he novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has spread and how! The spread of coronavirus has turned into a ‘pandemic’ across the world. People are at their wit’s end trying endlessly to contain this plague and obtain a suitable solution for this menace that has opened its fangs with full prowess.

However, the fact of the matter remains that what does Islam say in this regard? What does the Qur’an and Sunnah emphasize on this topic? The dangers of plagues and other diseases have affected the Muslim Ummah since time immemorial with the first plague – Amwas Plague – killing hundreds of Sahabas while infecting thousands of others in the 7th century. Quite similar to the Coronavirus, isn’t it?

What methods must have been adopted by the Muslims then?

Does it really mean that the wrath of Allah has descended upon us?

Should we be the ones to judge that?

These series of lectures give you an apt insight into the Islamic way to handle this pandemic called Coronavirus that has affected the world.

Audio Lectures for Coronavirus