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Daood Butt
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa ala Tolkien what was Sunday what was suddenly more Elena v Hill Karim Ali of Allah salatu wa automata Celine, but I'll be shortly is Audrey we are Siddeley MD aka Tammy lissoni efco Kohli, my brothers and sisters in Islam SNM already come to LA he wrote about our cattle.

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I think the sisters are aware but

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for the last few nights in sha Allah because of the setup for the mark, Ducky, Thien, you will not be able to come through however, you could still listen and participate that way in sha Allah who died I'm not sure if there's a screen projecting there in the back or not. And do see a couple of TVs in the back I'm not sure what you see there is Yeah.

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The other thing is a reminder for the more techie thing or more techie for those that are here in sha Allah, maybe you know, the window can we get speak to Brother imagine inshallah, that needs to be covered up and Shall I know last year was was an issue as well. So we'll get that window covered up in sha Allah hota

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and hamdulillah you know, we begin first and foremost asking Allah subhana wa Adana to accept your your ft calf, and we know that

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this is a time that your patience your health, your health, your strength, your family yourselves, your work, everything gets tested, sapan Allah, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for every single one of you

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mean and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make it easy for us as well to be able to perform our take off in the future. If we're not performing it this year, then maybe spend a day or two or even spend a few hours over here with those that are performing RT Cath I know it's something that I plan on doing in sha Allah ask Allah subhana wa tada to give me the time and the energy to make it out here in sha Allah. Throughout the day, maybe after about a few days in sha Allah will will come by

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Today we are going to take some verses from sort of seen sort of a soft fat, okay, sort of scene and sort of soft fat and we're going to do so inshallah hota Hana

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with a little bit of sarcasm at the beginning, maybe what I mean by that is Pamela many of us read sort of a scene all the time. Right many of us have been brought up raised knowing that Swift is seen as like the heart of the Koran, right? And Subhanallah it's important for us to not only just recite from the Quran, but understand what's in it and this is exactly what we're doing. But I'm going to encourage all the brothers and the sisters as well as have a love We obviously cannot go through the entire school. And maybe it's something that we can do after Ramadan. Right maybe that's one of the classes that we can do is to see it of surah Yaseen and some of the important sutras that

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many people read all the time but don't really know of and go into, you know, a deep explanation. But somehow, we see some lessons in the sutra that are absolutely important that many of us probably don't even know exists within the sutra or is present within the surah and we recite it over and over and over, not knowing that these lessons are there for us. So today inshallah data will just take a few lessons from from soda yacine and soda soft fat, and we'll go with that inshallah. Tada.

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So, skip right through to verse number 46. In verse number 46, of sweetie seen Allah subhanho wa Taala says rubella him in a shape on Ebola gene.

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Just Just give me one second, there's anything

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Rosa Billahi min. Ash shaytani r Rajim

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one D min.

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min. to rob beam in.

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Morro de lien, Allah subhanho wa Taala Hannah says of course about the non believers right then will surely Kuhn will matter to him and at Minaya to rob him in law can warn him already doing that there hasn't come to them a sign of a loss of Hannah without his greatness, from His signs, many signs continuously are coming in to us as human beings. But Allah Subhana Allah says there hasn't come aside from His signs from the signs of a loss of Hannah Montana, except those the mushy goon or those who disbelieve they are

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turning away or ignoring or disregarding the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's absolutely important for us to understand because we see that our own youth, whether we like to admit it or not our own youth and it's because of ourselves as adults. We have

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Has not connected with Allah subhanho its Allah enough. And we have not taught our children enough about Allah subhana wa Jalla for them to actually connect with him and will notice a handle on many things around us, remind us of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But we failed to recognize that, like earlier today simple example, around three o'clock in the afternoon, there was a tornado warning. Did you get that everyone got it on their phones like oh, tornado tornado, like what's gonna happen? And I thought to myself, because, you know, what we did today was we took the train downtown Toronto, and you know, just walked around a little bit with our children and came back literally

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about two hour gig, right? Just go come back. And that was the end of it. And it was just so they can ride the train. And as soon as we got there, we got off the train in downtown Toronto. And I noticed I get this message on my phone, Tony and tornado warning. And my daughter Mottola. She can read now so so Pamela, she reads it and she's like, What do you mean, there's a tornado warning like there's there gonna be a tornado. Like Allah Subhana Allah knows best, right? We're looking at the sky doesn't look like there would be a tornado. But out of nowhere, a tornado could just pop up. And so she was worried. She's like, well, what are we doing? Shouldn't we go home? Like, you know, we

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kept walking and she's like, Where's the tornado? Is it when is it coming? Is it safe for us to be here? She kept asking me like, these very subtle questions. And I knew she was concerned. And it was constantly on her mind for the first like 1015 minutes. And I thought to myself, so Pamela, and actually, you know, put it up on Instagram just before it came, how quickly one test can come to us from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we see it as a sign of a lot of greatness. Like you're looking outside, you would never assume that a tornado is going to pop out of nowhere, right? Yeah, this this guy was was cloudy and still is a little bit cloudy, it was much darker before. But we still

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would not assume that a tornado would just pop out of nowhere. But just as quick as a lesson handling data can bring a tornado, Allah subhanho data can bring forgiveness and mercy upon us as well. And this is the month of Ramadan, and it's a month of mercy. And it's a month where we recognize from the signs of Allah subhana wa Johanna's greatness from all the things that he has shown to us, that he is capable of doing just as quick as he could bring the tornado and all the destruction that comes with a tornado and we ask Allah subhana wa Jalla, to protect us from any sort of punishment or severe, you know, difficulty. Just as quick as that could come to us. Allah Subhana

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Allah can bring mercy, Allah subhanaw taala can bring forgiveness Allah can bring goodness, he can change the state in the condition of the world. And you know, the other day was, we were looking at the the picture of that building in London that burned down, right, everyone knows what happens on a lot. And you know, you look at that building, and I thought to myself,

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that's one building. Like, what about the people in Syria?

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What about the, you know, the people in Burma, what's happened in Afghanistan and Iraq and in Kashmir, and in all these different places on earth, where you see destruction in Philistines, some kind of like, you see Philistine edoc. You look at pictures of Syria, and it's just mass destruction. bombs going off regularly, buildings being blown to pieces, you know, the walls just crumbled, the ceilings and roofs falling down on top of people and you think to yourself, okay, one building, yeah, it's a big thing because Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the Quran, one soul, you take the life of one person, this is, Oh, you've destroyed or harmed all of humanity, right? But at

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the same time, Subhanallah we look at this one building and we remind ourselves, Allah Subhana winter Anna took, this is an example for us. This was an example for us. It happened and it happened just a few days ago. But just like all these people passed away in the building 60 something people I think the number is around 50.

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A luck and bring goodness as well. A lot can bring lots of goodness, and he brings goodness all the time. But we just fail to see it. How many good children do we have in our community that we just fail to recognize they're great individuals. How many good youth have grown up to be great adults that are contributing back to our society, but we fail to recognize it. How many times do we sit and make dua and thank Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, thankfully, turning to him, for the things that he has given to us and the people that are around us that are a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, when you think of it all the time, all the good things that we learned from the

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people around us, now's the time in these last 10 nights if we are going to connect with anyone, we shouldn't connect with each other and waste time talking about things that you know, just burning time for nothing. But we should be connecting with the people who have had an impact upon us in our lives, whether islamically whether they're spiritually whether financially, whether it was just a smile, whether it was something that they went out of their way to help us with when we least expected it, send them a simple message. You record something with your phone that's what I like to do is just record a voice message on WhatsApp or

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telegram and send it to them so they know they're getting something that's personalized. And through that you'll notice that lots of goodness will come with you're showing goodness and return to others lots and lots of goodness because of handler we need to feel that motivation and seldom do we feel motivation from one another. Right We look at each other and a lot of the time we just compete in brothers and sisters will see each other and say oh, this person is doing that, oh, that person is doing this, okay, I need to be better than them in this and I need to be better than them in that or I need to make them look bad. But when do we actually encourage one another for the goodness of this

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oma encourage each other to spread the highest?

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And the Baraka of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If we were if we once upon a time benefited from it, why not share it with others? And so here we see that we should not be like those who disregard the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We understand it, we see it We are thankful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and we continue to praise a lot in the goodness that we have around us. Then Allah Subhana Allah says in verse number, verse number 47

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what either the Nana whom fee boom m Raja Coco, Bon, Ella, Gina kapha, Rooney levena.

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tune in Luffy obala will be in and when it is said to them spend from that which Allah subhana wa COVID to Hana has provided you with those who disbelieve, say to those who believe now look at this, they say to those who believe, should I feed someone who a law didn't want to be fed?

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Make sure I give or should I spend on those who if a law wanted he would have spent on them in the first place. So why should I spend my life and that's some kind of law. You'll notice that Muslims think of this all the time, because during especially during this month of Ramadan, we're being asked for money, right? every single moment of the month of Ramadan, you'll notice you go on Facebook, you go on Twitter, you go on any social media platform, you walk into any Masjid, you'll see

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hamdulillah not in the front walls over here. But as soon as you go outside on the walls, you'll notice that there's you know, a plaque or a board for fundraising, which is good at handling law. We're always encouraging each other, but sometimes within us in our minds in our hearts, we think to ourselves, well wait a second, like should I be giving to this? And if I was capable of making something happened, then Allah should do it anyways, why should I be the one to help out? And Subhana Allah, that's a very dangerous position to be in. Because Allah subhana wa tada put us here giving us our wealth. And we use that wealth as a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala Hannah, doesn't

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technically belong to us. But at the same time, we feel as though we own it. And we own everything that we own, and we are in full control. When in reality, if we were to only share a little bit with what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to share with, right because that's clearly mentioned in the Quran, those that we give our sadaqa to those that we spend on in terms of Zakat and so on and so forth. Allah Subhana Allah gives us more in return. I know the other day so I was thinking to myself, this needs to be the month or you know, because during Ramadan we give a lot right? So this needs to be the month where we all become rich.

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And I thought to myself, that's really it like that is the case. Because some hannula we're always encouraging people to give always encouraging one another give for the sake of Allah FISA vilella right, help others help them massage it help the organizations help the institutions help the academies help the programs, help the you know, the seminars and things that are going on that are helpful and beneficial to the Ummah, help the individuals help the families help the children help the orphans, everyone is looking for help and assistance, and we're encouraging each other to do that. And we always say, the examples that we learned from a loss of Hannah Montana in the Quran and

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the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu, Ida usnm. The more you give, the more you get, give for the sake of pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala, he'll multiply it and give you a lot more in return. And all the examples we know then we don't want to go over them because you're probably going to attend or have attended a fundraiser at least once throughout this month of Ramadan, right. And you'll notice some kind of law, that we remind ourselves about it all the time. But we don't really sit and take a step back and I thought to myself the other day, this is what days are today Friday, so yesterday, right? This was at the say the leisure center. After Juma an announcement was made and I

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thought to myself this month, I'm going to make sure that I give as much as I can throughout the month of Ramadan, whatever we're capable of doing. So that Allah subhanho data can make me rich, and I was walking out and my daughter son had a lot to share this with you, my daughter

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We were holding hands walking out.

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And she was asking me, you know what I was doing because I was talking to some brothers before. And I said, You know, I don't worry this month, this this year is gonna make us rich. And she's like, well, I said, because this month, we're going to give a lot of sadaqa. Right, the more sadaqa we give, the more we give for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the more we get in return, and we notice we might not become rich, but at least Allah will make us content with what we have, we will be satisfied with what we earn, we will be happy and pleased that Alhamdulillah we have the things that other people don't have, and will notice that we are still content we are still living

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comfortably. And Allah will put Baraka in our earnings and Baraka in the little that we might even have. And so it's not a matter of becoming rich in terms of our, you know, wealth in our accounts, or looking at the numbers in our bank account getting longer and longer and longer. No, it's a matter of becoming rich with the contentment that we have with Allah subhanho wa Taala in our hearts in our minds, we are happy with what Allah has given to us. And so we should be giving more for the sake of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala not only throughout this month of Ramadan, and I'm not doing a fundraising pitch, right. What I am doing is encouraging us to look at ourselves as the ones who are

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benefiting. We are the ones that are benefiting and in return Allah benefits others with the wealth that they receive from us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to put Baraka in the wealth that we have spent as well, not only in the wealth that we earn, but in the wealth that we have spent for those who don't have so that they can have a lot more for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala how do we ask him to do that? I mean,

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we move on in verse number 48, Allah subhana wa tada says, way okuno no matter what I

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saw the scene in verse number 48, of surah Yaseen Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us how the machete keen, they say metalhead, when, when is the sign or when is the calamity? Or when is the punishment? Or when is the end of time going to come? always asking for specifics? And let's focus on the end of time. Ask yourself this question. If we knew when the day of judgment was going to come? Or let's make it even simpler, if we knew when our lives were going to end? Would we actually be sitting here right now?

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Right? Many of you are shaking your heads. Right? saying no, we wouldn't be here. Now some of us are thinking why wouldn't we be here. But if we knew that we still have another 35 years to live, then many people would say, Well, if Allah Subhana, Allah is merciful, and I have 35 years to live, then I could live the next 30 years, however I want and then spend the last five years in a bed seeking repentance, asking for forgiveness, and preparing for the time when I know I'm going to return to a lot. But because there's an uncertainty, that we do not know, when we will return to a law, we do not know when our life will end we do not know when this world will end when the day of judgment

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will come. We now have to push and give everything that we have all the time, as in every single moment of our day and our night needs to be a moment where I am upon Amen, where I am upon sn where I am doing what is right according to Allah subhana wa Tada, because I don't know if the next minute will be my last. Right. And so some handler that's absolutely important and beautiful for us to just comprehend that in the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala, how he left certain things out of our knowledge actually benefits us.

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And the mystery corn, they get upset with it. And so why don't we know? If Allah is so great? Why didn't he tell us? Well wait a second, a lot actually did that for our own benefit, so that we ourselves can continuously strive upon goodness, and not live in destruction. And then people might say, Well, wait a second. Well, why not? Why don't I have the freedom to live my life and then at the end, just ask for forgiveness. That's great. Because people,

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ourselves, we might say to ourselves, you know what, we would still live in goodness and righteousness, and that's fine. I'll handle that. We might still do that, but many other people may not. And so in order to avoid the spread of fitna in order to avoid this spread of evil in order to avoid the spread of destruction, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to always in constantly be doing good. And that's a big element of our Deen doing goodness and spreading hate and goodness all the time wherever we go.

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And let's move on in sha Allah to Allah. two verses number. Let's go to verse number 55 258.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala now talks about the people of gentlemen

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Those people that have been given glad tidings that will enter genda that have noticed the signer to on the Day of Judgment, possibly, that they are going to be the people of Paradise, Allah Subhana, which Allah says in US hub and Jen natalio mefi. issue.

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Mahi, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in US haberl genette in Yama, fuchsia when in fact, he says subhanho wa Taala, about the people of gender, that the companions or the people that will inhabit gender, on that day will be amused in joyful occupation, right? On the day of judgment, those who know and will enter Jannah, you'll notice some kind of law, not everyone is going to be suffering on the Day of Judgment, not everyone is going to be you know, worried there will be people that will be comforted, there will be people that will be under the shade, there will be people that know that they are from the people of Paradise, we just fail to focus on them a lot, right? We always talk

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about us worrying and us drowning in our sweat and so on, which is a reality and we need to remind ourselves, but at the same time, some kind of there will be people that will know that there's some goodness coming to them, why they just spent the time of the buttons or the life in the grave, enjoying themselves in ease in comfort, smelling the scent of gender, right smelling, you know, sort of being in a time of ease. Without the rib cages, you know, coming in and and crushing themselves. Without them feeling as though they can't breathe. They're just unhandled in law, right? The opposite of a person who's feeling that destruction or that punishment slowly coming to them. And so

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the people who enjoy that time in their grave, on the day of judgment when they're raised in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala they know that something good is coming to them as well. Also, we see other examples like sub A high on the categories usually low Humala, houfy lilyana, leveling low level low, these seven categories of people that will be under the shade of a loss of kind of woods and a shade that he provides on the day when there's no shade except that shade

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and some hand a lot we've covered this Heidi's before for those of you that were not here to maybe go back on YouTube, you could find it on the YouTube channel as Fela you'll see it all there inshallah Tada. So Allah subhana wa tada shows that shows us that there are people that will enjoy that time. But here he says in US herbal agenda, the people of Paradise, they will be in pure amusement, Joy enjoying themselves when they enter Paradise. And that's how a lot just makes us want to work harder, because nothing easy

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is earned by sitting back and doing nothing. Like you know, some kind of love The other day I mentioned the BMW, right? Do you remember that? You remember the example of the BMW that I that I mentioned? Are you here? None of you here are none of none of you remember, some had a lot. And I gave the example of the BMW seven series, right that I drove past on the highway and I was telling my wife, like, look at this thing. It's a beast. She's like, it's about the same size as our Camry, right? And we have the old school cameras, right? The newer cameras are crushed. They look a little bit smaller. But the old school cameras have a big trunk and a big hood. She's like it's the same

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size as our car like no, but this is a beast Look at the size of wheels and look at it, it just looks like it's it owns the road, right? And so Subhana Allah Allah mentions here, like, you know, the people of Paradise will just be an amusement, enjoy. And that person who drives that BMW or someone who actually yesterday I was I was driving behind a Rolls Royce, right? It's coming to the mustard. And I was driving behind a Rolls Royce. And I looked at this thing and I thought of the time where I wrote in a Rolls Royce in the backseat, not in the driver's seat. I didn't own one, okay. And you know, it was picked up once in a country's handle on the brother who picked us up from

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the airport. He owns two Rolls Royce. And so he picked us up once myself and Mufti Mankin, this Rolls Royce and we were being driven

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to go eat, and we were sitting in this thing, and it didn't feel like we were driving. It was like we're parked, but we were moving. Because every single bump you go over, it's just like, like, you know, you don't feel anything, some kind of luck. And that's exactly it. But this brother just in simple example, he worked hard and he still works hard. He's got that car and that car is actually not the car, he drives. It's a car he rents out. It's like a business for him. He has a few, you know, high end cars, he rents them out. But for the for that conference, he just picked us up in it. And so somehow unless someone wants to enjoy

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The pleasures of this world, they need to work really hard in order to get it. And the pleasures of this world are so temporary, like after a few years, whether you drive a Rolls Royce, or you drive a Toyota Camry, or you drive a ladder, for those of you that might remember what a ladder is, they rust and eventually you scrap them. Eventually they're done with right. How many times? I don't know if you've lived in Saudi before, but for those of you that have lived over there, we've gone to scrap yards in Saudi Arabia, you go to a scrap yard over here, you find like Toyota Corollas and you know Volkswagen, Jetta, and stuff like that. You go to a scrap yard in Saudi and you see

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Lamborghinis, Ferraris you know, Porsche and high end cars and you thinking to yourself some kind of law, someone's spent so much money on this and it's not even a year old and it's sitting in a scrap yard, just collecting dust. And you think to yourself, how much effort went into working to earn to purchase that car or to purchase whatever it is, yet eventually it just rests away and is done with but in general, Allah subhana wa tada says, whom was to whom fieldly done in Ireland, he would take care of themselves, the people have done that and their spouses. They will be in the shade reclining upon these couches, that are adorned couches, like beautiful, beautiful things that we will sit on.

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And you think of it in this world. What do we sit on? Okay. hamdullah. These chairs are padded right from the leather. They feel good, right? From the law. But at least you'll think of someone I've been to Prince's homes, right when I was living in Saudi, we went to a few princes, we visited them in their homes, and you sit on the sofas there, the typical sofa is like inside the sofa is just foam. It's just what's on top. It's either letter leather, or it's nice upholstery or the trim around it has gold, whatever it is right. But at the end of the day, you're still sitting on foam, it's still the same thing. But in Jeddah, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us even more you're sitting

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on something you never ever have to think of. And you never even really had to earn it. Because the little effort that we do trying to please Allah subhana wa Tana, he gives us so much more in the hereafter. We can't even imagine earning and owning that stuff. Like just a simple brick of our home in paradise will be a brick of gold. That's one brick on the home that we own that has a brick of gold and a brick of silver and a brick of gold and a brick of silver and completing the entire home. And how many homes Do we have some kind of like lots of homes. Why because we pray Our son prayers, the sun allotted and Allah subhana wa tada builds for us a home in paradise 12 extra DACA that we

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have to pray in the day and Allah subhanho wa Taala builds a home for us in Paradise and when we think of it Subhana Allah How easy is it to earn that but how difficult is it for us to pray our Sunday right is difficult. It's not easy like today so kind of like we were out and we were just about to get onto the train. But we thought okay let's pray though how to so we just went to the side you know just against the wall in the in the parking lot we just prayed so hard myself and my wife and my wife is like on a pray my son and I'm always used to being like in trains and planes and all over the place like traveling. Usually when it's time to pray, you just pray the compulsory

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prayer and you leave and I actually thought in my mind, I was gonna shorten my prayer like that's how many times I travel and when I'm so used to just being in certain areas I know okay, I'm traveling a shirt my prayer and I just go but some common law was not traveling today right and my wife was like I need to you know we're gonna pray are some numbers I was like, Oh, yeah. So praying our son know, how important is it to pray Our son, nessa Pamela and we just a lot of the time we disregard it. Like we just don't think of it and we think ah, you know, no big deal. What's needed from me is to pray the compulsory prayers, but we need to go to the level of

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that level of sn is what will earn us ease not only in Jenna, but he is before that on the day of judgment and ease before that in our grave and ease before that when the soul is coming out of our bodies and ease before that just general contentment in our hearts when we're living passing through this world.

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We earned that by protecting what Allah subhana wa tada has made compulsory upon us. And that's just the bare minimum.

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That's just the bare minimum. We always say this right? The importance of praying our prayers, and Subhanallah when we think of it, what is the minimum in our Deen?

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The minimum that we have to do is believe in Allah subhana wa tada the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, right? That's the first thing was the second thing.

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Our prayers, right, we must pray Our prayers, then

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fasting, Hajj, zeca. Those are the beard. We have to do that.

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That's like the minimum that we can do in our dean. So we have to go for hedge if we can afford it, right if we fulfill all the criteria, I know the other day a brother asked me or I think it was a sister. Can I take a loan to

00:30:00 --> 00:30:21

Go for Hutch. Hmm. Okay, we'll talk about that another day. But somehow if you need to take a loan, you technically don't have to go for Hajj, because you can't afford it yet. Okay. So somehow that's the bare minimum in our Deen, we should be fulfilling the bare minimum and then adding to it, but where we are in our Deen is that we're struggling just to fulfill the bare minimum.

00:30:23 --> 00:31:03

And at the same time that we want to make ourselves feel bad, we also need to understand that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, I knew he was sending them. He would say that, you know, if a Sahabi was falling short 10% in their Deen, that's their destruction. There's something wrong there. But for us at our time, if we are just fulfilling 10% of our Deen metal hamdulillah. Now, that's just something that we look at, generally speaking, we're not saying just pray once every two days because that's 10% right? No, what we are saying is that we should be fulfilling the bare minimum of our Deen and at least adding 10% to that. That's, that should be the minimum that we add 10% to the

00:31:03 --> 00:31:29

minimum that we're doing in our Deen and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make that easy for us. I mean, so Allah, so Allah mentions here in verses numbers, 57 and 58. Let him see how sucky. Let him see how fast you had to Maya down, said I'm on Conan nettlebed Rahim. For them, they're in his fruit. And we know Subhanallah when we're hungry and thirsty, like right now, you give us some fruit jot, right, and we're happy.

00:31:30 --> 00:31:40

Give us some fruit. Jonathan has like a long day of fasting. I see brother sat over there. He's like, Don't make eye contact with doubt, because I don't want to share my fruit shot with him today right?

00:31:42 --> 00:32:17

Now, so Pamela, the way that we are some kind of law, Allah tells us of the things that we love. When you think of someone who's in the middle of Africa, in the middle of Somalia, who has nothing, no food, no water, nothing. If you were to just bring an apple in front of them and they smell the smell of the apple, that Apple would be like Jana, wouldn't it of course, it would be like the most valuable thing to that person, they just see a drop of water, they would run to try and get that drop of water to fall on their tongue so they can feel that feeling of water that enters our mouth. And you know, right now what that feeling is because of how low when we're fasting throughout the

00:32:17 --> 00:32:44

entire day. And I know right now like I'm struggling just to get words out of my mouth sometimes, because your tongue is just sticking in different places that it never stays. But some handle that if we could just have a little bit of water in our mouths, we would be happy and content. Now imagine the person that hasn't seen water for days and weeks and sometimes even you know, just going off little bits of dirty water for months. Some kind of law. how thankful we need to be to Allah subhanho wa Taala right.

00:32:45 --> 00:33:12

We'll move on so Allah mentions that he gives us fruits and whatever it is that we request whatever it is that we wish for Allah subhanho wa Taala gives to us Santa mon ponemah Rob de Rahim, and peace, a word that is mentioned to us from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now you're at peace. Now you're at ease. Now you've entered paradise. You're in Jeddah Alhamdulillah. Everything is going to be easy for us. But we need to work hard in order to get there. We'll move on in sha Allah Tada.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:17

Let's move to Surah a Safa.

00:33:19 --> 00:33:23

At the beginning of sort of soft fat, which is the 37th surah of the Quran.

00:33:24 --> 00:33:47

Allah subhanho wa Taala titles this Sora the rose, the rose right we have a SFX and we have Suffern and then we have soft fat, right the rows Think of it as the rows of Han Allah and Allah Subhana who were to Allah mentions the rows here in this sutra, he says at the beginning of the song about Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

00:33:50 --> 00:34:00

was long enough to solve for z g o t is a journal fed

00:34:01 --> 00:34:01


00:34:06 --> 00:34:09

ad or bousema T one.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:26

Allah subhanho wa Taala Here begins to sort out will soft fatty suffer by the lined up rows, right the rows that are lined up? And what is he referring to here?

00:34:27 --> 00:34:30

What is the loss of data referring to Does anyone know?

00:34:31 --> 00:34:59

The angels exactly the rows of angels and you'll see some Hanalei and this sort of Allah mentions the angels, and he talks about some of the functions of the angels and what the angels will be doing on the day of judgment and so on and so forth. And so here he begins, we'll slough it off the roles of angels that are lined up, and the angels will be standing in rows, and those who drive the clouds Who are they the angels, right, and a loss of hanaway to an SS battalion.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

Tick it off, and those who recite the message Who are they? angels, and a loss of Hannah with Anna says in Isla hokum lower head, indeed your God your Lord is one. And so we see here some kind of law that our Lord and the Lord of the angels and the Lord of those who believe those who disbelieve The Lord of the animals, the Lord of the worlds, the Lord of everything is Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the reason why I'm mentioning this here is a loss of hanway to nsfs. was somehow it was warmer bayona Houma.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:47

Sorry, am I reading this right? Almost a pan with Anna says, somehow it fell out of the water. But you know what i'm doing Masaryk. Allah Subhana Allah says, The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and all that's in between the two of them.

00:35:49 --> 00:36:31

And this is a lesson for me and you that as much as those who disbelieve one to think that their Lord is their Lord, their Lord is not their Lord, their Lord is Allah subhanho wa Taala. Does that make sense? As much as those who disbelieve might think that I don't know some people believe in you know, they worship the cow, some worship, you know, other animals like rats, some worship statues and idols, some, you know, worship different things, people worship different things around the world as much as they want to believe that those things are their Lord, they aren't. And we need to understand that those things that they worship are not their Lord. And that's what made the prophets

00:36:31 --> 00:37:10

Allah subhanho wa Taala even more powerful when dealing with their people, is because they considered even those who disbelieve to be just like them, as in human beings, they consider them to be human beings. And you and I Subhana Allah, this is a mistake that we make as Muslims, we look at others and we just say, okay, let them do Kamala D, right. And you have your dean, and we have our Dean, and you do what you want. And we're going to do it, we want to know, we should want for them what we have, we should want goodness for them, just like we have for ourselves. And that's important some handler because many of us don't see it that way. We just say okay, leave them upon

00:37:10 --> 00:37:44

what they're on know, our mission is not to leave them. Our mission is to call them our mission is to invite them our mission is to show them the right way in our actions in our statements and in our behavior in our interactions, and so on and so forth. And that's what's needed from us from Hannah is that we understand mentally and I want you to try and do this later on today inshallah, maybe when you're laying down at night, think of this, that the Lord of those who disbelieve is still the lord of those who believe. Allah subhanho wa Taala is just one

00:37:46 --> 00:38:24

law as much as they may think and do an act otherwise, it doesn't matter. That doesn't matter to us. What matters is we try and get them away from that, to believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. Why? Because we just finished learning about gender. We just finished learning about the bounties of gender, and it's going to be hard, it's not going to be easy to get there for us. We have that mission of inviting others we have that that responsibility of showing others through our own behavior. You don't even have to sometimes go and speak to people and they will accept Islam by watching you. But we need to do something and try our best in order to make that happen. Now why I'm

00:38:24 --> 00:39:01

saying this is because a lot of us have had a lot become very shy with our Deen we become very shy with showing that we are Muslim to others. Right. And you'll notice sometimes for us, it may be easier to simply have a beard but now we'll handle and society lots of people have beard it's like the trend and you'll notice that some people will say oh you know what, as a Muslim hamdulillah our pants are above the ankle for those that you know are following that i'm not i'm not preaching or promoting one thing or the other key right now let's we'll talk about that after Ramadan okay, but what we're saying is you'll notice some kind of love people will say pick up your pen stuff for a

00:39:01 --> 00:39:34

while right dolla dolla dolla All right, say all these things, encouraging our youth to be a certain way for example, it's just pick on the youth May Allah subhanaw taala help the youth because they're always getting picked on. right but some kind of law what we don't realize is that that's also become the fashion today to have your pants above the ankle. Okay, even though the pants are tight, and we asked a lot to save our ourselves from having those super super tight pants that people are wearing nowadays, but the beards and pants above the ankle, you know, it's a trend so Muslims nowadays like Yeah, super easy to become a Muslim are super easy to be a Muslim super easy to

00:39:35 --> 00:39:57

portray the Islamic values. I don't need to show people my Deen anymore because it's just the norm. That's what the problem is. The problem is we've become so comfortable with society doing what what they're doing, and we're like, oh Alhamdulillah now if someone wears pants above the ankle, they're not considered weird. Now someone has a beard. They're not considered weird. What are our sisters saying?

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00

Right. What are our sisters

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

They're saying, they're like, Well, wait a second brothers, you guys are all cheering and super happy we can have our pants above our ankle, right? And we can't walk around with, you know, a beard on our face, we have to wear a hijab still. Right? So the hijab is not really the style nowadays. So when is it going to be for our sisters? That's not the case. That's not the issue. The issue is, why are we not comfortable showing Islam to others? And not in the superficial things, not in just the simple apparent things? But why are we not comfortable showing people you know what you're praying in public? What's going to happen? What's the worst that can happen to us in Canada? If we are set,

00:40:37 --> 00:40:45

especially here in the GTA, if we're standing in public praying, what is the worst that can happen to us? Someone comes by and says, shame.

00:40:46 --> 00:41:20

Whoo, All right, I'll come to LA we can do that. And the good thing about being in Canada, north of the border, north of the border is not everyone is walking around with a gun in their pocket, like down in the US, right? And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to help them and make that easy for not only the Muslims, everyone that's living in the US, I personally don't think we should be walking around with, with weapons in our pockets or underneath our jackets. I know, you know, last year, the year before I went down to Texas, and I felt really uncomfortable. To the extent that last year, I was invited back to that same conference, and I rejected the invitation. Because when I arrived there, I

00:41:20 --> 00:41:52

noticed people just walking around with guns on their belts and under their jackets, and I'm like, I don't feel comfortable here. I'm Canadian. Get me out of here. Right? I need to be where people don't have weapons on them. were the worst thing that someone could do is just say something to you. But we Subhanallah have still become very shy to show our Deen why we shouldn't portray your deen talk about your deen be happy and SubhanAllah. The other day we had this massive if thought at celebration square, right there was about to over 2000 people that came because there were 2000 meals and they were all taken up.

00:41:53 --> 00:41:58

And some had a law that was done in public. And you know, it was absolutely beautiful. I mentioned this the other day.

00:41:59 --> 00:42:40

What was really beautiful was that the beginning and at the end, at the beginning, we began with the recitation of the Quran, and there was a party there was an Imam there is Turkish imams panel, I can't remember his name right now. And he was reciting the Quran, with the microphones super, super loud in the middle of celebration square, it's open air, and you're just hearing an echo in between those nice high rise buildings, right, those condos, and it was like absolutely beautiful. I never thought growing up being born and raised here. Not here. But in Montreal, but in Canada, I never thought that we would see something like that. I never thought I would witness something like that

00:42:40 --> 00:42:47

in Canada, where the Quran is being recited publicly, openly out loud, you know, and no one's doing anything. Everyone is sitting there listening.

00:42:48 --> 00:42:59

Alright, so beautiful. And that was at the beginning. And what was so beautiful at the end of it was at the end, we called the air then out loud, and it's just echoing between the buildings again.

00:43:00 --> 00:43:05

And then we had this massive open prayer Subhanallah, where everyone just prayed together.

00:43:06 --> 00:43:43

And it just felt like an hamdulillah. Why should we feel shy? Now I know in numbers, we feel that strength. And I know that when we're with people, we feel confident. So sometimes somehow what we need to do is find another person to be with, like if we're with friends, and we're in public, and it's time for salah and we're not praying, that should not be a time where we feel shy, because I might feel shy, you might feel shy, you might feel shy, and you might feel shy. But because the four of us are together, and we get together and we pray Our prayers together, have the love, no one feels shy. We're all giving each other that sense of confidence that we need. And so this is just an

00:43:43 --> 00:43:50

example with prayer. It should be across the board. Like your boss comes to you and pays you and says you know what?

00:43:51 --> 00:43:55

I know you go for Friday prayers every, every Friday and you know,

00:43:56 --> 00:44:34

but whatever. It's gonna be too complicated for me to deduct that hour of work that you leave to go and pray and come back. So whatever, just take it, it's no big deal. But you as a believer says No, you know what? That's You're right. I'm sorry. I go and pray. Yes, you're right. But I will make up that hour, or I'll make up the half an hour or I was late 15 minutes. So your boss sees you every Friday or every Monday, for example, you stay an extra 15 minutes or 20 minutes because you know, every Friday, you're late getting back to work from Joomla. And your boss asks you after maybe a month or two months or 10 months or a year. Like why is it that every Monday or every Tuesday you

00:44:34 --> 00:44:37

spend an extra you know half an hour at work. Why do you do that?

00:44:39 --> 00:44:59

And you tell him or her you know is because every Friday when I go pray sometimes come back so want to make up the time because you know when I go pray, I'm learning about my religion. My religion tells me to be honest in my dealings, it tells me to to be this way. And it teaches me to be the best that I can be and give back to society.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:31

And to be honest with everyone, including you, and I know you're just giving me the money and you're overlooking it, and you're, you're doing me a favor, right? You're being lenient and allowing me to go and pray. Even though it's my right, as a Canadian, I can go and pray. But still, it's your right because you're paying me. So I want to give back to you. And that's just a simple example, that we're not giving back. We're actually just bringing it back to even. We're bringing it back to even now there are many other examples that we can use panelo what other examples can we use? parky?

00:45:33 --> 00:45:42

Yesterday I was at a mustard and hamdulillah this month of Ramadan, Allah has allowed me to go to many, many different massages, right? So yesterday, it was at a different Masjid.

00:45:43 --> 00:46:13

And I remember when I was leaving, this brother came in and he had his phone. And he had pictures open on his phone, and he's showing like four or five of his friends, look at his car, man, look at how he's parked. Like, could you like, why would you even Park over there. And they're just like talking about this car. They have the picture of it, the license plate and everything. And you know, it's typical animal Don, like, stuff that happens, right? where someone comes late parks their car, we should be people who that never happens. And when it happens, we make excuses for that person.

00:46:15 --> 00:46:51

On the contrary, what we like to say is Brother and Sister, please make excuses for all those 150 people that have parked their cars blocking everyone else outside making excuses. Maybe they were all at the hospital, all 150 of them, right? Maybe this know what we should be doing some kind of letters, we should be the best examples to the rest of society, so that when one person does do something wrong, we are all making excuses for them saying that one person did this because there must be a problem. There must be something there must be a reason. So we'll handle that. Let's just make the excuse for them. Right? That's the way we need to be some how to look. After drama. Another

00:46:51 --> 00:47:06

simple example. After drama, we're leaving the mustard? And how many times do we need to be reminded every single week? When you're coming out of the parking lot? Follow the rules? Don't go out the entrance? And what do we see 150 cars going out the entrance.

00:47:07 --> 00:47:25

And I'm using 150 because it's just a simple number. But we see lots and lots of people doing what we're not supposed to be doing. Another thing, we come to the masjid and we see all the shoes on the floor instead of on the completely empty shoe racks. And we ask ourselves, why are our children misbehaving?

00:47:26 --> 00:48:10

Well, why shouldn't they misbehave, right? When they see their parents misbehaving in the things that parents should do? Like parents behaving or adults behaving is following rules. And when children don't follow rules, we complain Oh, the children are misbehaving. Well children misbehave because adults misbehave. misbehavior for an adult is not following the rules in society. misbehavior for a child is you know what child behavior is right? And so some panela we can complain all the time that our children are a certain way when we ourselves are not following the rules. And our children they watch us like the same goes monkey see monkey do. child sees what what father and

00:48:10 --> 00:48:56

mother or what parents do what adults do. They see it and they know very well that if they can get away with this, then I can get away with a lot more because I'm a lot quicker and I'm a lot smarter, and I'm a lot more clever than they are right? And so we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make it easy for us to teach our children what is right through our actions in doing what is right according to Allah subhanho wa Taala when we become the best, most exemplary individuals for the sake of pleasing Allah, we are upon the de we are upon the deen. We don't all need to be emammal Bukhari. We don't all need to be Abu hanifa we don't all need to be abubaker rhodiola when we don't all need to

00:48:56 --> 00:49:23

be the greatest people of the past. What we do need to be is the people who implement the little that we've learned. Because when we all do that, the rest of society starts to change for the better as well. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for us to do that. Just like Kamala Hayden was on a long list send them all about again and Amina Mohammed while early he was happy to sell him, which is located in Santa Monica. What about Allahu Akbar capital

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