okay, like that might mean taking a piece of paper out and literally listing all of the good things that you could do, you know,

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and then going out and doing them forcing yourself to do them. And initially, yes, is difficult. You have to force yourself, right. So for example, a system who wants to where he job, start observing her job, she knows that she's in a state of sin when she's not observing her job.

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And that may Allah make it easy for all of us.

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So initially, she might have to force herself to wear hijab, she might have to force herself even though, you know, enough's keeps telling her no stop, you've got to stop us. You don't look good. You people are staring at you, whatever it is, that the knifes and shavonne keeps telling her, she has to force herself to wear the hijab initially. And then, over time, she will actually grow her knifes will be tamed. And she'll grow to love the job. Eman will increase. Right. So

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the third means is to do what we can to increase our Eman and that is through increasing our obedience to Allah and increasing our good deeds and that might mean forcing ourselves to do so.

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Right. The fourth means to hearing ourselves from our inclination towards sin is

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really to read about a loss of Hannah Thomas punishment.

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Yes to read about the punishment of Allah.

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Often we hear very rosy descriptions of what religion and what Allah Subhana Allah is, religion is. But we forget that actually, Allah Subhana Allah and the Quran

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told us a lot about his punishment as well. And the reason why he did that is because it's highly motivating for human beings. Right? When we know the danger that we are in when we become indulgent and sin.

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We realize the harm that we're causing, because Allah subhanaw taala is only punishing us. He's punishing us because there is harm inherent in that sin. And the harm that is caused to society as a result of actions and harm that is caused to ourselves or others, right.

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Or somebody right, that is being taken away.

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And believe me

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every sin has some aspect of that in it. Either you are oppressing yourself or you are oppressing somebody around you, or you are sinning against Allah.

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So when a person becomes conscious of the fact that actually Allah subhanaw taala has, has warned us, that He will punish those who don't pray, he has warned us that He will punish those who do not obey the messenger. He's, he's promised us that He will punish those who are heedless, or those who know the truth, and they'll act upon it. Right? When we become conscious of that, and we can look up, you know, some of the Hadith to actually talk about specific sins and the punishments for those sins, and and it will scare us. And that's actually a good thing. Because it's better to be scared in this life, and scared into action than to wait until the next slide when all we can feel there is

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regret. So yeah, becoming acquainted with a lot of violence, punishment, and realizing that, no, you know, you can't get away with the sense, there will be a day when you're going to stand in front of a lot and answer him for every single thing that you've done.

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The fifth means to curing sin, is to strive to become a person who makes a decision, a conscious decision to change. You know, when we read the Quran, the Quran forces us to change, if it doesn't force us to change, and it means we're not reading the ground properly, we're just reading it as some sort of ritual or, you know, we're just looking for some kind of philosophy in it. The crime isn't a book of of flowery words and philosophy. It's a book that's supposed to

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make you act, it's a book that's supposed to change you and transform you.

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So once you make that decision, that actually I'm going to strive to change, then it means repenting, it means turning to Allah and asking him to help you. Because if you if you turn to Allah and ask him to help you, he's not going to turn you away. And then it means taking action, towards good and away from evil. So that might mean changing our friends, that might mean changing our environment, because a certain environment is inclining us towards sin, certain people, when we're around certain people, they're sort of encouraging us to fall into sin. Basically, you have to find the triggers, the things that are triggering you into keeping up that habit of sin.

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And you have to change that you have to remove those triggers.

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And that might mean changing your friends, changing your environment, removing certain triggers, from around you. So, you know, if a person for example is is viewing things on the internet that they shouldn't be viewing, that person might need to block certain words from being able to be searched on the internet, or might have to take a break from the internet, or might have to remove anything that could kind of trigger them to wanting to look at those things. If a person falls into sin, because they feel very lonely, and they don't have a spouse, and you know, they find that times of loneliness caused them to sin. And that person should, you know, try to put themselves in an

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environment where they don't, you know, get triggered to commit those sins. Some that might mean being around people, macduffie people, people who fail a lot. Being in the company of excellent people who remind you of Allah is one of the greatest ways to cure sin. It might mean fasting, it might mean you know, putting him or herself in such a state and such an environment, that the things that used to trigger them to commit that sin are removed, or to replace that thing that sin, the reward that that sin was giving that person right. What was it was this feeling of fulfillment or temporary fleeting feeling of fulfillment, or, or was it a feeling of satisfaction, you know, from

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some need that they had,

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and finding a way to fulfill it, if it is a Hello, you know, feeling that he's seeking

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in a halaal way. So for example, if a person has

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No needs in terms of sexual needs, then removing the harem and now pursuing a halaal way to fulfill his sexual desires or sexual desires is the way forward. So they would

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do their utmost to get married for example, or seek other ways of, you know, controlling that urge, because we all have urges. But the difference between us and the sinful person and the debased person is, should be that we

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control our urges, we harness them and use them in the right way.

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So those are five means that we can take to help us to cure sin. May Allah Subhana Allah help us all? None of us are immune from falling into sin and and when we think we're immune, there's probably a problem and we become complacent. So May Allah protect us from that? And may Allah lift us out of sin? And may He make us aware that the one we are sinning against? Is someone so great,

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you know, and may that be a means to stopping us from falling into sin, may forgive us and ennoble us and lift us up

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and lift the oma Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam out of the quagmire that we find ourselves in because the main cause my brothers and sisters of whatever negative state that you find the Muslim or mine today is our sentence. So let us repent, Let us fix ourselves one person at a time, you know ourselves and then our families and then the community around us. And in that way, inshallah the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam will be will be rectified again.

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May Allah help us to be a tool in that cause? I mean from I mean,

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sha Allah with that I will leave you

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jsoc Home Alone Heron Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. subclinical Lo, Mo the shadow Linda elantas

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by setting up a small village