Dawah Training #9 – God’s Oneness

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Episode Notes

In this 9th episode of Dawah Training, we discuss God’s Oneness as a conversational approach.

1 Using Quran revelation in general

  • Quran arguments for Allah’s oneness
  • “Had there been additional Gods, they would have sought to challenge Allah.” [Quran -17:42]
  • “Had there been God’s besides Allah in heaven or earth, it would be corrupted/disordered.” [Quran – 21:22]

2 Dawah to Christians (power, knowledge, sustainability)

  • Using attributes to identify God’s power, knowledge and sustainability)
  • Subsequently, why Muslims believe Jesus is not God
  • Share the message, not attack
  • Affirm the status and position of Jesus in Islam
  • Proofs from the Bible regarding Jesus’ power, knowledge and sustainability.
  • Affirming agreement
  • Build on positive/negative response

3 Conclusion

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The theory of theals is a general theory that is not based on Christian beliefs, but rather on Jesus Christ being all powerful, knowing himself, and self sufficient to build a wall between him and an individual. Jesus Christ is not God because he is not all knowing, is not a powerful person, and is not self sufficient. Everyone should follow Jesus Christ and build a wall between him and an individual.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Peace, blessings and mercy be upon you all. Welcome to the ninth episode of Davos days. And in our episode today we are going to be looking at the oneness of the Almighty Creator, and how we approach the oneness of this Almighty Creator within the growth methodology of dalla. Now in our video, today, we are going to be discussing two major points. The first one is going to be purely focused upon the Holy Quran and using some of the revelation in order to explain why we believe in an Almighty Creator that has no partner and no equal and the second portion is going to be a little bit more targeted towards Christianity, as to how I will

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speak to someone that comes from a Christian background, to explain to them as to who Allah subhanaw taala is, and why we take Jesus peace be upon him as a prophet of God. Before we continue, please ensure that you had an opportunity to watch episode eight of our first is because this is the entire foundation for our discussion today. Now within the Holy Quran, Allah subhanaw taala gives us two examples for the rational and objective explanation for his oneness in the Holy Quran. In chapter 17, verse 42, we find the following verse where Allah subhanaw taala says, had there been other gods beside him, they would have certainly sought a way to challenge the Lord of the Throne. Now, if we

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think about this objective view, if the Almighty Creator is all powerful, all knowing and self sufficient, if he is maximally perfect, and all his names and attributes, if there was another load of patron beside him and equality, then they would have sought ownership of the throne. And as soon as we have another entity that is equal to the Creator, then the Creator Himself is no longer maximally perfect nor his names and attributes. Because what makes the Almighty Creator Almighty is that there's nothing greater than him within the universe itself. The other verse within the Quran, I would like to share with you read as follows, had there been other gods beside Allah in the

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heavens or the both realms would have surely been corrupted. So Glorified is Allah, Lord of the Throne far above what they claim? Now what the Almighty Creator is telling us is that if there were other gods beside him in the heavens or the earth, both realms would be corrupted. And the reason for this is that when Allah subhanaw, taala, created something he does so with a specific intention, he does so in all his knowledge, understanding and power. So fundamentally, if there are two creators, they would have fought one another regarding specific concepts. And if we were to use this as a metaphor or rationalize this, imagine that we had a car with two steering wheels, with two

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brake pedals with two acceleration pedals and two gearboxes. Fundamentally, if there were two drivers within the car driving at exactly the same time, they would have conflict with one another, because one individual might decide that Listen, I'm going to go left, and the other one might say that I'm going to go right, and ultimately, one might want to accelerate the other one might want to break. So what will happen is that this construction of this vehicle will just be depleted would be completely destroyed. Now, let us say you are speaking to a person that comes from a Christian background. Now in many countries, this might be the case, they believe in a Trinitarian. God, for

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instance, that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that these three entities are one that are co equal, and co eternal, no co equality means that they are 100%, the same, they are all powerful, all knowing and self sufficient beings, and yet their personalities are completely separate. Now, let us analyze this a little bit as to what we believe and how we approach the situation. So in episode eight of our first days, we have found some of the major names and attributes of this Almighty Creator. Firstly, it has to be all powerful. Secondly, it has to be all knowing. And thirdly, it has to be self sufficient. So why don't we ask these individuals that I speak to, I

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would tell them that, imagine there's a person that is walking past us right now. And people declare that this person is God. But we know objectively, and we can say that this person is not all powerful. This person is not all knowing this person is not self sufficient, would you believe that entity to be God? Now 100% of these individuals would declare No, because rationally that doesn't make sense. For as long as there's an entity that is not all powerful, not all knowing, not self sufficient, that doesn't hold the names and attributes of this Almighty Creator, and technically his nature, then fundamentally, that thing cannot be God. Now this brings us to Jesus peace be upon him.

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And when we speak with these individuals, we would explain to them as to why we believe that Jesus Christ is not God. We are not there to attack them on their faith, we are not there to tell them that you are believing something that is ignorant, because fundamentally they will build a wall between you and that individual. Our purpose is to share the message of tawi. So generally, what I would say is that we believe and we respect and we love Jesus Christ, peace and blessings be upon him, we follow in his footsteps, and we listen to his major teachings as to what he had propagated, but we do not believe that He is God. And let me explain to you why. Because first of all, he was

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not all powerful. He would, for instance, say that out of my own self, I can do nothing. As I hear I judge and my judgment is just because I seek not to please myself.

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But only the Almighty Creator who had sent me We love and respect Jesus Christ. But we know that he was not all knowledgeable, because he declares that of the final day in our nobody knows not the angels in heaven or myself, but only the God that had sent me. And he was also not self sufficient. You had to eat, you had to sleep. You had to find care from his mother, you had to go to the restroom to defecate, you had to pray unto God with his forehead to the ground, you had to force onto God for spiritual protection and upliftment. So fundamentally, he was not all powerful. He was not all knowing he was not self sufficient. And therefore we believe that he cannot be God. Because

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as soon as an entity is not maximally perfect within these names and attributes, that essence cannot be God, because it means that there's something greater than that entity within the universe itself. So once we are done with a section, we will of course, ask the individual Does this make sense to you as to why we believe as creators one without a second, or does this make sense to you as to why we love respect and follow Jesus Christ, peace and blessings be upon him, but we do not believe that He is God. And then of course, you will get a response and it will be an opportunity for you to either build upon it or to discuss it a little bit further. Now, I hope you enjoyed today's episode,

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and if you have, please leave a like and share this message with your friends. And I look forward to seeing you at the next episode, where we are going to be discussing the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala and why objectively we believe that the Quran is from the Almighty Creator or the base of blessings to your family.