How Should We Teach Our Kids About Same Sex Marriages

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Today, we live in a world where a lot of what has been forbidden by our deen, is now legally practiced in the countries we live in. Such as same sex marriages, drug, alcohol etc. How can we teach our children about these issues? What approach can we take?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi advises

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How do we teach our children about the issues of same sex and the change of family scenarios that are happening in our times?

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This is a very sensitive issue and there's no one correct way every parent is obliged to teach their children, their our ethical values are shady. And of course, from our perspective, marriage is between a husband and wife it is something that is done in an Islamic manner that is appropriate. And it's not just the issue of same sex. How do you teach your children about the broader culture where licentiousness and permissiveness and sexuality is all rampant? And the end of the day? There's no one right answer, every parent will have to assess how mature My children are, what is their level that I can bring them up. And the simplest thing to do is to always say, look, we have

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our way they have their way, you know, Allah has allowed this for us. And these people are not following what Allah has allowed. They have their ways of doing things. The best way really, is to follow the way I teach them through the the examples of the prophets and tell them the story of Luke Allah has set up, tell them the story of the previous and any other issue that comes up. So you use your better judgment. And the goal really is to teach your children what is going to be monastic or appropriate for their age level without confusing them. No one can tell you that better than you yourselves as parents, as well. I have to advise lots of and lots of love. We're living in very

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difficult times. There's so much out all around us. It's not just this issue, you know, drugs being legalized alcohol everywhere, nudity, pornography, everything is out there. Really it's you have to create a beautiful bubble in your house of love and of mercy and of the values of Islam and make dua to Allah and teach your children bit by bit and the rest really is you know, you've done your job the rest is up to Allah subhanho wa Taala