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My Heroes never would cite so appeared on Cartoon channels. They had long beards and kept close above the ankles. Local ministry eats like bees at night looking for thieves, my heroes fought their egos and narrated a head deep. And some of my heroes were once bad guys to baby killers and highway robbers If you only knew what they knew. Because you got to know a lie in order to recognize the truth. So what's the point of knowing truth if you can't back it up with proof so to prove my heroes were united by a single point of view, why else would they choose to go against what their fathers used to do unless they knew that paradise was worth being abused the best views If only you choose

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to walk a mile in their shoes? Oh, what I wouldn't do to kick in what Abdullah ibn Massoud listen to him recite the core on sad to go into Roku Yeah, that would be cool. But me and Hamza we would kick it old school joke about the jet halia sending things they used to do if I could pick my own crew cell man of Farsi what has to be in it and on a seeker of Truth May Allah bless His Spirit have tea with Julie be cookies were Anna Simba Malik anything to pick their brains and gain a better understanding Can you imagine taking a class with Abdullah it'd been our best a scholar by the age of 10 just a boy your monster men and if I had one friend, it would be aboubaker Siddiq someone no

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did down there no really represent when sumiya * do chin to work killers did she think we would name our little girls after her to teach them strength? And who cares about these rappers we got the nibin Sabbath dude was sick with the flow cape and live in it and know that Zaid was a slave who became one of praise live the American dream when America was creed I'm a missile thought was it Gee, how the damn fit is Dean. Oh real Superman made the devil's cross the street and never ever had beef. I will call him call up he will need he was riding down to sell a facade he hitting the fan. Just close my eyes man I can almost see below amongst the cold morning breeze. Allahu Akbar Allahu

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For surely Salah is much better than sleep like Abu sufian after he embraced the deen on this earth. Doha was a walking Shaheed and job for the gave his life for this omas victory may Allah be pleased and grant them all the highest levels of heaven like Earth men have been affair knew even the angels was shy in front of Isaiah was a genius every word was like a thesis mother to all believers pure like that. He says Khadija held the fetus of Fawlty ma who was the teacher of Heston and who's saying sons of Eileen who was slain man you got to know these names. Because these people paved the way is the same. We know more about them monkeys on bt This is our history. All the sacrifices that

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they made for me gave me a legacy that I can be proud to keep said B was the creed at Butler we were only like 300 deep, but with the angels on our side who could even compete although he was a man of peace to preach speech before the sword he raged the war against error. The war ship of fake Lords came to restore the de net mo da he laid before extreme and his need to feed miskeen and a boy he was on call with his face to the floor of praying so long that his feet became sore

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cuz he got down like that. I told all the rich they should pay the cat and make this selection and spread the lambs and declare a shadow unless Illa Allah Mohammed or Rasulullah some lovely law while he was sullom the difference between Jenna and jahannam like the mailman, just delivering a message to me

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Do you know when a swaggin as blesses the best and perfected corrected the method Medina state of mind coming straight down no Mecca champion companions, homeboys will go get as did it bigger and better had followers before Twitter, the leader of leaders amid to believers in joy and all the good and for Badal that evil my heroes are people that we will all equal the best of examples out loud what is the go for ever? I'm grateful for all that he came for made blessings in peace always reach to my mentor, my teacher, my brother, my hero, my prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that's how we go So tell everyone you know that this party don't stop till the son of Mary come

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home. I'm pleased with my Lord and His slam is my Dean, may we die by these words Allahumma me

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