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Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video of a man named Haruna, who claims to have been the creator of the Bible and that he promotes the idea of an factory for idols. The speaker apologizes for the mistake of people calling him an factory worshipper and promises to remove it from their records. They also mention a video of a man named Beth Holly, who claims to have been the creator of the Bible and that he promotes the idea of a factory for idols.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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appraise due to alignment last peace and blessings be on the last messenger of Allah.

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The purpose of recording this brief message is to right or wrong. And to clarify a misconception

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there is on YouTube, a

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recording, entitled Haruna. Here is an idolater, or an idolatry.

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One who worships idols.

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And the recording, which comes under that heading is one taken from a lecture I gave in Canada, called in the shade of the throne, about the seven, who are shaded by a lot thrown on the day when there would be no shade, very famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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In the course of that lecture,

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when talking about

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the shade of the throne, talked about, I talked about the throne and about a lot being above the Throne, you know, and not being within his creation. And I spoke about the concept of a lot being mixed up in his creation being everywhere and in everything. And I clarified that this, in fact, is not a part of true Islamic belief. We have clear evidence from say Muslim, where the prophet SAW Selim had affirmed the statement of one of his companions, saying that Allah is above the heavens, when asked where Allah was.

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So, in the course of that explanation, I also pointed out that in modern times, there is an author Harun Yahya, who promotes this idea. I did explain that this idea is a part of the philosophy of idolatry.

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But it doesn't mean that everyone who holds this idea is an idol worshiper. I didn't say that.

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So those who put up this

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portion of my lecture, it has a warning. I did say beware of heroin. yahia beware of this hidden agenda found in the books of Harun Yahya, I spoke about the benefits that are in his books. So one can take the books and take benefits. But in the last section of some of his books in which he has promoted this idea, of Radisson Blu Jude are that everything is a law, it's all an illusion. And he promotes him in Arabi call him the, you know, Shere Khan Akbar. You know, and you know, they call it Mr. Mara, Bonnie, all different titles given to him. I said this was incorrect, etc. But I did not call her when you hear an idol worshiper.

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So it is really an error on the part of those who put up this

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recording. The name on it was Baba.

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And it's taken from light upon light

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website where this

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full lecture is available.

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I do ask those brothers who have put this up to remove it

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retitle it

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more honestly, don't put words in my mouth because of course, many people contacted me afterwards, you know, how could you call how to an idol worshipper? I never called him an idol worshipper. So those of you that are

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watching this now, and hopefully this will come up in the same context, or next to those recordings, which are attributed to me. And hopefully this clarification, will clear myself because I don't want to be unjust, and to call people things or be it be attributed to me that I have referred to people in certain ways, which is not the case. Because of course, one actually listens to that. recording. Nowhere in it do I call How do when you hear an idol worshiper. You know, you can draw conclusions and build on things that people say and create other statements which they didn't say, say well, that implies that but it might imply it to certain degrees that a person may in some of his

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statements contain words which are shared by those who worship idols, but it doesn't make him an idol worshiper. So

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I would ask those who put this up falsely in my name, to remove it, you know, as it is a disservice. It is dishonest and in future

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people who want to use portions of my

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recordings etc, should confer with me and assure yourself that it is correct or what you're doing is in fact, acceptable islamically so I won't have to be, you know, going and doing recordings to correct wrongs which are done in my name.

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With that, I will close, hoping that this will clear some of the air in this regards. And I personally would apologize to heroin yahia on behalf of those who have misrepresented him and misrepresented me in this regard. However, the issue of a law being everywhere and his creation, of course, remains an issue, which does have to be dealt with, because the correct position is not that the lies everywhere in his creation, but that a law is above and beyond his creation. And this is the truth, which the Quran and the Sunnah teaches, which the Sahaba understood, and the early generations of Muslim scholars taught.

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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